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Showstoppers (Emily Castles Mysteries #2) pdf Showstoppers (Emily Castles Mysteries #2) , ebook Showstoppers (Emily Castles Mysteries #2) , epub Showstoppers (Emily Castles Mysteries #2) , doc Showstoppers (Emily Castles Mysteries #2) , e-pub Showstoppers (Emily Castles Mysteries #2) , Showstoppers (Emily Castles Mysteries #2) 0134c0c2106 In This Zany Second Outing For Twenty Six Year Old Amateur Sleuth Emily Castles, Emily Helps Out At A Local Stage School Run By Her Neighbour Victoria In London As Parents And Prospective New Pupils Turn Up At The End Of Term Show Where Prizes Will Be Handed Out By Eccentric Philosophy Professor Dr Muriel And Famous Romance Novelist Morgana Blakely Emily Deals With A Blackmail Threat And Two Deaths, Before Teaming Up With The Guests Of Honour To Try To Prevent A Massacre Happening Live On StageThe Funny Lines Will Keep You Giggling As You Race Through This Madcap Story To Discover Whether Emily And Her Friends Will Triumph Over DisasterReaders Of M C Beaton Or Alexander McCall Smith Will Enjoy Discovering A New Author In This Entertaining British Mystery SeriesChosen As A Favorite Book Of The Year By Julie S Book ReviewsThis Short Mystery Is A Standalone Story Set In London The Emily Castles Mysteries Can Be Read In Any Order

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    Make sure you have read Three Sisters novella first as Showstoppers will take right off into the happenings, without another introduction to Emily Castles, the quirky protagonist.Three Sisters and Showstoppers were stories that were fast paced from the beginning, light hearted, and complete with quirky British humor Smith s mysteries were set up with precise thought and executed with twists and turns that made them both very entertaining reads I think that Emily Castles is the newest proverbial nosey eccentric character that British cozy mysteries are so popular for creating.I chose to feature these books because I am a big fan of British mysteries and their subtle humor, clues, and spunky dialogue Smith s books delivered all this to me they were the perfect snuggle on my end of the couch with a cup of English Breakfast Tea type of mysteries Anyone who is a fan of British mysteries will enjoy reading these novellas just in time for the first full length Emily Castles Mystery to publish This is one book series worth following as you ll fall in love with Emily s commentary, humor, and energy The character of Emily, as well as her supporting cast, will keep you wanting to make them a consistent part of your reading pursuits.

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    review coming up.

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    I always enjoy reading Helen Smith s writing There is an appeal to it probably from the brilliant subtlety of British humor she so easily writes into her stories which is natural to her, and then there are the surprise comical situations as well Stay on your toes while reading this so you don t miss some of this subtle humor that British authors are famous for writing The other thing I love about Smith s writing is her knack with writing such descriptive scenes and thoughts from the characters Smith truly has a voice of her own you do not want to miss This is a short, 75 page novella has this listed as only being 48 pages long I believe this to be an error I read the ebook version, but it was along the lines of the Goodreads description of the 75 pages that is actually the second Emily Castle novella, but don t let that short fool you because this book is very full of happening It did read quickly, and it was very entertaining for me Showstoppers was a very enjoyable who dunnit at a local neighborhood dance school, which in London they call them Showstoppers, hence the title At first this kind of threw me off, I did not understand what it meant, and after talking with a friend, and then while reading the book, I easily understood it Don t allow this to make you not want to read this book because by doing so you are going to miss one heck of a great book Smith is a British author, and they have quite a few different words they use for things than what we do I rather enjoy it very much, and sometimes find myself going on a hunt trying to figure different words or references out, but this truly is the appeal to me about Helen Smith s brilliant writing I find it almost lyrical at times I feel our same language we use here in the states has become somewhat lackadaisical, especially when compared to Britians I do find myself gravitating towards British authors quite often, and choose to read them over our authors here because of the language, and Smith foots this bill When I saw this book was on tour, I jumped at the chance to review it I will also be reviewing the first book in the Emily Castle series, Three Sisters, on the 22nd.This story starts off with the mailman delivering the wrong mail to Emily Castle, and this happens rather often we are told As we all do, we rip open envelopes assuming the mail is ours, after all, it was delivered to us Surprise, surprise This letter is a threat, but not to Emily, but to Victoria, her neighbor and owner of Showstoppers Showcase Emily finds out Victoria, has been receiving riddling and rhyming threatening letters, and this is the fourth She thinks it s about a VHS tape her and an ex boyfriend made together, and she thinks it has to be someone she knows, but who Something on this tape is not a tasteful situation, and Victoria does not want this to get out to the mainstream public This could ruin her everything Are these threatening letters from that old boyfriend back in college Who could have gotten their hands on this VHS tape No one even seems to have VCR players any, either Victoria hires Emily Castle to help her find out who the person is sending these riddling and rhyming threats to her While investigating, a death has occurred, but who did it The person sending the letters Who The book is mostly prose, and I could just imagine in my head this story taking place on British TV or on our PBS It was truly terrific I received this book for FREE yet I had already purchased it in July on my own, knowing it would be entirely enjoyable because of the author, Helen Smith Go ahead and spend the 99cents to see if you enjoy it as much as I did from the author and through a Blog Tour promoted by Book Blast Promotions hosted by I Am A Reader, Not A Writer in exchange to read and write a review about it It is NOT required for this review to be either positive or negative, but of my own honest opinion Free means I was provided with ZERO MONIES to read this book nor to write this review, but to enjoy the pure pleasure of reading it I am disclosing this information in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission s 16 CFR, Part 255, Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.

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    I received a complimentary copy of this book on request in exchange for my honest review.Quirky would be sleuth Emily Castles is back in another fast paced short story mystery Emily is thrown into a bit of a whirlwind when she innocently delivers a letter mistakenly delivered to her own address to her neighbour dramatic, attention seeking Victoria, who immediately has a very strange response It seems she has been receiving odd, threatening notes pertaining to a video that she made at drama school many years previously with her then boyfriend David Devereux, who is now a well known actor We never discover the true nature of this video, except to learn that it isn t actually pornographic, just an embarrassing performance piece, but Victoria is convinced that it brings bad luck to whoever watches it.Upon learning that Emily s work contract has ended that day, Victoria immediately invites her to come and help out at her drama school, Showstoppers, which is due to hold its year end concert the next day And so Emily finds herself thrown in the deep end when she arrives at the school the next day where there is most certainly a buzz in the air Here she meets the calm and collected Seema, who is Victoria s right hand running the school Then there s the handyman, Dizzy, and the much maligned landlord Mr Barry and his dog, Precious Victoria is unable to focus on much, with her mind being on her upcoming performance in the concert, and having to focus on all her students, and is happy to hand as much responsibility as possible over to a confused Emily, including interviewing prospective new parent David Devereaux To be honest, Victoria doesn t come across as the most likeable character.Another poison pen note has arrived, at the school this time, and Emily teams up with her neighbour, the down to earth, no nonsense Dr Muriel who happens to be one of the guests of honour at the concert , in an undertaking to discover exactly who is behind them There s also a cameo appearance from a policeman who we first met in Three Sisters , who seems to be quite fond of Emily However, due to her lack of social know how, she doesn t have a clue I didn t enjoy this story quite as much as I enjoyed Three Sisters I found that there was a bit too much crammed into the minimal pages, not giving as much depth or detail as I would have liked, including no information given about how Victoria reacted when she discovered who the culprit actually was That said though, it is a short story, so one shouldn t expect the same detail as one would find in a full length novel Smith has done a good job in maintaining the continuity of the characters of Emily and Dr Muriel Emily comes across as even of a social misfit than in the first book She is not comfortable in the company of confident individuals, and is not really au fait with social cues However, this works to her advantage in her attempts at detective work, as she tends to see peoples character flaws a lot quicker than most, which might not obvious to other easy going, accepting people One thing which I feel I must mention is a major grammatical error that was glaringly obvious to me The use of the phrases They might of misunderstood and Must of been instead of the correct They might have misunderstood and Must have been Showstoppers is a quick, light, undemanding read.

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    The book I read before Helen s turned out, regrettably, to be a very good cure for insomnia, so I was very ready to pick up a light hearted, seventy five page, mystery novella and the second in the Emily Castles series to boot See Three Sisters It didn t disappoint In this, Emily finds herself just a little reluctantly solving the mystery of who is sending her neighbour, Victoria, who runs a drama school Showstoppers , some unpleasant letters regarding a video she made with a former boyfriend Nothing smutty, don t worry Victoria has been harbouring a guilty secret about the video and frets that the author of the poison pen letters will use it in some way against her It s not long before other members in Emily s neighbourhood become involved in solving not just the mystery of who is sending the letters, but a murder too.I felt the first Emily Castles mystery, Three Sisters, lacked some character detail, but as there are some recurring besides Emily characters wonderfully eccentric and colourful ones , we discover a little about them and their personalities I ve come to like learning about the characters novella by novella This drip feed process works rather well here I like a book that doesn t take itself too seriously And this one doesn t I have to say that it s not really a sophisticated Poirot or Miss Marple mystery It s a little bit daft but tremendous fun it s easy and effortless to read, the characters are diverse, entertaining, and most are very likeable I say most because, of course, murderers aren t really supposed to be likeable, are they Forty five minutes in the company of Ms Helen Smith Emily Castles very well spent.

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    Showstoppers is even hilarious than Three Sisters, the first Emily Castle Mystery Poor Emily has been let go from her job due to the fact that it was a temporary situation Not only that but the mailman has left a letter for her neighbor Victoria and Emily has to actually interact with her when she delivers the letter.When Emily takes the letter to Victoria, Emily becomes unwillingly involved in yet another mystery Victoria has been receiving threatening letters due to a video she and an ex boyfriend made in college The letters threaten to shut down Showstoppers, a musical theater that Victoria runs Victoria begs Emily to come work with her and try to figure out who sent the letters.Murder and mayhem again besiege Emily and friends Dr Muriel is back along with some new quirky characters Poor Midori is sick, so she s not involved in this case.Plenty of action and hilarious dialog will keep you enthralled with this book I was laughing at something every other page It took me less than an hour to get through this one since it was so funny and fast paced.I really recommend both Emily Castle books to you if you like cozy mysteries Even if you don t, the writing style and humor in them is enough to make them worth the read.

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    Title Showstoppers Emily Castles Mysteries Author Helen SmithStars 5Reviewer Wende SheetsEmily Castle is back and once again out of work Emily delivers a letter to Victoria, not realizing it is a poisoned letter and not the first one Victoria has received Victoria believes the letters are from an old boyfriend and stems around a drama skit video they made several years ago Emily soon finds herself working for Victoria at The Showstopper, a dance school Her first day on the job a man is found passed out and another dead Victoria is convinced this is based around that video Dr Muriel is back and teams up with Emily to find the truth When they do its a real SHOCKER Emily Castle is one character you can not help but to fall in love with This is a great, down to earth cozy Its a light read and just fun The author once again does a great job in her writing I can t wait to read of Emily and her adventures complimentary book given for a free review juliesbookreview.blogspot.com

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    This is the second Emily Castles mystery, and I found it just about as pleasing as the first No profanity, no sex, and nothing inappropriate At least I feel that I knew the characters better, but I still struggled to really get into the mystery Again, her vocabulary and descriptions are impeccable I am not sure what genre I would like to see her write besides mystery, but she certainly has a gift I am still looking forward to a full novel featuring Emily, and I can only hope that the mystery will be better developed.Lest you think I did not like the book, nothing could be further from the truth I think I preferred the first story, but there were elements in the second story that intrigued me I would have liked to have been surprised in this story like I was somewhat in the first book, but I still found the writing exceptional and the story line pretty decent And who can complain when a mystery book is short and readable I was sent a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review I was not financially compensated, and all opinions are 100 percent mine.

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    A continuation of the Emily Castles series, Showstoppers follows the life of protagonist Emily Castles Once again facing unemployment, Emily is drawn into a curious incident involving her neighbor and her dance studio What starts off a strange series of letters becomes a matter of life and death A wonderful who dun it, Showstoppers is written in Helen Smith s very unique and appealing style Great characters, quirky humor and plenty of suspects to keep you guessing to the very end Quick read and very enjoyable.

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    English Mystery Without the FogIt s always good to read a mystery with characters you will identify with and a plot you don t guess the in s out s twists before the reveal.Showstoppers delivers I particularly identify with Emily Castle who works temp jobs that don t go permanent I like her ability to separate actions from acting she looks for a person s motive I look forward to the next book and getting to know Emily and Dr Marion a bit better

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