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Use Your Words explained Use Your Words , review Use Your Words , trailer Use Your Words , box office Use Your Words , analysis Use Your Words , Use Your Words f9f5 Use Your Words Introduces The Art Of Creative Nonfiction To Women Who Want To Give Written Expression To Their Lives As Mothers Written By Award Winning Teacher And Writer, Kate Hopper, This Book Will Help Women Find The Heart Of Their Writing, Learn To Use Motherhood As A Lens Through Which To Write The World, And Turn Their Motherhood Stories Into Art Each Chapter Of Use Your Words Focuses On An Element Of Craft And Contains A Lecture, A Published Essay, And Writing Exercises That Will Serve As Jumping Off Points For The Readers Own Writing Chapter Topics Include The Importance Of Using Concrete Details, An Overview Of Creative Nonfiction As A Genre, Character Development, Voice, Humor, Tense And Writing The Hard Stuff, Reflection And Back Story, Structure, Revision, And Publishing The Content Of Each Lecture Is Aligned With The Essay Poem In That Chapter To Help Readers Easily Grasp The Elements Of Craft Being Discussed Together The Chapters Provide A Unique Opportunity For Mother Writers To Learn And Grow As Writers Use Your Words Takes The Approach That Creative Writing Can Be Taught, And This Underscores Each Chapter When Students Learn To Read Like Writers, To Notice How A Piece Is Put Together, And To Question The Choices A Writer Makes, They Begin To Think Like Writers When They Learn To Ground Their Writing In Concrete, Sensory Details And Begin To Understand How To Create Believable Characters And Realistic Dialogue, Their Own Writing Improves Use Your Words Reflects Kate S Style As A Teacher, Guiding The Reader In A Straightforward, Nurturing, And Passionate Voice As One Student Noted In A Class Evaluation Kate Is A Born Writer And Teacher, And Her Enthusiasm For Essays About Motherhood And For Teaching The Nuts And Bolts Of Writing So That Ordinary Mothers Have The Tools To Write Their Stories Is A Gift To The World She Is Raising The Value Of Motherhood In Our Society As She Helps Mothers Build Their Confidence And Strengthen Their Game As Writers

  • Paperback
  • 256 pages
  • Use Your Words
  • Kate Hopper
  • English
  • 22 August 2018
  • 9781936740123

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    Use Your Words is directly addressed to writers who hope to tell their motherhood stories in ways that are resonant and meaningful Hopper herself is aware that writing about motherhood may be, as she says, an uphill battle to get it taken seriously, one she has struggled against In her own writing life, Hopper faced down that struggle by continuing to write herself and by encouraging her own writing students often mothers to craft these stories themselves What emerged from those sessions with her mother writer students is this book on craft.Read Literary Mama s full review here Your Words is also part of Literary Mama s Mother s Day Essential Reading 2012 list Read the whole list here

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    For every mother who wants to write, a must read I know I will go back again and again to Kate Hopper s wonderful book, full of useful advice and writing exercises and prompts.

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    I got this book through the Vine program, though I ve stopped getting as many books or even really looking at the books available because, well, I am buried in books I m not complaining, mind you Plus there are tons of other cool things I can get through Vine, so why add to the books I can t get to yet This book, though, caught my eye and I broke down and ordered it I m a writer, after all, and a mother This book looked like it was for me Andit was I ll admit, I was a bit afraid this would be too much do this, do that and not enough advice or help I could actually use, but Hopper, as it turns out, is a talented teacher She doesn t just tell you what to do, but uses a wide variety of examples from mothers, no less and she s down to earth in her approach For example, she doesn t suggest you get up every morning at 3 AM to write though that may be what works for you She advocates writing, yes, and gives you tools for doing that, but she s not militant or unrealistic I appreciated that.One of the best parts of this book, for me, was getting encouragement from a fellow mom writer, someone who has multiple kids, is working in the world and in writing, and who has a life beyond the page Some of the writing books I ve read, while excellent, seem like they don t apply Hopper has combined her expertise in writing with humor and practicality.Have you ever thought of writing Not sure how to start or where to begin or what to do This book will be a great guide for you.If, like me, you have a clue but need a cheerleader or a refresher or hey, a break from a certain kind of reading you might find yourself constantly immersed in, I ll bet you will love and appreciate this book just like I do.Overall, highly recommended, especially for fellow mom writers.

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    So you re ready to tell the world a story Your plan is a gifted, cunning, picturesque chronicle of the comedy and drama called life as a Mom Before you start, you might want to check out a book called Use Your Words by Kate Hopper This bestselling author is much like a director, as she escorts and guides you through assignments to make you a better writer Sadly, writing about motherhood and children is sometimes looked at as a lackluster genre Kate Hopper shows how to give your memoir character, voice, and structure With multiple directives and easy understandable exercises, this book might be the key to a harmonious blend of words to captivate and capture your reading audience Whether we see your chronicle of Life as a Mom head up the best seller list or one day your child shows her grandchildren a slice of your life, Use Your Words can only enhance the story I really like Kate Hopper s development of a good hud and adaptable approach to writing The book is filled with educational techniques mixed with perfectly understandable examples Use Your Words is a positive accessory for mom writers and bloggers as well I love words, but I can see several areas I can improve my skills

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    Well, I finished reading now to get writing Actually, the book already got me writing with Kate Hopper s online book tour I ve flagged a bunch of exercises for days when I don t know where to start or when I need something different The book reminded of the lesson I ve already learned about what you are writing about and your real subject and made me think about voice differently Aside from the writing advice, I loved a lot of the pieces she used as examples.

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    I ve been recommending this to all the mothers I know who write Kate knows how to bring forth a writer s sense of humor and empathy and how to encourage a writer all along the way A must have for any mother writer s book shelf.

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    This book provided helpful examples and writing prompts to write about being a mother At times the examples seemed a little too long but otherwise, I liked it.

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    Kate Hopper s use your words is a great guide for mothers getting back into creative non fiction Kate shows the budding mama writer how to write a compelling story Each tip chapter is backed up with examples and writing exercises, with additional prompts at the end of the book Being a busy mother herself, she also dispels some of the common writing rules in favour of mama friendly ones.I loved this book Like many mothers I feel compelled to remember write down the stories of pregnancy, birth and childhood, but would be bored stiff writing a then I did this and this happened kind of account I want to write proper, fleshed out stories, but haven t written anything like it in years This book reminded me how to go about it.

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    Just love this writing workshop mothers group in the form of a transportable, go at your own pace book For any mother interested in writing about being a mother even grandmother s guardians aunts Dad s this is a must read.

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    As a mother who wrote her way through years of parenting young children, caregiving my husband through cancer, and through the deaths of my mother, husband, and grandson, I believe writing saved my sanity at times I m passionate about encouraging young mothers who want to write, and this book has become a must read on a reading list for my workshops.

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