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Joy chapter 1 Joy , meaning Joy , genre Joy , book cover Joy , flies Joy , Joy 962374576e373 The First Full Biography Of Joy Davidman Brings Her Out From C S Lewis S Shadow, Where She Has Long Been Hidden, To Reveal A Powerful Writer And ThinkerJoy Davidman Is Known, If She Is Known At All, As The Wife Of C S Lewis Their Marriage Was Immortalized In The Film Shadowlands And Lewis S Memoir, A Grief Observed Now, Through Extraordinary New Documents As Well As Years Of Research And Interviews, Abigail Santamaria Brings Joy Davidman Gresham Lewis To The Page In The Fullness And Depth She DeservesA Poet And Radical, Davidman Was A Frequent Contributor To The Communist Vehicle New Masses And An Active Member Of New York Literary Circles In The S And S Born Jewish In The Bronx, She Was An Atheist, Then A Practitioner Of Dianetics She Converted To Christianity After Experiencing A Moment Of Transcendent Grace A Mother, A Novelist, A Vibrant And Difficult And Intelligent Woman, She Set Off For England In , Determined To Captivate The Man Whose Work Had Changed Her LifeDavidman Became The Intellectual And Spiritual Partner Lewis Never Expected But Cherished She Helped Him Refine His Autobiography, Surprised By Joy, And To Write His Novel Till We Have Faces Their Relationship Begun When Joy Wrote To Lewis As A Religious Guide Grew From A Dialogue About Faith, Writing, And Poetry Into A Deep Friendship And A Timeless Love Story

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    There are some reviews that are easy to write, that almost writes itself I can finish a book sit down and write without problems Then there are books, like this one that I kind of know what to write, but still, the process from my head to the actually writing it down takes a bit longer time And, I m sorry it s a bit lengthy.I first learned of Joy Davidman when I for quite many years ago watched Shadowlands Before that, I had no idea that C.S Lewis had been married It was a wonderful film, but still it s a film, even though there are truths in the story it has been changed to suit the public For instance, Joy had two children, two boys and in the movie, she had one But that they started out as pen pals, that she traveled over to England to see him, that they, in the end, married each other and that she died of cancer is true just as it is in the movie But the books makes everything sounds so perfect.But this book gives a much deeper insight into the woman Joy, to her childhood, her growing up, her writing, her time with the communist party and her conversion to Christianity which led her to C.S Lewis writings and writing together with her husband a letter to C.S Lewis She would, in the end, continue to write to C.S Lewis, but without Bill.It sounds like a wonderful love story, but in reality, it was a bit calculated than that Joy marriage was falling apart, and she practically arranged for her husband to fall in love with her beautiful cousin that came to stay with them How so By then she was writing to C.S Lewis and she was eager to travel and meet him and she left her husband, children, and cousin together and traveled to England to meet C.S Lewis She had fallen in love with him trough his letters and she was actually going there to make him fall in love with her It didn t go as plan, she did meet him, she spent months in England, but it would take some years before they would truly be a couple During the time, she and her husband divorced because he had fallen in love with her cousin and she bad mouths him quite bad in letter and to friends Although, she was hardly a saint herself she left her sons for months while she was in England and she wrote home to ask for money she then spends on buying clothes and stuff for herself.But was their love story untrue No she did love Jack C.S Lewis and he loved her and they got some wonderful years together.It was not an easy book to read, the first half of the book was a bit tough, it s very well researched 40% of the book was footnoted , but it was sometimes a bit dry and I must admit that her poems that were in the book, well they didn t really fascinate me I often just glanced over them They just didn t appeal to me But I was interesting to read about the time period, the rise of the communist party before the McCarty era I had no idea that Joy was fascinated for a while in life with Dianetics a practice that a man called L Ron Hubbard had thought of She got over it, thankfully She lived in a very interesting time and her life story is quite remarkable.I think the best part of the book was the last half when she started to write to Jack, and when she got to met and later marry him Many of his friends were worried for him, like Tolkien They thought that she was taking advantage of him Jack had in his youth promised Paddy Moore, a friend, that he would look after his mother if something happened to him and when the friend died in WW1 did he honor the promise and looked after her and many thought that stopped him from ever finding a woman to marry because she looked after him as a mother he lost his mother as a child and he looked after her as a son And around the time Joy came to meet him Mrs Janie King Moore had died and that made his friends concerned for him since they wanted him to be free.But I think she did him good She made him happy.I recommend this book if you want to know about Joy, or Jack or if you are just looking for an interesting biography to read.Thanks to Houghton Mifflin Harcourt and NetGalley for providing me with a free copy for an honest review

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    This is a book that kicks you in the gut It gives you food for thought To fully appreciate its message, it must be read to the end Only when I reached the end did the manner in which it has been written make complete sense to me Joy Davidman 1915 1960 was an American poet and writer She is not someone I wanted to learn about because of her writing I have never read either her poems nor her novels It is her life that interests me She was of Russian, Jewish descent and was born in the Bronx She became an atheist and then, later, converted to Christianity When young, she affiliated herself with the American Communist Party, and then left it She declared she would never get married and then she did first to William Lindsay Gresham, author of noir fiction and the father of her two sons, and then to C.S Lewis, the Irish author so well known for his series The Chronicles of Narnia Lewis was seventeen years her senior In 1960 at forty five years of age, she died from metastasized breast cancer, four years after her civil marriage to C S Lewis In October 1956, six months after their civil marriage, she was diagnosed with incurable cancer This biography covers her entire life It moves forward in chronological order, each chapter titled to signify the time period covered The book is thorough and well researched with many quotes from Joy s sonnets and poems and correspondence I seek out books that make me think This book does that in spades Here follows a list of some of the things I thought about as I read this book What was it that caused Joy to become the outspoken rebel she became What attracted Joy to the Communist Party Was it having lived through the Great Depression Was it having witnessed a suicidal jump of a destitute orphan from the roof of her school She became an outspoken critic of capitalism Harder to understand is what motivated her to then leave the Communist Party and atheism and turn to Scientology and religion Joy became a practitioner of Dianetics, a kind of Scientology What is Dianetics therapy and what did she think she could achieve as an auditor Well educated and holding a master s degree in English literature at Colombia University, how did she get herself involved in such a fringe group After a grueling six months with Metro Goldwyn Mayer in Hollywood, Joy worked for the American Marxist magazine, The New Masses At this post, she had to consider what to prioritize getting a political message across to the masses clearly and simply or the quality of the writings to be accepted for publication What in Joy s background made her so abrasive, so outspoken and sometimes self centered Why did she prioritize her own ambitions over her children s needs What in her background made her this way Her lack of compassion and her need to put her own desires before others , where did this come from From her controlling, over protective parents Her tyrannical father Her mother, fixated on appearances One observes that as an adult Joy s behavior mirrored the very qualities she had so despised in her parents Why did Lewis marry Joy How did Joy get beyond her fear of cancer and death How was she able to so completely stomp out her worry and exalt in the happiness that could be sucked out of the last months of her life, married to Lewis She carries this beyond denial of the illness What can the exuberance she drew from the time left for her to live teach others Answers to these questions can be drawn from the detailed information gathered and presented by the author However, the author does not analyze these questions The author leaves it up to the reader to draw their own conclusions By the end, I felt I understood why the author had chosen to present the information in this way I do not believe there exist definitive answers to the innumerable questions readers will pose.The author provides unbiased information Both the strengths and weaknesses of individuals are drawn When differences of opinion arise, readers are given both sides Known information is provided, but each reader must interpret the information themselves The audiobook is narrated by Bernadette Dunne The narration I have given three stars This narrator consistently reads the beginning of audiobooks too quickly There is so much information to absorb at the start of a book, particularly in a book of non fiction I wish audiobook narrators would keep this in mind and read beginning chapters at a slower pace Once into the book, the telling is not hard to follow Dunne enunciates the MacDowell Colony in two different ways This is confusing until you become aware of her tendency to do this The colony was and still is a non profit organization located in Peterborough, New Hampshire It supports talented new artists Joy stayed there frequently This was an absorbing but also difficult book to read I am very glad I chose to read this, Joy Poet, Seeker, and the Woman Who Captivated C S Lewis by Abigail Santamaria, rather than the book by Sibley referred to below These writings of C.S Lewis and Joy Davidman are discussed and or quoted Letter to a Comrade The Screwtape Letters Till We Have Faces The Four Loves A Grief Observed Through the Shadowlands The Love Story of C S Lewis and Joy Davidman by Brian Sibley may be of interest, but it should be noted that it came out after the film Shadowlands.

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    This was an insightful and informative biography of someone who seems to be controversial for a lot of C.S Lewis fans Or maybe just to the people who knew him best Many of Lewis s friends did not like Joy Davidson They found her coarse and abrasive They were afraid that Lewis was once again setting himself up for another unhealthy co dependent relationship After 25 years waiting hand and foot on Mrs Moore, they felt Lewis was happiest living out his remaining days as a comfortable bachelor.And it seems that Lewis himself had envisioned such a life for himself.And then Joy Davidson exploded on the scene She did not hide her intentions and was quite aggressive about pursuing them The result Joy and Jack as he was called by friends got married, at least briefly Soon into their relationship, Joy came down with cancer and most of their married life was riddled with sickness, stress and finally grief.But also, inexpressible joy.Readers wanting an in depth view of Joy and Jack s relationship will do better to look elsewhere, while Lewis does come into the picture it is only in the last quarter of the book.This book is primarily about Joy and her life from baby hood, to brilliant academic she entered high school at the age of nine , passionate communist,successful writer in her own right, then a detour down the road of L Ron Hubbard s Dianetics and finally, Christianity.Joy s parents were Jewish immigrants and while they came in dire poverty, they became educated and professional No doubt, this drive for success, overcoming Antisemitism, and ultimately succeeding, caused her parents to expect no less from their children In fact they expected .Joy s parents, especially her dad, was a hard man to get along with, both professionally and personally His disciplinarian methods and rigid standards on Joy bordered on abuse He was concerned with her succeeding than developing social skills, something that affected Joy the rest of her life, and no doubt contributed to her abrasive personality.Santamaria takes us through all of Joys journeys, finally culminating in her marriage to C.S Lewis.I d say she was pretty even handed and her history of Joy s life agrees with other records, however, Santamaria had access to letters and first hand testimonies from family members that others, whose focus was on Lewis, did not have access to I should point out that no one has access to the letters between Lewis and Joy because they destroyed their personal correspondence However, there was an abundant supply of records and such from other sources, which the author makes full use of.This is not a sanitized version of Joy s life, if there ever was one, since she was so disliked by so many who have written about Joy, usually in the context of her relationship with C.S Lewis Joy could be extremely selfish, neglecting her sons for the sake of her writing career, and pursuit of Lewis She was extravagant with her money and others but stingy in sharing.She left her husband Bill Gresham, with their sons for five months while she lived in England to get to know and hopefully engage in a romantic relationship with Lewis, but later demanded custody and full child support after she divorced Bill something she fought for, although Bill had admitted to falling in love with her cousin , and then spent the money freely all the while writing insulting letters informing Bill of how horrible he was while demanding money.What I found strange was how she wrote Bill about her romance with Lewis and continued to write to him up to her death.Frankly Joy can come off as a bit of a monster, and yet Lewis fell in love with her Why Maybe because he saw something, or experienced something others failed to see or experience Maybe love isn t always about taking, it s also about serving Maybe Lewis understood that Maybe he loved her unconditionally.What we do see in the book that after Joy was struck down with cancer, is that she softened, in her character,and especially in her understanding of God s love Even those who previously were against the marriage rallied around her in support to comfort her during her extreme physical suffering.Maybe God used Joy to show His own unconditional love to the rest of us who are also wretched in sin and selfishness.However your feelings are on the subject, this is a fascinating book to read I think I would enjoy a film about the real Joy The one impossible to get along with, yet loved by the greatest apologist of the 20th century.

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    Don t groan, because I mean it I was surprised by Joy What a tragic and amazing life It is truly a travesty that this story has not been told in this depth and detail before The writing was perfect The narrative was paced just right, the prose was smooth and even beautiful, and the perspective was neither hagiographical nor dismissive of its subject Joy Davidman Gresham Lewis was a remarkable woman whose sins were as prodigious as her gifts And yet the grace of God extends as far as you and me, why not to her As a huge Lewis fan and reader of multiple biographies about the man, I had absorbed a picture of Joy as, yes, a divorc e but one whose terrible husband somewhat justified her flight from him The reality is far complex, and much worse for Joy s and therefore Lewis reputation And I can t deny that the Debra Winger character in Shadowlands, brashly calling out Jack s name in a men only room on their first meeting, had also displaced reality in my mind, even though I knew it was a fictionalized retelling Joy was brash, for sure, but I simply did not know how precocious, brilliant, and accomplished she was.I was thoroughly taken by this biography I devoured it in every spare moment My love of Lewis drew me in, but a love for Joy came to suffuse my reading, too I liked her Reading her biography quickly became an unmitigated pleasure The reader, Bernadette Dunne, was the best I ve ever heard in an audio book, changing her voice subtly during direct quotes, reading with the life and verve of Joy She became Joy, even Lewis, when called upon, but not ostentatiously I did prefer Dunne at triple speed.

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    Joy Davidman Lewis led a life full of chasing after one thing after anothernever being completely satisfied She was often hypocritical and controversial nevertheless, she was memorable By the end of the book, it is apparent that her cancer and marriage to C.S Lewis finally softened her somewhat and increased her faith in God My only complaint with this book is that it s slightly wordy in places and could have been edited down a bitit took a long time to get going.

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    The rich, well written and extensively researched biography of a most complex woman I was drawn to Joy Davidman s story the same way Ms Santamaria was, and that is through C.S Lewis books, particularly, Mere Christianity and A Grief Observed The former introduced me to an accomplished thinker, the latter to a soul drowning in despair A Grief Observed is a completely devastating read Even now, I still can t bring myself to revisit it, but when I turned its last page I was breathless to find out about the woman whose life so powerfully impacted Lewis In my research regarding this, I stumbled upon Ms Santamaria s book and decided to give it a chance, though, for the most part, I prefer reading autobiographies I d rather hear a person s story from their own perspective, but in interviews and blog posts about her book, Ms Santamaria promised an honest, fair and deep account of Joy s life Enthusiastic, I delved right into my copy of Joy when I received it.When it comes to the way the biographer tells Joy s story, I would say that, in general, she keeps her promise This is a fairly balanced narration of Joy s life it walks the reader through her tumultuous childhood, the life long difficulties she experienced with her parents, the formation of her iron willed personality, her academic excellence, social awkwardness, as well as the challenges she faced as a wife, woman and author Davidman s story is coherently, meticulously and tastefully told, revealing just how strong her presence could be Her voice is very vivid in this book Several passages from her writing pieces and letters are included throughout Ms Santamaria s careful research is evident as nothing about Joy s behaviour which could at times be a bit cryptic is ever advanced without proofs, proofs found in poems, letters, interviews, pictures, a long bibliography at the end of the book, all testimonies to the amount of hard work it surely took to write Joy But the biography s thickness is nothing to worry about, considering that Ms Santamaria herself is quite of a captivating writer I simply could not put the book down I really couldn t Only two things hindered me from giving it five stars first, I felt like the description of Joy s life after meeting Lewis wasn t as rich as the description of her pre Lewis days Things dragged on a bit, toward the end Second, and most importantly, I really, really wish I d felt and seen the full impact that Joy s conversion to Christianity had on her late life Her conversion is mostly presented as a sentimental event that occurred before Joy went back to being, for the most part, the same manipulative and difficult person she was I did, however, notice a slight softening in her character, mostly in her very last attempt to beat her terminal illness when it resurfaced But I wished I had seen of how Christ than Lewis had changed her.As for the woman herself, the subject of Joy, Lewis fans, beware If C.S was not only a superb thinker, but also a likeable, generous person to those who liked him at least , his wife was the very opposite I d read that she could be a difficult person, but this book revealed just how controversial her personality was Davidman, like Lewis, was brilliant an absolute force to be reckoned with Joy deserved every bit of the academic success she knew and much But for all her intelligence, her actions could be quite unintelligent and shocking, to be honest My jaw dropped when she neglected her own children to pursue Lewis However, to be fair, her behaviour has to be considered in light of the massive obstacles overcome throughout her lifetime loneliness, financial problems, isolation, amongst other things While I can t necessarily excuse some things she did, I greatly admire Joy s courage and have a feeling very few people beside Lewis truly knew her To some she was a woman fully alive who could surprisingly be very kind , to others, a nuisance She reminds me of the Baudelairean idea that an artist is never truly understood by the society in which s he lives, and as I read Joy s provocative and fascinating story, I kept thinking about something Lewis apparently said The love of knowledge is a form of madness Rating 4.5 out of 5 stars.

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    Sometimes Joy appealed to me sometimes she repulsed me Unfortunately, I think I the negative side of that teeter totter bore the greater weight I sympathize with those of Lewis s friends who liked her not I also understand why he loved her, but I understand in a way that doesn t reflect very well on him He should have protected her and himself from their entanglement I think he too carelessly believed too many of her lies in order to convince himself that their union was lawful I m not so convinced And I do not particularly like Joy s way of getting husbands her dishonest manipulating of Jack, her unfaithfulness to Bill, her neglect of her sons, her unrestrained self indulgence regarding her own illicit desires It s not terribly rational, but I found myself taking personal offense at her She doesn t seem to have even bothered to try fighting against a host of temptations, some of which I battle, yet she got the golden ticket a good though brief marriage to a good man That peeves me.The book itself seemed well researched and well written, so my rating is of Joy than of the author I suppose that s not quite fair, but I ve never made a secret of the subjectivity of my reviews I m just feeling too cranky to give it than three stars.The audio narrator was fine.

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    Very interesting book I had read many biographies of C S Lewis and this one certainly expanded the picture I must say Joy Davidman Gresham came across as scheming and pathetic for most of her life, but by the end of the book, I found myself happy for her and Lewis at the place they reached together A very good illustration of the sinful nature common to all of us and the possibility of change and redemption.

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    Best biography I ve read Thoroughly researched facts balanced with historical context, tells a gripping and beautiful story of redemption without assuming too much But although Joy s spiritual journey culminated in Christianity, her human condition continued to be plagued with self interest, even hypocrisy Those failings, however, did not nullify her faith they reinforced the purpose of redemption.

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    Joy Davidman Gresham became the wife of C.S Lewis late in their lives Hers ended early because of cancer Her story has been hinted at in the movie Shadowlands, but this biography is a compelling warts and all look at the real woman The author had access to source materials never available before, and she has given us a balanced and fascinating portrait of an intelligent person who did not let the conventional s of her time impede what she wanted to do.

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