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After The Rain (Phil Broker, #5) chapter 1 After The Rain (Phil Broker, #5), meaning After The Rain (Phil Broker, #5), genre After The Rain (Phil Broker, #5), book cover After The Rain (Phil Broker, #5), flies After The Rain (Phil Broker, #5), After The Rain (Phil Broker, #5) 8c400ec697827 Headlights Off, A Panel Truck Drives By Moonlight Across An Open Field, Following Tracks That Have Been There For Decades Nina Pryce And Her Husband, Phil Broker, Couldn T Have Opposite Views Of The Military Broker S Loyalty To The Men He Served With In Vietnam Is Matched Only By His Certainty That They Shouldn T Have Been There In The First Place Nina, Though, Is A New Breed, A Decorated And Ambitious Vet Of The First Gulf War As Nina Proceeds Along Her Chosen Career Path, Broker Until His Recent Retirement, Minnesota S Most Effective, Unorthodox, And Controversial Undercover Cop Finds Himself Struggling In The Role Of Patient Military SpouseThe Driver Is A Local Entrepreneur Taking Advantage Of A Decades Old Tradition Of Smuggling And Bootlegging By Crossing A Border Too Vast And Undermanned To Be Effectively Patrolled Incommunicado For Months As Part Of A Top Secret Delta Anti Terrorist Operation, Nina, With Daughter Kit In Tow, Suddenly Emerges In Langdon, North Dakota, A Town In The Heart Of The Cold War Minuteman II Missile Belt When Broker Arrives To Take Kit Back Home, He Realizes That The Legacy Of Those Warheads Still Casts A Sinister Shadow Across The Desolate North Border Country, In The Person Of A Damaged PsychopathSomewhere In The Middle Of This Empty Field He Will Cross, Undetected, From One Side Of The US Canada Divide To The Other He And His Cargo Illegal Cigars, Whiskey, Machine Parts, Or Something Much Terrifying Thus Slip Undetected Across The Longest Undefended Border In The WorldBroker Discovers He S Been Drawn Into An Elaborate Con Within A Con, Made An Unwitting Participant In A Black Bag Anti Terrorist Detail But His Anger Toward Nina For Involving Him And Putting Their Daughter At Risk Quickly Fades As A Larger, Deadly Reality Becomes Evident With Time Running Out, Husband And Wife Unite With Local North Dakota Law Enforcement To Form A Last Line Of Defense Against A Brilliantly Simple Act Of Espionage With Potentially Catastrophic Consequences

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    I get a little tired of marital discord between crie fiction protagonists and their variously estranged spouses And the relationship between Broker and Nina has always struck me as a semi incredible one But in this book Logan plays it to good and relevant effect This is a good read.

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    Making my way through the Chuck Logan library, and enjoying the journey Phil Broker is quickly becoming one of my favorite fictional characters, putting him just behind the likes of Easy Rawlins and Mitch Rapp.In my last review Vapor Trail , I said I would talk about Phil Broker s wife, Nina Pryce I didn t want to get into it then, for that review, because at the time I had already started reading After the Rain, and my emotions were hot Capital H O.T So in this review I will cover my feelings on that character in far depth.Nina, active Army, took Kit, Broker s daughter and left the country For two years Broker raised Kit while Nina was active in the military And then, poof Nina just takes their daughter and goes Gone without so much as a good bye Broker did his best dealing with it in Vapor Trail But they were still working on their marriage some at that point, taking a break Didn t excuse her taking their kid I do not think I have ever hated a character .And then I started reading After the Rain Nina is back in town, for the most part She is on a special, secret op Working off intel, they believe a a nuclear weapon is in play The suitcase bomb is either on, or being moved onto U.S soil With a small team Nina is going undercover to expose the plot Part of the props used is Kit Her seven year old daughter.Yep Kit Her seven year old daughter.Broker is fit to be tied He d been doing his best at handling the situation, giving Nina the space she needed to get things right So when Nina puts their daughter into play, he about loses it Which is good, because as Nina penetrates a small family operation, one possibly behind the nuke, she needs Broker to make the ploy realistic Broker s role The angry husband.The local police are not fooled by the sudden appearance of Nina and her team They stick out like sore thumbs, and working closely with Broker, decide it is best to all play nice and figure out what s going on instead of finger pointing, and puffing chests over infringed territories Things spiral out of control, and the weapon the suitcase nuke is on the move.There is little time, and little chance for planning as Broker moves to thwart insidious plans He and his wife, and the other law enforcement and military personnel put their lives on the line It isn t about them Not any It is about saving the city, the state, the country from a nuclear attack Will they be able to uncover the devious plan and expose those behind it before the bomb is detonated Man Man Man After the Rain was intense The character development is phenomenal The villains were villainous, and the heroes heroic There was nothing about this book I didn t like Readers get treated to some serious background that is dark, and compelling Another fantastic installment in the Phil Broker series Phillip TomassoAuthor of Absolute Zeroand Damn the Dead

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    Nina Pryce and her husband, Phil Broker, couldn t have opposite views of the military Broker s loyalty to the men he served with in Vietnam is matched only by his certainty that they shouldn t have been there in the first place Nina, though, is a new breed, a decorated and ambitious vet of the first Gulf War As Nina proceeds along her chosen career path, Broker until his recent retirement, Minnesota s most effective, unorthodox, and controversial undercover cop finds himself struggling in the role of patient military spouse.Incommunicado for months as part of a top secret Delta anti terrorist operation, Nina, with daughter Kit in tow, suddenly emerges in Langdon, North Dakota, a town in the heart of the Cold War Minuteman II missile belt When Broker arrives to take Kit back home, he realizes that the legacy of those warheads still casts a sinister shadow across the desolate north border country, in the person of a damaged psychopath.Broker discovers he s been drawn into an elaborate con within a con, made an unwitting participant in a black bag anti terrorist detail But his anger toward Nina for involving him and putting their daughter at risk quickly fades as a larger, deadly reality becomes evident With time running out, husband and wife unite with local North Dakota law enforcement to form a last line of defense against a brilliantly simple act of espionage with potentially catastrophic consequences

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    Loved this book Scary plot that makes you think it could happen and what if it did Love Phil, for all his shortcomings, he s a helluva man Page turner in it s truest form Excellent.

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    This story fits into the thriller group than a cozy mystery The characters give the reader pause in terms of what they do and accomplish, and the setting is North Dakota copy right 2004

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    Simply awful From time to time as I walk around the library I ll pick up a book by an author I m unfamiliar and try him or her out Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn t I recently tried Chuck Logan s After the Rain This time not only didn t it work out but I wasted 2 hours out of my life I ll never have back I respect all authors Or try to I try to find something positive but in this case, it was impossible This book was just total garbage I am a big fan of this genre Some of my favorite authors are Vince Flynn, Brad Thor and David Baldacci Just my opinion, but not only does Mr Logan come nowhere close to them, he falls far short of being a good story teller If a book has a so so plot but is an enjoyable read I will finish reading it If it has so so writing but a good plot I will finish reading it After the Rain had neither I could only suffer through about 85 pages of this trash before throwing my hands up.The plot Nothing original, nothing new Granted, this book was written in 2004 when 9 11 was still fresh in everyone s mind But still, terrorists sneaking a nuke into America It s been done a million times but I figured and hoped there d be a new twist on an overplayed storyline There wasn t Writing style This is just my opinion Each and every author has their own style A Thor novel differs from a Baldacci novel differs from a Connelly novel and so forth But they each have their own style I felt Mr Logan has NO PARTICULAR STYLE In one paragraph he can use big words and try to impress us with the use of a thesaurus while describing a landscape Then, the very next paragraph is short Choppy One Word Maybe two At times it seems like he just uses adjectives for the heck of it in one paragraph before returning to choppy writing in the next Or just words on top of words that make no sense other than to fill up a novel an exact excerpt from page 64 D girls Nothing but hardcore Behind the bravado they were all picturing Paula Zahn on CNN going zombie cottonmouthed, trying to get her words out while in the background a nuclear plume mushroomed over downtown Chicago or Kansas City or F k it.Nothing else mattered Mission first Huh What does that mean I also got the impression the author was trying to be well, cutesy I m paraphrasing here but this will give you an idea She walked into the bedroom above the bar and Good Lord it was clean The terrorist, part of a sleeper cell in America, was becoming Americanized He took his daughters to Jesus Christ soccer In addition to writing style, which, yes, is just opinion, I need to feel something anything for the characters To me, it s imperative I feel connected to the protagonist s on some level and in some way If not, let me at least hate the antagonist This had neither I found the protagonist, Nina Pryce, totally reprehensible and repulsive I m no prude but this woman was an embarrassment to women and to America Where should I begin She goes to interrogate a terrorist, Rashid How does she get information from him By lowering her skirt and exposing her panties When that didn t work, she leaned in and bent down so he could look down her shirt When THAT didn t work, she took him into the ladies room, tied him up on a toilet seat, rifled through the garbage, removed a used tampon and then dropped it on his lap She also stated to a friend that pardon my language she has no problem sucking the d k of a terrorist to get information Later on, she is preparing herself to sleep with a bad guy for the sole purpose of getting information As she mulls this over and readies herself to have sex with the bad guy, she is concerned about getting an STD Well, God Bless America She also, for some unknown reason, decides to bring her 7 year old daughter into the fray in a staged altercation with her supposed lesbian lover Of course, she is NOT a lesbian She just pretended to be one in an effort to arouse the bad guy in preparation of turning him on to get information, also hinting about a 3 some From time to time I ll read an author who doesn t quite pull me in but I often will try a second novel, perhaps a third I ve done this with Catherine Coulter and J A Jance With Chuck Logan, there wont be a second chance I truly wish I could rate this lower than one star.

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    Synopsis Broker is angry with his wife at being drawn into a con within a con an unwitting participant in an anti terrorist effort.

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    The character Phil Broker gets sucked into an investigation that his wife is running on some terrorists up north when his wife uses their 7 year old daughter as part of her cover Number 5 in the series, I somehow skipped this one and went to the last one I am glad I caught this and did a bit of backtracking Logan has written a great series filled with some really interesting characters and this one is no exception This wife, part time at that, of Brokers is a real strange one Sometimes you have to wonder if she had taken to many hits to the head And after reading this one I would say it is confirmed If you are interested in the series and where it all started the first one is called The Price Of Blood If you are already into the series it does help to read these in the correct order, and After The Rain is as good as the rest of them.

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    This book is the best of the Phil Broker series By now if you have read the books in order I made the mistake of not doing that you know these are complex and interesting characters This plot is original and believable all while being unbelievable at the same time Great descriptions of the Upper Midwest Southern Canadian landscapes This was actually the first book in the series I read, someone had a reviewers copy and it looked interesting so I read it I am about to reread it after reading the rest of the books out of order.

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    5 in the Phillip Broker series Finalist 2005 Shamus Award for Best Novel Broker continues this action packed series after his wife dropped his daughter off in ND at the end of Vapor Trail 2003 Phillip Broker arrives in ND to pick up his daughter, Kit He finds that his wife and her Delta team members are there to intercept a nuclear shipment by terrorists and wanted to use Phil and Kim as cover The bad guys don t buy the cover and figure Nina as a cop from the outset A cat and mouse game ends up in a bloody finale.

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