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Breathe My Name pdf Breathe My Name, ebook Breathe My Name, epub Breathe My Name, doc Breathe My Name, e-pub Breathe My Name, Breathe My Name f1e76dd2950 I Need To See You Please Come Right AwayWe Have To Finish Frances Robinson Is In High School Now She Lives A Quiet, Suburban Life, Far From Her Horrifying Past When She Was A Child, Her Birthmother Smothered Her Three Sisters Through Pure Luck, Frances Survived Now Her Mother Has Just Been Released From Prison And She Wants To See FrancesA New Boy At School Called Nix Charms Frances Together, Nix And Frances Embark On A Clandestine Journey To Visit Frances Mother To Confront The Monster In Its Lair This Trip Will Help Frances At Last Find Peace Or Die Trying But No Matter What, Frances Will Discover Just What It Means To Finish

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    Well At first I was pretty into this book It deals with a teen who was the only surviving sister of infanticide Her mother suffocated her 3 younger sisters in a post partum, isolated, depressed situation I think many aspects of how she may feel growing up, and why this could have possibly happened is interesting I also feel like many of the characters were fairly well flushed out So why the 2 Towards the end of the book the author throws in what i felt was a totally superfluous plot twist in which a freaky obsessive guy tries to set up the main character The whole thing is completely unrealistic and silly and does not add to the plot at all, at least in my humble opinion.P.S everyone else seems to love it so maybe don t trust me

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    I haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaated this YA novel, which has won a number of awards which it did not deserve Hate Hate Hate Let me tell you why It opens with a creepily evocative piece of writing from the point of view of a child, Shine, living with her three younger sisters and their psychotic mother, who thinks she s the queen of a fantasyland called Fireless.Then it switches to the same child, now a teenager named Frances, who is living with her adoptive parents in Alabama Her birth mother and sisters are nowhere around Anyone who follows the news can instantly figure out what happened, though Nelson doesn t reveal it until about a third of the way into the book Frances seems reasonably well adjusted, though with some residual PTSD.She falls for the new boy at school, Nix, who is from New Orleans and is Quirky with a capital Q He has an autistic brother and is great with the school s developmentally disabled student and takes her to a furniture store for a date and is just fine that everyone thinks he s weird because of all the great things he does for his autistic brother and is generally a saint I hated him Especially when he kept dropping Mammy Ida, his Creole nanny, into the conversation He s a manic pixie dream guy, and the trope is no less annoying when it s gender flipped.Frances gets a message via a lawyer from her birth mother, now in a halfway house for murderers found not guilty by reason of insanity, to come see her So she and Nix go on a road trip into her past.Why I hated this book 1 I have a problem with the use of autistic people as devices to show how wonderful neurotypical people are for being nice to them If the autistic brother was a real character, that would be different, but he isn t He s just there to show how awesome Nix is.Frances has a climactic realization that all people are damaged and broken, from the brother to her mother to her and Nix That does not work at all If her PTSD was severe enough to ever make anyone think she s scary or different or Other in any way, that could have worked but it isn t.2 Nix really rubbed me the wrong way I think Nelson tried too hard to make me love him.3 The climax was possibly the stupidest thing I ve read all year If the book had been a thriller, it still would have been stupid But at least it would have been less jarring A mainstream novel should not climax with the discovery that view spoiler the letter from her Mom was faked by the lawyer, whose daughter died, in an unrelated incident, the same day that Frances sisters did Furious that a woman killed her own daughters when he would have saved his if he could, the lawyer became obsessed with the idea that Frances should enact justice on her mother He got a job at the halfway house and waited nine years to write the fake letter luring Frances to the halfway house in the hope that she would murder her mother When she doesn t, he tries to strangle Frances Her psychotic mother smashes his head in and kills him Frances goes off with Nix and burns down her abandoned childhood home.The end hide spoiler

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    I thought this book was well written, moving at times, and had a really sweet love story, but the plot twist at the end really made me dislike this book overall It felt like a bad episode of one of those detective crime scene shows, with an out of the blue villain that was totally unnecessary Given the gravity of the subject matter of this book, why was it necessary to add this plot twist There are plenty of significant issues to explore with respect to Frances and her healing that got skimmed over in favour of this plot point Really disappointing, to me it felt like a cheap trick, as if the author felt the need to add some action to make it flashy.I also thought Frances adoptive parents behavior was a bit over the top, locking her away was not going to help her I would have expected people who were given the opportunity to adopt someone who had been through what Frances had to have greater emotional intelligence I actually felt most of the adults were characterized very poorly.

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    I picked this up off the YA shelves at the library because of the cover I love the title written in condensation , and then because of the my mother killed all my siblings except for me and she s now in a mental hospital storyline Because I find those news stories about mothers who kill their children horrifically fascinating Breathe My Name wasn t bad when her mother s released from prison and leaves her a mysterious message, Frances and the new guy at her school, Nix, head off to find her The ending is fairly unbelievable, but I quite liked Frances, her anxious adopted family, and her memories of her mother s insanity It s never quite clear what s wrong with her mother the birth of her children and her isolation is mentioned, implying post natal depression, but she also says voices speak to her So, I m going with insanity as a nice general term.

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    Stunning Begs the question how do you begin to recover from a shattering tragedy, the kind that makes national news and makes your name a household word I loved the quirky, funny male character he saved the book from being too sad and gave it hope Very well written The main character was really flat with not much personality for most of the book, but that was by design However, it would have been nice to have a few scenes of her finding herself before the book ended Also, the final suspense was surprising, satisfying, but not entirely convincing Still, a very talented writer and one to watch.

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    Tonight I finished this book I enjoyed the book because it supplied me with a struggle between an average girl and herself while also adding a hint of love story I recommend Breathe My Name to those who love a good conflict with high stakes Also to those who like a good love story The book kept my interested the entire time I was reading and I found myself dying to know what would happen next In this story, the main character, Frances, lives a normal life as a junior in high school A perfect family, a perfect house, and a perfect life But she soon discovers she must confront her gross past Eleven years before, she was adopted into the family she was in, but the reason why still haunts her When she was little, Frances has 3 other sisters She lived with her birth mother and birth father in a small country house Her mother would imagine a world, Fireless, and the children would join her on adventures as they explored the forest around them and the creeks But soon, her birth mother became sick Sick as in crazy She started to see black all the time and felt the need to protect her children She needed to get them away from the world She decided to take them to Fireless On an average day she called each child up to her bedroom one at a time Once there, she would tell them where they were going and then before they could run, she smothered them with a pillow, murdering her children Only Frances survived Her birth mother was then placed in jail and then in a mental facility Eleven years later, Frances receives a visit from a lawyer, saying that her mother is soon to be released from the psychiatric facility because she was responding well and was recovering She also sent a letter to Frances through this lawyer It read, I need to see you Please come right away We have to finish Feeling the need to confront her mother, she heads off to find her birth mother with her boyfriend, Nix Overall I loved this book and would recommend it to anyone.

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    R A Nelson s work Breathe My Name is a sensible work of fiction that will tug at your heart and draw you in Along with a recent work, Teach Me, he follows a girl in her troubles to overcome her past and move toward forgetting her mother With every other chapter switching from Frances life when she was seven to the present with her as a junior in High School, it keeps you active in the story line I enjoyed her protective parents and her childish innocence, or so she would seem As life seems to be getting along, every moment thoughts of what happened occur Most of the time I was drawn in by Frances relationship with Nix and her need to open up to him The irony of it all is revealed as a creepy lawyer comes forward, R C Carruthers Throughout, I was impressed how the past seemed to coincide with the present, never left you confused as to what was happening With the help of her best friend, Ann Mirette, and Nix, Frances fights her way to finish what needs to be finished with her mentally ill mother My name isn t Frances is a big part of this book Her name is actually Francine Jelks instead of Frances Robinson and her parents aren t really her own, Afton Jelks is Breathe My Name reflects how Frances cannot forgive what has been done and it is very relatable Overall, the enjoyment rating for me is high but unless you like girlish moments of joy or sadness then you might want to slowly back away This book is most definitely for teens with a need for a happy ending.

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    Reviewed by Sally Kruger, aka Readingjunky for TeensReadToo.comFrances Robinson s story has a lot in common with several news stories in recent years Eleven years ago, her biological mother smothered her three younger sisters, and if it hadn t been for the arrival of a total stranger, Frances might have been next BREATHE MY NAME picks up when Frances is eighteen and a junior in high school She lives with her loving adoptive parents in a nice home in a nice town She is relatively happy, but things are about to change First, Frances meets Nix, a new student who just moved from New Orleans He s a bit different but strangely fascinating As lab partners, they begin to get to know each other and share stories But there s a story Frances can t seem to share the story of her mother and her sisters How do you tell someone you care about something like that The other change for Frances comes in the form of a letter delivered by a special messenger It appears to be from her mother, who has been locked up for the past eleven years She is about to be released to a group home and seems to be requesting to meet with Frances R A Nelson s BREATHE MY NAME tells the amazing story of a young girl trying to come to grips with her past and decide how to move on with the future Readers will find themselves pulled into the lives on the pages and carried along the sometimes frightening and bumpy ride as Frances takes control of her own destiny This book is well worth reading.

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    Frances is haunted by her past When she was small she lived with her mother and small sisters whom she helped cared for Her mother created a new, magical world that she raised her children around Frances father was always away and that s why what happened was such a miracle Frances mother took each one of her kids, one by one, up to her bedroom and smothered them Frances was th elast one and only one to survive because someone walked in.Now 18, she is adopted an still in school She is short, smart, and at first seems like she s not attracted to anything Then Nix comes to her happy little town from New Orleans and they start to get close SHe gets a mysterious letter from her mother, who s about to be released from jail.When Frances can finally reveal her secret to Nix, they journey together to go see Frances mother in a mental institution Frances isn t exactly sure what she s looking for or what she wants to find, but she does, deep down want to know why and how her mother could want to kill her kids and her father couldn t stop it.

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    Breathe My Name by R.A Nelson is an intriguing tale that keeps you reading Nelson develops character and theme with excruciating detail, creating a unique reading experience.His use of foreshadowing added an essential component of suspense in the already gripping tale To appreciate the story, we have to realize that as much as it talks about extremities, it also is reflective of the haunting yet heart warming details of life Nelson adds in small, almost undetectable moments of human frailty and tidbits of normality that strikes a note in the reader This causes a resonating effect and causes the audience, suspecting or otherwise, to fall in love with all aspects of the story.The themes of love and acceptance are laced into the novel with every word R.A Nelson takes care in injecting love into the imagery and into the characters to grow and develop this concept We as the audience get the full, haunting power of love and of the bond between family members in this lasting tale Through all odds, even amidst darkness, death and insanity, a family was reconciled in a moment of brokenness and fragility This resonates so well with our own world, where families are in need of reconciliation and true love.Like some other reviews have said before, this story had a lacking ending However I feel that the ending, however rushed and dry, leaves the reader to imagine and fill in the blanks themselves.The emotions, as others mention, are unbridled and beautiful and very real They reflect the emotions felt by us all.Breathe My Name is a gripping novel that will drown you in emotion and thought Sensitive and beautiful, R.A Nelson has created not only a story, but a piece of art reflecting love at its best Torn families are mended and new relationships are made However, truth remains The love in the blood of a mother and child will be the purest love in the world R.A Nelson has created a powerful novel from which we can all learn from and love Truly a masterpiece, literature at it s best.

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