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Look, a White! summary Look, a White! , series Look, a White! , book Look, a White! , pdf Look, a White! , Look, a White! 4364853a0c Look, A White Returns The Problem Of Whiteness To White People Prompted By Eric Holder S Charge, That As Americans, We Are Cowards When It Comes To Discussing The Issue Of Race, Noted Philosopher George Yancy S Essays Map Out A Structure Of WhitenessHe Considers Whiteness Within The Context Of Racial Embodiment, Film, Pedagogy, Colonialism, Its Danger, And Its Position Within The Work Of Specific Writers Identifying The Embedded And Opaque Ways White Power And Privilege Operate, Yancy Argues That The Black Countergaze Can Function As A Gift To Whites In Terms Of Seeing Their Own Whiteness EffectivelyThroughout Look, A White Yancy Pays Special Attention To The Impact Of Whiteness On Individuals, As Well As On How The Structures Of Whiteness Limit The Capacity Of Social Actors To Completely Untangle The Way Whiteness Operates, Thus Preventing The Erasure Of Racism In Social Life

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    The entire philosophical performance, with all of its props, constitutes a site of effective white history, a history that points to a continuous chain of white men jerking off with wild gesticulations, hands flailing while delineating some supposedly grand philosophical distinctions or while articulating a philosophical system that eventually comes to elide its human face Trained to do philosophy in such normative spaces that is, white spaces , young white philosophers men and women come to inhabit academic spaces without question, without critical self reflexivity, without readjusting their white gazes.

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    Literally changed my perception as I read through it Once you see things, you can t unsee them I would recommend highly.

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