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Plain Truth txt Plain Truth, text ebook Plain Truth, adobe reader Plain Truth, chapter 2 Plain Truth, Plain Truth 90cde0 The Small Town Of Paradise, Pennsylvania, Is A Jewel In Lancaster County Known For Its Picture Postcard Landscapes And Bucolic Lifestyle But That Peace Is Shattered By The Discovery Of A Dead Infant In The Barn Of An Amish Farmer A Police Investigation Quickly Leads To Two Startling Disclosures The Newborn S Mother Is An Unmarried Amish Woman, Eighteen Year Old Katie Fisher And The Infant Did Not Die Of Natural Causes Although Katie Denies The Medical Proof That She Gave Birth To The Child, Circumstantial Evidence Leads To Her Arrest For The Murder Of Her Baby One Hundred Miles Away, Philadelphia Defense Attorney Ellie Hathaway Has Achieved An Enviable, High Profile Career But Her Latest Court Victory Has Set The Sands Shifting Beneath Her Single At Thirty Nine And Unsatisfied With Her Relationship, Ellie Doesn T Look Back When She Turns Down Her Chance To Make Partner And Takes Off For An Open Ended Stay At Her Great Aunt S Home In Paradise Fate Brings Her To Katie Fisher Suddenly, Ellie Sees The Chance To Defend A Client Who Truly Needs Her, Not Just One Who Can Afford Her But Taking On This Case Challenges Ellie In Ways Than One She Finds Herself Not Only In A Clash Of Wills With A Client Who Does Not Want To Be Defended But Also In A Clash Of Cultures With A People Whose Channels Of Justice Are Markedly Different From Her Own Immersing Herself In Katie Fisher S Life And In A World Founded On Faith, Humility, Duty, And Honesty Ellie Begins To Understand The Pressures And Sacrifices Of Those Who To Live Plain As She Peels Away The Layers Of Fact And Fantasy, Ellie Calls On An Old Friend For Guidance Now, Just As This Man From Ellie S Past Reenters Her Life, She Must Uncover The Truth About A Complex Case, A Tragic Loss, The Bonds Of Love And Her Own Deepest Fears And Desires

About the Author: Jodi Picoult

Jodi Picoult is the author of twenty four novels, including the 1 New York Times bestsellers Small Great Things, Leaving Time, The Storyteller, Lone Wolf, Between the Lines, Sing You Home, House Rules, Handle with Care, Change of Heart, Nineteen Minutes, and My Sister s Keeper She lives in New Hampshire with her husband and three children.Her new novel, A SPARK OF LIGHT, is available in hardcove

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    I really enjoyed this book In fact, I could hardly put it down from the minute I started reading it I think Picoult has a genuine talent for writing and coming up with unique story ideas.SPOILER AHEAD There were a couple of things that bothered me at the end, though I had pretty much figured out halfway through the book that Sarah had been aware of her daughter s pregnancy and was the one who had hidden the dead infant I really felt, though, that it was inconsistent of Sarah to have both killed the child and to have hidden the fact First, the author builds the whole story around certain ideas about this Amish community She makes it clear that Katie would not have been expelled from the community for having a baby out of wedlock, so it seems extremely unnecessary for her mother to have killed the child It is also so highly out of character and against everything the Amish believe in to commit a violent act, that it just doesn t make sense that Sarah would kill her innocent, newborn grandson.After killing the baby, it seems even unlikely that Sarah would not admit to the act after her daughter was accused It seems much likely that she would feel compelled to confess and repent, as the author explains again and again is the way the Amish are raised to feel.The ending was certainly shocking, but it just didn t feel consistent with the rest of the book A bit of a disappointment after such a good read.

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    I thought this book was pretty crummy even though it was a page turner I really wanted to know what happens to Katie, and what happened to the baby so I kept reading, but I didn t really enjoy the experience I won t be reading again Too much filler, not enough book.Specifically It s set among the Amish However, I get the feeling the author doesn t really understand them, she just thought it d be a cool setting That irritates me It s full of overused elements, such city girl goes to farm , taking break from evilness ambition brings us , rekindled flame Some of the dialog is the pretty dumb You re afraid this relationship might work sort of thing Because of this, you can see where it s going miles down the road Now, I re read books, so this isn t itself a killer, when I like the trip It has ghosts What s up with that Not in a freaky arty Beloved way, but just casually thrown in there The language is unnecessarily descriptive You d think she was being paid by the word.It did make me think of A Jury of Her Peers, which is worth reading And much shorter that link is to the full text.

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    I have read many of Jodi Picoult s books and I have to say this one sucked I was not intrigued by Katie, I was annoyed and exasperated with her The dialogue was cheesy in many areas, and the whole thing with Hannah s ghost was just stupid I mean, it really does seem that the only reason the ghost was added was so that the author could explain Katie s attraction to Adam Oh look, he s a ghost hunter and I see a ghost hmmm, it must be meant to be we should have sex Blah.I m really disappointed because I tend to enjoy most of Picoult s novels.

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    There is an Amish community close to where I live in western Pennsylvania Each summer weekend for the past several years, I have traveled to this Amish community, admiring and purchasing the most beautiful and delectable strawberries, blueberries, tomatoes, peppers and squash all that summer has to offer in my state s relatively short growing season Over the years I have also developed a growing curiosity about the way this Amish community lives close to my own community geographically and yet somehow apart I have become fascinated with the old farmhouses set back from the highway, unspoiled by utility poles and electrical and telephone lines I have marveled over their horse drawn buggies and the simple plainness of their clothing When I discovered the novel, Plain Truth by Jodi Picoult, my interest was piqued Although a work of fiction, the author described spending time living with an Amish family in Lancaster, Pennsylvania She took this opportunity to immerse herself in the day to day life of the family helping to prepare meals, playing with the children and arising each morning at 4AM to milk the cows There are two tracks to this story The first is a typical storyline in Jodi Picoult s novels and centers around Philadelphia defense attorney, Ellie Hathaway who flees the city. leaving with her disillusionment over her job and regret over staying in a worn out relationship for far too long Ellie fled to a place she remembers from her childhood Paradise, Pennsylvania, home to an Amish community and to her beloved aunt who had , at one time, been part of this Plain community It wasn t really this aspect of the story I found interesting but rather the second track of the story that captured my thoughts and imagination In the middle of the night, in an Amish barn, a young woman labored to give birth to her baby Although it wasn t clear who this young woman was or what her circumstances were, it WAS obvious that she was frightened and alone After her son was born, feeling exhausted and overwhelmed she fell into a deep sleep and when she awoke, she believed her payers had been answered. Glancing down she realized that a miracle had come to pass the blood soaked hay was fresh now, except for a small stain beneath her own bottom And the two things she had been holding when she fell asleep the scissors and the newborn were gone This early morning scene in the barn sets up this story. a story which is mainly a courtroom drama The young Amish woman in the story, Katie Fisher, is 18 years old, unmarried and lives with her parents, Aaron and Sarah, on their dairy farm Although she vehemently denied to police and her family that she gave birth, the medical evidence is irrefutable She gave birth to a baby boy in her parents barn and the baby HAD been alive when he was born Katie Fisher was charged with the murder of her son and visiting defense attorney Ellie Hathaway was hired to represent her in court Although it seems obvious that Katie Fisher did, in fact, kill her infant, as the case unfolds certain facts about Katie s life, her beliefs and her community are revealed which make the question of her guilt murkier and difficult to ascertain Ultimately, and after a couple of plot twists I did not see coming, the question of what happened to Katie Fisher s baby boy was resolved But it was the details about the Amish community to which she belonged that I found most interesting in this story Not only was this story a murder mystery of sorts, it was also a thought provoking story about community, justice, morality and redemption The Amish community live their lives in accordance with the rules of their church. called the ordnung As young children, the very first thing they learn is that there s always a higher authority to yield to whether it s your parents, the greater good of the community or God As Ellie was told by members of the community when trying to understand Katie Fisher s state of mind The English judged a person so that they would be justified in casting her out The Amish judged a person so that they s be justified in welcoming her back.If someone is accused of sinning, it s not so others can place blame It s so that the person can make amends and move on Ellie also learned another important fact about Katie s community The English culture promotes individuality, while the Amish are deeply entrenched in community To us the English , if someone stands out it s no big deal because diversity is respected and expected To the Amish, there s no room for deviation from the norm It s important to fit in.The consequences of not fitting in are psychologically tragic You stand alone when all you ve known is being part of a group This book made me think a great deal about individuality which sometimes seems to be synonymous with self centeredness versus being part of such a close knit community I also thought a lot about the law and how it often can seem like a confusing mish mash of what is legal and what is moral two things which are not always considered by society to be the same There are actions in our society which some consider immoral but these same actions are not always thought of as illegal by the state Judgments are made and sometimes those judgements seem to be made harshly and without compassion with the sole intent of casting someone OUT of society Even after people have paid for their mistakes, they are often NOT welcomed back into society So I wonder what kind of society could we have if people who have made mistakes were someday welcomed back free from judgment and stigma. to pick up their lives and move on

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    I m giving this book 3.5 stars because I did enjoy reading it But if I m being honest, it really was quite silly A lawyer forced to live on an Amish farm with her client Sorry, but that s silly Straight from the plot of a sitcom Then there s the over Amishing of the Amish that might stick out for me because I live a half hour drive from where this book is set This book is definitely women s fiction than a mystery, but for women s fiction, my least favorite genre of ever, it s not so bad It was only a little bit whiny and melodramatic.

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    I liked the concept of this book, but was disappointed in the execution of the story line as well as the writing My criticisms are as follows spoilers included Poor editing left awkward, unfinished, or contradictory elements throughout the book Ellie argues with Stephen about having a child and says that although he refused to undertake a vasectomy reversal, there are other ways they could have had a baby Later, the same character said that in her desire for a baby she wore Stephen down and they tried for 6 months, but she did not get pregnant because the relationship was rotten The story line of Ellie s problem with yearning for a child is choppy and confusing it reads as if the story was going one way initially and then changed course but wasn t fully corrected Characters were described superficially and changed awkwardly in the novel without the benefit of character development Ellie had short man hair , was afraid of relationships, was a hotshot lawyer Katie is a meek, pure, humble Amish girl The author spent considerable time building Katie s meekness in temperament and then with only week before the trial, the character goes from barely understanding English and deferring to everything said to her to using sarcasm, defying her attorney before trial, and there are monumental plot twists revealed about Katie which are poorly executed and not believable The ghost story line had considerable time spent on it in the beginning, then abruptly ends It seems like the author intended to do something else with this novel a paranormal element , but then needed to wrap up and bailed on that story line Editing could have cut out these unconnected elements and allowed time to the development of a voice or set of circumstances where Katie grows, if the author wanted her to do an about face in personality In the beginning, the author takes the trouble to point out some character who lives in apartments attached to the barn Elam He is introduced and then drops from the story, if this character is central enough that he lives with the family, then keep him in the storyline or cut this character introduction I suppose he was intended as a diversion someone else who could have hidden the baby since he lived attached to the barn but he lives with the family and is never mentioned again, which is a close inspection of life within the microcosm of a particular family.The sudden revelation that teenage Katie had been taking the train on weekends to visit her bother in college, every month for years, was jarring and simply not believable It would have been realistic to have sent her for one rebellious weekend visit as she neared adulthood, but not every month for years while a young minor Englishter parents would not let a minor child go weekends away to stay with her brother in college, much less a Plain family with an excommunicated son Also, what college boy would welcome his sister staying for the weekend every month during his college years Better editing could have made this believable and authentic The paranormal studies field for the baby s father so odd This storyline didn t go anywhere, and stood out as an unusual loose end Again, I suspect there was a ghost story line which was pulled from the book The letters that the brother held this was terribly inconsistent The author writes on one page Ellie s brother had no idea of the relationship with Katie and was shocked at the suggestion turn the chapter and suddenly he has a huge stack of letters that he never delivered We are to believe he has no idea of the relationship between his young Amish sister who is sneaking into the city to visit him so that she can see his room mate Then we learn the brother has a large stack of undelivered letters from the roommate he is keeping from Katie These plot elements are embarrassingly inconsistently I also think the undelivered letters was hackeneyed I was interested in the premise of the book I think editing could have corrected the contradictory elements, worked in elements where lines were unraveling, and better developed the characters This could have been a much better book with attentive editing and pointedly, better writing.

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    This is my third Jodi Picoult read, and it wasn t my favorite, though I did enjoy it The plot of the story really intrigued me because, as is mentioned throughout the story, it s not every day that you hear of a young Amish woman accused of murdering her own newborn I loved Picoult s attention to detail throughout the story she obviously did a great deal of research on the Amish way of life and really embraced the characters Her research shined through the beautifully detailed descriptions of life on an Amish dairy farm and the unique personalities of characters like Aaron Fisher I was not very surprised by the ending of the novel, but I did love working alongside the characters throughout the course of the book to unravel the mystery of Baby Fisher s death While I really do appreciate Picoult s detail and how realistic she made characters like Katie and Ellie, my biggest complaint is that the story just seemed to go on and on I became fatigued with reading what I felt like were the same scenes over and over, and I felt like the book could have been a good deal shorter Also, I didn t really get the point of including the ghost paranormal side story I understand the message behind what Adam and Katie talked about in relation to energy never dying, just transforming, but it felt like Picoult intended for the ghost storyline to play a larger part and then just decided to kind of let it fade and move on with other elements.Despite my complaints, I would still recommend this to Picoult fans for what it is a really descriptive account of the Amish Plain way of life and how the English and Amish ways of life cross paths.

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    Far be it for me to ruin anything for anyone who has yet to read this, but I really hated the end I really, really hated it This book had five stars in my head until I read the ending, if that gives you any indication how much I hated the ending Now, that being said the rest of this book was great The characters, for the most part, had depth and were questioning various aspects of their own morality I have to admit that the main character, Ellie, fell a little flat Okay, a lot flat What is it with Jodi Picoult and these emotionally incompentent ambitious female attorneys who meet a kind, gentle male and then question their career plans and fear of commitment It s getting a little old and it s only the second book of hers I ve read I m kind of hoping it isn t a theme, because I ve had several friends promise that other stories of hers are worth reading I m not sure I can stand one two dimensional character with a brash personality.The rest of the characters were much better From the simple and adoring farmboy suitor, Samuel, who is the Plain match for Katie our accused all the way through the stoic and suffering father who is racked with guilt at how his family s lives have turned out, the Amish characters are engrossing But they seem truly Amish in this not a single one is likeable or unlikeable as the next There isn t a single one who stands out Even Katie, as a central character, really blends in with those around her The underlying themes of disassociation with painful subjects, how to be true to yourself and your beliefs when no one believes you, accepting responsiblity for both appearances and your actions, and ultimately how a lie is okay as long as it makes everything better for those around you that might be snide, because I don t think that s what the author was trying to convey did I mention I hated the ending will resonate with readers for a long time after the book is closed I m not sure it s enough to keep me going back for , though.

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    For sure a favorite of Picoult books for me I love loved this book It was interesting and entertaining I grew up surrounded by the Amish community and this book showcased behaviors and legalities that I was not even aware of I thoroughly enjoyed it This is a Picoult book I would recommend to others to start with My quick and simple overall Very enjoyable and hard to put down

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    Jodi Pucoult has again demonstrated that she is a master storyteller In Plain Truth, she weaves the story of Katie, an young Amish woman and Ellie, a thirty something lawyer Well researched, this novel takes you into an Amish community where you experience life and their beliefs Picoult keeps the reader entertained until the last chapter.

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