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Smashed summary Smashed, series Smashed, book Smashed, pdf Smashed, Smashed 51f3708a6e Stay Out Of Trouble For One Year, And Katie Martin Can Leave Her Small Town Loneliness Behind Forever She Is A Field Hockey Star On The Fast Track To A College Scholarship, But Her Relationship With Alcohol Has Always Been A Little Questionable Then Trouble Finds Her Alec Is The Most Popular Guy In School, And Also The Biggest Bully With His Sights Set Firmly On Katie When Alec Turns On The Charm, Katie Thinks She Must Have Been Wrong About HimExcept That She Wasn T On A Rain Soaked, Alcohol Drenched Night, One Impulsive Decision Leaves Katie Indebted To Alec In The Worst Possible Way This Debut Novel Is A Fast Paced And Compelling Story Of Addiction, Heartbreak, And Redemption

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    Oh, the drivel that gets published these days on with the review Good Stuff The writing quality is honest and simple to follow It has a good flow The characters are distinguishable Bad Stuff 1 Language and Content This should be in the adults section if it escapes being officially burned in the centre of the earth Jesus , damn , b , and f and f occur very frequently Everyone swears There is explicit sexual description of boys reaching up girls bras and tearing off their underwear There is plenty of drinking I recommend having a towel handy as you read, for beer, martinis and or tequila may come spilling out of the book upon a moment s notice There is also drug use 2 Plot I am now going to tell you what happens and save yourself the embarrassment of having read something so awful.Guy attracts alcoholic pretty, successful, and needy girl, who is dumb enough to coerce herself into his groping hands.Alcoholic girl parties with guy for half the book.Alcoholic girl drives drunk with guy and crashes them into a tree, disfiguring said guy Guy takes the blame for the crash so she will owe him sex Guy stalks girl for half the book.Guy rapes girl.Girl has PTSD and then beer is found in guy s school locker THE END oh yeah, there was supposed to be something about her dad Yeah there was, but it was so irrelevant and stereotypical I have forgotten Conclusion.Let us look at the most penetrating, deep questions Katie poses to herself Why did I ever do half the things I did P.76 What did I really want P.179 Sadly, she never quite finds out At least she apologizes for being an idiot on page 316, but she does nothing to change it.This book perpetuates the YA lit lie that things improve without personal change Absolutely despicable Just think about it We teens are getting the message from the protagonist that it s OK to smoke weed It s OK to get hammered every chance you get It s good in fact, because your life will improve while you do all these things Just look at Katie Just look at her and her stupid life and stupid choices and the utter lack of ability she has to control her own actions Indeed, if you take a look at all, take a good long look.And don t forget this terrifying read.

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    Smashed is one of those books that stays with you long after you have finished reading it I have to say that I was shocked by this book By shocked I mean in a good way because it dealt with issues that every teen faces Drinking and bullying and depression are so high up on teens lists of pain that I feel for the teens growing up today Smashed is a great book for teens to read to see that even though you may be spiraling out of control you have to learn to trust someone and tell them your problems Help is always right around the corner all you have to do is ask Also if your being harassed tell someone and never ever hold it inside because it is not worth it Smashed is about a girl named Katie who loves Field Hockey It is her life and she plans on getting a scholarship to college for it Her dream is to play in college and get the chance to really show her skills with other skilled players Only there are a few things wrong with Katie that can make or break her dream In order for Katie to reach her goal she will have to hit rock bottom and then climb her way back to the top She will go through the worst senior year of her life but with her best friends by her side she can do anything Katie will battle addiction and depression and lies and bullying all in a span of a few months and she will have to overcome each obstacle in order to survive She will lose some friends and will have to come face to face with reality and when she does she will have to choose what to do When the dust clears and the sun shines for Katie her best friend Matt will be there for her to guide her through.Alec is the golden boy football player He has it all on the outside He has the girls, fast cars and all the friends he needs So why is it that he sets his eyes on Katie Why is it that he has fallen hard and fast for her and he can t get enough of her He needs her like the desert needs rain At first he is nice and will do anything to be with her but he has problems to and one of the problems is ruining everything between them He is controlling and abusive and when he covers up for Katie he expects her to do as she is told and never question him He wants her and she keeps pushing back and saying no because her virginity is not going to be lost to someone who thinks he wants her His anger is all to consuming and he does the ultimate act of betrayal to Katie and when the dusts settle he will have lost her for good But you ever heard that saying know woman like a woman scorned well put it no man like a man scorned and he will try and destroy Katie.In the end they both have some heavy decisions to make and one will survive while the other will struggle This is a sad story of what teenage love gone wrong is Drinking to much and controlling ways get you no where And last but not least violating someone is never okay because in the end you will destroy yourself.

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    Source I own a copy of this book This was an okay story, but I felt like the addiction part of the storyline didn t really kick in until near the end.Katie was an okay character, but why she continued to hang out with Alec, when she didn t want to fool around with him, and he kept encouraging her to drink herself into a coma I don t know Maybe she just wasn t smart enough to realise that he was a bad apple, and that hanging with him was only encouraging him, something she made clear she didn t want to do, I don t know, but it seemed obvious to me that eventually he wasn t going to take no for an answer.The storyline in this was okay, but it was really slow, and I found it quite dull in places I expected there to be about addiction, but to be honest it didn t really feel like Katie had a problem with alcohol until the end of the book Are you an alcoholic just because you like a drink If you can voluntarily go without alcohol, do you really have a problem I personally really like to drink, and I don t see a problem with that as long as there are limits.I felt that Katie s problems with alcohol didn t happen until after a stressful event in her life, and it was when she started drinking alcohol during the day and at school that I began to think she actually had a problem, which was right at the end of the book There wasn t really romance in this book, but there were scenes of non consensual kissing, groping, and other stuff I really didn t like this, and again, I didn t know quite why Katie continued to put herself in the situation in which this occurred.The ending to this was okay, and I did feel a little sorry for Katie and the way things turned out, but she did bring it on herself to a certain extent.Overall okay story, but not really what I expected,6.5 out of 10.

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    This is the second below four star review I have written and I really thought this one was going to be good I will admit that I didn t really read the synopsis because I was so in LOVE with the cover, I don t know why I love it so much but it s so different so I thought it was going to be a a good read Unfortunately this book fell flat for me in so many ways The characters were so weird, Katie s moods were unstable unpredictable and the story was just SO DEPRESSING I couldn t really get through some parts The story is about a girl name Katie who lives in a small town in Maine, whose parents are both alcoholics Her dad abandoned her and little brother Will, he just up and left and never came back Katie s dad leaving has changed not only Katie but her mother also Katie s mom isn t really a mom because she is never home to care for them, basically Katie has an F cked up life and her life begins to go out of control once she meets Alec, the popular jock in school It took me forever to read this book and it was a little painful but here is a little descriptions of the characters in the book.Katie Such a weak character Okay, I know your dad left you and didn t come back but GET OVER IT Just because your dad left doesn t mean you have to let dudes walk all over you I really wanted to climb through the book and smack you around knowing that you have been abused enough I wanted to pull my hair out on everything she did I mean is there really girls out there like this Well I m glad I am not one of them raises fist Alec I have NEVER HATED someone from a book so much in my life Alec was such a jerk Katie if you need to hire a hit man to take him out, I am just the girl to do it lol What is wrong with you How could you I was hoping you would die suddenly somewhere in the book so I could actually enjoy one part of the book I HATE YOU Matt I was really rooting for you I thought you would help Katie out in the situation she was in but you failed I wanted you and Katie to be together at least and that didn t even happen You were just a waste as a character and thought you shouldn t of been in the book As you can tell I didn t like ANY of the characters in this book, I just couldn t relate to them and I also couldn t get into the story which didn t make any since all together I don t want to say everyone wont like this book because I guess there are girls that can relate to Katie or the story in some type of way I m just not weak and I don t enjoy reading about weak characters That s all I have to say.Rating SF for SNOOZE FEST Alice 3

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    This book has a good concept and a good underlying moral Katie is strong and she has had a pretty rough year, and she s only 17 She has the normal 17 year old worries like getting a scholarship for college, graduating high school and boys But she also had a load of shit going on at home along with 10 million other things I loved what the book stood for, but again I wasn t wrapped up in the story.it kids made me feel really sad and depressed and i just wanted to finish it and forget about it There was nothing happy about this book and although I liked the whole concept there should have been some good times Some hop that things will get better but there wasn t It started sad and ended pretty sad and I can t deal with that I can t remain content and satisfied with that Everyone deserves to be happy.

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    Originally posted at Girls on YA Books Warning..review is rather long butI had a strong opinion about it.read on at your own discretion Review I ve read my fair share of contemporary books with the theme being a broken girl thrown into a mix of lies, broken family, etc It s easy for these kind of books to merge together, each one becoming a replica and nothing outstanding I have to say that Lisa did a great job at creating Smashed so that it does not blend in with the background but instead, stands out Upon reading some reviews of this book I was wary to start it I heard things about way too much foul language, explicit sexual description, etc I even read this one review where it said just this I am now going to tell you what happens and save yourself the embarrassment of having read something so awful.Guy attracts alcoholic pretty, successful, and needy girl, who is dumb enough to coerce herself into his groping hands.Alcoholic girl parties with guy for half the book.Alcoholic girl drives drunk with guy and crashes them into a tree, disfiguring said guy Guy takes the blame for the crash so she will owe him sex Guy stalks girl for half the book.Guy rapes girl.Girl has PTSD and then beer is found in guy s school locker THE END.oh yeah, there was supposed to be something about her dad Yeah there was, but it was so irrelevant and stereotypical I have forgotten Ok, I am not even the author by I m offended There was so much to this book than that I don t know but I like the broken stories the best The ones about the girl with so many problems she is practically drowning in them Where the girl is so strong that she can pull through from all her problems I think those protagonists are the strongest ones of all They have courage, faith, and strength than the ones fighting the government in resistance, trekking through a forest filled with demons and other scary stuff Why Because they hold truth These could be the stories that help a girl or boy out because they are going through the same things Dumb enough to coerce herself into his groping hands Excuse me It is so far beyond that Did you not read any of her thoughts It wasn t a fact of being dumb it was the fact of being a decent human giving someone a benefit of the doubt She liked him She thought he was a nice sweet guy She didn t expect him to attempt rape Haven t you ever been in love It can be frighteningly true when they say love is blind No girl wants to be raped No one wants to think someone they know and care about is capable of it To be honest I probably might have thought those thoughts before but then I read Knee Deep by Jolene Perry and it kind of opened my eyes a little to these things that happen It gave me a different way of thinking about girls that struggle through alchohol addictions, lying, being raped, staying in abusive relationtships, etc You would think it d be so easy to just turn away I mean you d have to be stupid to stay in an abusive relationship right Wrong It is so much than that and I feel as if whoever is quick to judge is the stupid one Now, please take note I am not calling the author of the quoted review stupid I was just deeply offended by it and felt as if I needed to explain something Now, enough with that rant, on to the book Please, completely disregard any reviews like that Read it for yourself and see if you agree or disagree Take head Don t read it Read it You may do as you please The problem now a days is we see something, hear something and we are too quick to believe it Instead of finding the facts out ourselves and thinking Well, based on all the data I have gathered, what do I think and do get all sides of the story Don t read a good review and think Oh I am going to love it you may as well just hate it Don t read a bad review and think Oh, well that s not worth it Might as not read it ever.because you very may just have loved itfound a favorite book of yours Would you know that No Why Because you took someone else s word way too easy and too much to heart You didn t find out yourself so you lost the chance of falling in love with a book Heed this warning Don t The choice is up to you Ok, I did it again I ranted and now I am already six paragraphs in and haven t talked about the book like I am supposed to And it is a rather boring and high on emotional rantingOops D Where d the fun go So Katie has her problems One problem leads to the other and it all kind of just starts snowballing leaving her run over at the bottom of the hill by the huge snowball that has been falling and collecting for sometime I felt so sorry for her But then, I didn t If she hadn t gone through all that stuff I don t think she would be nearly as strong as she was by the end of the book It s hard to see but all the bad that happens to us happen for a reason A reason we may not be able to understand at the time but a reason none the less Isn t that a horrific thought But its true What doesn t kill us really does make us stronger Katie s friends were the true hope in most of the book I loved Stan and I loved Matt and I loved Cassie They were her backbone Katie didn t realize it while she was being plowed but they were No matter what she did she still had their support It d be nice to have those right We can if we associate ourselves with the right people That was one of Katie s flawsone of the things that lead her to her ultimate downfall She associated herself with the wrong crowd, pushed away the right crowd, then let herself be alone.think she was alone Those who truly love us won t ever leave us alone Mr Luedeke created a wonderful, heart wrenching, inspiring tale that absolutely touched my heart Her writing was soulful, ugly in truth but beautiful in outcome She really explored what it means to find love in others, and especially yourself Life isn t easythis is what Lisa shows us The brutal honesty Lisa portrays is exactly what I loved about this book It had its flaws But don t we all Nothing is perfect and nothing will be I just wanted to show this one last paragraph from the previously quoted review Conclusion.Let us look at the most penetrating, deep questions Katie poses to herself Why did I ever do half the things I did P.76 What did I really want P.179 Sadly, she never quite finds out At least she apologizes for being an idiot on page 316, but she does nothing to change it.This book perpetuates the YA lit lie that things improve without personal change Absolutely despicable Just think about it We teens are getting the message from the protagonist that it s OK to smoke weed It s OK to get hammered every chance you get It s good in fact, because your life will improve while you do all these things Just look at Katie Just look at her and her stupid life and stupid choices and the utter lack of ability she has to control her own actions Indeed, if you take a look at all, take a good long look.And don t forget this terrifying read No She doesn t find out exactly what she wants Or why she did what she did Do you Do you know exactly what you want and why you did the things you do If you do, damn Color me jealous No Katie DOES change She is able to have the courage to face her fears, step away from her past and start over You can t go back and change the past Sometimes you have to move one and completely start over If you are constantly looking over your shoulder, you might miss that you are walking to your own death Haha not once did it encourage the smoking of weed or to get hammered No SHIT You have got to be kidding me The hell Katie s life did NOT improve because of those.they let to her utter demise She was DESTROYED because of it She lost EVERYTHING Have you never made a stupid decision in your life If not, well then color me jealous TWICE We learn from our mistakes I am sorry but I found that completely insulting We are entitled to our own opinions but if those opinions are insulting, rude, ignorant and disrespectful don t even bother opening your damn mouth Sorry my feathers are completely ruffled I do encourage you to read this book I liked it I found it inspiring and lovely It was true It was honest It was done right I don t encourage you to go and do what Katie did I don t encourage you to make every damn mistake possible so you can learn from it Yes, some of Katies decision s were stupid So are some of mine Again, not encouraged I encourage us to make the best decisions possible To do what is best for you Will you make the wrong choice sometimes Yes Will that cause you trouble Most likely Negative outcomes occur But life doesn t come with a warning Do this and this will destroy you Humanity has blessed with a conscience A conscience some people refuse to useA conscience some choose to embrace There is humanity, morals, goodness Whether we choose to use them is our choice There is no perfection in this imperfect world Katie did some terrible things but it cost her It molded her It scarred her It transformed her In the endit didn t destroy her Rating 4 of 5 stars

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    3.5 starsCross posted at I Just Finished Reading I don t often read YA, and there s a really good reason for that which I will note in a moment But this is a coworker s debut novel So I really wanted to read it.The novel takes place in small town Maine Katie s dad up and left them just went out one day and never came back Katie doesn t know if he s dead or alive, but works on the assumption that he s still alive Her mom works nonstop and when she s not at work, she is hanging out in Portland with her latest boyfriend, leaving Katie to care for her younger brother alone Mom comes home only to replenish the groceries Katie has a lot of feelings of inadequacy mixed up with her dad s desertion My father had pulled his truck out of our driveway five years before, after a fight with my mother, and vanished There had been one card, on my brother s birthday, then nothing Nothing I didn t know if he was dead, but sometimes believing he was beat the alternative that he hated us enough to leave and never look back.She also obviously also feels the pressure of having to be the parent for her 12 year old brother She has a strong support system, though, in her friends and their parents The main thing keeping her remotely grounded is the possibility of a hockey scholarship.Katie s group of friends and their dynamic strikes me as authentic some of these kids drink some to excess and some don t at all They smoke dope But overall, most of them are good kids Sounds typical, I suppose Alec is a hotshot football player, whom Katie her friends have always looked down on as a player They aren t buying his I m so awesome bullshit But one day over summer, when Katie is missing her best friend vacationing in Europe , Alec approaches her, and she feels something A pull, an attraction.She begins an on again, off again friendship relationship with Alec, until his destructive behavior makes her feel uncomfortable He encourages her to drink constantly, and tries desperately to get her into bed She constantly flip flops about her feelings for Alec One night, after a lot of drinking, there is a car accident Alec s car is totalled It s assumed that he was driving, but it was actually Katie She lets him take the blame, and that s when trouble starts.Katie is overcome by feelings of guilt, but buries them with alcohol As her behavior becomes and self destructive, she still feels obligated to Alec and though he creeps her out most of the time, she still wonders if maybe he really likes her after all She is so confused and consumed with guilt that she tries to avoid him at all costs.Until she can t, and an encounter at a New Year s party turns into rape Yes warning there is a rape in this book It s not terribly graphic on page, but it is there, and obvious, and painful.Following this, Katie comes completely unravelled, drinks excessively, even during school, and withdraws completely from her friends and family.I felt as though her counselor and or teachers should have noticed and recognized the signs of trauma After all, we know that they receive training for this However, they didn t believe her They thought the claim of rape was a way to avoid taking responsibility for her drinking Even her own mother didn t believe her at first He raped me She blinks once, stares at me Alec Osborne New Year s Eve He did, Mom I look at her and start to cry Mrs Bradford pauses and bites her lip You know how serious it would be to lie about something like that God, I hope that doesn t happen as often as I think it does Katie is forced into rehab and counseling And although the rape is reported at least they followed mandatory reporting laws , it s a case of he said, she said, and Katie s credibility is nil due to her drinking and Alec isn t prosecuted Oh how this frustrated me on Katie s behalf It s a perfect example of real life, though it happens, and happens often And the victim blaming and trauma here is a huge part of why we tell our kids No means No even if you think it doesn t Even if she s running hot and cold She s a teenager, too, and as confused as you might feel, she feels the same confusion And as adults, we can also be unsure of what we want We talk about potential situations often, and counsel them on ways they might approach any situation.During rehab, Katie begins to come to terms with her dad s desertion, her reason s for drinking and a whole host of other issues And though she loses her scholarship as a result of her self destructive behavior, in the end, it looks like she ll be ok However, the book ended rather abruptly and we really didn t get a chance to see how well she does in the real world.Lisa Luedeke s writing is excellent Though it s in 1st person which I hate , I struggled through, and realized why so many YAs are in 1st person As an adult, it takes you right back to that age, and as a YA, it speaks to you on your own level puts you in the character rather than being an observer You feel everything right along with Katie Luedeke s characters leaped off the page They felt very real Spoke like teens Acted like teens Felt the things that teens feel the confusion, the intensity, the despair, the boastful pride all of it And therein lies my problem with YA.I have only really run into this one other time with Marie Force s Love at First Flight not a YA I felt like the situation struck too close to home I wanted to avoid it at all costs I have two teenagers I live in fear that one day they or one of their friends will have an issue with drinking Especially now that Oldest is starting college He came home from the Bahamas and my nephew s fraternity house and told us how he was drinking, but luckily he can handle his alcohol Gah A parent s worst nightmare I read to escape real life Let me rephrase I read fiction to escape real life Reading something that strikes at one of my worst fears that my kids or their friends might get out of control, addicted to alcohol, or worse is not my idea of a good time This was a very difficult read I can definitely appreciate Luedeke s talent, and those who love YA will probably love this book to pieces Apparently it s been compared to Speak which I confess I haven t read, but wow I ve actually heard of.It s a difficult but excellent look at teen relations, teen problems, addiction, recovery, and forgiveness So for fans of YA, this is sure to be a hit If you love YA, I highly recommend it For myself Not so much.

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    This is the third time I ve read this book and I just love the pace, the plot, and the character development Lisa we want This is also the book I use to with my non readers and readers alike to hook them into my book recs Everyone should be a part of this thrilling story

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    With Katie doing what she was doing the lying and the drinking and the lying, I was hard pressed to like her Truly, I was trying not to judge, but couldn t help it but this was all before what s done to her happened Prior to that, I felt sorry for the girl but nothing than that After, if I set every other thing aside, like she s too down on herself or like he is in a class of his own in being a douche almost to the point of being criminal, my main issue is that i felt it a load of crock how things eventually went down Would it happen in real life That her reputation be taken a strike against the gravity of what she was saying, so much so that virtually nothing is done about it Really I don t know what my point is, but something about how things unfolded on that end still bothers me There s basically no consequence for the guy and if possible things get worse for her She s isolates herself, drowns herself in the thing that got her in the mess to begin with, and then loses what mattered most to her.Now before that the girl s life read almost too sad Father gone, mother absent, and the girl free to do as she pleased, then throw in a handsome boy that prompted her to question what does he see in me Actually, she asked that a lot of the time She s doubtful curious wary surprised that people take an interest in her It s a sad but frustrating too Except all that was depressing seemed to be the reason she was doing what she was doingso that it felt almost cut and dried But nothing in this is really all that simple especially if you factor in the sides of her that were better as with her feeling like she s all her little brother had, her setting her mind on a goal and going at it But then, time and time again she d get sucked in, and I d wonder what the hell are you thinking, girl It was frustrating how she went into something knowing something was not quite right and then him proving just how low he could stoop 2.5 5

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    Smashed By Lisa Luedeke Teenage sport fanatic Katie Martin is looking at a full ride to the University of Maine all thanks to her extreme passion for playing field hockey Katie has one year to keep it together and she will be living her dream With a mom who works the graveyard shift and crashes at her boyfriend s house hours away, younger brother who basically lives with the neighbors, and a misfit dad that ran at the first sign of responsibilities she can t wait to leave Everyone has their own guilty pleasure and for Katie it s alcohol One small addiction will turn her life upside down in ways than one. This book is truly gripping and extremely relatable for any high school athlete There are many different sides to sports and high school but drugs and alcohol are always going to be one of the bigger parts To work your butt off for a experience to play in college is a lot of work, between the hours put in at practice, outside of practice, games, the social life you give up to only be the best possible This book shows exact play by play what the life of a dedicated athlete looks like For Katie like most other athletes even today that meant sports first, school work, then the partying She would go home after a long day and have a drinkor five Long weekend comes around teachers and coaches tell you to make smart decisions and you go to a party and get messed up As an athlete this book has really made me look at the choices me and some of my friends have made over the years To see how far we ve come and to see how much we ve all changed scares me for college when we will all be constantly surrounded by alcohol We use to mess around around and be dumb a lot, but looking at it from this side of the fence we were literally just young and dumb For me it won t be a problem to give it up, sadly for some of my teammates it might be a huge struggle but only time will tell.

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