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    This book was written at a 4th or 5th grade reading level for a young adult meaning teenagers audience I thought the plot and character formation were inane and improbable Knowing that this is for a teen audience, I thought there was an awful lot and I do mean awful of sexual conduct In the usual way of today s modern novel, there was a set of parents that no one could possible respect, and therefore, a pair of teenagers who had absolutely no love or respect for their parents This gave the teenage daughter an excuse to really act out in every way imaginable Reading this sort of high school trashy nonsense helps remind me of the reasons I am not choosing to put my 15 yr old in a high school environment So, for that, I thank you Elle Casey It is very hard to know the quality of a book when you are ordering it from a list of free books for the kindle P.S I did love Swiss Family Robinson, and The Breakfast Club I m not sure why the book description thinks this book holds a candle to either of those titles

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    I m finished This was one of the funniest books I ve read this year I didn t go two pages without gigglingand sometimes laughing hysterically like an idiot I d you want your family to think you re crazy, definitely read this around them I couldn t stop laughing throughout most of the book The objectionable elements were bad language and some sexual elements, though I didn t think any of them were graphic Anyway, it was just a super fun and funny book to read

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    From my blog, Word Vagabond Supporting Independent and Small Press Authors Sarah Peterson is appalled at having to go on a cruise with the deeply uncool Buckleys, Candi and Jonathan Her father is working on some kind of business deal with the Buckley parents, so she and her brother Kevin won t even be able to ignore them To top it off, she just caught her boyfriend cheating on her with her best friend She is so not in the mood for this trip.The four of them are just starting to figure out there may be to each other than meets the eye when their boat is hit by a rogue wave and begin to sink Suddenly it s not just about tolerating each other they have to learn to work together fast if they want to survive.Billed as The Breakfast Club meets Swiss Family Robinson , Wrecked starts off following that formula a bit too literally The characters begin as stereotypes, and in Sarah s case, not particularly likeable ones Luckily this is a book all about character growth, so by about the middle of the book they re starting to feel like real people The dialogue is still a little awkward in places, though.Another issue is the constantly shifting point of view In some places this happens several times on the same page We even get the thoughts of minor characters, like the guy Candi flirts with on the cruise Since this is a book with four main characters, it would make sense to change the point of view perhaps every chapter, but so much switching back and forth without clear separation is confusing Also, the author seems to use this technique as an easy way to tell us what s going on, rather than showing us through the characters actions.My favorite part of the book was their time on the island The character dynamics were well done, and Casey clearly put a lot of thought into what they would need to do to survive, not just physically but emotionally This was the part of the book I felt had the most depth I actually found myself hoping they wouldn t be rescued This was a fun book and a promising debut novel Casey still has some room to grow as an author, but if she keeps developing her writing style, her future stories should shine

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    OH MY GOD I NEED A SEQUEL BUT THERE ISN T ONE AND THAT MAKES ME RELIEVED AND SAD AT THE SAME TIME composes self Ahem.I loved it This book intruiged me as I hadn t come across the concept before and was not disappoitned The adventure was great and the twists and turns kept me on my toes The characters are relateable and wonderfully flawed like all good characters are and the relationships between them are believeable Casey has a great understanding of teenagers and everything that happens I could truly imagine happening with my friends The humour and banter in this book is wonderful and I frequently found myself grinning like a mad person whilst reading and sniggering into my pillow as I stayed up late reading it into the night The only thing its missing is some arguments a bit of added drama would have made it that little bit better but it was so good anyway I don t even care.This is going to sound weird but I really loved the swearing in the book I know weird right I don t understand how some authors write books aimed about teenagers young adults and don t include acknowlege swearing it s just unrealistic But in this book is was not only included, but used in such a way that was humourous and it enhanced the book considerably If your looking for something new on the young adult scene this is it I definitely recommed it Oh and btw, thankyou Elle as now I cannot stop sining that Gwen Stefani song ________ THIS SHIT IS BANANAS B A N A N A S

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    What do you get when four teens from opposite ends of the social spectrum find themselves wrecked on an uninhabited island Well, if you re Elle Casey, you get the YA Action Adventure novel Wrecked From being introduced to the four protagonists, to when they re on the cruise ship, to when they re in a life boat in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, to their life on the island, and all the way to the satisfying conclusion, Wrecked will keep the reader interested The relationships, emotions, and actions of the four protagonists were kept real, like I could honestly see these characters as teens with real reactions They make great decisions, make not so great decisions, take action, make a home, fall in love, laugh, cry, have meltdowns, and do what they can to survive Oh, and did I mention there are pirates Because there are pirates okay, the marijuana growing drug dealer type of pirates and, as Wrecked puts it, You know, Pirates of the Caribbean is very misleading Why was I rooting for the bad guys All in all, Wrecked is a well written, well paced, novel that not only has action and adventure it s genre but also has plenty for those who are fans of romance, comedy, and drama I got to interview Elle on my blog, Alice in Readerland www.aliceinreaderland.wordpress.com Visit to see the interview

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    From the second I read the first page I knew how the book would end, and I was completely right, the first of the book was boring, and the character s are very typical with no originality, the middle was the only good part but I still was yawning through most of it, and the ending was a huge disappointment.

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    I started this book in audiobook form and finished it as an ebook I love Whispersync While I wasn t the biggest fan of the narrator s voice, I didn t hate it either and got used to it in 20 minutes or so and didn t mind it later on What I did mind, however, was along the plot and characterization lines I wasn t a fan of the way Sarah and Kevin acted towards their parents and while I do agree that the father that was in this book was awful, I think it was all a bit overdone The Peterson family was all about bad relationships and lack of respect between the family members, while the Buckley family seemed a bit too sweet I wish that there had been middle ground with both of these families.The book is told from four POVs kind of , but to be frank, I had real difficulty in differentiating between the four and it actually helped a great deal when the narrator gave them different sounding voices I read read the other half of the book and it was a lot harder for me to understand which one it was about at that particular moment Plus it didn t help that the POVs seemed to change out of the blue I disliked one of the heroines Sarah from the very beginning If one wants to read about a real witchy 17 year old girl, Sarah is totally your girl Her behaviour made me roll my eyes around a lot hey, at least my eyeballs got their daily exercise I was actually quite convinced that I would loathe Sarah till the very final minutes pages, but to my utter surprise I actually grew to tolerate her when these teenagers were finally wrecked BUT it all reverted when they got off the island My favourite character from the very beginning was of course the nerd boy Jonathan, but I do have to agree with other readers that his trivia knowledge sounded a lot like Wikipedia at times and one 17 year old cannot know everything about everything Also, what the hell did he see in the witch beside her looks The other two Candi and Kevin didn t give me any lasting impressions at first, but I actually grew to like them pretty fast Their relationship made a lot sense to me than the one between Sarah and Jonathan, but I do have to admit that I kept expecting a plot twist of sorts where Jonathan and Kevin fell in love instead, because that, ladies and gentlemen, would have been epic But that was not to be and instead I got to read and listen about the super candy sweet relationship development of sorts between Candi and Kevin and the thing between Sarah and Jonathan All in all, I actually rather liked it despite the misgivings and exercise in eye rolling Maybe I would ve enjoyed it in my late teens The Book Challengers blog The Book Challengers Instagram The Book Challengers Twitter

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    Well what can I say that hasn t already been said nope absolutely nothing.Elle had me hooked right from the start again, I really love her writing style, there is no prolonged descriptive prose but you can see exactly in you mind the whole story and surroundings Her visualisation skills are absolutely great, she gets to the point with things without you wanting to skip a few lines whilst waiting for the author to get to the point, she just throws it in here there an everywhere which is pretty darn good writing skills and she does it perfectly Yeah sometimes these four teenagers frustrated me, for instance the radio on the boat you knew what was going to happen and you wanted to shout at them don t be so flippin stupid but hey don t teenagers screw things up at the best of times Yeah it was kinda predictable in places but I still really enjoyed being wrecked with them It s not quite as good as The Changelings in my eyes but it is still a really good read and worth giving it a go.

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    WRECKED was so much fun to read What could be better then my two favorite things combined, cruising and camping I know one is luxury and one is roughing it , but I love them both So when I came upon this book I knew I had to read it Jonathan, Sarah, Kevin and Candi, end up on a cruise together with there families , because there dad s are doing a business deal They are from polar oppisite social spectrums and end up after some really funny typical cruise moments, wreaked on an island They must learn to eat, live, trust, and survive together There is romance, comedy and danger Elle Casey I love your book, I hope you will consider a sequel.

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    This book, for lack of a better word, was amazing From the character intros, to the last page, I was intrigued Elle clearly understood teens, because all of their motivations and goals were believable even the way in which they became stranded was believable I LOVED EVERY aspect of this book I definitely recommend it, a must read The only reason I didn t give it a 5, was because I save 5 s for books I have a connection with, but this was a definite 4 1 2.

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