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All God's Children Need Traveling Shoes chapter 1 All God's Children Need Traveling Shoes, meaning All God's Children Need Traveling Shoes, genre All God's Children Need Traveling Shoes, book cover All God's Children Need Traveling Shoes, flies All God's Children Need Traveling Shoes, All God's Children Need Traveling Shoes 945e6febf65bd Once Again, The Poet Casts Her Spell As She Resumes One Of The Greatest Personal Narratives Of Our Time In This Continuation, Angelou Relates How She Joins A Colony Of Black American Expatriates In Ghana Only To Discover No One Ever Goes Home Again

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    And now, less than one hundred years after slavery was abolished, some descendants of those early slaves taken from Africa returned, weighted with a heavy hope, to a continent which they could not remember, to a home which had shamefully little memory of them Maya Angelou, All God s Children Need Travelling ShoesMaya Angelou was a wonderful woman who struggled against the odds and gave us a wealth of experience and wisdom to draw from, as well as a reminder of our history I m always surprised by the fact that she wasn t even famous when she wrote her autobiographies yet now they are such important accounts, revolutionary Her writing is beautiful, honest, poetic.Most of this book takes place in Ghana in the early 1960s, at a time when pan Africanism was on the rise and before the Civil Rights Act was passed This book was very much about identity and belonging, themes very dear to the African Americans who went to Ghana and elsewhere in Africa hoping to be welcomed as returning sons and daughters However, it was not that easy Angelou examines the different psyches and mentalities of these ostensibly similar groups of people She looks at emotions such as home sickness, guilt and anger, all keenly observed and reported.This is such an important historical account It was obviously a moving experience for Angelou to be in Africa, in a country that was newly free from colonialism, a country that was ruled by black Africans Her comment about her amazement to see a black president on the money was so touching For me it s hard to imagine not being allowed in certain buildings, at least not through the front door, but for Angelou it must have been surreal to finally be in a country where she was free to go anywhere she wished Seeing Africans enter and leave the formal building made me tremble with an awe I had never known Their authority on the marble steps again proved that Whites had been wrong all along Black and brown skin did not herald debasement and a divinely created inferiority We were capable of controlling our cities, our selves and our lives with elegance and success One part that really resonated with me was the part when W.E.B DuBois died The words that Angelou used to talk about him could very well be used now by her many admirers to talk about her own passing Du Bois was ninety six years old, and frail, but we wanted him to live forever He had no right to desire for death We argued that great men and women should be forced to live as long as possible The reverence they enjoyed was a life sentence, which they could neither revoke or modify In the end, Maya Angelou reconciled herself to Africa in a way I found beautifully stated in her words If the heart of Africa still remained allusive, my search for it had brought me closer to understanding myself and other human beings R.I.P Maya Angelou, you re missed already.Off topic This book reminded me of the content of one of my undergrad Sociology classes Sociology of Tourism My professor, Dr Wyllie, did a lot of work in Ghana and we learned about the quarrels over Elmina Castle and other slave trading posts Ghanaians want the castles fixed up and renovated, while the African Americans want them left the way they are as a stark reminder of the awful past The Ghanaians are not able to understand why the African Americans get so emotional about these places, while the African Americans can t understand why the Ghanaians don t show any emotion This helped reiterate Angelou s observations, how despite looking similar, we Africans and African Americans have had different experiences and may see the world differently when it comes to some things The good thing about Ghana is that the Government there is trying to take into account concerns from both parties.

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    This was the first book in this year s Postal Book Swap F rotation, all secret until we ve all seen all of them I picked this up to read the same day I spoke to a woman working at a permanent refugee camp in Malawi, and I read the first half without a break I couldn t stop reading Maya Angelou is so engaging It isn t surprising that a poet would write so lyrically, but there are moments that are so beautifully written I didn t know about this period of Angelou s life, about her disillusionment with Martin Luther King, Jr., or that she was internationally known even in the 1960s Her honesty and exploration of identity seems to be the core of the book Can Black Americans find roots in Africa Can it be a returned homeland Or does their Americanness and pain history separate them too distinctly Will she find acceptance and belonging This book feels like an ancestor itself, to books like Americanah and Homegoing.Thanks Kim Date read is February 17, 2017 Date included below is review posting date.

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    And now we come to Maya Angelou s fifth autobiography All God s Children Need Travelling Shoes This is a 240 pages book which has 42 chapters but most of them are super tiny which is perfect if you get easily distracted Naturally I recommend reading the entire series, but somehow this volume has an independent soul Maya had finally embraced her Africanism by spending some quality time in Ghana Fate or chance brought her back to the black continent but was she complacent enough There is a flood of emotions and touching moments portrayed in this book, and if none of that managed to get under your skin then I don t know what on earth would If you ve ever felt insecure at some point of your life, found yourself in a constant battle between comforting faith and doubtful denial, fought for a cause with the realization that you have little chance to win, had to prove yourself to people you don t owe them shit, then Maya s works were made for you Two great people gather together in Ghana Malcolm X and Maya Angelou.__________ Maya Angelou s Autobiographies 1 I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings.2 Gather Together in My Name.3 Singin and Swingin and Gettin Merry Like Christmas.4 The Heart of a Woman.5 All God s Children Need Traveling Shoes.6 A Song Flung Up to Heaven.

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    Thank goodness for the Books a Million African American lit shelf, where they stock books front cover forward There I was, waiting at their cafe for some chai, and this book was right there smiling at me As soon as I flipped through the pages and saw Maya Angelou s reference to Liberia my birth land where I spent most of my adolescence , I knew I had to buy and read.During the American Civil Rights Movement of the 1960 s, a group of black Americans weary of the racial tensions, left America headed for West Africa They called themselves the Revolutionist Returnees I was surprised to learn that Maya Angelou was a part of this group and what was so refreshing about this memoir was her willingness to relay her flaws in this book Compared to other memoirs she has written, you feel as if you are reading about the behind the scenes, non celebrity author Maya Angelou here although it helps to know that she was in her early to mid thirties in this book If you ve read her book, I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings, you get a sense for why she was angry almost militant , ill tempered rude in some cases , a writer who had not come to terms with her writing, an actress, and a vagabond who had traveled from state to state, country to country, trying to find herself I was moved by another memoir she wrote, Letter to my Daughter, but this book was a transformative read that reached for my attention.The book starts in 1962, when Angelou is on her way to Liberia with her 19 year old son While in Ghana visiting friends, her son is a victim of a nasty car accident, which forces her to cancel her Liberian trip and Liberian job to stay in Ghana.This book opens with her going into a deep depression because of this.In Ghana, she meets a group of black American expatriates and a community of foreigners thanks to President Nkrumah The story really centers around her and those around her finding her way into the African community She mentions placing the African and black American cultures side by side for examination, at one point even learning to still her anger by viewing the people around her Black American insouciance was the one missing element in West Africa Courtesy and form, traditional dignity, respectful dismissal and history were the apparent ropes holding their society close and nearly impenetrable As if all this self revelation wasn t astounding enough, I was surprised when Malcolm X was introduced to the story and pleasantly surprised to learn that W.E.B Du Bois was a member of the expats living in Ghana in fact he died in Ghana just before MLK s march to Washington The changed Malcolm X had just returned from Mecca, where he had ejected himself from the following of Elijah Muhammed and now saw life differently He even scolded Maya Angelou as she drove him to the airport, don t be in such a hurry to condemn a person because he doesn t do what you do, or think as you think or as fast There was a time when you didn t know what you know today There were so many lessons like this one throughout the book she even mentions the turmoils between Jews and Germans when she visits Germany.I did have one minor issue with a characterization of Liberians one minor detail with the Americo Liberian history cited Yet what this memoir did well was that it compared social issues across cultures, it was encouraging even during the parts where it was disheartening, it spoke of transformation and social change, and it was scented with a lot of rich West African culture The ending was superb.

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    I read this book in Ghana the site of the majority of the story Maya Angelou is amazing I could smell, feel, and visualize everything she spoke about It didn t hurt that I was on the Legon University campus when I began this journey Angelou accurately portrays the African American experience when we make that journey of discovery to Mama Africa She vividly describes that desire to fall down and kiss the earth the earth that is OURS that our ancestors and cells within our bone s marrow yearns for Along the way, she meets figures like Malcolm X and Kwame Nkrumah She also has drama with her son Most importantly though, she discovers herself and realizes her own journey This book is powerful, and people are just straight up tripping if they don t give it 5 stars Read it, imagining that you are on her journey If you haven t been to Africa yet, or lived through the fervent 1960 s allow her to take you there I promise you won t be disappointed.

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    Review is book 5 in Maya Angelou s autobiography series I ve read books 1 3 when I was younger I ll have to dig thru my Mom s old books and read book 4 before the year ends Maya Angelou can do no wrong seriously This book takes place in Ghana mostly Accra in the 1960 s, shortly after Ghana s independence in 1957 Maya Angelou joins a community of Revolutionist Returnees African Americans Negro Americans on their quest to explore, understand and aid the Motherland in any way they can While in Ghana, Angelou finds a job as an administrator at the University of Ghana Legon and at a local newspaper as a journalist Angelou takes us through the different conversations and interactions she has with the kind hearted Ghanaians she experienced during her stay I loved how most Ghanaians made her feel at home Ghanaians in general are very hospitable, and this book definitely highlights this my country did me proud in this book I was glad that Maya Angelou was living with a community of African Americans, but interacted mostly with Africans throughout her stay in Ghana there was a good balance An interesting bit in the book was when Angelou and the other African Americans protested in front of the American Embassy in Accra, on the same day of the March on Washington, lead by Martin LutherKing Jr The purpose of the March and the protest in Accra was to encourage equal rights of people of all colors desegregation in the United States Even though W.E.B DuBois was also in Ghana at the time he gained citizenship and lived in Ghana during the latter part of his life , he was unable to protest with them, and even dies shortly after the March on Washington from old age My favorite part of the book is when Malcolm X arrives in Ghana and Angelou along with the other Revolutionist Returnees do their best to make him feel at home, arrange various talks for him and even get him to meet president Kwame Nkrumah It was great to read about these iconic leaders actually having normal lives in this book Angelou struggles a lot in this book with her identity and facing the facts of the past It constantly angered her to recollect how Africans sold other Africans into slavery She couldn t even visit the Elmina Castle which housed several slaves at the Cape Coast of Ghana, because the historical weight behind this historical venue nauseated her I appreciated her quest to experience and understand what the black experience was like in Africa Ghana, which is a place where almost everyone is black This memoir ends on a satisfying note for me I recommend this to anyone who appreciates Black history and those who wish to travel to the continent of Africa on the quest for his her identity COMPREHENSIVE REVIEW WILL BE POSTED ON THE BLOG SOON

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    I ve got nothing but love, respect and admiration for this woman Brilliant writer, exceptional human being and humorous lady What a combination of brilliance I recommend all of her books to anyone and everyone There s something in there for all of us.

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    Wow What an eye opener Fascinating, inspiring and beautifully wrought.

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    And the story goes on This one was a wonderful eye opener so much to learn about the differences between real African and American African character Can t wait to read the next one, though I suppose Maya is going back to USA This book I m sure I ll read again

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    I give this five stars because Maya is such an incredible story teller She wisks you along like a boat on a fast moving current She expresses both loathing and yearning for America, and I am torn between understanding and disappointment at her negativity towards the nation that fought the civil war and still strives to overcome 400 years of slavery.

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