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A Kiss of Shadows (Merry Gentry, #1) chapter 1 A Kiss of Shadows (Merry Gentry, #1), meaning A Kiss of Shadows (Merry Gentry, #1), genre A Kiss of Shadows (Merry Gentry, #1), book cover A Kiss of Shadows (Merry Gentry, #1), flies A Kiss of Shadows (Merry Gentry, #1), A Kiss of Shadows (Merry Gentry, #1) 485ddd4b1f8c2 My Name Is Meredith Merry Gentry, But Of Course It S Not My Real Name I Dare Not Even Whisper My True Name After Dark For Fear That One Hushed Word Will Travel Over The Night Winds To The Soft Ear Of My Aunt, The Queen Of Air And Darkness She Wants Me Dead I Don T Even Know WhyI Fled The High Court Of Faerie Three Years Ago And Have Been In Hiding Ever Since As Merry Gentry, I Am A Private Investigator For The Grey Detective Agency Supernatural Problems, Magical Solutions My Magical Skills, Scorned At The Courts Of Faerie, Are Valued In The Human World Even By Human Standards, My Magic Isn T Flashy, Which Is Fine By Me Flashy Attracts Attention And I Can T Afford ThatRumour Has It That I Am Dead Not Quite I Am Princess Meredith NicEssus To Speak That Name After Dark Is To Call Down A Knock Upon Your Door From A Hand That Can Kill You With A Touch I Have Been Careful, But Not Careful Enough The Shadows Have Found Me, And They Are Going To Take Me Back Home, One Way Or AnotherSo The Running Is Over But The Fighting Has Just BegunRich, Sensual, Brimming With Dangerous Magic, A Kiss Of Shadows Is A Dazzling Tour De Force Where Folklore, Fantasy And Erotically Charged Adventure Collide

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    There was a lot about this book that I didn t like, but only some of it can be legitimately complained about.I can t really complain about the amount and type of sex in this book like I could for Anita Blake because, unlike Anita Blake, this book is meant to have sex in it It is Erotica.Sure, the silent, gaping, hole where my soul is shrieking over the tentacle sex would be fun to discuss, but I really can t I highly doubt many people would pick this book up without knowing that it s freaky beyond all reason and probably violates the Geneva Convention at least a couple of times Plus, I m pretty sure 35% of it is illegal in a minimum of three American states.But luckily, LKH gives me plenty else to complain about and it just happens to be pretty much everything wrong with the later Anita Blake books too The writing in this novel was horrible but it was actually the story telling and characterization that made it particularly difficult to wade through.The issue LKH has with taking 200 pages for all of the characters in Anita Blake to argue, discuss and consider her tampon brand is right here for easy access in MG Aside from a short opening scene, the majority of this 400 page novel occurs within 48 hour span Of those 48 hours, Merry is unconscious for a good 24 ish, I suppose, it s easy to lose track of time during the waffling of those.So basically the story revolves around Merry going back to Fairy, attending a party and heading home Along the way she gives a sideways glance at a mystery that solves itself, has a lot of sex and relies on unpredictable, unexplainable sex blood powers to fix all her problems and save the day.I was hoping that this book, unlike Anita Blake, would actually show Merry CHOOSING to have sex with a bunch of men, but not really Once again circumstances and people powerful than herself force her to do it Really She s just a victim here, guys.It s also a disturbing trend that LKH s female characters use their bodies sex to heal emotional hurts in others because, despite everything healthy and normal, apparently you can do that.If you want to get laid then just give Merry Anita a sob story about how you re so broken up inside can t get laid have some kind of repressed issues etc and she ll most likely sleep with you then Because that s all you need Her magic cooter will heal all your ills I wonder about the message it sends when Merry Anita has so little self esteem and values her body so little In fact, I worry about the disconnected way that Merry Anita use their bodies almost as if it was just a tool to share around for the greater good It almost makes me feel weird for only having sex with people because I WANT to have sex with them The part where she only considers turning down a man with tentacles spewing out of his abdomen, because she won t be able to properly fake her orgasms was a little disconcerting LKH, WTF Give us back our tentacle sex JapanBasically, unless you feel like reading something for shits tentacles and giggles, don t bother.

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    I Decline All Responsibility for this One the Only Reason I am Reading it is because the MacHalos are Collectively Holding a Gun to my Lovely Little Head Buddy Read IDARftOtORIaRisbtMaCHaGtmLLHBR With the Sadistic MacHalos Duh DNF at 54% And someone should seriously consider giving me a medal for making it that far.Actual rating 1.5 stars Good thing I was in a good mood when I DNFed read this one. view spoiler I am not drunk enough to review this book, but I ll do it anyway Because I am strong and tough and fierce and bold and audacious and stuff hide spoiler

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    I ve created one long run on sentence to plot this book for you English majors, turn away now Okay Ready Merry has a boyfriend who used to be a seal and when they had sex he turned back into a seal so she ran away with a guy who has tentacles all over his torso and started to have sex with him but they were interrupted by a hag who she turned inside out and thus found out that she was wanted back as a princess in her fey court which meant that she needed lots of sexy hunky guards all around because everyone was trying to kill her for some reason so she made a pact with the goblins to help protect her and got herself a goblin follower who ended up biting her while she was having sex with another one of her guards because the queen wanted her to have sex with as many men as she could so she could get preggo and create an heir to the throne.I know, right This book went on and on And on And oooooon but every time I started getting really bored, something totally ridiculous would happen I really liked that about this story It was crazy and kooky and totally unpredictable The huge cast of characters were all completely unique and kept me on my toes I liked playing the game of will she sleep with HIM whenever a new male would pop up Because that was the game If she didn t partake in some sort of sexual activity with one, it turned out that they already hated each other from days gone by.I m a big fan of weird shit, this might not shock you So, at the end of it all, I did enjoy this book The second one will probably be even strange, which intrigues the crap out of me It might be a while before I pursue book two I just don t have it in me to dive right into another epic Merry Gentry book But I WILL come back How could I not Dangle a giant pink carrot with magic powers and two dicks on it in front of me, and well, I m gonna chase it.

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    2 7 18 ON SALE for 2.99 by Rabid ReadsLaurell K Hamilton is consistently a woman ahead of her time.It started with her Anita Blake series back in 1993 Yes, that s right 1993 I was well, I m not going to tell you how old I was in 1993, but suffice it to say, I was young enough that my mother wouldn t want me reading an adult UF series, and that was BEFORE the Big Shift from straight up UF to UF erotica that took place in 2001 with book 10.So first Hamilton was one of the pioneers in the Urban Fantasy genre if you could even call it a genre at that time , then she began shifting her writing into the largely unexplored territory of erotica.That shift displeased many of Hamilton s fans, and she was criticized for lowering the standards of popular fiction in general She was attacked, and called all manner of nasty things, her writing referred to as smut and the so called decline of her series the result of laziness.Pfft.I m not going to undermine the outcry of the readers who genuinely have zero interest in the sexuality driven series that Anita Blake became If I hadn t adapted like multitudes of others , I would have also been hugely disappointed that a previously beloved series transformed into something I found utterly distasteful.But I did adapt, and Hamilton s Merry Gentry series has never been anything other than what it started as Fae YAY focused UF chock full of sexy times.If that s not your thing, then it s not your thing To each their own, and all that.But do not try to convince me that Hamilton traded well written, plot driven books for sex, sex, and MORE sex, THE END, b c it simply isn t true I leaned my back against the windows and the thick, hanging smog The day was as grey as my boss, but his color was a cool, crisp grey, like clouds before a spring rain What lay outside the window felt heavy and thick like something you would try to swallow, but you d never get it down It was a day to choke on, or maybe it was just my mood Say what you want about LKH, but girl can write.So by now, most of you know that I love A L I E N S But there is one thing that I love even than A L I E N S and that is .FAE.And LKH s Merry Gentry series embodies precisely what I love about Fae DELICIOUS ambiguity.Are they good, or are they bad It has never been, nor will ever be that simple At best you ll find mostly good or bad Fae, but even then, the basic nature of the Fae is so capricious that you can never know what they re going to do.I LOVE that.Another common theme in Fae based books is difficulty with procreation, and this is certainly the case in A Kiss of Shadows.The Fae, though practically immortal, have been dwindling for centuries The Unseelie Queen has but one heir, her son Cel, who is becoming and unignorably unstable Enter Merry, the Queen s part human niece, who is brought back into the fold and offered a bargain She can pick as many of the Queen s personal guard as she wants as lovers, and if she becomes pregnant within the next three years, the Queen will abdicate, making Merry the new Queen, and the father of the child the Consort and King.Guess how much Cel likes that proposition abouthismuch no spaces notalot.Yes, there s sex, and LOTS of it But there s also a good plot and lots o action as well the other kind of action, get your mind out of the gutter snorts Also, the Fae folklore is spot on The Seelie, though not much of a presence yet, are believably depicted as the shining ones that are not nearly the creatures of goodness and light that humans perceive them to be, and the Unseelie are a multitude of hideous creatures, as well as the Seelie like in appearance anyway royal sidhe.Basically, I loved it.I would recommend A Kiss of Shadows to anyone who doesn t mind a healthy dose of sex in their UF, but especially to those who have read and liked loved Karen Marie Moning s Fever series, or the independently published Fae Chronicles by Amelia Hutchins I won t absolutely guarantee that if you like either of those, you ll like this, but it s a near thing, and given that this series predates Fever by 5 or 6 years, I think it s safe to say that Merry Gentry paved the way for other books like this, Fever and Fae Chronicles included.

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    0.99 on December 25, 2017 My reverse harem MacHalo peeps, now is the time to get this puppy and go for a buddy read 2.99 on US October 20, 2017https www. Kiss Shadows MWow, I did not write a review for this Probably because I was in too much of a hurry to start the next book I loved this series, although it starts to fade towards the last couple It s about the fae, and I thought rather addicting It s over the top ridiculous with the reverse harem Merry has like 8 guys and there are tons of erotic scenes But there is I thought at least story also with Merry maneuvering her way through the courts and dealing with her villainous mother Unseelie Queen and the Seelie King Her men are so hot and it was just awesome for me I need to re read and see how it holds up.

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    A girl could never have too much jewelry or too much weaponry. Yeah, girl I m waffling between 3 4 stars, so I rounded up I saw the synopsis of this book and thought I would read it because I love anything Fae I m a Faerie Lover I love all of the crazy creatures the dark and light I love the folk lore, and even love Fae politics So, what would I not like about this book The only thing I didn t like was how much of a Faerie Lover Merry Gentry is She is like a Faerie whore because this girl is easier to nail than a nail that s easy to nail I good at euphemisms Seriously, she has sexual contact of some sort with A Seal manA Pig manA Tentacled manA Black man and, no, I don t mean African American He is literally the color black There are blue, green, and purple guys too Oh, and the Blue manA Silver haired manA One Eyed manThis is all in less than 400 pages This girl is like public transportation everyone has taken a ride.But, even though all that is going on, the book is still really good and intriguing The world building is super creative and the descriptions of the fae is stunning They are dark and beautiful super political and layered I couldn t help but loving the creatures of this book.

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    I would rank Hamilton as one of my favorite writers, but for her fatal flaw She creates wonderful characters and settings, but inevitably she has to bog them down with in your face sexual situations.Kiss of Shadows is no different In this book Hamilton does a wonderful job of creating a strong female protagonist, Merry Gentry, and describes an intricate fairy world that she belongs to, full of strange creatures and filled with political intrigue But in order to enjoy Hamilton s skill at describing such people and places, you have to wade through pages of nothing but sex, as her main characters pretty much sleep with anything and everyone around them.I m far from a prude, but other writers describe sexual beings much better in my opinion, such as Jacqueline Carey If you can stand the sex, the book is worth reading But if it makes you uncomfortable, give Hamilton a pass.

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    When Lauren and I prepared to go to upstate NY a little over a week ago, we looked around the Providence library s website for audio books we could download Although I wasn t familiar with her work, I d heard an interview with Laurell K Hamilton on one of the podcasts to which I listen, and the first book of her Anita Blake Vampire Hunter series wasn t available, but the start of her newer Meredith Gentry series was available We ve very much enjoyed Jim Butcher s Harry Dresden series, and from the start this novel seemed like it might be in a similar vein The basic premise is that all sorts of fantasy creatures, starting with fairies or fey, or elves, or sidhe call them what you will and extending to goblins, brownies, and many you ve probably never heard of are not only real, but unlike in Butcher s Dresden series, these fantastic creatures have for some time been living openly among us The setting is the present day, but it s a modern world which has been shaped by the existence of these fantasy creatures Hitler, we learn, first allied with some of these creatures, but they turned against him when he tried to weed out impure magical creatures The fairies at least one court of them have a sort of independent city state in Cahokia, Illinois at the mounds, of course , though many live in mainstream society, albeit as essentially foreign nationals with special laws applying to them because of their magical natures.The story here centers on Meredith Merry Gentry, a fairy princess who s been on the run from her family for the past three years Because of her mixed ancestry part brownie and human as well as Sidhe , she s mortal instead of immortal like the Sidhe and apparently has far weaker magic than her fairy kin Despite this, she still has a high place in the royal succession of the Unseelie fairy court That s the set up I won t say much here about the plot.Although we found the book enjoyable enough to see it through to its finish, we weren t terribly impressed Hamilton spends far too much time on description, to the detriment of her work She describes people and places to a ridiculous extent, apparently in love with similies As a result, the plot moves with excruciating slowness an important character shows up, something happens, and then we have to wait for Hamilton to describe the character s appearance, his or her relationship to the main character and to others, the character s personality, all the possibly relevant details of this character s appearance on the story s stage at this juncture and on and on This is bad enough, but then she has to over explain everything that happens, every decision that the character makes before it was over, we d find outselves laughing at least, after screaming in frustration as we poked fun at Hamilton s style I know that fantasy is a hard genre to write so much needs to be explained because it s not our world, the rules are different, but there s definitely such a thing as over explaining, and too often Hamilton falls into that trap Too often, when not boring us with extraneous details, she sounds like she s talking down to us If this was her first novel and not just the first in the series I could understand, but she d written at least 8 books before this one if this is what her mature work looks like, I have no interest in reading any of her earlier stuff, and I doubt I ll continue this series either Even beyond those criticisms, when the plot moves in unexpected directions and it does frequently those directions aren t wholly satisfying The first part of the novel seemed as though it was going in one direction, but instead it went in a whole different direction, with the first bit of plot being left behind quickly and all of the other characters from the beginning completely forgotten by the end several characters who Meredith purports to care about in one fashion or another are just completely dropped with barely another mention The thing is, there is something appealing about this novel Her characters do, for the most part, have a certain something that holds the readers attention and draws us in There are moments where the characters really come to life Hamilton is known for writing very sexually charged fantasy, and rather sadly the sex scenes are one of the highlights probably her best writing The book reads like a trashy romance novel for the reader who also loves fantasy, but it s too slow paced to really work as the light read to which it seems to aspire Considering how many other good writers there are out there who I haven t read, I don t plan to spend time on Hamilton s work any time soon.I suspect that the stylistic flaws that bugged me so much here were accentuated by the fact that we were listening to this as an audiobook While these things might annoy if being read on the page, they are easily enough skimmed over When each word is read to you, however, it s impossible not to notice and be frustrated Oh, and the reader, Laurel Merlington, does a competent job differentiating the characters with different voices, though at times her male voices come off as flat than I would like.

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    4.5 It s like Game of Thrones , but with fairies and sex I love it.

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    When my friend first recommended this author to me, I wasn t expecting much If Laurell K Hamilton was so good, why hadn t I heard of her before One of the main reasons she remained under my book radar was because I usually stick to historical romances and even then specific authors of the genre The first couple of pages in A Kiss of Shadows left me blown away Hamilton creates a world that blends multiple genres fantasy, science fiction, suspense thriller, and even romance I knew it would be an atypical romance, but that fact only left me engaged in reading the series She not only creates an unique world, but she develops intriguing characters, many of which you become attached to from the first book Meredith Gentry, the protagonist and heroine of the series, is admirable she is a strong woman who knows what she wants and will fight for it The first person perspective, which is usually over used in fiction, is well crafted in this series It makes all the events of the novel seem real to the reader, as if you are experiencing the action at the same time Meredith is If you like strong female characters, handsome hunks, and exploring new worlds, this is the book for you It is a perfect escape from our mundane realities for open minded readers.

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