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The Book of Tormod #3 quotes The Book of Tormod #3 , litcharts The Book of Tormod #3 , symbolism The Book of Tormod #3 , summary shmoop The Book of Tormod #3 , The Book of Tormod #3 1f0369c5 The Final Book In Kat Black S Historical Fantasy Trilogy Tormod MacLeod S Brother, Torquil, Has Been Captured And Locked In A Dungeon Hidden In The Depths Of The French Royal Castle Tormod And Aine Journey To France, Hoping To Save Him, But The Search Is Proving Difficult Than They Ever Imagined And Getting Out Alive Seems Impossible Meanwhile, They Must Stop The Wicked Plot That King Philippe Le Bel Has Put In Motion To Destroy The Knights Templar From Within Their Journey Takes Them All The Way To The French Court, Where They Meet The Enchanting Princess Isabella She Has Her Eye On Tormod, And Aine Notices Their Chances Of Accomplishing All They Ve Set Out To Do While Keeping The Power Of The Holy Vessel From Being Exposed To The World Are Slim, And In The End, Tormod Has A Devastating Decision To Make

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    I read this book to preview it for our school library I found it to be appropriate for middle school There are no language issues, minimal hormones, and the violence in the book is typical for the genre and time period in which the book is set view spoiler Tormod seems to really grow up in this book, and the characters that seem to ground him have returned He spent most of the 2nd book running around Scotland losing his mind In this book, he has a purpose and focus, but there hasn t been any time for training and it is still a little unbelievable that he can do what he can with his abilities Not sure if this is the last book in the series or not There seem to be several unfinished storylines hide spoiler

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    An excellent ending to the injustice and greed of those in power.

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    The third book in The Book of Tormod series by Kat Black, A Templar s Destiny does not disappoint After his failures in Scotia, Tormod returns to France with new friends and old companions, to save his brother kidnapped in his place On this journey, Tormod s relationship with Aine hits highs and lows as he tries to reconcile his feelings for her with the oaths of a Templar Knight.Kat Black brings together a cast of characters she d sent out in the world, and through pain and perseverance, they hope to triumph in the end The way Kat writes her characters continues to bring them to life, and make the reader truly care whether they find love or loneliness, and live or die Her descriptions are as vivid as her characters are relatable, Each page feels like you re in 14th century Europe, and on an adventure to boot.What I love most about this series and this book especially is its grounding in the mythology and history of the Templar Knights I ve always been fascinated by knights, and especially the Templar Knights, and reading a novel based around the factual heroes of European history is exciting because even when the series ends, there is so much information out there on the Templar Knights, that the story never really ends.

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    I m sad the journey is over I like how everything tied up together and made something from history an enjoyable journey I stumbled across this series just after the first book was published and looked forward to next instalment Tormod will be missed Let s hope there is from Kat.

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