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The Great Destroyer files The Great Destroyer , read online The Great Destroyer , free The Great Destroyer , free The Great Destroyer , The Great Destroyer ae915b3c4 Obama Has Been A One Man Wrecking BallWhen It Comes To Our Prosperity, Our Freedom Tradition, And Our Constitutional Government, President Barack Obama Has Been The Great Destroyer Knocking Down The Free Market Economy And Principles Of Limited Government That Have Made America The Envy Of The WorldAs New York Times Bestselling Author David Limbaugh Documents In Chilling Detail In His New Book, The Great Destroyer, The Obama Administration Has Waged A Relentless, Nearly Four Year Long War To Transform Our Nation Into A Country Where Federal Bureaucrats Have Power Over Our Lives Than We Do Where Leftist Crony Capitalism Dependent On Government Subsidies Is Replacing The Real Thing Where, In An Orwellian Inversion Of Meaning, A Savagely Weakened National Defense Somehow Makes Us Stronger And Trillions In Deficit Spending On Counterproductive Government Stimulus And Welfare Programs Somehow Makes Us RicherLimbaugh Unveils The Reality Behind The Administration S Rhetoric In The Great Destroyer You Ll Learn The True Costs Of Obama S Crony Capitalism Scandals It S Even Worse Than You ThinkHow Obama Spends Our Economy Into Oblivion While Relentlessly Demonizing Those Who Try To Stop The BleedingHow The Obama Administration Has Repeatedly, Almost Systematically, Violated The Constitution To Achieve Its GoalsHow The Obama Administration Has Empowered Shadowy Unelected Bureaucrats To Determine How We Live, And The Successes They Already Have In Doing ThatAnd Much In Irrefutable Detail, David Limbaugh, Like A Prosecuting Attorney, Makes His Case That The Obama Administration Is A Real And Present Danger To America S Future There Is No Comprehensive Indictment Of The Obama Administration As It Seeks Re Election Than The Great Destroyer It Is A Book That Every American Worried About The Future Of Our Country Must Read

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    Less than halfway through this painstakingly researched and annotated book, I was wondering how on earth 1 a majority of the American people voted for Barack Obama in 2008 and 2 he s been able to elude impeachment so far.David Limbaugh profiles President Obama in The Great Destroyer as a man surrounded by such sycophancy He pieces together plain evidence of his legislations and actions during his presidency, making the case that very few sheepish grills in the country would like to admit is the truth, due to its great, depressing premise Obama s failure is a result not of overwhelming incompetence, but that it is purposeful.The book is tight with its citations, including statistics and a critical review of the DOJ s backward priorities and hypocritical policies throughout the administration It makes a compelling case that this administration is also punitive towards red primarily conservative, or at least Republican voting on the electoral map states, withholding federal funds from them for disaster relief, as it did in Oklahoma It also points out its Nixonian tendency to compile an enemies list, via the call from Obama himself on Twitter AttackWatch.Limbaugh claims the Obama Administration is at war with American culture and values It includes a discussion of Obama s evolved stance on gay marriage, and faults it for trying to associate support for traditional marriage with some sort of inherent bigotry or homophobia The Obama Administration is utterly steeped in identity politics, totally unconcerned with the idea of e pluribus unum.

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    David Limbaugh launches a studied attack on Barack Oboma s presidency, even his whole administration He states that Oboma is stongly against the United States Constitution and wants to to make the American people dependent on an all powerful central government and leave Americans without any guarenteed rights such as freedom of religion and the ability to defend themselves He states that to Oboma compromise means that you will cave in to exactly what he wants Limbaugh cite many violations and circumentions of the president s Constitutional powers It is well worth reading, if for no other reason, than to provoke though instead of blind party ideaology.

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    How quickly people forget Obama was elected shortly after the 2008 global financial crash, the worst since the depression, which was caused by fast and loose economic policies, deregulation and criminal behaviour by bankers His response saved the American economy and set the foundations for its current stability and moderate success, which has been falsely claimed by Trump as his own work After massively increasing the deficit, a supposed Republican anathema, it remains to be seen if Trump s policies and trade wars will crash the economy again.To read at the start of this book that Obama caused any of these economic problems is a joke and I m afraid that it continues in that vein.Only suitable reading if you want to get an idea of how the fevered minds of extreme conservatives work.

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    What did you love best about The Great Destroyer The well thought out arguments as to why Obama s policies have ruined this country What s the most interesting tidbit you ve picked up from this book How much of a joke the Obama administration is Any additional comments This book could have been better and shorter if it kept to the legitimate arguments and points Many times, it builds to quick jabs or remarks that don t benefit the story.

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    Great but Alarming Well documented, High Crimes Misdemeanors Details the lies, racism, criminal acts, partisan politics, divisive rhetoric and immoral agenda of B H Obama his administraton First Term If you are a blinder wearing Obama lover, not wanting to be confused with facts may not be the book for you 5 It is great.

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    A good counter argument against some of the policies of President Obama.

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    The destroyer of American dreamIn the next month presidential elections, you have two choices, pursuing the American dream as envisioned by the founding fathers or the Obama s dream of a socialized society The author has documented in about 12 chapters examining Obama s way of handling domestic energy production, regulating free enterprise system, healthcare, handling of Islamic terrorism and national security In 2008 presidential campaign, he ran on a magic word in his campaign, change and what a change we have seen in his actions from Obamacare to immigration to the economy to wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, free trade, and the deficit Excessive use of regulation in curbing the free enterprise system has severely hurt the free market to adopt energy alternatives to oil, coal, and natural gas as they become economically advantageous Obama s radical background implicates his contempt for American culture, its political and economic values.The author cites another controversial decision to give 600 million to Palestinians annually And 225 million is given directly to the Palestinian Authority in violation of U.S law Some of these funds are used to pay salaries to Palestinian terrorists in Israeli jails Obama is weakening American presence in global affairs Case in point is that he pushed for elections in Egypt, where the Muslim Brotherhood emerged as victorious, which is not in the best interest of United Sates or Israel, since this group is a known supporter in Islamic terrorism We have given Egypt an average of 2 billion annually and we help elect anti American leadership Internationally, he s been scaling back America s influence in almost everything politically, economically and militarily.

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    David Limbaugh s book was a tough read at first He does an excellent job in explaining how Obama messed up our economy with his borrow and spend practices Limbaugh has done his homework but his explanation of the trouble our economy is in never really brought this issue down to brass tacks What does Obama s stimulus economics mean to me I know how it has put the federal government s fiscal state upside down, but budget deficits and other serious issues were never brought home to the consumer by Limbaugh He did not bring the hay out of the hayloft and put the hay where the horses can feed on it While I found his explanation off Obama s economic blunders very helpful, I could not comprehend at least 60% of it as the author assumed his readers were economically astute as he is.Other than that, the book was spot on when it came to explaining Obama s war on our culture, his sloppy and reckless foreign policy, eyes wide shut vacationing, his war on oil and coal and the president s mishaps in the Fast and Furious controversy The book is a must read Limbaugh has given us plenty of info to chew on, digest and take to the voting booth November 6, 2012.After reading Limbaugh s book, I find it impossible to have any hope for the future of this country or to believe in any change created by Obama that will benefit the citizens of the US This is not a book filled with conspiracy theories nor does it focus on Obama s childhood or left wing associates Limbaugh puts the focus where it should be the four years of Obama s presidency and what he did in the four years Please spend the time reading this book.

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    David Limbaugh, attorney and New York Times bestselling author, records how President Obama s promises have been fulfilled in The Great Destroyer, a book that picks up where Crimes against Liberty, released in 2011, left off Informative, at times eye opening, the author reveals the importance of this year s election and our nations need for informed voters to vote.He contrasts the President s words with his actions with detailed statistics and examples that illustrate why he believes this president has declared war on the Republic instead of delivering on his promise of hope and change Four years ago Senator Obama, then President elect Obama promised to fundamentally change this nation in several pre election speeches As a nation we were eager to see his promised hope and change Our country stood on a financial precipice not unlike that of the 1930 s depression and we listened to and believed in his inspiring words of hope The author s statistics, facts and charts do show change, but not for the better Instead our nation has incurred trillions of dollars of debt and the unemployment rate hasn t dropped below 8% The current 8.3% unemployment doesn t Full Review

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    Like David Limbaugh s previous book, Crimes Against Liberty, I found The Great Destroyer to be a bit of a slog to get through It s 400 pages of non stop anti Obama prose, which means that even for a conservative like myself it s not pleasant reading In fact, this is a book that, every time you put it down after reading it, you re disgusted and angry either at the fact that Barack Obama is our president, or if you re on the political left that Mr Limbaugh does nothing but tear down and disparage your hero If I could give this book 2.5 stars I would, because I think it is informative than Crimes Against Liberty, but I have to honestly say that I m glad that I ve finished it and can move on to something hopefully a little inspirational and positive.I enjoy listening to David Limbaugh when he appears on live media such as the Ricochet podcast Unfortunately, listening to him criticize President Obama and reading him criticize President Obama are two different things.

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