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The Wise Wound: Menstruation And Everywoman chapter 1 The Wise Wound: Menstruation And Everywoman, meaning The Wise Wound: Menstruation And Everywoman, genre The Wise Wound: Menstruation And Everywoman, book cover The Wise Wound: Menstruation And Everywoman, flies The Wise Wound: Menstruation And Everywoman, The Wise Wound: Menstruation And Everywoman c7e3c54de503b The First Accessible Book About Menstruation As A Human Reality Entirely Praiseworthy The Sunday TimesThis Is A Book Of Many Questions And Some Answers What Is This Menstruation That Half The World Undergoes Has It Any Use, Or Any Purpose Which Is It, Blessing Or Curse This Groundbreaking Study Of The Facts, Fantasies, And Taboos Surrounding Menstruation Has Helped Bring About A Profound Shift In Attitudes Toward A Natural Phenomenon That Has Been Reviled And Denigrated Over The Centuries Thoroughly Researched Yet Highly Readable, Combining Psychology, Anthropology, And Poetry, Shuttle And Redgrove Illustrate Their Theories Using Examples Ranging From The Bible To Such Modern Day Pop Horrors As Vampire Movies And The Cult Film The Exorcist

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    I m not sure I d say it was accessible Maybe because the authors are poets They use a very different word order pattern It can be hard to get used to But I have enjoyed the point of the book that there are unexplored areas in menstrual knowledge both spiritual and physically that we would benefit from as individuals and as a society.

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    A little academic, but packed with insight

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    The best book on menstruation ever.

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    I finished this book in cloudy sort of state of sickness, which was appropriate given that the last chapter of the afterward is instructions for a relaxation technique It was comforting to read those words in my fuzzy mindset.I ve thought a lot about what I would say in my review of this book I can t say that I did receive any sort of astounding epiphany or really any sort of new discovery in reading this but then again, the science in this book are over thirty years old at the least, not including the folkloric medicine Knowing that, I thought about the philosophy behind what the authors were trying to accomplish and I think that is where the essence is It was marvelous to read a book that was unafraid of diving into the darkness when it comes to menstruation It s something that society generally doesn t want to talk about This book acknowledges that sentiment and simply asks why.They address the bodily process itself and seek to find out why it is that we as a human society find something that is so natural to us so very disturbing To society, menstrual blood is akin to excrement, yet society also finds it as one of the defining characteristics of femininity.So to women, how does it feel to know that you are set apart because of your natural process and is it truly a curse I think at different times in our lives we find ourselves asking questions about who we really are, and at first it seems that we are defined by how we appear to others Sort of like filling out the Name, Gender, Date of Birth, and Race questions on a standardized test But in those seemingly simple questions like the biggest complications of all.To grow up a woman in modern society is an extremely different experience than it was for our fore mothers Advanced science can tell us about our bodies than ever before Secrets that were once dark and forbidden have come to light as integral parts of ourselves and how our bodies behave and carry us through the world.I think that this book is a step along the path that is leading to those dark things becoming light Though the science isn t as new, the open mindedness of the subject matter is very important to helping women to knowing themselves I would recommend this book to women and men for that purpose.

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    A hard read style of writing but the information is worth it for a much neglected subject I think it is entirely possible that there is a negative feedback loop in society when it comes to the time of the month causing all sorts of physical responses like period pain where they shouldn t exist I would be surprised if there were many women who didn t feel unclean due to how this natural process is perceived by society.My husband read this at work and was ridiculed by the men surprise, surprise but not by the women surprise although I know of some women who would turn their nose up at this book.A must read for everyone.

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    This is an older book but a really insightful one about how menstuation affects us thoses around us on a physical, social emotional level.

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    This was a really eye opening book There s not much for fluff in it, and thus I found it to be a bit difficult to make through in some places Written by Penelope Shuttle and Peter Redgrove, this book has a balance of analytical and personal anecdotes I found this book after spending weeks searching for a sort of medical or cultural or mythical book on menstruation and the pagan period rituals and having no luck, until I went to the witchcraft section at the University How crazy is it that our vagina owners reproductive and powerful history is this difficult to find research on, and was most accessibly researched in books falling into the occult categor This book is cited over and over and is one of the only readily available books of it s type Published in 1978 I believe this is one of the first books on the female body that is edible to the masses if they have the motivation to read it There s lots of highlighting and underlining in my yellow paged blue linen copy I m hoping it was used in a women s studies class 1 The Science of Bleeding2 The Menstrual Epidemic3 Animus Animal Anima4 Does the Moon Menstruate 5 Did The Ancients Have Wisdom 6 Witchcraft Nine Million Menstrual Murders7 The Mirror of Dracula The first three chapters are largely scientific and a little difficult to read when curling up before bed, but the last four chapters flowed steadily enough and refer to the underlying narrative in The Exorcist, Dracula and other horror movies and also explore the cultural roots of menstruation around the world and from Ancient Greece to modern as of 1978 day 3.5 stars, because I loved the content, but found it too academic for everyday reading, so rounding up to four because it is very elaborate and opened the door for books like Cunt to be published.

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    Extremely important work, every woman should read this.

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    As far as I know, this book is unique I highly recommend this book for both men and women Young woman would especially benefit from this book.

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    Very informative book on menstruation Essential for those who worship the snatch.

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