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Kissing Is Easy pdf Kissing Is Easy, ebook Kissing Is Easy, epub Kissing Is Easy, doc Kissing Is Easy, e-pub Kissing Is Easy, Kissing Is Easy bace32307ef It Should Be Just Another Day For Best Friends Parker And Toby, Not Much Different Than Any Other Day They Ve Spent Hanging Out Over The Past Fifteen Years But It Isn T Just Another Day Toby Thinks Parker Is Freaking Out Because His Girlfriend Broke Up With Him He Has No Idea That Parker Is Actually Losing His Shit Because He Just Figured Out He Has Feelings For Toby At Least, He Has No Idea Until Parker Kisses HimNow Toby S The One Flipping Out Terrified Of What His Family Might Do If They Find Out He S Gay, He S Stayed In The Closet For Years And Had No Intentions Of Coming Out Now Toby Has To Decide What To Do Keep Parker As A Friend And Live His Life In Fear Or Take The Plunge, Stand Up For Himself, And Take A Chance On Love

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    Nice short GFY about two best friends, one of whom suddenly realises his attraction and initiates a kiss that has nerve wracking consequences Although I enjoyed the story it felt like the situation was artifically drawn out by the MC s habit of stalking flouncing off mid conversation It just seemed a little too much like a tween drama and I wasn t convinced at the end that this couple had really sorted out their issues with being gay.

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    When Parker and his girlfriend break up, it is no surprise that Parker s best friend Toby is there for him to provide support But Parker doesn t want to think about his ex girlfriend what he really wants is to kiss Toby So he does.That single kiss sets in motion a chain of events where the young men play a tedious game of push and pull and finally end up acknowledging their mutual attraction They ve been best friends their entire lives, and it all seems so weird They both have fears and questions about how their families and friends will react, if they ll be accepted or ostracized And to make matters worse, Toby s ex boyfriend enters the picture and tries to insert himself into their relationship in a very unwelcome manner.This was a very sweet coming out romance As a fan of this author, I was again impressed by her writing I love her writer s voice in that it is very conversational, and I think the first person narrative lent itself really well to her style It was not a long story, one that was easily read non stop in one sitting I oddly found myself far sympathetic to the love interest Toby than to the central character Parker I found it a bit odd that Parker initiated the romance with a kiss and then instantly pushed Toby away Then when Toby showed up at Parker s home a few hours later and attempted to pursue the physical relationship, Parker was quick to reject him Three days later, Parker freaks out when he doesn t hear from Toby, and he blames himself, not for rejecting Parker but for kissing him in the first place.Honestly I wanted to have a few minutes alone with Parker so I could tell him he was being a shithead He really wasn t making any sense, in my opinion Toby had never rejected Parker s affection nor had he said anything to Parker that would have indicated that the initial kiss was unwelcome I just think that if someone grabbed me and planted a passionate kiss on my lips that it would be reasonable for me to assume they wanted something than friendship from me.Once Parker got his act together and started to get a grip on his internal homophobia, this other guy, Christian, enters the picture and tries to do everything he can to screw things up for the new couple Christian had been a friend and secret lover of Toby s, and he s a bit of a drama queen who likes to insert himself into situations where he doesn t belong I didn t much care for Christian, but then I think that was kind of the idea I wasn t supposed to.Overall, I found this a very sweet coming out, friends to lovers romance I was happy to witness the evolution of this relationship within the context of this short story and would most definitely be eager to read a follow up.

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    2.5 starsI have no idea why this story turned so angsty and complain y I don t know if angst is the right word here But what I do know is that the characters and their relationship had no joy in it The ending was strangely abrupt and did not resolve anything The first person narration was bothersome Usually I don t have a preference as to first person or third person POV, but here, the main character s inner monologue was so contradictory to his feelings and what was taking place that it just didnt make sense to me This is where the angst stemmed from And it wasn t even true angst It was just a surge of strange emotions These characters had no joy to them I couldn t even tell they were friends, let alone best friends.The sexual encounters seemed like Toby was taking advantage of Parker And Parker seemed really unready to be sexual with Toby and so it made me feel a bit uncomfortable Like slow down, people This read like something that would have been ok for a free online story, but not as a published story that cost money.I love best friends to lovers, but this just didn t do it for me.

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    2.5 starsChildhood friends turn lovers is my all time fav theme This one is just okay It doesn t bring anything new to the table in a way of plot except perhaps one thing, see spoiler The story is too standard, the writing feels like what we find in fanfic website, and the only twists that the author tried to introduce, unfortunately, is one of my pet peeves The Big misunderstanding you know, when one character enters the room and see his love interest is in a semi compromised position with another man For a novella, it has too many of it Good thing that when those things happen, the effect doesn t last long view spoiler While it may happen somewhere, this is the first time I see a campus lgbt support group shown in very negative light Every member seems to see Parker as new meat, ready to be eaten alive Even the leader turns out to be a douche hide spoiler

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    4.5 starsWhat a gentle simple love story After reading Sins of the Heart , which was rather heartbreaking, I m happy that I tried this author again The teaser from GRL was a nice appetizer, so now I just finished reading the full story in one sitting Although I was always waiting for the big desaster and drama, it thankfully didn t come.

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    Friends to lovers being one of my favourite book themes I just had to read this story I cannot say I didn t like it at all because that would not be entirely true, but I didn t enjoy it as much as I hoped I would The writing was quite good The storyline was very simple, but at least there was a plot, so you won t find me complaining here, no What I had a problem with was the ending IMO, it left a lot to be desired view spoiler I turned the page and WTF The author s bio Where s the rest of the book The parents issue was not resolved at all We did not find out how Toby and Parker s friends reacted to their being together Christian, the guy Toby had been sleeping with in the past, outed them and then what Nothing The End Just like that hide spoiler

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    Short story about college age lifelong best friends who realize they re meant to be Some angst thrown in and there you go I liked the semi ambiguous ending for once, usually I m not such a big fan of those However, it seemed to fit in that it wasn t really necessary to have proof of the happy ending, you just felt like they d make it through pretty much whatever Emotionally, I think it captured that overwhelming college angst thing or maybe only my friends I had telenovella relationships back then But it read like what I remember college being like Overly concerned about potential catastrophes and fumbling your way through wanting someone.

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    I was really loving this story in the beginning when I figured out that it was gfy and friends to lovers and tats All in one book But then I got kinda annoyed when I found out about Toby s secret gay life I feel like that Parker really didn t know his BFF at all As a reader, I feel like that I still didn t really know that much about Toby in the end either The story was hot, but the lack of condom use squicked me out 3.5 Stars

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    Allison Cassatta once again doesn t take the easy road in a romance KISSING IS EASY shows that getting to first base for a closeted gay man is anything but easy The point, I think, is that it s all hard.KISSING IS EASY includes two tropes that I like, coming out and friends to lovers It also covers the fact that secrets between friends or lovers will come back to bite you.As a fan of Ms Cassatta s writing I was once again captivated with her style of conversational prose She has a gift for description and emotion in her work KISSING IS EASY is a complete short novella, with an HFN ending that could so easly become an HEA I would love to read about Parker and Toby, and hope Ms Cassatta has a plot bunny in mind for them that will take them farther and let us know how things go with their families As I read my way through her backlist I am fascinated by her ability to take an easy story idea, run with it, and make it complex and fully shaped into a book well worth reading.

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    I read the tag for Kissing is Easy a few weeks ago and was eagerly awaiting its release and I am happy to report that I was not let down It was a sweet romance between two friends whose friendship turned into After seeing the other reviews, I was afraid that I might have been let down, but I am happy I didn t let them sway my decision to read it It is a nice, one sitting for me read and by the end, the only thing I was disappointed in was the fact there was no to read I enjoyed reading as the boys went through their conflicts to find their happily ever after I can only hope one day Ms Cassatta will share them with us again, I d love to see a glimpse further into their future.

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