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The Moon Dwellers (The Dwellers, #1) files The Moon Dwellers (The Dwellers, #1) , read online The Moon Dwellers (The Dwellers, #1) , free The Moon Dwellers (The Dwellers, #1) , free The Moon Dwellers (The Dwellers, #1) , The Moon Dwellers (The Dwellers, #1) dfcca0a86 In A Desperate Attempt To Escape Destruction Decades Earlier, Humankind Was Forced Underground, Into The Depths Of The Earth, Creating A New Society Called The Tri Realms After Her Parents And Sister Are Abducted By The Enforcers, Seventeen Year Old Adele, A Member Of The Middle Class Moon Dwellers, Is Unjustly Sentenced To Life In Prison For Her Parents Crimes Of TreasonAgainst All Odds, Adele Must Escape From The Pen And Find Her Family, While Being Hunted By A Deranged, Killing Machine Named Rivet, Who Works For The President She Is Helped By Two Other Inmates, Tawni And Cole, Each Of Whom Have Dark Secrets That Are Better Left Undiscovered Other Than Her Friends, The Only Thing She Has Going For Her Is A Wicked Roundhouse Kick And Two Fists That Have Been Well Trained For Combat By Her FatherAt The Other End Of The Social Spectrum Is Tristan, The Son Of The President And A Sun Dweller His Mother Is Gone He Hates His Father Backed By Only His Servant And Best Friend, Roc, He Leaves His Lavish Lifestyle In The Sun Realm, Seeking To Make Something Good Out Of His Troubled LifeWhen A War Breaks Out Within The Tri Realms, Tristan Is Thrust Into The Middle Of A Conflict That Seems To Mysteriously Follow Adele As She Seeks To Find Her Family And Uncover Her Parents True PastIn Their World, Someone Must Die

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    I hope you all enjoy my new book as much as my beta readers did Here are a few of their quotes after reading The Moon Dwellers I m excited for the next book and this one isn t even out yet Alexandria HOLY CRAP I literally JUST finished and I m kind of on that crazy after you finish an epic book high Kerri OH MY GOD What a lovely story David I am in LOVE with it Nicole Awesome job Can t wait till the book is going to come out Let me know when so I can demand all my friends to read it Kay I was heartbroken and cried my eyes out, but that s one of the things I love If an author can make me feel that much emotion through their characters then in my book that makes them so much better Kay again The action was absolutely amazing, and it kept me on my toes the entire time Overall it was kinda sorta FREAKING AWESOME Kerri again I love this book I am already dying to know what happens next Christina Wonderful story Laurie

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    Quick review Cover eye catching color Rating PG Thumbs Up 5Overall An amazing story with guts and determination.Characters Well writtenPlot An original tale with that kept me captivated.Page Turner Yes Series Cont Absolutely Recommend YesBook Boyfriend Tristan sigh SUMMARY 50 words or less This story is very well written and thought out So much so that the undercurrents of romance that on hinted at the surface didn t bother me In fact it was a plus The only thing I did was root for them all to survive this tale Awesome book Sequel Please To see my full review and yummy pic, check out my blog post below.http mybookboyfriend.blogspot.com 2

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    YA Dystopians have become my favorite genre over the past year There really aren t too many I haven t read yet, although there are a few I m not sure why I didn t read this one sooner, I am kind of kicking myself right now This was a thrilling, couldn t put it down kind of read The story is a dual POV between Adele and Tristan Adele is in prison through no crimes of her own The society is set up like a caste system, and Adele s class, The Moon Dwellers, is considered middle class Although now she has no rights at all, and is in prison for life Tristan is royalty, and at the other end of the spectrum He belongs to the Sun Dwellers, the richest souls in their society The Sun Dwellers control everything, and take away and from the Moon Dwellers and the Star Dwellers lowest class every year The castes are even separated geographically Everything is underground, after a global destructive event up above the earth.The story starts off where Tristan is in a parade of some sorts in the Moon Dwellers districts Adele sees him from the prison yard, and he, her The both experience an extreme sort of head pain when they lock eyes Tristan decides he must go back and find out about this girl He basically runs away to go find her, against his father s wishes So he sets off with his best friend and servant, Roc.Adele, meanwhile, has befriended 2 prisoners by the names of Cole and Tawni, and they make a prison break At the same time they are escaping, the Star Dwellers, who are upset with their lot in life, has declared war on the Moon Dwellers, and is bombing the heck out of their districts Its utter chaos as Adele runs to try to rescue the rest of her family, and Tristan is chasing after her.Adele is an awesome, kick butt kind of girl, and I absolutely adored her Tristan was no weakling, either, as he was trained in sword fighting since he was little He and Roc have an interesting time of things, though, as they don t have much common sense in the Moon Dwellers districts They get themselves in trouble than Adele does I loved the friendship and brotherhood of Roc and Tristan, and I thought their moments were some of the brightest and funniest The bulk of the story was really about these specific groups of people, but towards the end we start to see the bigger picture of this dystopian society, and its impending doom The ending set things up nicely for the next book, The Star Dwellers I can t wait to read the rest of the trilogy

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    Early Beta Review 2 21 12Wow, what an amazing journey into a completely unique world This Dystopian Urban Fantasy Novel stole my breath Journey under the earth s crust after post apocalypse into the tri realms for an emotional adventure ready to sweep you into it Adele is a 17 year old girl sentenced to life in prison because her father dared to question their unfair existence For six months she has held her own in the juvenile detention center while waiting for her 18th birthday only to be transferred to a maximum security prison She is a moon dweller, in this dystopian novel a moon dweller is the middle class but don t let that fool you most of their neighborhoods are slums Tristan is a Sun dweller, Prince of the Tri realms, first born son to the President Sun dwellers have been taking advantage of the moon dwellers and even lower class Star dwellers for 500 years However Tristan is unique and feels his father s tactics are unethical and disgusting.One day while fulfilling his princely duty he is in a parade that passes Adele in the yard on the detention center, their eyes meet and Adele feels an instant connection to him That had to be her imagination right Follow Adele and her band of rag tag friends in their mission to escape prison and rescue her father from the work camp he has been sent to At the same time fate leads Tristan away from his Palace in his journey to escape his existence as the Prince of the realm Will they meet Do they feel the same connection This was a fabulous work of art appropriate for all ages I am eagerly awaiting the next installment of this sweet and fantastical world from the amazingly creative David Estes Stalk David on his blog, goodreads, facebook.You can pickup The Moon Dwellers on and BN.Other Books by David EstesAngel Evolution The Evolution Trilogy, 1 Demon Evolution The Evolution Trilogy, 2 Archangel Evolution The Evolution Trilogy, 3

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    Rating 4 5The Moon Dwellers is the explosive start to the Dwellers Series This story takes place in a world where everyone lives underground The closer you are to the surface the better your life So we have the Sun Dwellers, the Moon Dwellers and the Star Dwellers The Sun Dwellers are the rulers while everyone else is pretty much their slaves In this book we follow Adele, a Moon Dwellers that has been sentenced to life in prison for the crime of her parents treason While in jail she meets a couple of people and together they will try to escape and get her little sister back In the mean time this book also has the PoV of Tristan, the son of the President and obviously a Sun Dweller In one of his trips in the Moon realm he sees a girl prisoner Adele and feels a mysterious, agonizing pain did I forget to mention she does too well she does After that he will do anything to find her again, but with Adele s escape and everyone on the realms being after her it would become harder and harder to meet his mysterious girl once and get some answers.What I mainly loved about this book is the world building, Estes did an amazing job working out all the little details for the three realms and their residents I also fell in love with Tristan, he is amazing, especially for being the President s son Finally the action and mystery This book is filled with fight scenes, running for your life moments and a lot There is also the great mystery behind Tristan s and Adele s connection All in all a good old WTF is going on.My only issue was the insta love, or better yet insta obsession Because of the mysterious pain they felt when they first locked eyes both MCs became obsessed with each other maybe I would too , but when they do finally meet they are suddenly suppose to have this insta connection that I didn t really feel, it was mostly forced on us But other than that this book, and hopefully the rest of the series, is kick ass If you are into Dystopian this is the book for you.P.S I listened to this one in audiobook and it was amazing Both narrators were awesome Definitely worth it.

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    Actual Rating 4.5Before I begin, thanks to the ARR program, I received a free copy of the Moon Dwellers from the author in exchange for an honest review Thank you for David for choosing me as a reviewer Adele is a strong, capable fighter who is stuck in a juvenile prison called The Pen We meet her when she gets picked on by another inmate, someone who s bigger and stronger than her With her unexpected fighting skills however, she bested the inmate and catches the attention of three different people two other inmates called Tawni and Cole, and Tristan, the prince of the Sun Realm Then begins the journey where Adele learns to trust her new inmate friends, who escape the prison together on a mission The story is told from two perspectives, that of Adele and Tristan From the first sight, they both feel some unexplainable chemistry and Tristan sets out to find this girl, unbeknownst to him that she s on a mission that will take her straight into the warzone It took me a while to get through The Moon Dwellers I m not quite sure what it was, perhaps the characters were undergoing such a journey that I felt like I had to let parts of it sink in before moving on to the next scene There s just such a build up of each character and the brief parts of world building that there was quite a lot to take in However, once I was well and truly through the book about 60% of the way through the action packed scenes and the climax of the book really takes off and I was captured until the end The dystopia setting of the Tri Realms The Sun Dwellers, Moon Dwellers, and Star Dwellers felt a lot like the Hunger Games Each realm is based on a class based system where the Sun is the richest, most powerful realm ie The Capitol and the Moon Realm Star Realm felt like different sectors from the Hunger Games, with the Star Realm being the poorest one As with any political struggle, the Tri Realms break into a war and our main characters are in the middle of it This definitely felt like the 2nd and 3rd book of the Hunger Games series Usually the whole insta love thing would bother me as it seems to be a main theme in a lot of YA books, but here it didn t The book focuses on the situation and character development so much that the whole love thing seemed to be secondary to it s focus When it s worked in with so much forethought, coming to a mind blowing explosion at the end, that s when it s actually done well.David Estes is skilled at conveying emotions and insights unique to each character, that by the end I found myself emotionally vested in the characters that he has created Adele has an inner strength about her that allows her to take care of others, such as the fragile but caring Tawni, and the haunted by his past Cole Tristan s struggle against his father and single focus in finding the girl he s so enad with was a welcome break from Adele s painstaking emotional and physical journey.I really enjoyed The Moon Dwellers and am clamouring for the sequel Check out Happy Indulgence for reviews

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    HmmI had to let this one sink in a bit.Very City of Ember feel to it, but MORE everything action, romance, back story, violence even caves I think And it s definitely an older read than City of Ember Very dark themes, and just the slightest smattering of young love My heart is alive again Because I see her I am always drawn to dystopian fiction, but have not read very much of it So I can t proclaim how similar or dissimilar it may be to The Hunger Games or many other books If most dystopian novels are like this one, I really need to get cracking You could really get a feel of a social statement being made about the world within it s pages, but it doesn t hit you over the head with the statement I m not sure what everyone s been smoking, but I want some clearly it s good stuff You really want to root for Adele and Tristan, you want everything to work out for them It s easy to connect to the characters, and wish you could be there beside them to help their lofty goals to better their world No matter how much I try to wish it all away, my past is the zit that you pop, watch bleed, watch heal, only to see poking from your skin again a week later Me, the queen of sarcastic comments self declared has been outsarcastified In reality, he s never so much as negotiated a turd from his butt I don t particulary like confrontation Unfortunately, confrontation seems to like me I ve had some strange requests in my life, but this one takes the cake if we had cake, that is Sorry, I just couldn t help myself there are SO many wonderful little gem of quotes in this book I laughed, I cried well at least got misty eyed , I said NO , I gasped it really takes you, wraps you up into this strange new world, and sweeps you away into the story I cannot recommend this enough Belly flop time.

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    I would like to thank author David Estes for sending me a copy of this book to read and review Review also posted here s a been a bit since I read a dystopian novel I have been wrapped up in paranormal lately, so this was really a great change.First, I must address the world that David built I really love the concept of having to move beneath the earth to escape after the collapse on the earth s surface I would have liked this to go a little into the depth of why it happened I think that would have made it a little believable for me With that said, I could totally picture David s worlds The Sun Dweller realm reminded me a bit of the ship from the movie Walle I could see how things were made to help simulate sun and being on the earth s crust The Moon Dweller realm reminded me of caves All I could think about was dark gray rock, rising on all sides, lit only by the timed lights that created day and night I cannot really picture the Star Dweller realm at this time, as we haven t really been there, but I know that comes in the next book In my mind there s a lot of dirt LOL I was worried about the book being told from two points of view I am always worried about this, especially when it is a male and female POV, which have to sound very different to be believable I was not disappointed I was a bit shocked by the insta love between the two main characters, but I almost feel there is to this that we have yet to learn about So I was able to put that on the back burner And I loved the way that David kept us in suspense through most of the book as the characters almost met a number of times before they finally come together.Adele is a kick butt heroine I love kick butt heroines She is smart and sassy She is certainly strong and capable She is also loving and compassionate She knows how to distance herself so she won t become attached or get herself into a situation where she might have to fight her way out But she also shows the side of herself that is a teenage, falling for Tristan as only a teen would do by seeing him and locking eyes with him in an almost love at first sight way She appropriately grieves death in the book, which I think is a hard thing to write And she shows us that you can overcome anything if you put your mind to it Although, she does have some luck along the way And she has flaws, which definitely make her relatable to the reader.Tristan is not at all what I would have expected He is strong and funny He has so much love, you can feel it coming off the page for both Adele and his friend Roc He is honest, almost to a flaw, but it suits him and makes him relatable And you can see that his ideals are in the right place, even if his father s are not I am curious as to what exactly it is he knows, as we don t really get any information on this during the book, except that it seems to be something that will help them change their worlds.The supporting characters, Roc, Cole and Tawni, are really great I love Cole s sense of humor and I was sad to see him go, as I really thought there could have been a lot to come with him in the story Tawni is certainly strong And she is definitely holding back some secrets that she seems to share with Roc and Tristan And Roc, well, I just love him He s such a great friend to Tristan, despite his position in the Sun Dweller realm as a basic servant to the prince Elsey is wise beyond her years I did find when she spoke that I really didn t see a 10 year old girl I know that she was supposed to have really grown while in the orphanage, but to me it wasn t quite believable And I m looking forward to seeing from Ben Rose, as I am sure he and Tristan are going to bond in the future over their love for Adele.I was a little disappointed that we didn t get insight into the evils that truly lurk in these worlds Alas, there is Star Dwellers for that to happen, no And I m excited to see if Adele finds her mother, and who else she and Tawni meet along the way.Overall, I really enjoyed reading this book I read it for a chapter a day read in Never Too Old for YA Books, and, let me tell you, it was hard to stop at just the chapters we were reading for that day I didn t read the sneak peak to Star Dwellers I want to be surprised when it comes out And I will read the rest of this trilogy, that is for certain Nicely done, Mr Estes I am looking forward to spending time in the realms come this fall I m rating this a 4 5 stars.

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    run slash stab kung fu kick to the balls run in the dark with hopefull abondon that you dont hit a wall face first Oh crap Whatch out for the canabalistic hag run some Oh shit, my pancreas, my liver, my leg Oh the agony epic tumble down raging waterfall Damn, are we there yet DEATH, PAIN, ANGUISH, and sweet FREEDOM Yup, we re here So, what do we do now , someone ask On to the next one And that my friends, is my personal synopsis for this novel Oh it was good, but horribly repatative in its actions at times The story begins with our stricken heroine who is in prison Her family has been falsely acussed of a crime by the corrupt government and now she seeks justice Justice being, getting her younger sister back, and breaking her father out of prison All of which take up the whole novel, while a rebellion is also taking place I ll be completely honest in saying that this entire novel is a wild goose chase, to put it simply But an entertaining, comic relief, action packed wild goose chase And in the end it did its job of keeping me interested enough to finish the book And the romance, for all of you who actually care about such trivial things, made me want to vomit for a number of reasons I m not even going to waste my time in explaining Just read, and enjoy snicker Perhaps I ll like the next one .

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    Oh Mr Estes what a horribly wicked, wonderfully awesome place you have created in the Tri Realms I thoroughly enjoyed The Moon Dwellers from start to finish I don t like to give things away in my reviews, bc I myself hate to stumble upon too many spoilers Especially about a good book and this is a GOOD book If you loved Hunger Games than I think it is safe to say you will love this one but believe me when I say they are not one in the same My thoughts I was worried at first that it would be a bit copy cat of HG because there are some similar elements i.e Mining, districts vs Sub continents, kick butt lead female with no social skills, little sis, suspect president BUT, and that s a big but, while there are similar ideas this book is soooo much .Two person POVs work extremely well here Going from Adele to Tristan throughout brought so much depth to these characters I fell in love with them rather quickly In fact, I fell for all of the supporting cast quickly, the good guys anyways Bromance Tristan and his servant BFF had such an awesome relationship with each other that there were times I wanted to pick up the phone and call my BFF, whose 500 miles away, just to tell her I love her I loved the humor that their interactions brought to the story as well A story of mutual umaffection This would be the best way to classify our budding romance between Adele and Tristan Young love is complicated as it is but add in magnetic first glances, I m a prisoner your a prince, mad man chasing me, war zone, i m risking my life for you, oh by the way I m Tristan , and of course your parents had mine arrested..this will be one happy family around the dinner table on turkey day You can see why this isn t just your run of the mill boy meets girl, girl swoons, kind of book This isn t a gratifying love story for about 75% of the book and that s a good thing I kept flipping pages thinking okay this chapter surely they ll finally catch each other My husband asked me why I grumbled several times during my reading, I was that frustrated for Adele and Tristan But Oh mylanta the first night they are finally with each other..swoon..so perfect for this couple in the telling of their story.Story, story, story First, the setting is wonderfully described David created an awesome under world of caverns and fake sun moon, Ii found the inner workings of an underground habitat to be quiet interesting Second, the tales of friendship, hardship, betrayal and family are all gripping and the fighting is crazy good too We are left at the end with lots of questions what does Tristan know about his Dad, what s up with Adele s mom, can our couple ever find love I for one can t wait for book two, coming in September, to continue this story I was given a free copy of this book for an honest read and review but would willingly have bought it..it s that good people Go read it, you won t be sorry.That s just my humble opinion

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