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To Desire a Scoundrel (Southern Heat, #2) pdf To Desire a Scoundrel (Southern Heat, #2) , ebook To Desire a Scoundrel (Southern Heat, #2) , epub To Desire a Scoundrel (Southern Heat, #2) , doc To Desire a Scoundrel (Southern Heat, #2) , e-pub To Desire a Scoundrel (Southern Heat, #2) , To Desire a Scoundrel (Southern Heat, #2) 838e0d46ff7 The First Rule When Dealing With Scoundrels Never Wager Than You Are Willing To Lose Especially In Matters Of The HeartKatherine Peters Had Loved Richmond S Most Notorious Scoundrel And Lost She Vowed To Forget Tanner Barkley And Deny The Ache In Her HeartCaught Between The Devil And DesireTanner Barkley Rejected A Banking Fortune For The Newspaperbusiness He Hadn T Planned On Falling In Love With The One Person Who Held The Key To The Most Important Story Of His CareerKatherine S Disdain Is No Match For Tanner S Persuasive CharmOr The Love Neither Can Deny

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    I think this author needs to pick a genre she wants to write in This is supposed to be historical romantic fiction I personally felt there was animosity than spark in it, but I could have been too distracted by trying to figure out the setting of the story It is supposed to be antebellum South a 3 hour stage coach ride from Richmond which might be 50 miles and that would be giving it something I spent my time trying to decide if it was 1852, 1952, or 2002 though And the setting felt Bonanza or Colorado than slave holding pre war Virginia MILD SPOILERS The wealthiest family in town has no servants or slaves in 1852 The heroine appears to have worked as a bookkeeper in Richmond, but is wealthy enough to attend all sorts of balls and be expected to marry well, socially It s one thing to take care of personal family accounts, but another thing entirely to work outside the family, as was inferred And the heroine is apparently able to spend the night with the hero lover 2 years ago in Richmond on what seems like numerous occasions and no one knew she was doing this in 1850 This woman s mother is supposedly very upright and chaperones another character in a different book, but where was she during the current and referred to past events of this novella The characters were not even remotely acting to social norms of antebellum wealthy or even middle class Virginia, but Jersey Shore maybe not that bad, but close There was potential with the plot and the interaction between the couple fairly believable, but there were too many questions and plot holes to make it as enjoyable as it should have been.

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    i liked the story but the H h was annoying sometimes, but overall it was a very good book

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    This is a novella that was part of an anthology that was available for free from Kindle for the holidays Good story, wished it was longer Two years ago Tanner had left Kate hurt and destroyed from all his lies Now she s moved on even though she still loves him and he s followed her home Tanner can not accept that it is truly over even after all this time, and he will do anything possible to make Kate realize she can t live without him.

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    To Desire a Scoundrel jumps right into the story with a confrontation between Tanner and Katherine Tanner and Kathrine had a passionate relationship years ago that ended abruptly Their pride and pain have kept them apart all these years but suddenly they are thrown together again Tanner realized the mistakes he made before and desperately wants to explain himself and reconcile with Katherine Katherine was heartbroken by the end of their relationship and doesn t want to revisit that pain.I really enjoyed the characters and their struggle to love and trust each other again This is a novella but I still felt that I got to know and care about them It s a beautiful story packed with sexual tension, emotion and romance Even though Sumner jumped right into the action, there was still enough back story to explain what was happening and I never felt confused or that I was missing part of the story I did have one major issue with the story, the time period It is supposed to take place in the South US during 1852 That did not work for me, throughout the story I kept picturing it as closer to 1952 rather than 1852 I really struggled with that in the beginning and eventually just had to let it go and picture it my own way Once I did that, I loved the story and was able to enjoy it.This was the first I have read by Sumner and I was very pleasantly surprised Other than the time period issue, it was a really well written and fun love story I ll be honest, I have read enough works by emerging authors that I expected a somewhat clunky and awkward story Wow, was I wrong Sumner is a very talented author and I will definitely be reading of her work.

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    The heat is definately on It s not often that I read Romance, but I have decided to widen my horizon and read some other novels too in addition to my Sci Fi Fantasy and Crime books It also helps towards my new challenge to read 52 novellas in 2012 Romance is ok in smaller doses A bit about the bookKatherine Peters has fallen in love with Tanner Barkley, a scoundrel and flirt who always gets what he wants When Katherines realizes that Tanner shows interest in her only because she sits on information about a news scoop which propells Tanner s career in the news business she feels used and it breaks her heart.A few years later they meet on their way to the same little village to celebrate Christmas with friends, and at a pre Christmas party Katherine gets seduced by Tanner again Caught between rationality and lust and a Tanner who claims that he has actually loved her all the time Kathrine travels back home to the man she is expected to marry How it ends That is for me to know and you to find out My evaluationThis is hot But it is also a rather charming story about love and the power of desire The language is actually very good and propells me on This isn t too sweet, sexy than anticipated and an interesting change from what I usually read Even if this is a rather long novella, the main characters come alive and are very believable and the scene early 1900 century is cleverly used and very well done This is not quite Hamlet, but a rather nice diversion from my other books It gets 3 of 5

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    First book that I read from this author I was not disappointed with this book It made me laugh and excited on every page Pacing maybe fast that you will be wondering what happened on the previous scene, why it is not mentioned earlier Regardless of that, there something the story that made you want to finish it quickly It s not a perfect story, it is the usual stories between past lovers who keep fighting for their love after 2 years just because of false reason What made it good, it did not prolonged the yearning for each character It became direct to the point, what a man and a woman may feel because of a betrayal That mostly at a time a misunderstanding I think what captured me is the simplicity of the story No running around between the characters, to the extent it became boring already.

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    First of all, books that have the following words in them can sometimes be misleading by the titlerogue, scoundrel, seduce, desire, ravished, etc I m not really sure that this was the best title for this book because the main male character wasn t so much a scoundrel Main female character thought so but that was as the result of a misunderstanding This was actually a fairly tame love story that was predictable but entertaining and sweet Great easy reading for a Thanksgiving weekend This was the second one in the series that I read over two days This one was much shorter than the first There were a number of editing issues wrong words, typos, etc but not too many to make it an annoying read on Kindle.

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    I enjoyed this story Tanner was determined to get his woman, by any means necessary, once he figured out that he couldn t live without her I loved the tension between the two characters and their medlesome friend Charlie Charlie just knew how stubborn two people could be and if she could just place then together, all would eventually work out I would recommend this book, and because I enjoyed it so much, I am continuing on with To Seduce A Rogue by Mrs Sumner which is Charlie and Adams story.

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    To Desire a Scoundrel a sweet and sexy Christmas romance about a second chance for a couple whose love fell apart after a betrayal and lack of communication two years prior I liked this story a lot, got a little frustrated when the characters repeatedly passed up every opportunity to talk about their past when so clearly they both wanted to There were also a few times when I stumbled on a sentence or two that pulled me out of the story The story was still charming, though, and I m already reading another book by this author.

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    I don t tend to read historical fiction, and so I think that was why I didn t enjoy it as much as others.I tend to get a bit lost in the language, and a bit lost in the plot in this one perhaps I needed to read previous ones, or perhaps it s just not the style that works for me where you end up confused at first, and then eventually it s explained For a sexy novella, it made my brain work too much Ah well

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