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The Constant Lovers (Richard Nottingham, #3) summary The Constant Lovers (Richard Nottingham, #3) , series The Constant Lovers (Richard Nottingham, #3) , book The Constant Lovers (Richard Nottingham, #3) , pdf The Constant Lovers (Richard Nottingham, #3) , The Constant Lovers (Richard Nottingham, #3) 0cbf8838ce July, On A Hot Summer Morning, Richard Nottingham, Constable Of Leeds, Is Called Out When A Young Woman Is Found Stabbed To Death Among The Ruins Of Kirkstall Abbey In Her Pocket Is A Love NoteSoon We Ll Be Together And Our Hearts Can Sing Loud, My Love, WWhat Happened To The Maid Who Accompanied Her Mistress On Her Final, Fatal Journey Who Is The Mysterious W Who Signed The Note Nottingham Must Delve Into The Dark Secrets Of The Rich And Influential To Uncover The Truth

10 thoughts on “The Constant Lovers (Richard Nottingham, #3)

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    A murder in 18th century Leeds featuring Richard Nottingham as the acting constable is an interesting way to solve crime without dna and cell phones.

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    A Very Good ReadThe author gives a very good picture of the era, he seems to have done a lot of research The descriptions were visual, and he kept the story believable and interesting.

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    Very solid historical mystery series that I enjoy very much Many historical fiction authors could learn a lot about the graceful imparting of information, in a way that assumes the reader is intelligent, from Nickson No clumsy infodumping dialogue here.

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    An okay book of murder and intrigue in 1700 s England A young woman is found murdered near a church Her secret lover is found hanged a few days later as an apparent suicide I felt the story was ok but too slow paced for a mystery novel.

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    Solid Giving a lot of historical information and feel of the time A classic police procedural in the 1700s.

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    Wonderful characters Justice in the 1700s

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    Engrossing Hard to put down Really enjoying the works of the author and find it easy reading, engrossing and enlightening Good yarn.

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    Treads very closely on the heels of series like Monk but with not quite as much interest.Maybe it will grow.

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    I kept puzzling over the anachronisms for the first 75% of the book until I realized that the book was not set in the Tudor era like I believed Whoops

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    This series has quickly become one of my favorite historical mystery series, although the time period is a little later than my preferred favorite medieval times this takes place in 1730 s Leeds, UK I ve come to love the series and the main and secondary characters too.Richard Nottingham is the Constable of Leeds, which is title than anything the pay is certainly nothing to write home about, although the position does come with a small house In this book, a newcomer to the procurer game is on the scene, and Mr Hughes is apparently not aware that he s stepping on the toes of big boss Amos Worthy which means there s a gang war brewing in Nottingham s city, and he doesn t like it Meanwhile, he has the stabbing death of a young woman on his hands to investigate dressed as though she came from wealth and posed in a country church yard a few miles outside the city Richard s first task is discovering who the young lady is and anticipates plenty of grief and pressure from his bosses if she was of the nobility.

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