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The Story of Jane Doe: A Book about Rape pdf The Story of Jane Doe: A Book about Rape, ebook The Story of Jane Doe: A Book about Rape, epub The Story of Jane Doe: A Book about Rape, doc The Story of Jane Doe: A Book about Rape, e-pub The Story of Jane Doe: A Book about Rape, The Story of Jane Doe: A Book about Rape bf049c0143c Startling, Incisive And Surprisingly Funny, This Is The True Story Of A Woman Who Challenged Stereotypes, The Justice System, The Police And WonOn An August Night In , Jane Doe Became The Fifth Reported Woman Raped By A Sexual Serial Predator Dubbed The Balcony Rapist Even Though The Police Had Full Knowledge Of The Rapist S Modus Operandi, They Made A Conscious Decision Not To Issue A Warning To Women In Her Neighbourhood Jane Doe Quickly Realized That Women Were Being Used By The Police As Bait The Rapist Was Captured As A Result Of A Tip Received After She And A Group Of Women Distributed , Posters Alerting The Community During The Criminal Proceedings, Jane Doe Became The First Raped Woman In Ontario To Secure Her Own Legal Representation Allowing Her To Sit In On The Hearings Instead Of Out In The Hall Where Victim Witnesses Are Usually Cloistered As A Result, Jane Heard Details Of The Police Investigation Normally Withheld From Women In Her Position, Which Revealed A Shocking Degree Of Police Negligence And Gender Discrimination When The Rapist Was Convicted, The Comfort Was Cold In , Jane Doe Sued The Metropolitan Police Force For Negligence And Charter Violation It Took Eleven Long Years Before Her Civil Case Finally Came To Trial The Rest Is HistoryThis Extraordinary Book Asks The Diffcult Question Who Benefits From Rape Popular Ideas About Rape Still Inform The Way Police And Society Behave Around Raped Women Despite Decades Of Trying To Rewrite The Myths, The Myths Still Exist, And They Tell Us That Women Lie About Rape, That Women Enjoy It, That Women File False Rape Reports To Seek Revenge And Money They Tell Us Rape Can Be Non Violent They Tell Us That Women Can Make Good Or Bad Rape Victims Or That Women Cannot Be Raped At All They Tell Us Nonsense And Jane Doe Gives Us A Unique View On WhyThis Is A Book About Rape That Is Not About Being A Victim It S About A Woman Who Wanted To Ensure That She, The Person Most Involved, Directed Her Case And The Course Of Her Life It S About External Elements Colliding To Provide A Small Window Of Redress For Women Who Experience Crimes Of Violence Jane Doe Was A Test Case The Right Woman In The Wrong Place At The Right Time And She Made Legal HistoryIn The Story Of Jane Doe, She Asks Us To Challenge Our Own Assumptions About Rape And, In The Process, Surprises Us With A Story That Is By Turns Sweet, Tragic And Fantastical But Most Of All, This Book Celebrates What Is Most Common In Human Nature Our Ability To OvercomeRape Stories Are Not New Stories They Are As Old As War, As Old As Man Many Bookstores Have Sections Devoted To Them, And I Read Them I Read Them Before, Too I Have Found Most Rape Stories To Be Either Chronicles Of Fear And Horror, Victim Tales That Make Me Want To Run Screaming From The Page Although I Do Not Or They Are Dry, Academic Or Legal Treatises On Why Rape Is Bad, Written In Language I Must Work To Understand Both Are Valid But Both Somehow Limit Me From Reaching A Broader Understanding No Book Has Ever Reflected My Lived Experience Of The CrimeJane Doe From The Hardcover Edition

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    Jane Doe took on the Metropolitan Police She was used by the Police as bait to catch the serial Balcony Rapist I think that in and of itself is significant I got a chance to meet Jane Doe She told the audience her predominate issue is that people only see is the fact she won her suit against the Police True, that is what first got me interested in her, but once I finished the book that was not the only thing that stuck in my mind In reality her book is her own personal reflections of her own experience of rape, Canadian criminal civil law among other things What really left an impact on me was the fact that she challenged further my understanding of rape and rape culture Her criticism surrounding public warnings about rapist was both humorous and enlightening.I would recommend this book to ANYONE EVERYONE I think people need a deeper understanding about rape and should maybe learn about other perspectives for example rape and fear mongering as a tool to control people but in terms of rape predominately women.YOU SHOULD READ.

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    This book is awe inspiring, both in a positive and and in a negative sense Jane Doe s rape occurred in the 1986, and her court case was not resolved until 12 years later, in 1998 Another 20 years has passed it is 2018 , and there is still so much to be done in order to eliminate or at least substantially reduce the frequency of rape and assault, and to ensure women who report are believed and supported The MeToo movement in 2017 helped to demonstrate how persistant the problems are, with over 200,000 tweets in a single day, and 500,000 within 2 days.I think everyone should read this book It is horribly eye opening about what a survivor goes through with the police and legal systems.

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    The Story of Jane Doe by Jane Doe, Random House Canada, 2003, 363 pages, 39.95It begins with a woman named Jane Doe who was raped on August 18, 1983 She is reported to be the 5th victim and despite the police knowing that the rapist was on the loose, they chose not to warn the neighborhood about his recent activity Further as Jane Doe discovers this information, she chooses to fight the police and expose them for using her as rape bait This is a revolutionary story about how despite most rape victims remain silent and living in fear Jane Doe begs to differ As she challenges the police and their methods while trying to expose them for negligence The genre of this book would be crime and non fiction Inside the story contains many law terminologies, which if you don t know you would probably have to search it up Although she uses many codes in the text with , at the bottom of the page it usually provides clarification on the meaning of that sentence or why she put that symbol in Although this story can be uncomfortable and disturbing, it is accompanied by the author s sense of humor which lightens the mood This book is inspirational since most women that have been raped kept it a secret Mostly due to how that information can deeply affect their work and personal life Jane Doe chooses to fight against that image and bring the police to justice, preventing them from using women as rape bait to catch their culprits.Adult or young adult readers that are curious to hear about stories of other people s view on rape and how it has affected their life entirely People that have been sexually harassed may have some way of relating to this story This book may surprise you as the protagonist chooses not to live in trauma and fight against what she believes is right.

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    Excellent book Highly recommended for anyone dealing with the Canadian criminal justice system in relation to sexual assault.

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    I read this book for school I found it extremely helpful to understand what the court process looks like in sexual assault trials, like what it actually looks like not just the parts the judge finds important enough to include in their decision I enjoyed reading about Jane Doe s life outside of court, and her remarks regarding her civil trial It felt real probably because it was and it was uncensored in a way Unlike academia where you need to be somewhat formal and talk around things, Jane Doe could just say what she felt even if it was impolite or what not I also found it helpful for understanding how to write about her, how she was displeased with how she was addressed people calling her Jane in court as if she was a child.I think it was also extremely important for me to read because it is so so close to home Like 45 mins close to home From the past year of study I ve learned and appreciated how important Canadian examples are I read and hear about so many American examples of law and sexual assault, etc that it really is important to have Canadian examples used It is important for Canadian scholars to recognize it happens here and we need to study it here.

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    This is a great book simply because it educates and personalizes at the same time something many texts struggle to do By that same token, Jane Doe wrote the book quite some time after the initial experiences so while I don t doubt her feelings and actions, there is some synthesis that occurs long after the fact But really, I can t imagine being in that situation at all Jane Doe makes a number of points about good rape victims and with the advent of the internet and a highly sexualized generation, I don t think I and many others would fall into that category The realities of rape and sexual assault remain largely unchanged from Jane s experiences.Jane Doe isn t just about the experience of the physical and sexual rape itself it is about the entire process of reporting the assault, the arrest and prosecution of the Balcony Rapist , and her subsequent lawsuit against the Metropolitan Toronto Police As someone who has been taught to respect authority, the book was a hard read for me The details and feelings around rape were difficult enough but I was removed from them Jane s abysmal treatment and experience with the Toronto police, though, directly challenged my own attitudes and conventions around authority figures and the people that I believed were meant to protect us.I sincerely believe that Jane Doe A Book About Rape is a book anyone interested in feminism, or rape, or the intersections of justice and women s issues should read It is, at times, a book you won t like, a book that will challenge your ideas and notions about rape and victimisation and authority, a book that will push at the walls of your comfort zone But it is, perhaps for those reasons, a necessary read I don t know if I can say that I like Jane but that wasn t the point of the book I can say that I question things significantly and that I support Jane.

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    It was an incredible book The way she presented the realities of rape within society was creative and thought provoking You could literally feel her frustration towards the whole system I would recommend this book to anyone because it truly is an eye opener.

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    Jane Doe, a Toronto woman, sues Toronto Police for not protecting her from a local rapist This non fiction book lets you in on the aftermath of rape and it s affect on one psyche Part of my home library She created great change with rape awareness.

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    A rare look into how the Canadian police handle cases of sexual assault I recommend this book to any woman who may be dealing with the police traditionally a very patriarchal organization.

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