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Paleoista files Paleoista , read online Paleoista , free Paleoista , free Paleoista , Paleoista b7b4492de Building On The Huge Success Of Books Like The Paleo Diet, Nell Stephenson S Paleoista Offers A Fun, Female Friendly Way For Women To Enjoy The Health Benefits Of What Has Been Called The Caveman Diet, Including Than Fifty Simple, Delicious Paleo Recipes

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    Despite being recently published, this book perpetuates some dietary myths that have been repeatedly disproved fat is bad she is still advocating lean meats and lower fat overall , ketosis is dangerous wrong that is ketoacidosis which is not the same thing, despite the similarity of the words , low carb eating is dangerous and unpleasant, the ideal paleo diet is 40% protein 30% fat 30% carbs nope that diet has already been written It s called the Zone and there is nothing ideal about it , etc., etc.In addition to the factual errors, the author has a terrible case of one wrong move syndrome Even in the first 49 pages, which is the point at which I began writing this review, she has repeatedly stated that even one bite of grain, sugar, dairy products, or processed food will damage your body and send you into a tailspin This might be possible for some individuals but is still a dangerous proposition This kind of thinking can lead to orthorexia or anorexia nervosa even in mentally healthy eaters, and could be downright deadly to anyone with a history of or tendency toward eating disorders I have never seen established paleo diet authors and researchers, such as Mark Sisson or Robb Wolf, advocating this type of black and white thinking with regard to food.It is likely that I will finish the book Its chatty style is easy to read and I am interested in the case studies It is not likely that I will revise my rating.

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    I m fairly embarrassed to put this book on my e shelf I m only rating it here to clarify how much I absolutely did not enjoy it, despite going into the book with an expectation of loving it Stephenson s writing style works better on a blog, as her advice tends to repeat throughout 3 4 of her book The introductory chapters work well for an overview of the Paleo diet, but her insistence on losing weight and constantly reworded and vague promises of feeling fabulous left me with the impression of being sold a quick fix diet Overall, her best information is cited from Corbain s The Paleo Diet , so stick to his book if you want to learn about this diet Otherwise, Paleoista doesn t cover anything that you can t find in an afternoon on a few Paleo blogs.

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    I enjoy reading books on whole food eating, but this one just didn t work for me From the too tall unrealistic female image on the cover to the somewhat condescending, overbearing writing style and advice, this book kind of annoyed me And there s a lot of information about marathons and running included, so perhaps someone interested in these things would get out of this book Like some other reviewers mentioned, they don t like diets that cut out all of one food group, nor do I This book comes down hard on dairy, and I m not 100% sure about some of the nutritional advice in this book, especially about the food groups she encourages her readers to eschew.

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    I don t have weight or digestive problems, so I read books like this one purely out of curiosity I found this to be a very quick and easy read It was interesting to learn the philosophy behind this eating style There seemed to be a lot of sound nutritional information, and it is much less extreme than some of the eating styles that have gained in popularity recently i.e Atkins or vegan diets That said, I personally don t care for any nutritional philosophy which advocates that the average person eradicate all of an entire food category from their diet the obvious exceptions would be individuals with a medical condition allergy I simply cannot subscribe to the theory that grains and dairy should be eradicated from my diet entirely There were some appetizing recipes towards the end of the book that I may try out, but I won t be going Paleo myself.

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    If I d realized this was the co author of the Paleo Diet Cookbook, I wouldn t have read it Those recipes were so blechhy they almost scared me off the diet that cured my IBS and acne The ones here are also sound pretty unappetizing Also, why does anything that targets women do so by throwing in references to shopping and Martha Stewart Yeah, b es be shoppin and craftin Two stars for the discussion of paleo diet and endurance training.

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    Good, but not the best paleo book out there In fact, I can think of at least 5 paleo primal books I d recommend ahead of this one Also not especially applicable to me as I do include some dairy in my diet and am not an elite athlete, or even a wannabe elite athlete I ll be happy to run a 5k, do the splits again and play on the women s rec hockey team.

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    I think this failed in its attempt to be a girlfriend s guide, by not making Paleo eating look attractive, and including very little science or basic reasoning behind the food choices.

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    Good book for someone who is just starting out on Paleo, or is just curious about Paleo like myself Contained some good, basic information but unless you are just starting out, I don t know that you would glean much from this book The author is obviously quite fond of The Paleo Diet Cookbook by Dr Loren Cordain and references this book many times I have not read that book so I can t comment there She also seems to be a big fan of French cuisine, which is not something I personally prefer I know that eating hormone free, antibiotic free, free range, organic, grass fed, etc meat is ideal however, I personally cannot afford it on a regular basis Where I live 3 medium size chicken breasts are going to cost around 20 I would spend 40 just on meat for one meal to feed my family Not many people can afford that Overall though, it was a good book and I am looking forward to trying out a few recipes.

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    Meh Honestly, if you removed any material from this book that was repeated than once it would be a much shorter read A good book for anyone who knows nothing about Paleo and enjoys the sassy Skinny Bitch style of writing It s not as much fun as SB, but there is a lot less guilt and the author is very up front about the challenges and benefits of going paleo The Skinny Bitch book makes no mention of the fact that it is a vegan diet book until you are a few chapters in Even the back cover summary says nothing I appreciated that Paleoista was honest about their audience and the fact that this is a lifestyle change based on your health needs.

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    I m not entirely sure why other people disliked this Perhaps most likely is the fact that they re too lazy to commit and are searching for counter claims for self justification This makes tons of biological and nutritional sense and the tips geared towards women makes it easier to implement Do we all need to be as anal retentive starting out, is it ok to have some cheese or vinegar or peanuts now and then Probably But is it ok to make a habit out of these foods, probably not I truly appreciated the practical approach and many of the vignettes were quite touching.

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