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  • Hardcover
  • 320 pages
  • Pharmageddon
  • David Healy
  • English
  • 03 December 2019
  • 9780520270985

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    David Healy has written a powerful inditement of the current relationship between the pharmaceutical industry, regulatory bodies and medical practice The book gives a historical overview of the relationships between pharmacological innovation, medicine and the impact on disease and wellbeing Where pharmaceuticals such as antibiotics and insulin initially made great headway in curing disease and markedly improve wellbeing, there has been a change since about the 1960s The introduction of patents, prescription only practices and regulatory requirements for randomized controlled studies, although well intentioned have provided conditions where remarkable profits can be made by the pharmaceutical industry with blockbuster drugs Healy describes how the industry has placed itself in a powerful position where it controls the production of scientific evidence, while concealing its raw data and ghostwriting studies under the name of prestigious medical professionals Trends such as treating statistical and checklist abnormalities, marketing illness and powerful manipulations and obscurement of data have allowed pharmaceutical companies to highlight very modest influences of their products while concealing adverse events Blockbuster drugs are often no effective than there predecessors and many result in arguable benefits Healy shines light on shocking practices of frank malfeasance which have been uncovered by lawsuits in the United States while also demonstrating how little scrutiny the industry has actually received Healy argues that the current partnership has proven itself to be remarkably ineffective at advancing real knowledge about and treatment of illness, and at protecting the health and safety of consumers while being incredibly effective at creating profits for industry It s hard to read this book It can be discouraging That being said Healy makes courageous and powerful arguments and his writing is clear with impactfull use of metaphor This book is an important wake up call for our times.

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    A scathing indictment of the pharmaceutical industry Diseases are created to sell drugs which have little positive effect on the condition and often have many harmful side effects Doctors are forced to follow treatment guidelines which mandate the use of the newest blockbuster drugs even though pharmaceutical companies refuse to release the raw data from their studies and routinely manipulate what they do release to claim better results than the drug is actually producing and hiding serious side effects.I would have rated this book higher, but while it was well researched it was not written very smoothly and reading it was often quite a slog.

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    This EXCELLENT book could be an object study in the law of unintended consequences, on a meta level More closely, Dr Healy ties together a number of threads relating to medicine, big pharma, statistics, and medical journals To the threads, Dr Healy adds mountains of evidence WHile very well researched, this book is so wonderfully written that you don t even realize you are reading an academic calibre work Essentially, everything you thought you knew was rotten in Western style medicine is but the tip of the iceberg.

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    Information in this book is presented in the same biased and half truth fashion that Healy accuses of the pharmaceutical industry He does shed a light on the abuses, but underestimates the use of medications for chronic disease He believes chronic disease was essentially invented by pharma, failing to realize that we ARE sicker than we ever were, with 2 3rds of us overweight and or obese Obesity spurs a whole host of maladies from endocrine disorders to immune disorders to mental health issues fact No, treating the numbers BP, cholesterol, blood sugar doesn t cure obesity or disease, but uncontrolled diabetes will kill you Pharma didn t invent diabetes, they are just guilty of hiking insulin prices that have been on the market unopposed for decades We are still learning the true role of cholesterol in heart disease, but unlike Healy s misinformed declaration that we are treating mild elevations in cholesterol with statins, which he also fails to define, is just crap Good doctors who do follow guidelines which Healy scoffs at don t prescribe a statin for cholesterol levels at 201, or lisinopril for bp at 138 85 I can get behind supporting the doctor patient relationship that is interrupted by insurance companies who again are downplayed as major factors in this book But this psychiatrist is really far removed from the system he criticizes It s broken, we all can agree on that, but his perception of what is broken is a reflection of his failure to really understand all of the moving parts.

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    This book is very thought provoking, despite the author s biases in favor of doctors and deregulation He also seems to be less familiar with European medicine than he would have the reader believe, painting it all with one brush despite the fact that healthcare systems and drug usage in Europe vary quite a bit An update would surely address the opioid crisis and present a different take on antibiotic usage, which is treated here as though it has no downside I would have liked to see a little less about Demeter s daughters and statistics on intake of pharmaceuticals around the world.

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    Horrifying Create a disease to sell drugs to treat it, then sell drugs to treat it s horrible side effects It would never occur to me that companies could get away with the stuff they get away with Especially when it comes to our health I stay way from doctors as much as possible I get tired of being told I need to take Vitamin D, statins, high blood pressure pills, etc I sometimes ask if my good doctors have stocks in pharmaceuticals as they are constantly pushing drugs on us Yet, we are never given drugs we need for what ails us Sad society We ve been sold out.

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    Pharmageddon is a up close look at the pharmaceutical industry and hows its shaping of our medical institutions has changed the way doctors treat us, the way we treat ourselves, and how medicine is perceived in this country.Really informative read although the format and structure made it a bit tough to get through at times.

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    This is a good book to read if you are an American, and you have any prescription drugs to pick up at Walgreens today If the Prozac doesn t make you kill yourself, this book will Do you suspect our government is owned outright by corporations Defense weapons, Financial banking, Big Pharmaceutical It is That we will never get universal health care in this country That your doctor is a paid salesman for Pharmaceuticals That all clinical trials are run by the drug manufacturer themselves, who conveniently leave out any data that doesn t help sell blockbuster over 1 billion dollars annual sales drugs That is correct That first the blockbuster drug is invented, then a disease or lifestyle has to be invented so the drugs will sell That s right There is enough evidence here, the history of changing manic depression to bipolar disorder, the selling of Zoloft, Paxil, and Prozac Quotes from trials where the drug companies were sued after dozens of people committed suicide on their drug where they say no they didn t How Erectile Dysfunction had to be invented in order to sell billions of dollars worth of Viagra worldwide Etc Etc.Have some rope handy to braid a noose while reading After you are finished, cancel all of your upcoming doctor appointments and flush the prescriptions, because it turns out Death really is preferable to the utter shame of the American Healthcare system and the complete impossibility of you doing anything about it, unless you can get each of your doctors to submit a book report for Pharmageddon to you at your next appointment

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    To read my review in Spanish click here reckless drug dealers are everywhere They have penetrated the most sacred places including the doctor s office corrupting the majority of those we rely upon to keep ourselves out of trouble There are big news those same doctors are trying to turn us into profitable adicts that will be hooked to the pharmaceutical s products for life God forbid if we get addicted to one of those so much legal painkillers antidepresants ansiolytics benzodiasepines etc Legal drugs kill people but that is not the goal The goal is to create productive adicts that will work their asses all their lives to pay for all that medications God forbid us to be part of the herds.

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    An excellent account of the perfidy of the pharmaceutical industry, by a true insider The author, David Healy, is an MD and perhaps surprisingly is harder on MDs than other authors who see them as mere puppets of the pharmaceutical industry He even postulates the end of laws regarding prescribing drugs, because doctors are not performing their responsibility to protect consumers from the dangers of pharmaceutical drugs, rather they are encouraging them to keep taking drugs despite the side effects.My only quibble with this book is that David Healy steps outside his main area of knowledge to praise the first AIDS drug AZT, which is actually a deadly nucleoside analog that directly interferes with DNA synthesis.

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Pharmageddon characters Pharmageddon , audiobook Pharmageddon , files book Pharmageddon , today Pharmageddon , Pharmageddon 4394b This Searing Indictment, David Healy S Most Comprehensive And Forceful Argument Against The Pharmaceuticalization Of Medicine, Tackles Problems In Health Care That Are Leading To A Growing Number Of Deaths And Disabilities Healy, Who Was The First To Draw Attention To The Now Well Publicized Suicide Inducing Side Effects Of Many Anti Depressants, Attributes Our Current State Of Affairs To Three Key Factors Product Rather Than Process Patents On Drugs, The Classification Of Certain Drugs As Prescription Only, And Industry Controlled Drug Trials These Developments Have Tied The Survival Of Pharmaceutical Companies To The Development Of Blockbuster Drugs, So That They Must Overhype Benefits And Deny Real Hazards Healy Further Explains Why These Trends Have Basically Ended The Possibility Of Universal Health Care In The United States And Elsewhere Around The World He Concludes With Suggestions For Reform Of Our Currently Corrupted Evidence Based Medical System

About the Author: David Healy

David Healy is a former secretary of the British Association for Psychopharmacology and author of over 120 articles and 12 books, including The Antidepressant Era and The Creation of Psychopharmacology.