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Empty Net (Assassins, #3) files Empty Net (Assassins, #3) , read online Empty Net (Assassins, #3) , free Empty Net (Assassins, #3) , free Empty Net (Assassins, #3) , Empty Net (Assassins, #3) dbeb83043 Audrey Parker Is Up Against The Boards She S Stuck In A Job She Hates And Pining For A Total Jerk Meanwhile, Her Sister Fallon Is Moving Out And Getting Married To Hockey Star Lucas Brooks Where Is Audrey S Prince Charming Nothing She Does Has Ever Seemed To Be Good Enough For Any Of The Men In Her Life Audrey S About To Hit Rock Bottom Until She Wakes Up Next To Tate Odder The Thrill Of Moving Up From The Minors To The Nashville Assassins Was A Welcome Distraction But Not Even Becoming The First Rookie Goalie To Tally Three Shutouts In The Stanley Cup Finals Alleviates The Pain With The Loss Of His Parents And Sister Weighing As Heavily On His Soul As Ever, Tate Odder Can T Keep Pretending He S Okay That S When He Meets Smart, Sexy Audrey Her Gentle Warmth And Quirky Sense Of Humor Make Him Feel Whole For The First Time In Too Long But To Stay That Way Forever, Tate Must Find A Way To Accept His Past And Learn To Live For Love

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    100% done Can t believe it Fingers crossed for top ten on I ve very proud of this book and have high hopes for big things I LOVE ALL OF YOU FOR ALL THE LOVE AND SUPPORT THANK YOU

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    3.0 stars Really wanted to bump this one up to 3.5 stars but just couldn t do it From the rave reviews I m evidently in the minority, I liked the story and love the authors Hero s but just can t stand the heroines Audrey rounds out the line up as 3 of wimpy, whiney, wishy washy ladies in this series The Hero in this romance is Tate, a young hockey player from Sweden He s so sexy and sweet and thinks the moon rises and sets in Audrey, but she s torn Should she go back to the jerk, Levi that uses her for sex who calls her a fat whore who she s so in love with, or possibly make a go with Tate, a guy who treats her special Hmmmm, decisions, decisions See what I mean Drives me batshit crazy Now I ask you, what self respecting woman would continue to take text messages phone calls and go back to a guy who referred to her as a fat whore I found myself speed reading parts and skipping others during a lot of Audrey s dialogue as soon as I realized she follows the same pattern as the other heroines Audrey goes back and forth with Levi while he s awful to her, insults her and yanks her around all the while she waxes on about her love for him is just plain hard to read, and than I could stand Lots of drama here, and again I liked the story and the writing style and was rooting for Tate to find his HEA I was hoping not with Audrey, but as she s the main female character that s just the way this story rolls I have to admit that I totally disliked Elli in bk 1 Taking Shots but as she shows up in bks 2 3 after overcoming her whiney ways and stands up for herself takes charge I like her much better As with Elli, Fallon from bk 2 Trying To Score has now become a stand up girl and has a part in this story It appears once these leading ladies finally figure out their true love exists in the featured hero, Wa La.their annoying insecurities are cured What did I like about this bk The good parts of this story included Tate, of course, who is one hot heart melter as well as any scene with Shea Elli s hub who I simply adore as well as Lucas Fallon s hubster and their son Aiden who is written so cute you just want to give the little guy a hugging squeeze Did miss Grace Shea s sister who didn t really have a part to play in this bk A shame since she s one awesome chick along with her great guy hubby, James, and their 2 sweet kids TA writes her side characters well and those I do enjoy Also as a side note this bk had a much better handle on the typos spelling errors than the first 2 bks The series does continue, next up is Piper, Harper s sister who ends this bk in quite the predicament and the mystery is on as to just who she falls for in bk 4.

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    4 Friend Zoned Stars Audrey always make bad decisions in her life she s stuck to a job she hates and doesn t have the courage to do what she really loves, she feels like a stranger in her own life and the worst part She is a hopeless romantic who dreams with Prince Charming and a happily ever after, but always end up falling in love with the frog After another ruined relationship where she was mistreated by the guy, she drowns her sorrows on alcohol and end up having a one night stand with a stranger that she can t get out of her head Tate is still grieving the loss of his family and playing for the Assassins where he made a new family his helping But there s something missing He wants to find love, the real kind of love who lasts a lifetime and makes families But he isn t being successful, women apparently only want him because his career And then one night he has a night with a beautiful stranger that will change everything When Audrey and Tate finally find each other again, they realize that their lives are entwined and they aren t strangers any And Tate finally found what he was looking for.Tate wants Audrey, he knows that she s the one and he s decided to fight for her But after so many heartbreak she can t trust no one and wants to remain only friends with him How can Tate win a heart that refuses to be won And how can Audrey find out that in order to have her prince charming, she has to getting out of the friend zone Rating 4 Stars Storyline A sweet and romantic story with sexy hockey players What can we ask for I love how the author always create a friendship between the characters before the rest, it turns their love much real and the story appealing Writing Style Third person, dual POV Amazingly written and completely engaging Character Development I loved Tate, completely loved him But that always seems to happen with the hero on this series, they are all sexy charming players with a heart of gold and completely determined to get the girl when they know she is the one But Audrey oh Audrey I wanted to slap some sense into her through most of the book I don t know what is it, but the heroines in these books are always frustrating and insecure Yeah, towards the end we end up liking them, but it s kind of a miss hit on these books Steam Some hot moments.HEA view spoiler Yes hide spoiler

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    Move on It s just a chapter in the past Don t close the book Just turn the page Audrey Parker is trying to do just that Move on Audrey, Fallon s younger sister, has dated jerk after jerk Levi Moss current jerk being one of the worst Audrey is a little insecure about somethings She doesn t feel like she deserves better She wants that fairy tale ending, but isn t sure if it will happen for her Prince Charming wouldn t want a defective Cinderella After she and Levi break things off again, she goes out to Fallon s bachelorette party to have a good time She has too much of a good time and ends up meeting a guy Tall, blonde, young and handsome And this guy wants her She wakes up the next morning feeling a bit ashamed, but she moves on She figures she will never see this guy again, so no big deal Tate Oder has been in America less than a year As a 21 year old, rookie Assassin s goalie, he is not like the average guy his age He wants to meet someone, settle down, have kids eventually He is best friends with Lucas Brooks, and lives in the condo next door to Audrey, although he has never met her When he does, its a shock The beautiful girl he picked up at the bar the other night, that he hasn t been able to get out of his head thats Audrey Tate wants to pursue a relationship with Audrey, but she thinks he is too young for her Not only that, but Audrey doesn t want to hold Tate back They soon become good friends Eating cupcakes together, watching DVR etc They have so much chemistry Tate wants it to be , and deep down so does Audrey, she is just afraid After some time, she realizes its worth a shot Sometimes what you re looking for is right in front of you Don t be blind Audrey and Tate both have things in their pasts that have left scars Neither of them are very open about these things And it effects their relationship Empty Net was my favorite of the Assassin s books so far Loved Tate and Audrey Audrey was so relatable although I wanted to slap her silly at times for Levi view spoiler Oh Levi I loathe him What he did was crazy bat shit crazy hide spoiler

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    Really enjoyed all three books in the Assassins series the third book did not disappoint I think the fact that the female main characters are frustrating just adds to the story telling plus the male main characters than make up for it seriously can t not wait for book four Loved it.

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    I am such a HUGE fan of Toni Aleo She has quickly become one of my favorite authors WOWEach book I read in the Assassins series only makes me love this series that much Empty net might be my favorite of the series so far But it is tough because I loved each book in different ways I have been waiting anxiously to read this book when I found out that it was Audrey s I loved her in Trying To Score and wanted to see her get her HEA that she so desperately wanted and deserved.I loved that the characters from the previous books continued through this story as well as the introduction of new characters Oh how I hated Levi Tate sighs I just loved Tate and Audrey together and I love the direction that Toni took their story So good This was just a great read It was a heart warming, sad, funny, sweet story with a great H h that you desperately wanted to see get their HEA It was such an entertaining read that I did not want to see end It was so good that I had trouble putting it down Fantastic epilogue that hinted to the story in the next book and definitely had me wanting Thanks Toni for such a great story and a great series So much fun to read Another reread for me and definitely has a place in my keeper pile BEST OF THE BEST rating ARC obtained per Toni Aleo Thank you so much Toni It was my absolute pleasure to read

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    4 Woot Woot, Steamin StarsI am a gal who believes in glass half full I read the first two of the series and they seemed to progress with strengths in a lot of parts strong and hot guys, hockey and the desire for true happiness wrapped in the goal of family This is the third in the series and I feel it was a testimony to the author s growth over the writing of this franchise Her women don t really connect for me however in this installment, she wrote a compelling story with less of the repetitive drama and of the smokin hot coupling between the main characters.This read much faster than the previous ones with story lines dealing with mental and physical abuse in relationships, family loss and the insecurity of not being shaped as today s media darlings They were handled well and worked.So by giving the series another shot it hit its goal with me For reviews, Free E books and Giveaways

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    AHHHHHHHHH NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I can t be done, this can t be over It s too good I can t put into words how much I love this book I really think this is Toni s best ever Seriously You all know how much I love Lucas and I didn t think Toni could top him, esp with Tate being a charming I find them boring but boy oh boy was I wrong It was like me thinking Cars Land was going to be lame This BLEW me away And I kinda need now D You get a standing ovation from me lady A full review will be posted later

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    Empty Net is the third book in the Assassins series and although not as good as the first two I still really liked it.Tate Odder is the new goalie for the Assassins even though he s a rookie he shown great potential but this doesn t matter to Tate as he s lost everything in his life worth living for.Audrey Parker is in a horrible place and hates everything about her life and wishes she could find her very own Lucas Brooks Then it all changes when she wakes up next to Tate OdderAudrey is one if those heroines that if you could reach into your kindle and slap her you wouldn t even hesitate to do it She can t seem to get rid of her scumbag ex until he beats her within an inch of life.Tate was just so sweet, charming and sexy and I m so glad it all worked out in the end Hurry up with the next book Toni

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    Empty Net by Toni AleoOk first I have to say that this is probably one of the first reviews I was dying to write and post, but due to my blog tour I had to wait till today to post it So Toni Aleo is now one of my favorite authors This woman knows how to write a hot romance story Her characters are strong women who are independent, work hard and one day hope to find love And the bonus part of this series is that it revolves around hockey And who in the world cannot read a book around hot sexy hockey players.So I suggest anyone who is reading this review to go purchase all 3 books in this series because they are fantastic Toni s writing makes your heart thump and blood flow fast, and it brought tears to my eyes, I fell in love with this entire series and all her characters When you finish one book you want another, I am praying the next book is already written and being edited lol. I will continue to stalk Toni so I know when it is being released.So let s talk about Empty Net, we meet up with Audrey who we meet in Trying To Score who is Fallon s sister Audrey has been in a relationship with Levy who is a total jerk, and we want her to end things with him instantly This is hard for her as Audrey loves Levy but she knows he is not any good and their relationship is very one sided.Then of course we are introduced to Tate hot goalie , new in town and he is also mending his own type of heartbreak In a change meeting Audrey and Tate end up meeting in a bar and spend the night together Audrey and Tate both know that they are each other one night stand and really never expect to see each other again Audrey is still hoping to patch things up with Levi even though her one night stand was out of this world she tries to forget Tate She is shocked when she finds out Tate is on the same hockey team her brother in law plays for and tell Tate he must keep their meeting a secret I cannot say too much as I don t like to write spoilers but I will say GO PURCHASE Empty Net This story is amazingly written, the turmoil that Audrey faces and has to deal with because of her relationship with Levy and secrets she has kept to herself makes her feel so unworthy of love it breaks your heart, I shed many tears for Audrey Toni s writing makes you feel for her characters like they are your friends I think an author who can make your heart hurt from reading a story means that she is one great author This series is fantastic Empty Net is an adult read, Toni s writing is superb, and I would read and buy anything a Toni Aleo writes Empty Net is full of passion, romance, and heart break.I have rated Empty Net a 5 star rating as that is the highest I can give this novel, but if I could give a 10 star rating I would So what else can I write to encourage you the readers to go buy this book, besides a promise you will not be disappointed.Thank you Toni and I will be posting messages on your page for book 4 Blue Lines

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