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    Other than reading his book on flying saucers as a child, my interest in C.G Jung began during the sopho year in college and resulted in my reading his collected works, corresponding with his eldest son and his personal secretary and writing a book length thesis on the philosophical bases of his thinking In addition, I joined the local Jung society and read hosts of other works by and about analytical psychology, including, naturally, many biographies of the great man himself.Consequent to all of this I became rather disenchanted Having mastered most of the arcana which interested him and had so impressed me, I was left with meagre respect for his work as a scientist as there was little of such concern in his work and found I had lost most of my respect for him as a person Still, over the years, I have picked up such books about Jung as have come my way in order to keep my hand in, this unexceptional biography being one of them.

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    Hayman s Jung emerges as a besmirched genius, certainly the Hero of his own life, a cult leader that pretended to be a scientist when it suited him , a prophet with feet of clay or something even fetid I read this biography as I was reading some essays in The Portable Jung for a reading group, essays that astonished me with their ersatz profundity and vast confabulations Hayman s biography anchored the running riot of reservations from my reading in the rich Swiss soil of Jung s life A blurb on the back of the bio sums up my impression as well this charismatic guru who dedicated his life to healing humanity, had a horror of intimacy that made him incapable of sustaining friendship or love in his private life I ve been fascinated by Jungian ideas for the last 30 years, a body of thought I ve received second hand from brilliant archetypal interpreters like James Hillmann and Patricia Berry I find their work far illuminating and psyche stirring than Jung s faux academic sludge or fantastical autobiography.That said, there s still something deeply appealing in an almost sociopathic sense of this middle aged professor building a tower by a lake in solitude, with his bare hands, painting his visions and transcribing conversations with his daimons, entertaining his mistresses and acolytes, that indeed persuaded me that he was larger than life And, inevitably, the whole time I was reading it, my dreams became deeply Jungian Worse things can happen

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    It was very detailed, and showed a indepth aspect of Carl Jungs life that he tried to keep secret I was entertained at times, and bored out of my mind at others.

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    Startling introduction to one of the foremost psychoanalysts of our time.Well written and researched Bizarre life of a very strange person but engaging nontheless.library copy

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A Life of Jung download A Life of Jung, read online A Life of Jung, kindle ebook A Life of Jung, A Life of Jung 10fa5f5c6ebc This Meticulously Researched The Times London Biography Explores The Complex Character Of One Of The World S Most Influential Psychoanalysts Having Gained Access To A Substantial Amount Of Previously Unpublished Material, Ronald Hayman Offers A Rare Insight Into How Jung S Revolutionary Ideas Grew Out Of His Own Extraordinary Experiences With Notable Objectivity, Hayman Investigates The Most Crucial Questions Surrounding This Enigmatic Figure What Actually Went On During Jung S Sessions With Patients Was His Mother Insane Was He A Borderline Case What Were The Consequences Of A Homosexual Episode In His Boyhood Was He Pro Nazi Or Anti Semitic Why Did He Fail To Sustain Any Of His Friendships With Men Did He Sometimes Mean God When He Said The Unconscious Why Was He So Secretive