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The Scummers chapter 1 The Scummers , meaning The Scummers , genre The Scummers , book cover The Scummers , flies The Scummers , The Scummers e0ee5dd5b8851 In The Third And Final Part Of The Crum Trilogy, Jesse Stone Once Again Embarks Upon His Constant Search For A Place In The World At The Start Of The Scummers, Jesse Hits The Road And Heads West, Looking To Experience Something Anything That Will Fulfill His Intrinsic Desires To Escape, And To Belong He Ends Up In California, Where He Fools Around, Mischievously Fighting And Drinking, Yet Always Narrowly Escaping Punishment Soon Enough, Jesse Runs Out Of Luck He Finds Himself Arrested And Is Condemned To Serve Out His Sentence Under The Supervision Of The United States Army Suddenly Jesse Stone Can No Longer Run Suddenly Jesse Stone Is A Solider Full Of Intense Violence And Cutting Humor, This Tale Is The Culminating Confession Of A Young Man Who Has Wandered From A Small Town In West Virginia And Back Again In The Hopes Of Finding His Home

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    Maynard wraps the trilogy with an adult Jesse Stone One keeps hoping for some kind of redemption, some kind of peaceful, blissful life for the boy who struggled out of the hills One can always hope.

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    It is really 320 pages not 248 by the way.

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