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    I received this from the author in return for an honest review and I am so excited I got the chance to read this wonderful novel A book that only intensifies the reasoning why so many believe in the supernatural, this novel fascinated me beyond belief Written as an untitled manuscript, with journal entries from his love, Caroline Ludlow, it felt as if I was seeing inside Avery Doyle s life, walking each step and learning each hard taught lesson he had to endure through this trial.Avery Doyle is a role playing, fantasy loving, book reading nobody who just happens to be in the right place at the right or wrong, depending on how you look at it time, when a beautiful, mysterious woman enters the book store he works at asking for information on the Chinese Vampire Jiang shi Finding someone who shares his fantastical beliefs, they hit it off and end up spending one night together talking about myths, debating about the truths, and sharing a passion the likes of which Avery has never known.Then she s gone.Avery knows she is the being he has spent his entire life fantasizing about, and searches for her for two weeks relentlessly, and needless to say, he finds his mystery love and gets everything he s ever wanted.Or so he thought.We follow Avery and Caroline through their journey of freedom, capture, Vampyr Politics, twisted relations and evil minds, and I can t tell you how very intriguing the whole process is.We see the relationship and growing madness of Sebastian, and in him something we all can relate too I found myself feeling sympathy for the feral beast that Sebastian had become, secretly rooting for him even as he played his twisted and dark games with Avery and Caroline We see how the world would work if these powerful beings were than a work of fiction, how their reach would be limitless, their power far stronger than any would have us believe.There is so much information in this book, it will have you second guessing all you know or thought you knew about the mythological beings we all love to read about.Yes the chapters are long, but I couldn t honestly see how it would work any other way Plus it gave me a longer time to read when I did the famous, One chapter we re all so famous for.I would give this book far than the five stars they limit us reviewers if I could I can t recommend this novel highly enough If you want something , something that will have your mind reeling, your emotions storming through you, your heart breaking If you want a novel that pulls you in and refuses to let you go, well, you ve found it

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    Author Brian McKinley presents a well written story where the world is ruled by vampires and the action and drama are non stop I really enjoyed this book and highly recommend it if you want a refreshingly new look into the world of vampires.

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    McKinley reminds us of the true nature of blood suckers in this horror thriller.Avery Doyle is a vampire enthusiast He can t believe his luck when he encounters Caroline, a real vampyr, and falls head over heels in love But this is only the beginning Caroline s former lover and creator, Sebastian, has plans for her Avery a fledgling vampyr who can t escape his lingering humanity is simply in the way The pair are taken captive at Sebastian s lair a vile and horrific place of torture and cruelty Avery soon realizes that he is at the mercy of his captor and that his death is imminent Sebastian hosts a meeting of the most powerful vampyr s of The Hegemon, an ancient order corrupt with the desires of truly wicked vampyrs Doomed, Avery and Caroline have only one chance for escape However, it means playing politics with The Order a tricky game of danger and deceit and little chance of survival Ancient blood is well written, and distinctive and contemporary in style McKinley s use of esoteric references suits the narrative of Avery, a likeable main character whose unfailing humanity offers reassurance to the reader In the blood soaked hell he and Caroline find themselves in, he is a voice of compassion Avery often makes humorous observations in frightening situations His humor to hide fear is undeniably realistic and well executed in the story The romance between him and Caroline is sweet, albeit a little presumed Still, it s not unbelievable It just seems to happen very quickly However, as the story progresses their relationship develops, and where their love for each other keeps them strong it also weakens their position Sadly, the story didn t grip me and that s why it gets only 4 stars This is purely down to taste The politics, the power plays and the sheer, matter of fact, almost clinical and scientific way in which the situation is presented made me feel like I had to concentrate Also, there are parts that are disturbing and shockingly horrific and sometimes I was reluctant to pick up where I left off At points it was difficult to read, not because of the writing, but because of the atrocities inflicted on the humans that were held captive for food and sport However this should go some way to explaining how clearly depicted the story is BUT that s not to say it isn t good I know plenty of people who enjoy those kind of stories mostly men, I should add I am an escapist, well, at the moment at least I m just a bit childish in my tastes Still, perhaps if I was in a different mindset I d appreciate these aspects of the story .

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    Ancient Blood A Novel of the Hegemony The Order Saga, 1 by Brian Patrick McKinley was a pure joy to read The writing flowed like blood wine, seamless, suitably aged and with a timeless quality that left this reader gasping with awe Every character is so lovingly described, action sequences are perfectly timed and paced to keep the reader begging for and the design of the Hegemons extravagant lifestyles surpasses even my fave TV show Stargate SG 1.Avery is a vampire groupie He loves all things vampire and so it seems natural that he should meet a real one and fall in lust with Caroline But Avery soon discovers out planet Earth is not what it seems it is run in a similar style to the 5 families in The Godfather or even better The Goa uld in SG 1 These Vampyrs Hegemons are ruthless, flamboyant, stylish, always overdress for the wrong occasions and have egos the size of the moon.And when Avery and Caroline are taken to a Hegemon stronghold they learn first hand what true power really is and so The Game continues a game of supremacy within the Order of Hegemons Can Avery survive the power struggle and keep his humanity or will he succumb to the lure of power Read this awesome fangfest to find out.A brilliant FIVE STAR vampire novel and very highly recommended.

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    Honestly, when I read the description of this book on Goodreads, it seemed pretty straight forward I wasn t expecting a book that would scare the socks off me I wasn t expecting a book that would make me feel like I ve stepped into an alternate reality I wasn t expecting some serious depth and detail Boy, was I wrong.The plot in this book is really interesting Fast paced and full of surprises, it captures not only the best kind of thrilling mystery, but also suspenseful action and vampire secrets Full of vivid descriptions of characters and events, this book is a true look into the dark world of the vampire Order With a secret in every shadow and corner, where no one is who they seem, no one is safe.All the characters are very easy to imagine, especially for any vampire fan Every quintessential stereotypical vampire seems to be present, all the way down to personality differences The hierarchy of the Order and the system they re all working in show fascinating sides to each character, bringing a true sense of realism to a story most would like to hope is just a dark fantasy Written in a personal manuscript form, from Avery s point of view, made reading this book truly fascinating The depth and detail in this book are incredible, and it s obvious that a lot of effort and research went into this story The author did a fantastic job at making the situation realistic, and bringing Avery to life.My overall thoughts on this book are mixed many of the areas disturbed me to read, however they are perfect for the story, and oddly realistic In the end, I have to say it s a really good book, and a great story, but not for the fainthearted Certainly not a book for someone looking for a shallow vampire story Perfect for anyone wanting a deep look into the world of vampires, and the reality that lies there I rated it a four star simply because of my own issues with some of the areas I m almost a bit too fainthearted for this book Haha I would certainly recommend this book though it was a good read, kept me at the edge of my seat and seriously hoping for a good ending I was given a complimentary ebook copy of this book, from the author, to read in exchange for an honest review.

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    The first book in The Order Saga called Ancient Blood A Novel of the Hegemony , handling the traditional vampire archetype with a new and realistic view, as a novel written in such an absorbing, seductive and enjoyable style As a vampire fan for so many years, Brian Patrick McKinley began his writing career by writing short stories and finally created an imaginary world which he named as The Order for his own series of vampire novels This world order can be considered as a vampire version of the Illuminati which is one of the most debated conspiracy theories of modern world Within the vampire realm of McKinley, extremely rich, powerful and insentient vampires rule the world under the masks of giant corporations and political leaders While writing his novel McKinley was highly inspired by Anne Rice s vampires, some vampire themed RPG action games which also cover economic and political conflicts in between Being an accomplished screenplay writer at the same time evidently helped McKinley to forge some strong and vivid characters and to write a novel that he had always dreamt and longed for.In the novel, a vampire fan Avery Doyle meets with a real vampire Caroline and he chooses to become one of the children of the night But Avery has to come face to face with the bloodthirsty Sebastian, the maker of Caroline and the cruel world of the vampires Caroline and Avery find themselves in the middle of a vampire society called the Hegemony full of competition, intrigue and betrayal, and consists of the most powerful vampires of the world Yet Sebastian has an evil plan in his mind to alter the system and the vampire world forever Thus Avery and Caroline take afford to pay huge costs in order to prevent it If there s a chance for the series to be adapted into a movie, McKinley aspires that the hero and heroine of his book to be played by Christina Ricci and Henry Thomas This casting choice of the writer gives us a bit of clue about the characters of Avery and Caroline A vigorous but also an emotional woman and a fragile but also a daring man, can bring forth such a combination that has never been tried before among the romantic fiction with a vampire leitmotiv I wish that this dream of McKinley do come true as there s no doubt how both Ricci and Thomas could make marvelous vampires on the big screen.

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    Avery Doyle is a huge vampire fanboy whose interests lead him to discover a real vampire, Caroline a prim and proper young lady who defies all the clich s of the vampire fiction he loves.When the two fall in love, she creates him as a vampire But the reality of being a vampire is far less empowering than Avery had thought, especially when Caroline s own master takes them prisoner.In a shadowy east coast mansion, the fate of vampire and human kind will be decided during a perverse convention and Avery has to play luggage handler to the vamps who rule the world.However, he becomes embroiled in the plots of the vampire leaders, and fights to help his beloved Caroline maintain her own humanity and steer the vampire counsel towards a enlightened outlook.But Caroline s master, the bestial Sebastian, is plotting to use her as a pawn in his plans to bring humanity to its knees.This is a tightly written tale of politics where many of the participants literally have blood on their hands Intimate and intense and very different from the glamorized and de fanged vampires of most current popular fiction The characters are colorful and memorable and the action is intense, sometimes uncomfortably so However, the entire story is told through the eyes of Avery, and his first person narration serves to add a human perspective to the horrific proceedings.A complete story in itself, but the introduction to a deep and detailed universe of the Hegemony hopefully there ll be stories soon.

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    Overall rating 3 stars.Breakdown of my rating Narrative 3 stars Ancient Blood is many things vampire novel, satire, cautionary tale, and at its heart, a romance At times witty, sometimes biting, it succeeds on many levels it is a fresh, richly crafted vampire world it s a caustic send up of today s political landscape a mecca of sci fi and pop culture references and finally, an homage not only to vampire lore, new and old, but also to Joseph Campbell s monomyth or hero s journey Brian McKinley and his main protagonist, Avery Doyle love their vampires, and it shows.However, where it doesn t quite succeed is in its political machinations and the motivations of its hegemons While McKinley gamely pokes fun at The Order its traditions, laws, culture and place in society he also takes it very seriously as it is the ruling organization at the heart of this Vampyr world he s created I will admit, there were times while I was reading and it got to the Caroline explaining things to Avery or Avery listening as Caroline and X enter character name here discussing their plans portions of the novel, where she s going over the various political maneuverings of each of the hegemons that I felt a the discussions became too pedantic and bogged the story down, and b I was tempted numerous times to pull out a piece of paper and create a flow chart showing who was doing what to whom and when and who was allied in reality and as deception with one another Yes, it got that convoluted on occasion.Still, on the whole, political intrigues and Huh moments aside feral vampires, nukes, mind wipes not the glamouring from traditional vampire lore , etc , I enjoyed the novel This is not a vampire novel for the younger crowd or the squeamish Oh no view spoiler The novel doesn t have a happy ending hide spoiler

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    Ancient Blood A Novel of the Hegemony By Brian Patrick McKinleyThe story begins with Caroline Ludlow and Avery Doyle, lovers, running from an unknown threat That threat is Sebastian a feral Vampyr whose primitive traits have smothered those of his human characteristics He is Caroline s Creator, the man she once loved with all her heart and the person she lived with for many generations Sebastian introduced Caroline to The Order.After a brief struggle, Caroline and Avery are captured by Sebastian s people and tossed into his version of a wine cellar Sebastian s cellar is stocked with than 100 human prisoners used for food and liqueur recipes by his masterful chef Avery, a new Vampyr, who dreamt of becoming such a creature his entire life, struggles with this far from romantic reality of life as a Vampyr he is now facing To punish Caroline for running from him and taking a lover and Creating , and to punish this Creation, Caroline and Avery are forced to serve the Hegemony the Vampyr leaders During this time, the two try to come up with a plan for escape They determine the best way is to assist in a takeover of the Hegemony The current leader, Iago, is going to be overthrown he knows this and seems to accept it There are others who might take his place One is Sebastian if this happens, the world will become a dark place, since Vampyrs control all politics and world leaders Or, Iago can rally back and prevent this from happening There are other choices of course, all grim.If Sebastian wins, Caroline and Avery will die If Iago wins and they are Released, they will become part of The Game.Brian Patrick McKinley has created a complicated vampiric world, a world that is dark and dangerous Here there are dungeons and war hate and discontent bubble just beneath the surface Vampires in this world are not the beautiful, but flawed humans looking for love to heal their wounds many of us are used to reading about They are shallow, competitive, sex driven beings who enjoy herding humans along and savoring the taste of blood for its own sake They don t stay awake at night mourning the loss of their humanity The few caring creatures left in this world seem to be idealistic and the reader wonders if they will hold onto this fanciful notion of life a few centuries down the road McKinley s world is a different take in the multi faceted vampire genre He is able to create some compelling and disturbing images of his Vampyrs This novel was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review in association with Goodreads R4R program.

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    Can I just say WOW i loved the plotting, scheming, and backstabbing of this book What made it even better was it was all that but, VAMPIRE STYLE While reading this I found myself going back and re reading what had just happened but, not due to anything the author did wrong but because I found myself needing to confirm what I just read It was that astonishing The lying, the blood thirstyness is this a word all of it was FABULOUS Just when you thought Caroline and Avery made some headway BAM a new piece was moved in the game My favorite part was when Avery finally figured out what Valmont is really all about That was priceless I loved it This is a brutal game played my brutal vampires It was just great It s something you will really enjoy reading BRAVO This book was given to me by Author for a honest review

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Ancient Blood: A Novel of the Hegemony (The Order Saga, #1) summary pdf Ancient Blood: A Novel of the Hegemony (The Order Saga, #1), summary chapter 2 Ancient Blood: A Novel of the Hegemony (The Order Saga, #1), sparknotes Ancient Blood: A Novel of the Hegemony (The Order Saga, #1), Ancient Blood: A Novel of the Hegemony (The Order Saga, #1) 2932582 Avery Doyle Loves Vampires He S Read Every Novel, Seen All The Movies, And Researched The Folklore When His First One Night Stand, Caroline, Turns Out To Be A True Vampire On The Run, He Jumps At The Chance To Leave His Ordinary Life And Join Her As A Child Of The Night The Honeymoon Ends, However, When Caroline S Brutal Creator Sebastian Enslaves Them On His Island Estate And Avery Must Confront The Dehumanizing Reality Behind His Dreams In Order To Survive, Caroline And Avery Take Their Place As Servants In Sebastian S Household During A Gathering Of The Most Powerful Vampires On Earth, The Hegemony, And Soon Find Themselves Involved In The Myriad Schemes, Plots, And Revenges That Form The Night To Night Existence Of The Order A Society Of Wealth, Power, And Inhuman Decadence Whose Existence Is Protected By Human Complicity And Disbelief, The Order Is The Immortal Aristocracy Hidden Behind The Giant Corporations And Political Leaders Of The World Sebastian, However, Has A Plan That Will Change The Order Forever And Shatter Human Civilization A Fast Paced Thriller That Both Re Imagines And Pays Tribute To The Traditional Vampire, Ancient Blood Is A Story Of Love, Ambition, Sacrifice, And Betrayal That Is Frighteningly Human

  • Paperback
  • 374 pages
  • Ancient Blood: A Novel of the Hegemony (The Order Saga, #1)
  • Brian McKinley
  • English
  • 02 August 2019
  • 9781491007754

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