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Bloodstone - The Guardians Curse txt Bloodstone - The Guardians Curse , text ebook Bloodstone - The Guardians Curse , adobe reader Bloodstone - The Guardians Curse , chapter 2 Bloodstone - The Guardians Curse , Bloodstone - The Guardians Curse 567646 An Ancient Evil Has Returned To Threaten The World Of Magic And Mortal Alike Keegan Whitestone Has Become The Guardian Protector Of The Magical Barrier Known As The Veil But He Cannot Yet Control His Powers He Must Find And Destroy The Legendary Bloodstone, A Jewel Used By The Powerful Necromancer, Sava, To Ensnare And Devour The Souls Of Others In A Bid To Save The Soul Of The Woman He Loves, Keegan Faces A Terrible Choice Bloodstone The Guardian S Curse Is A Twenty Chapter Novella Of , Words, And Is The Sequel To The Guardian S ApprenticeAlso Included Are The Short Stories Forsaken And Scale Of A Dragon As Well As The Never Before Published Short Story Inner Daemon

About the Author: J. Michael Radcliffe

An avid reader of science fiction and fantasy novels all my life, I began writing The Guardian s Apprentice in 2002 After eight years of on again, off again writing, I finally published my first novel in August 2010 I live in rural Kentucky with my family and our six feline companions When not acquiring recruits for my wife s ever growing cat army which are terribly hard to train, by the way ,

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    Bloodstone The Guardian s Curse, is the sequel to The Guardian s Apprentice I was never really a reader of fantasy, except maybe as a child However, this series has now made me a fan of the genre Radcliffe is a born storyteller His natural way of narrating a tale draws the reader in so that they can almost witness the action His imagination is boundless In this Beyond the Veil series, he has created another world, full of magic, dragons, witches, wizards, and intrigue I thoroughly enjoyed this story Bloodstone took me back and reminded me of the first book in the series, which is an enchanting read The characters are all so memorable In this book, Keegan is settling in slowly to his new role as the Guardian, but there is danger that threatens the safety of everyone on both sides of the Veil An evil necromancer, Sava, who was thought to have died long ago, is rumoured to be stealing souls and making her way back with the intention of taking control of the world of magic and the mortal world It is Keegan s task to stop her.This is an entertaining and absorbing read, with lots of action It also contains a touch of romance I m not sure whether this is the last in the series, but I believe that the ending has been left open enough for a third book, and I for one am hoping that there will be a sequel A recommended read for anyone who loves a good story.

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    I was never drawn to the fantasy genre, but this book changed that for me Though the characters are wizards and dragons, they are well developed and easy to relate to Those characters hooked me, and the plot held my attention throughout This story has a little romance, adventure, suspense and mystery Great entertainment whether you are a fantasy fan or you just love a well told story.

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    Bloodstone The Guardian s Curse J Guardian s Curse This is the sequel to The Guardian s Apprentice Keegan Whitestone is now the guardian of the Veil, and he is still learning how to use his powers He is up against Sava, the powerful necromancer who steals souls He must find and destroy the Bloodstone, this is what she needs to gain ultimate power.Filled with a lot of action, mystical creatures, dragons, gnomes, goblins, witches and wizards made up a fantastic fantasy tale A must ready for lovers of the Fantasy genre Bonus at the end, four short stories I will be reading of J Michael Radcliffes work.

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    This is a delightful tale easily read by all ages Dragons and Wizards, Evil and Heroes it has them all A unique and magical world created to enjoy an epic tale of tragedy and triumph Excellent follow up to The Guardian s Apprentice The characters have grown and the action picked up Awesome creation of new creatures with unique characteristics Great job of weaving short stories into it I ve really come to love some of the characters like Ms Hoskins and Darkfire Would love to hear of Callen s story and I m still wondering about Hesh And poor Nisha so glad things have worked out for her.

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    I won a copy of this book and was glad I did it was wonderfulThis is the second of this series and it doesn t disappoint from the first It is steeped in magic and yet full of reality, due to the author s successful dance with words.I loved the characters good and bad creature or and cleverly woven tale, which left me hankering for .I don t give spoilers, but will say that I highly recommend this book for true fantasy fans.

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    I won a signed copy of this book through first reads, having read only a few fantasy books before I wasn t too sure what it would be like I really enjoyed it, it had a great story loved the short stories at the end , was well written, very easy to read had it read in a few hours I would recommend this book to everyone

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    I am enjoying the world that Mr Radcliffe put together in this series of books I would love to see come from him with other characters from both sides of the veil If you enjoy fantasy this is a fun one to read.

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    Was a good story Liked the characters and the way it moved along Loved the 3 small short stories as well.

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    Another wonderful installment in Radcliffe s adventures beyond the veil Wizards, dark and light magic, and wonderful dragons this is a fantasy story that has it all.

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