[EPUB] ✻ Love Is Murder (Bullet Catcher, #8.75; Mercy Street, #3.5; Lucy Kincaid, #4.5; Cold Ridge/U. S. Marshals, #6.5; Forensic Instincts, #1.5, Mike Dietz, #1.75; Jackie Mercer, #1.5; Black Ops Inc., #3.5) By Sandra Brown – Horse-zine.co.uk

Love Is Murder (Bullet Catcher, #8.75; Mercy Street, #3.5; Lucy Kincaid, #4.5; Cold Ridge/U. S. Marshals, #6.5; Forensic Instincts, #1.5, Mike Dietz, #1.75; Jackie Mercer, #1.5; Black Ops Inc., #3.5) files Love Is Murder (Bullet Catcher, #8.75; Mercy Street, #3.5; Lucy Kincaid, #4.5; Cold Ridge/U. S. Marshals, #6.5; Forensic Instincts, #1.5, Mike Dietz, #1.75; Jackie Mercer, #1.5; Black Ops Inc., #3.5) , read online Love Is Murder (Bullet Catcher, #8.75; Mercy Street, #3.5; Lucy Kincaid, #4.5; Cold Ridge/U. S. Marshals, #6.5; Forensic Instincts, #1.5, Mike Dietz, #1.75; Jackie Mercer, #1.5; Black Ops Inc., #3.5) , free Love Is Murder (Bullet Catcher, #8.75; Mercy Street, #3.5; Lucy Kincaid, #4.5; Cold Ridge/U. S. Marshals, #6.5; Forensic Instincts, #1.5, Mike Dietz, #1.75; Jackie Mercer, #1.5; Black Ops Inc., #3.5) , free Love Is Murder (Bullet Catcher, #8.75; Mercy Street, #3.5; Lucy Kincaid, #4.5; Cold Ridge/U. S. Marshals, #6.5; Forensic Instincts, #1.5, Mike Dietz, #1.75; Jackie Mercer, #1.5; Black Ops Inc., #3.5) , Love Is Murder (Bullet Catcher, #8.75; Mercy Street, #3.5; Lucy Kincaid, #4.5; Cold Ridge/U. S. Marshals, #6.5; Forensic Instincts, #1.5, Mike Dietz, #1.75; Jackie Mercer, #1.5; Black Ops Inc., #3.5) cc8506a1a Prepare For Heart Racing Suspense In This Original Collection By Thirty Of The Hottest Bestselling Authors And New Voices Writing Romance Suspense Today Go On Vacation With Allison Brennan S Lucy Kincaid, Where She Saves A Man From Drowning, Only To Discover He Is In Far Greater Danger On Land Meet Roxanne St Claire S Bullet Catcher Bodyguard Donovan Rush Who May Have Met His Match In The Sexually Charged Diamond Drop Debut Author William Simon Shows Us What Happens When The Granddaughter Of The President Of The United States Is Kidnapped And Lee Child S Pitch Perfect I Heard A Romantic Story Puts A Whole New Spin On Love Is MurderBodyguards, Vigilantes, Stalkers, Serial Killers, Women And Men In Jeopardy, Cops, Thieves, PIs, Killers These All New Stories Will Keep You Thrilled And Chilled Late Into The NightLove Is Murder Is The Third Thriller Anthology Written Exclusively By Members Of International Thriller Writers, Inc Barely Seven Years Old, ITW Has A Roster That Reads Like A Who S Who Of Thriller Writing, With , Members Representing Countries Worldwide And Over Three Billion Books In Print Headed By Current Copresidents Douglas Preston And Kathleen Antrim, Its Board Of Directors Has Included Such Notables As Lee Child, Tess Gerritsen, Steve Berry, James Rollins, M J Rose, Carla Neggers, Gayle Lynds, David Morrell And David Hewson More Information Is Available On The ITW Website, ThrillerwritersNDRA BROWNSandra Brown Is The Author Of Sixty New York Times Bestselling Novels Writing Professionally Since , She Has Published Than Seventy Novels And Has Upward Of Eighty Million Copies Of Her Books In Print WorldwideShe Holds An Honorary Doctorate Of Humane Letters From Texas Christian University, And In She Was Named Thriller Master, The Top Award Given By The International Thriller Writers AssocDIAMOND DROP By Roxanne St ClaireCOLD MOONLIGHT By Carla NeggersPOISONED By Beverly BartonSPEECHLESS By Robert BrowneLOCKDOWN By Andrea KaneSPIDER S TANGO By William SimonNIGHT HEAT By Laura GriffinBAD MISSION By Sherrilyn KenyonDEADLY FIXATION By Dianna LoveHOT NOTE By Patricia RosemoorLAST SHOT By Jon Land Jeff AyersGRAVE DANGER By Heather GrahamWITHOUT MERCY By Mariah StewartEVEN STEVEN By DP LyleDYING TO SCORE By Cindy GerardTHE NUMBER OF MAN By JT EllisonHARD DRIVE By Bill FloydAFTER HOURS By William BernhardtBLOOD IN, BLOOD OUT By Brenda NovakWED TO DEATH By Vicki HinzeTHE HONEYMOON By Julie KennerEXECUTION DOCK By James MacomberIN ATLANTIS By Alexandra SokoloffBREAK EVEN By Pamela CallowDIRTY DOWN LOW By Debra WebbBROKEN HALLELUJAH By Toni McGee CauseyHOLDING MERCY By Lori ArmstrongVACATION INTERRUPTED By Allison BrennanI HEARD A ROMANTIC STORY By Lee Child

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    2.5 StarsThere is something about a good romantic suspense The thrills and danger puts you in a certain frame of mind, so that when the romance hits, when it is done well, it s breathtaking I had to give these short stories a go after I saw the cover. But the cover was a bit deceiving, I would read ANYTHING Sandra Brown writes, but she only edited it and did a brief sentence or two to introduce you to all the stories I guess they did the cover for suckers like me who see Sandra Brown and go OK IM READING IT Having said that though, some of the stories were really good, however others were not so good.I m not going to go through all the stories as there were WAY too many of them to review one at a time So I will mention the stand outs I really enjoyed Hot Note even though it was a paranormal story Last Shot was another stand out about a very special scanning machine Again paranormal, but it was a great story I also enjoyed Without Mercy, far from a romance I thought, but a great story I guess the better ones for me were actually the ones with a better story and less romance I felt a bit let down by the quality of the stories to be honest.I can see how it is difficult to develop romantic suspense in a short story After all it takes tension to get a good romantic build up Therefore the majority of the stories involved two people who already know each other, and have been apart for a while, only to come back together This is fine and lovely, but it got old after a while The only story I feel that got a good new romance blossoming with an original story was the first one, Diamond Drop I felt this was extremely clever compared to the others Otherwise the story was about a couple who were already an item and something else happens to bring them closer together These stories got old fast too I just didn t love it enough to rate it higher The good stories did not outweigh the average ones in my opinion, and for a compilation of romantic suspense stories, I felt a lot of suspense, but was totally let down in the romance department And that last story WTF was that Lee Child That was the first Lee Child writing I have ever read and its not making me want to pick up any Jack Reacher books any time soon The narration however, was superb How fantastic were Christopher Lane and Shannon McManus They totally salvaged this book for me I am so glad I had listened to the narration rather than read it, because I don t know if I would have made it through otherwise Would I recommend it As I said, a few of the stories were good, however mostly It was a bit of a let down If you are interested, the audio version was really well done and made it much enjoyable.For reviews visit my blogwww.booksbabiesbeing.comFind me on Twitterwww.twitter.com BBB_Mel

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    I will read other stories over time This review is for Diamond Drop by Roxanne St Claire.Bullet Catcher Donovan Rush is picking up and delivering a diamond purchase to a new client in Paris Along the way, he encounters some very interesting challenges This is a cleverly written story, reminiscent of the early style of the series While it s short, it manages to pack intrigue, romance, witty banter and a startling twist in a few pages It s so well done It s also the last story in the series but not quite the fitting end I had in mind.

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    I picked up this anthology to read one story and found others that I wanted to read in the future I ll add to the review as I finish the stories Diamond Drop by Roxanne St Claire Bullet Catcher Donovan Rush has been assigned the job of picking up diamonds in Belgium and delivering them to their client in Paris When he picks up the diamonds, he is told that there has been a credible threat that someone will try to intercept them Everything is going as expected until he notices the beautiful woman he helped when he arrived in Belgium Is she the person who wants the diamonds This story is way too short but fun It felt like an exciting chapter out of the full sized novel My rating 4 Stars Dying to Score by Cindy Gerard It was supposed to be a quick in an out That is why Johnny Duane Reed didn t object when his wife insisted on going on the mission to Guatemala But when he is injured during a firefight, Crystal is the person that keeps him from bleeding to death while keeping the bad guys at bay.This was an entertaining short story in Cindy Gerard s Black Ops, Inc series Crystal has worked her way onto the team She finally gets to go on a mission with her husband My rating 3.5 Stars.

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    I enjoyed all these short stories Some better than others.

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    An anthology of 29 short stories revolving around love and murder in a mix of romantic suspense and thrillers with a few paranormal tales.I primarily picked Love is Murder up because several authors whose work I follow are in it It s an uneven mix of good authors and bad ones It starts with the really bad stories and gets unevenly better.Series Diamond Drop Bullet Catcher, 8.75 B.A.D Mission B.A.D Agency, 4.5 Deadly Fixation Belador, 5.5 Hot Note Detective Shelley Caldwell, 2.5 Without Mercy Mercy Street, 3.5 Dying to Score Black Ops, Inc., 7.5 Dirty Low Down Jackie Mercer, 1.5 Holding Mercy Mercy Gunderson Mystery, 2.25 Vacation Interrupted Lucy Kincaid Sean Rogan , 4.5 The StoriesRoxanne St Claire s Diamond Drop is a potentially cute story of a diamond courier escaping thieves The end has a wee twist Predictable and jerky in the writing The last scene was, pardon the pun, thrust in at the last minute The story reads like she suddenly remembered she needed to get it in for its deadline.Carla Neggers Cold Moonlight is a sweet romance, although I have no idea where cold moonlight comes in as it s daytime when the action occurs This story was one of the worst I liked the characters, and I think it has potential, but I m guessing that Charlie got lost Is that why Grit got pulled in and is so readily available What is Elijah s purpose here They re not Secret Service Yes, I know that Neggers tells us that Grit has an easier time finding Charlie, but why is he trusted to do this What has Charlie done The romance that flares up between Grit and Marissa Oh, gag Neggers, please spend some time developing romances in the future Don t give us this melodramatic claptrap that sounds like a wooden soap opera Beverly Barton s Poisoned is another lame story I m sorry, but I ve had food poisoning before and it s never affected me like this This was just stupid Barton compounds it with that insta HEA.bMy really big question is if Olivia is so weak, throwing up, terrible stomach cramps, and Jed has caught up to her, close enough to touch her How is it that she s able to run away from him and hide Dumb, dumb, dumb It s at this point that I seriously considered giving this up Then I went and looked at the list of authors still to come.Robert Browne s Speechless will appeal to adults whose mothers always know best It s clever, although I was also annoyed that I never spoke to David but cut him completely out Browne does provide a nasty twist at the end.Andrea Kane s Lockdown is an improvement on the earlier stories in this hostage situation during a wedding Thank god It s mostly tell, but Kane at least provides a smooth, flowing story with enough background that it feels complete.William Simon s Spider s Tango is a cute blend of two stories An ex husband encounters his ex wife during an FBI operation in which they re desperately trying to find the kidnapped president s daughter before the really bad guys get her.Laura Griffin s Night Heat is heated on at least two levels One being the hot, humid night and the other being the nighttime rescue operation, for the ambassador s party has been crashed by terrorists And Mike Dietz is enthralled by the bravery of one of the party guests.Sherrilyn Kenyon s B.A.D Mission finds Sam Garrett coming out of retirement to arrest an old girlfriend It s okay Nothing special It doesn t feel like a B.A.D story, though.Dianna Love s Deadly Fixation is a paranormal fantasy about a minor character, Devon Fortier, in a race with a bounty hunter to capture a troll with a major spell that could start a war Interesting conflict even though it drove me nuts with the conflict between Devon and Joleen.I shouldn t think Joleen wants to get on VIPER s bad side Patricia Rosemoor s Hot Note is cute enough A quick peek at a case Shelley must solve that involves suicides by drowning in this paranormal tale.Jon Land Jeff Ayer s Last Shot is one for our economic times as a family is being forced into foreclosure It ll get your heart racing and the end will have you looking for your own copy machine Very clever, with me on the edge of my seat, hoping and praying for Molly.Heather Graham s Grave Danger is too true and the title is a double pun Graham does a great job of creating a whole story that flows well, even if the love story is a bit quick She does at least provide some good reason for it There s plenty of action in here with movie props, zombies, and an on the loose serial killer And a helping hand from the great beyond Mariah Stewart s Without Mercy finds Mallory Russo investigating a cold case when new information comes to light parents, this provides an excellent reason to know who your child s friends are Gruesome and heartstopping as the truth comes out.D.P Lyle s Even Steven starts with a clear up as Martha and Tim are planning their move It s heartbreaking to read as they look over all that they must leave behind Their son s murderer is being released from jail, and they can t bear to live in the town that will let him out so soon Lyle keeps you wondering throughout the story until the very end And justice is served.Cindy Gerard s Dying to Score is a quickie mission that goes sour for the BOIs when Reed gets hit and is bleeding out It s only Tink s determination that has, so far, kept the bad guys back It s a pip, and I always enjoy a visit with Gerard s BOIs.J.T Ellison s The Number of Man is a frustrating blend of annoying, confusing, and scary I wish he d done a better job of telling us that Michael is the stalker and his thoughts about dating Caitlyn are his fantasies Not reality It would have been better if he d played up Michael s mental issues rather than this confusing blend of Michael telling us he s dating Caitlyn and then distancing Michael from the stalker calls Caitlyn is getting.Bill Floyd s Hard Drive is a conflict of interest for Howie when his ex girlfriend is arrested for murder and he stays mum It s an old trope that Floyd does well, even though I didn t like Howie for his philandering.William Bernhardt s After Hours is a sexual mix up with she hes and he shes who haven t a clue The two primary detectives in this alternate between warm and bigoted with casual exchanges between them It s a clever solution to the truth in this case Nicely done.Brenda Novak s Blood In, Blood Out was a pip Two guys who met in prison and befriended each other ended up in WITSEC together And they ve been on the run, dodging The Crew ever since There s a side story going on with Rex s relationship with Virgil s sister, Laurel It s a love hate thing, and Rex is giving up Very nicely done.Vicki Hinze s Wed to Death will have you worried and then crying as the wedding keeps getting postponed It did tick me off that Matthew would be sacrificed if the op goes wrong when he was against it from the very start All I can say is, emotionally, I m so glad this was a short story I m not sure my heart would have survived if I d had to read pages and pages Julie Kenner s The Honeymoon will blow your mind with the betrayal and stupidity It s a sad tale, and yet, most of the ending you ll feel quite righteous about.James Macomber s Execution Dock is a wide ranging adventure with child custody issues setting off this male chauvinist pig who refuses to listen to the truth And he ll stoop to kidnapping and murder to salve his pride Very good Macomber is going on my TBR.Alexandra Sokoloff s In Atlantis starts as a typical chick lit that hits on Melissa s curatorial interests as she shadows a potential art thief It s the ending that provides a surprising twist and had me re reading it several times because I couldn t believe it.Pamela Callow s Break Even finds Eddie Bent, a lawyer whose caseload took a dive, anxious to take on this new case that could bring him back to the top He s also too soft for his own good as he too quickly learns A lot of story for this short story Nicely done It sure took me in Callow does leave us hanging at the end Well, I think I want to be hanging I don t think I like the direction Callow appears to be pointing us.Debra Webb s Dirty Low Down finds a cocky private eye agreeing to be bait for a serial killer and all the ways it goes wrong You ll laugh, you ll panic, you ll breathe a sigh of relief.Toni McGee Causey s Broken Hallelujah is about vengeance and vigilantes in New Orleans as two opposing forces take down the bad guy Causey does get a lot in this story, and I have to agree with Brown, I want , even if I am confused about that ending.Lori Armstrong s Holding Mercy is cute as Mercy Gunderson, FBI agent, tries to meet her boyfriend for a romantic date only to have her law enforcement training kick in Poor baby She does get, ahem, satisfied at the end.Allison Brennan s Vacation Interrupted means law enforcement is never truly on vacation It s a good story with a scary stalker who has the law on her side Fortunately, Lucy and Sean are interested in the truth.Lee Child s I Heard a Romantic Story is so incredibly sad It s all in a day s work for our protagonist as he waits for his moment and has to sit through hours of the chief s stream of consciousness prattling, trying to reassure himself about the undercover job his girlfriend is doing I gotta wonder if the girlfriend knew what the plans were for that day.The Cover and TitleThe cover has a white background with the author editor s name at the top and a few of the contributors names at the bottom In between is the title writ large and the letters functioning as a window to a red background with a woman in a very low backed little black dress stepping forward, a gun in one raised hand.The title is the theme, for Love is Murder is all its possible forms.

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    Diamond Drop Roxanne St Claire 3 starsKinda fun to read Typical St Claire twists but damn could that have ended any abruptly and still not really have had a conclusion jeez Night Heat Laura Griffin 3 starsInteresting story Fun little twist but again ended way before I was ready I definitely wanted of Jane and Mike B.A.D Mission Sherrilyn Kenyon 3.5 starsThis one was better and had the potential to be great I would love to see this fleshed out into a least a longer novella But all in all a well written and CONCLUDED short story Dying to Score Cindy Gerard 4.5 starsOh man, what can I say It was great to see Tink and Johnny back in action and bickering with all that sexy an intense passion Can t wait for the spin off series so I can read about these great folks I only read these four stories from my favorite authors so my review of the anthology isn t exactly complete but that s my two cents and you re of course welcome to read all of them if want a full experience But honestly my TBR pile is sooo tall who has the time

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    These were some ok stories Most of them were too short to really be good and some of them didn t even make sense I didn t read them all, only my favorite authors Some good ones were Cindy Gerard Johnny Duane and Tink , Laura Griffin, Allyson Brennan Lucy and Sean and Lori Armstrong A Mercy Gunderson story I love Lee Child but his story made no sense to me Sandra Brown only does the forward and doesn t have a story.

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    Lots of short stories, about 1 2 hour each to read, all different genres, but all have a suspense element Romance yes, sex no, after all, these are short stories.

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    So, it averages out to 2.7 Stars, so I rounded up to 3 This was an okay read They only use two different voice actors to read this book, which I found to be annoying and I did not really enjoy the female voice at all Here is a breakdown of each individual story DIAMOND DROP by Roxanne St Claire 4 stars COLD MOONLIGHT by Carla Neggers 5 starsPOISONED by Beverly Barton DNF SPEECHLESS by Robert Browne 2 stars LOCKDOWN by Andrea Kane 4 stars SPIDER S TANGO by William Simon 5 starsNIGHT HEAT by Laura Griffin 5 starsB.A.D MISSION by Sherrilyn Kenyon 5 starsDEADLY FIXATION by Dianna Love DNF HOT NOTE by Patricia Rosemoor 3 stars LAST SHOT by Jon Land Jeff Ayers DNFGRAVE DANGER by Heather Graham DNFWITHOUT MERCY by Mariah Stewart 5 stars EVEN STEVEN by D.P Lyle 5 stars, but I am unhappy with how it ended So many questions DYING TO SCORE by Cindy Gerard 4 stars Might try and read the other books in the series.THE NUMBER OF MAN by J.T Ellison 3 starsHARD DRIVE by Bill Floyd 3 stars AFTER HOURS by William Bernhardt 4 stars Somewhere between a 3 and a 4 star It was interesting BLOOD IN, BLOOD OUT by Brenda Novak 3 starsWED TO DEATH by Vicki Hinze 2 stars THE HONEYMOON by Julie Kenner 1 star I finished it, but it was not worth it EXECUTION DOCK by James Macomber 5 stars, if this is a series I would like to try it out IN ATLANTIS by Alexandra Sokoloff 3 stars The art angle was pretty interesting I still have no idea what happened and I hate that in a book.BREAK EVEN by Pamela Callow 2 stars What was that ending DIRTY DOWN LOW by Debra Webb 4 stars BROKEN HALLELUJAH by Toni McGee Causey 2 Stars I might like this couple in a full length novel, but in this short story it just doesn t work And I hate the romance drama ugh HOLDING MERCY by Lori Armstrong 1 Star VACATION INTERRUPTED by Allison Brennan DNF I HEARD A ROMANTIC STORY by Lee Child 1 Star I love Lee Child, but I did not love this story.

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    I read several of the short stories in this romantic suspense collection edited by Sandra Brown.Ones from series goodreads groups may be reading Diamond Drop, Roxanne St Claire Cold Moonlight, Carla Neggers Night Heat, Laura Griffin Dying to Score, Cindy Gerard Dirty Down Low, Debra Webb Vacation Interrupted, Allison Brennan

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