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Homefront (Phil Broker, #6) explained Homefront (Phil Broker, #6), review Homefront (Phil Broker, #6), trailer Homefront (Phil Broker, #6), box office Homefront (Phil Broker, #6), analysis Homefront (Phil Broker, #6), Homefront (Phil Broker, #6) c333 The Daughter Of Ex Cop Phil Broker Andex Army Major Anti Terrorist Operative Nina Pryce, Kit Brokeris No Ordinary Eight Year Old She Has Seen And Survived Than Most Grown Ups And Now She Has Inadvertently Invited A Nightmare Into The Lives Of Those She LovesPhil Broker And His Family Moved To Tiny Glacier Falls, Minnesota, To Heal From The Psychological Wounds They Received While Helping To Avert An Inhuman Act Of Terror But Young Kit Chose The Wrong Adversary When She Triumphed Over Local Schoolyard Bully Teddy Klumpe For The Boy S Disreputable Clan Does Unholy Business From The Darkest Shadows Of Their Small Town And They Do Not Forgive What Begins As A Minor Feud Between Neighbors Quickly Escalates Into A Major Offensive Of Intimidation, Destruction, Fear And Death And The Worst Is Yet To Come Because Terror Has Come Home

  • Paperback
  • 416 pages
  • Homefront (Phil Broker, #6)
  • Chuck Logan
  • English
  • 20 August 2019
  • 9780060570217

About the Author: Chuck Logan

Chuck Logan is an author of crime drama and veteran of the Vietnam War, who lives with his wife and daughter in Stillwater, Minnesota.He is best known for his series of novels featuring the character Phil Broker, an ex Minnesota police officer Logan s novels include Hunter s Moon, Absolute Zero, Vapor Trail, Homefront, and After the Rain Homefront is now a major motion picture starring James Fra

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    I really enjoyed this book I liked the movie but this was so different from the movie that it seemed like a separate piece of fiction all together I really enjoyed the tension that built up in parts of it like between Cassie and Gator I also enjoyed the little flashbacks that Logan dispersed throughout the book they add a lot of background in short snippets Most of all I loved Nina Pryce and I wished she d been in the movie It is wonderfully deep and dynamic character who is facing her own internal struggles alongside the action of the book.

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    No soy muy partidaria de leer libros despu s de ver la pel cula pero sta me llam mucho la atenci n as que lo le de igual manera.Home front es de escritura f cil, te inserta fuertemente en la historia y te hace part cipe de todos los acontecimientos Buenos personajes y las p ginas justas, agregarle una m s hubiese sido para aburrir, as est bien.Lo nico por lo que no puedo darle 5 estrellas es porque me falt m s drama al final, ese drama que puso James Franco y Jason Staham en la pel cula.

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    I kept waiting for it to get interesting It should be about 150 pages shorter It s nothing special but was at least, an entertaining idea.

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    Read the book was excited to hear they made a movie about it Well written, kept me on the edge of my seat If anyone reads the book they must see the movie

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    Homefront, based on the book by Chuck LoganSix out of 10The chance to watch James Franco and once upon a time Wynona Ryder can be an opportunity that we must take.Jason Statham, before being typecast as the agent, officer, retired army man and other such profiles in which he always kills many villains and escapes from impossible situation with the girl, the heroine and anybody in his care intact, used to be a wondrous actor.Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, Snatch or London are Casablanca, Some Like It Hot and Goodfellas when set against Homefront.The movie is watchable, especially when there is nothing else on the other twenty film channels, as happened here last night.Jason Statham has the leading role of Phil Broker, a DEA agent when very long hair that is a novelty infiltrated in a gang of bikers those who support the ridiculous Orange man in the White House no doubts.In the opening scenes, the clash with the authorities results in the death of the son of the gang leader, also a drug dealer and criminal, and that would result in a death sentence for the traitor Phil.The hero retreats in a small town with his nine year old daughter, Maddy, where they would ride horses and enjoy life.Her mother has died and the very concerned father is looking after her with such care that you want to weep.When a bully at the playground faces off the girl, she demonstrates that she has the fighting genes of her father.The school calls the parents, Cassie Bodine Klum and her husband, Jimmy Klum, and Phil Broker.The latter talks to the psychologist who has only good words about Maddy and is interested in the father.Jimmy Klum becomes aggressive in the parking lot, near the school, and we know this is not advisable.For the new age Bruce Lee can and will, I do not think there is a need for a spoiler alert here beat anyone.This foolish parent is in the dirt as soon as he laid his hands on the back of the apparently innocent stranger.All this takes place in front of the sheriff and when another fight takes place at the gas station, the man of the law warns Phil.Cassie is the sister of the local, small godfather, Morgan Gator Bodine aka the wasted here James Franco.She asks for revenge, given that her consort has been humiliated in public, in front of their son.Three hoodlums, hatchet men for the local drug lord, attack the intruder at a gas station, only to be taught a hard lesson.Things get ever violent from here, as we can expect, reaching a paroxysm of action when the hero has to fight many villains.He knows how and kills all that come near or far for that matter.Nevertheless, they find a way to use his soft, weak spot, as happens in all scenarios that we have seen before.It is rather pathetic at times and we have the usual problem of credibility, when the drug lab explodes for instance.Shouldn t that cause damage This is superfluous however, for there is no single, identifiable flaw that we could point and say Without that, it was all marvelous.No It is all a forgettable experience and actually, you should give it a miss, if you ever read this and thought about watching the homefront.Chances for that to happen are about one in a billion.

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    I did not realize Homefront by Chuck Logan was what they based the movie Homefront staring Jason Statham and James Franco I remember really enjoying the movie I generally don t read a book After seeing a movie I prefer to read a book prior to the film But my deal was to read all the Phil Broker books So I decided I would still read the novel And man, am I glad that I did.Nina Pryce is a mess PTSD, Her shoulder is shot Her career with the Army as a Major is all but over She is slipping away Her husband, Phil Broker, knows his family needs an escape Time alone He takes them to a friend s place Harry Griffin has graciously given them the keys to his place in Glacier County, and fitted Broker with a part time job, whether the ex cop, ex military guy needed work or not It would give him something to do, to keep him busy.Broker, Pryce, and their daughter Kit do the best they can to settle in The cabin is out in the middle of nowhere, but close enough to town for Kit to continue her education while Pryce works on Pryce A bully at school, Teddy Klumpe, sets in motion a catastrophic series of events that, once started, becomes impossible to stop.Gator makes a good living restoring vintage tractors It isn t enough He wants to be in the big time Cooking and selling meth is where the money is at He knows something is not right about Broker The guy doesn t fit into the community Sticks out like a sore thumb Taking a closer look at the family a plan hatches in his demented mind.Long ago Broker worked undercover He infiltrated a biker gang His intel got many of the members arrested Sent to prison There were still hard feelings Danny T has never let the anger over JoJo s arrest subside In fact it has only festered When he learns Broker may have been responsible for the bust, and the Broker was in Glacier, the idea of revenge becomes the biker s only motivation.There can be no witnesses The vendetta should be complete And while Broker believes his life his finally getting back in line, his world is upended and the ones he loves the most are suddenly in danger Homefront is explosive I read the book with a knot in my gut the entire time Too often I had to remember to breathe While the movie was definitely good, enjoyable, the novel they adapted the film from was one hundred times better Phillip TomassoAuthor of Absolute Zeroand Damn the Dead

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    Logan is a skillful thriller writer, even if his editor can t conjugate the verb to lie The characters are complex on both sides of the law, struggling with internal domestic problems as well as external conflicts This book is the sixth in the series, but the first I ve read I guessed it was later as the characters threw out plot spoilers about how Broker had rescued the cruise ship from pirates and stopped the terrorists from blowing up the Eifel Tower I ll go back and read earlier books now, even though this one was somewhat less thrilling This book, true to its title, is story that happens in between thrillers Broker and Nina, just back from saving the world, are resting and recuperating in the north woods For two thirds of the book we see them drinking coffee, looking at the snow, driving the kid to school It s not all dull, though, we also see some local bad guys getting ready to run a criminal enterprise The bad guys see Broker, guess he might be trouble, and after messing with him decide to give his name to some big shot bad guys, who it turns out want to kill Broker The last third of the book is high suspense and action as the good guys and bad guys go at it.This plot probably works better for someone who s read the preceding five high action thrillers and identify with Broker and Nina For me, it seemed to take too long to build, with way too many tentative scenes where one of the bad guys checks something out and goes hmmmm.

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    Well done It s such a shame that Chuck Logan didn t also write the screenplay, because Stalone cut out the main character and made it into another Rambo movie The movie was still okay, but the book is so much better One negative for me were multiple editing misses and or typos very sloppy.

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    1.5 10 Maybe I should have started with the first in the series Maybe then I would give a shit about the characters in this exceedingly silly action thriller Probably not.

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    Interesting read in that something like this could actually happen with people wanting to get back at others.

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