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Trying to Score (Assassins, #2) quotes Trying to Score (Assassins, #2) , litcharts Trying to Score (Assassins, #2) , symbolism Trying to Score (Assassins, #2) , summary shmoop Trying to Score (Assassins, #2) , Trying to Score (Assassins, #2) f09a0d96 In A Captivating Novel Of Second Chances And Healing Hearts, The Newest Member Of The Nashville Assassins Pulls A Power Play To Make Things Right With The One That Got Away Fallon Parker S Dream Has Always Been To Turn Her Family S Wine Company Into A Runaway Success And Eventually Start A Cellar Of Her Own Since Graduating From College, She Has Worked Relentlessly To Make That Dream A Reality, Especially After Taking A Chance On Love And Losing By The Time Fallon Becomes An Official Sponsor Of The Nashville Assassins, She Feels Like All Her Hard Work Is Finally Paying Off And Then The Man Who Broke Her Heart Skates Back Into Her Life On The Ice, Lucas Brooks Is The NHL S Leading Scorer At Least When He S Not In The Box Off The Ice, He S A Mess, With All His Anger And Misery Bottled Up Inside He Threw Away The Most Important Person In His Life And Has Regretted It Ever Since But When Lucas Returns To Nashville In A Trade, He S Determined To Convince Fallon That He S A Changed Man The Attraction Is Still There The Tension Is Electrifying But The Odds Are Stacked Against Them Especially After Lucas Finds Out That Fallon Has Been Keeping A Devastating Secret

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    I wrote this one too so I love it

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    After reading all the good reviews, I was pretty stoked about getting a chance to read this book I was a bit disappointed.The book was 422 pages on my ereader, and that s about 200 pages longer than it should have been It was 200 pages of good story, and 222 pages of beating a horse to death that s figuratively, not literally Lucas and Fallon meet and fall in love at first sight Everything s good for two years,then she catches him betraying her and runs away, not to see him again for 7 years I m sure if you read the synopsis you can figure out what the big secret is that she s been hiding for 7 years Anyway, he gets traded to the Assassins, a hockey team in Tennessee, where Fallon has a close working relationship with the team He s still in love with her after all these years, and wants her back.The part I liked about this book,that earned it the extra star, was Lucas He was a GOOD guy There are some really sweet romantic parts in this book I loved the thing he did with the post it notes, and how committed he was to her and building a family He never wavered, never stopped saying it, never stopped trying The part that made me not want to give it ANY stars was Fallon.She was basically a screeching, self centered harpy Yes, when she was in college,she caught him in a compromising position with her best friend I understand how that could damage a person and kill a relationship, but and this is where the dead dead horse carcass comes in she screeches about this on and on throught out the whole book Her use of the English language deteriorates rapidly every time she gets on a tirade,which is often About a third of the way through the book, I started to wonder WHY he was so hung up on her She acted like a 13 year old hormonal teenager through out the entire book She was not a likable character Another thing that bothered me was how ghetto they all sounded in my head during the dialogue I m from the south, I use the word ain t a hundred times a day But in a business setting, I can still speak proper English Fallon sounded like she was straight out of the trailer park, instead of the disowned heiress who went to Stanford she was supposed to be It was totally inconsistent with who the author built the characters as, and it made them unbelievable There were other inconsistencies with the characters as well A nice white boy from Minnesota who plays hockey wouldn t have a gun tattooed on his hip pointing at his manly bits, and listen to gangster rap turned up so loud the house he s pulling up to at 7am rattles at the age of 28,either He was a really great, guy, but the details about him made him sound like a punk kid The book goes on and on about how Fallon has no money and can barely pay her bills and has to live with her sister, but she s constantly wearing designer shoes The basic story was good,there were a few really romantic parts in the book,but over all,it was a chore to make myself finish it.

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    1 star You re supposed to feel fulfilled after reading the HEA in the epilogue, right Then why are my insides churning with annoyance, aggravation, and an overwhelming sense of emptiness and injustice on behalf of the hero I seriously feel bad for him for being stuck with such a bitch.Most obnoxious contemporary romance heroine I ve ever read about I agreed wholeheartedly each time she and her sister called her a selfish bitch who doesn t deserve Lucas This is another case of wtf is wrong with the hero because other than view spoiler the fact that she has their son hide spoiler

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    Frankly I m sick of the double standards in this series The guys can fuckaround all over place, cheat, fuck their way through hordes of women, treat their h s like absolute crap Jordie Erik to name just 2 of these shmucks and yet everyone forgives every betrayal, any cheating these guys do and love them because they re such great guys NOT At least this one didn t start out a doormat like all the other morons are She left him And rightly so WTF She thought he cheated on her, already he was on morally shaky ground That s not a little mistake, that s a major fucking betrayal And on top of that, even if she tried to tell him at the time people conveniently forget he was a drug addict alcoholic and he remained one for years before he cleaned himself up Was that the environment for a baby Get real people.Drug Addicts who are also Alcoholics don t cleanup overnight, it s a long fucking process and they re in no shape to care for a baby or toddler So everyone can get off their damn high horses already Why now Lucas Seven whole years have passed, why now There was no way he could tell her while standing in her front yard the reason why he didn t look for her after she left Telling Fallon that he was a recovering drug addict and alcoholic did not seem like a good thing to say when trying to get someone back Oh and yeah, he was a total houndog slut during their time apart but you guessed, she had NO ONE because she only wanted him Yawwwwwwwwn Samo samo storyline.And frankly, I despise what Lukas tells his bunch of manslut friends in Blue Lines frankly I question his ongoing faithfulness Shea shook his head No, I love my wife she is enough for me Liar, Lucas said, throwing a sock at Shea We are men, and we live, breathe, and think sex every chance we get If you don t get hot when you see a hot piece of ass, then you aren t a man I have the finest wife ever Nice tight ass, great tits, and man, a mouth that can bring me to my knees, but when I pick my son up from school and his teacher gives me this look, I swear my cock goes so hard, man, he said with his eyes closed, making some of the guys laugh while others shook their head Ah I just want to smash something, but it goes away before I even get home So his woman isn t enough for him You can see the cheating on the wall for this guy Only a matter of time I say.

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    3 stars Great story lineThis book could have gotten a rating of 4 stars.But the heroineDamn I could go on and on about how much I disliked Fallon,but since half of my friends have already pointed out her character flaws in their review,I m going to let it go,this once.Overall,a frustrating yet at times sweet read.

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    4 Second Chance Stars.Fallon and Lucas used to have the perfect relationship They were in love and thought that nothing could bring them apart Until one mistake ruins everything, leaving them broken and making Fallon deciding to keep a life changing secret from Lucas Now, seven years later, Lucas is starting his season in the Nashville Assassins the hockey team that Fallon is trying to make a deal with regarding her wine business Life wants them to meet again and this time Lucas is not willing to let her go and his decided to do everything to keep her in his life for good But how can Fallon learn to trust again when her trsut and her heart were once broken And when Lucas find out the secret Fallon has been keeping from him all these years, how can he trust in her Rating 4 Stars Storyline Sweet, romantic with some real sexy moments The amazing thing about this book was how real their relationship felt The memories, the private jokes, the special moments that no one else would understand, the romantic gestures it was all wrapped up in a beautiful love story Is not easy to make the connection between two main characters feel so real and so emotional, however, Toni Aleo did that to perfection with this book Writing Style First person, dual POV Flawless and addictive writing Character Development I loved Lucas He was sweet, and loyal with a heart of gold and so, so sexy Fallon well, I liked her, but she was one of the reasons I don t rate these books 5 stars The heroines They are all whiny, frustrating and sometimes kind of bitch But oh well, he read this mostly for the guys so it s all good The supportive characters were pretty good, I loved Aiden and I loved seeing of Elli and Shea And the last chapters made me really curious about Audrey and Tate s story Steam Hot moments HEA view spoiler Yes hide spoiler

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    3 Lucas and Aiden, Hockey Franchise Stars This was the second in The Assassins series I had read the first in the series and like a lot of the elements but had some issues with the main female character Lots of my GR pals mentioned this one was a better read and I should give it a go It may be a me thing, for once again there was an issue with the gal in this tale.We have the set up of college sweethearts the gal and guy are crazy in love for two years During this time, he progresses to professional Hockey level and starts with the league living the dream She is a year from graduatingThey have been happy and doing ok with his travels He has been away on a long series of games and they both are desperate for each other He comes back early looking for hershe is not in her room her slutty roommate is and somehow he ends up in the same bed with the slut passed out Naturally, his sweetheart comes in sees them he tries to tell her he didn t even know what happenedas the slutty roommate runs away Drama takes place she will not stay to see what he has to say and leaves She finds out she is pregnanthas difficulties with her parents and luckily her sister is supportive Together they raise the child and we learn it is 7 years later The guy is being traded to the Assassins and the gal who is in the wine business and works with the team is freaking because SHE NEVER TOLD HIM HE WAS A DAD.I have a problem with that To not allow the guy a chance to be a dad when he is not violent or has other dangerous issues is just unfair to him and to the child in my book If he turns away or doesn t behave appropriately then it is on him but from the set up in the book that was not the case From my perspectiveI am not happy with how she handled this.Next in the tale, our gal cannot forgive the guy for what happened in college They meet and even when he finds out about how he missed out for 7 years bonding with the boy he ends up forgiving her because this guy is head over heels in love with her Still He had drinking and prescription pills issues he hid from her so he feels partly responsible He did a year in rehab and has been clean for than four years He lays it out for her he loves her loves his son and wants a chance at a real family.The majority of this book is sprinkled with amazing moments of love and care between the new dad and his sweet, charming son There were scenes which hit my heart as a parent I even had a discussion with one of my sons about grand kids that was how touching these moments were There also were other wonderful parts to think about things which can severely impact us learning disabilities, parental withholding of approval to adult children and these story lines worked Unfortunately, the bulk of the story was how this woman could not trust this guy she refused to see how he was attempting through his actions to prove to her he had changed It was a continual loop over and over again like the most annoying gif you can find it made my head hurt Our gal has one scene where I wanted to wish her bodily harm as she was close to figuring out how to move on and get with the family program only to see someone in the ladies room who had done her wrong and listened to her advice about the guy WHAT.So this was a disappointing read for me for although there were lots of good things to enjoy every time it started to come together our gal would go back to living in that I can t trust him loop The franchise is very popular and there were things which worked it was definitely a me thing so you might have a totally different read

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    1 starAudiobook terrible narrator the horrible MC had this nasal thing going ARGUH Hated it, but I finished it anywayThe heroine was a snappish, rude, petty, disgusting woman who keep her son from his father because she was angry She lies, to her son to his father, to her friends and she never drops one damn issue no matter how old and stale is is When she wasn t cutting somebody down to nothing she was giggling, yes giggling, this author really like her giggles I don t think one page went without one He giggled, she giggled, they all effing giggled The sex was enough to make cringe, no sexy tingles here ICK the descriptions, the words used Eewwww I just wanted it to stop To think that Fallon the most despicable woman character I ve read could get this great guy to be so devoted to her no matter how much she abuses him, is sick I hated her, hated how she treated everyone, hated how it was accepted all through the book, I HATED IT I don t want to read about such crap people dishing out crap and the Do Goods Eating it up Well, that sums it up I am not going to read any books form this author.

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    By royal bestie decree I m losing my TA cherry.Lisa Jayne is addicted to this author and I m diving in

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    DNF Lucas Brooks knew that Fallon Parker was the one for him, the first night he met her Then he comes back home to her dorm and finds her roommate and best friend there He knows he should leave, but when the roommate wraps her arms around him He couldn t help but hold her closer than he needed to.When her lips touched his, he didn t think, he just reacted, and it was the last thing he remembered This is just unbelievable I just couldn t help it I couldn t control myself It was just a reaction.What sort of a justification is that And as usual, when anything goes wrong, blame it on the intoxication I am so impressed with the ingenuity And of course, even though he knew Fallon was the one, he goes back to the drugs, alcohol and the multitude of women He is such a prize They were such empty words the one I mean who believes that In which society is it okay to go sleeping around with every female you see, when you have already found your one and only And that s the thing, you just don t go around sleeping with everyone else when you have found your one It s not okay.There was also blatant double standard The first night Fallon and Lucas sleep together, she is worried that she is being sluttish Then she tells Lucas that she isn t like this, she doesn t sleep with a guy the first time they meet And to this Lucas replies, that it s okay, he believes her and that s all it matters I am sorry Did women s rights rewind 200 years Why the hell is she trying to justify herself to him What is there to justify And what about the fact that HE SLEPT WITH HER ON THE FIRST NIGHT TOO Why isn t he justifying himself to her This is the first ARC I have DNF ed I hope it s the last.ARC Courtesy of NetGalley and Random House Publishing Group.

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