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Kahayatle (Apocalypsis, #1) txt Kahayatle (Apocalypsis, #1) , text ebook Kahayatle (Apocalypsis, #1) , adobe reader Kahayatle (Apocalypsis, #1) , chapter 2 Kahayatle (Apocalypsis, #1) , Kahayatle (Apocalypsis, #1) a92245 This Is An Alternate Cover Edition For ASIN BEUOK NEW YORK TIMES And USA TODAY BESTSELLING AUTHOR, ELLE CASEY, Brings Readers Book Of In The YA Dystopian APOCALYPSIS Series, Suitable For Older Teens And Adults KAHAYATLE My Name Is Bryn Mathis I M Seventeen Years Old, And I Live In A Neighborhood Outside Of Orlando, Florida I M Here Alone Because My Dad Died Almost A Year Ago, Along With All The Other Adults In The World I M Almost Out Of Food, And The Gangs Of Kids That Roam Around My Town Are Getting Vicious By The Day It S Time For Me To Leave And Find Another Place To Live A Place Where I Can Find Food And Shelter A Place Where They Won T Be Able To Find Me Alone, It Might Have Been Possible, But Now I Ve Got Company I M Worried That I Don T Have What It Takes To Get From Here To My Final Destination, And I Have No Idea What Might Be Waiting For Me When I Get There Content Warning Mild Violence And Some Foul Language Meant For Older Young Adult Readers Age This Book Is In The Dark Science Fiction Horror Post Apocalyptic Genres, Featuring Teen Characters OnlyAPOCALYPSIS SERIES READING ORDER Kahayatle Apocalypsis Book Special Introductory Ebook Price Warpaint Apocalypsis Book Exodus Apocalypsis Book Haven Apocalypsis Book This Series Is Dedicated To The Amazing, Wonderful Native Americans Who Populate Our Nation, Continuing Their Traditions And Reminding The Rest Of Us That Sometimes, Progress Isn T Always The Best Thing For Our People I Invite You To Learn About The Miccosukee Tribe, Their History, Culture, And Lifestyle By Visiting This Website

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    4 Canner Stars A different premise for the Zombie booksinstead we have Canners cannibals who aren t dead.The disease only effected adults over the age of 20.so we have a bunch of teens trying to make a life for themselves while running from these canners.Instead of running to the mountains, they run to the Everglades to the Indian settlement.I LOVED Bryn kick ass girl And I so love all the secondary characters Bondo, Peter and Buster Tons of funny innuendos and doodling I just wish it wasn t young adult.

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    5.0 hearts A Rare rating from me But worthy although I can nitpick anything.Before you read any further, this review contains language If you re a little kid, don t read this I cuss I have a very foul mouth No spoilers really, just bad bad words Enjoy I read A TON of dystopians and post apocalyptic novels They all run together, but not this one This is the kind of dystopian that I want to read.I love the world Elle Casey has created It s a tamed down, less depressing, good hud The Road meets a aggressive, less sophisticated The Silence of the Lambs.All the grown ups are gone They just have straight up died Peaced out Deuces It s not some kind of rapture scenerio It s some kind of virus that has killed all young kids and those grown ups Only the teenagers are left After reading the entire book, there is still no explanation for this.Thinking about it.Yap, still don t understand In this world without adults there are tons of gangs who loot to survive Kill or be killed If you want to survive, you need to be in a gang To be in a gang, you need to eat I could be in a gang with the way I eat I m really good at eating, but not these gangs Because you aren t eating food You are eating people.CANNIBALS Yeah, I said Cannibals Motherfuckers eating other motherfuckers Canners as Peter, the scrawny gay boy calls them Peter is a great character The voice of reason and obviously into fashion, even in a world so desolate The banter between Peter and the main character Bryn makes the book Then add in a German exchange student with his dialogue and his accent really sucks you in His optimism in the face of insurmountable odds is infectious.The world is believable though I visit the Cracker Barrel in real life and I really don t know if I ll ever visit in the same capacity.Bryn is a very likable character She is strong willed and her father has prepped her for survival in this world A world he somehow foresaw, which STILL doesn t make sense to me Bryn is also very crude and I love crude It s my favorite I think her personality will turn a lot of people off Maybe not her personality, but her sense of humor I eat that shit up though, like a canner does the human carcass The one complaint I have with Bryn is how perfect she is That s the only part that is not believable Yes, her dad got her ready for this world because he s a fucking pyschic I guess , but her confidence going in to every situation isn t realistic Plus, she never seems to struggle with any challenge that she is faced with I d like to see her falter occasionally, but other than that she s one of my favorite characters I ve read mostly due to the aforementioned sense of humor she possesses Plus, put a fucking dog into a post apocalyptic nightmare and make him give kisses and cuddles and I m in heaven Oh Buster Doggy woggy loggy.Read this It s bloody brilliant.

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    This wasn t for me First, the book has grammatical errors in the first few pages A small thing, but it pulled me out of the story Second, I couldn t get past some of the realities the author had set up in her post apocalyptic world I was nearing the point of giving up anyway, but the final straw for me was the narrator mentioning in a world that had gone to hell mere months ago that she had long ago run out of soap Soap There is enough soap in my house right now for 3 people for a year, and I m not preparing like she supposedly was Soap is also shelf stable There will be soap 15 years after an apocalypse Yeah, it s nitpicky, but it s just indicative of the lack of thought she s put into setting up her world If for you, you can get past that stuff and just enjoy the story, power to you It wasn t for me.

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    Elle Casey has done it again Created a world that drags you in and won t let you go I think I am a little bit in love with her brain lol, at least the imagination part of it I love books that make me root for the characters, and this one has you rooting from the very first page.Just imagine a world where there are no adults and no children, nothing but hormonal teenagers left alive This is the world that 17 year old Bryn lives in All of the adults and children, including her beloved father, have died of a mysterious disease Bryn is all alone in an unforgiving world, where danger lurks just outside her front door, and starvation is only a tin can away But Bryn is no helpless little girl Her father taught her to survive, taught her Krav Maga and taught her how to Go American White Girl All Over You re Ass I hear than a hint of Jason Brant in that statement lol Bryn thinks she needs nothing and no one until the day she almost runs out of food and decides to explore the house behind her Despite the gangs raging through the streets, taking whatever they want, Bryn decides it is worth investigating She gets than she bargains for in this decision.Cue Peter into the story A small, skinny boy that holds up Bryn with a.357 magnum and instead of killing her, worms his way into her heart Peter may be weak, but he knows who he is, which is a smart and able even in a pair of too big red high heels Yes, Peter is gay Bryn decides to take him in and realizes that Peter has a hell of a story to tell, one that changes their lives forever.They decide that they have to leave where they are because the danger is too great to stay There are Canners running the streets I m not going to spoil it by telling you what Canners are , and after a confrontation that leaves one dead, and a severed head on the porch, Bryn, Peter and a naked pink poodle named Buster, hit the road on mountain bikes hoping to find a new place to start a life There they meet the third member of their newly formed family, Bodo He is a German exchange student that lost his family He is cute, has an accent and a happy disposition They take him in and continue on their journey They are headed to the Everglades, a place they think that they can survive and maybe that others won t find them A place to get lost in and a place to start a new life in.The journey they take to get there is often times hilarious, filled with raunchy teenage humor Peter has to go do a doodle No poodles allowed during doodle time I will never hear the word doodle again without dying laughing Bryn is loyal, hilarious and a bad ass Peter is sweet, and strong despite his small stature He is often funny at times as well Bodo, well, he is just a big puppy dog Always happy, always willing to help out, and would do anything for his new family especially Bryn Dat s not a problem Their journey also has plenty of heartbreak I found myself with tears in my eyes quite a few times They meet many new characters along the way, some good, some bad, and some just so sad that you feel it in the bottom of your heart They do make it to their goal, but this is where my review stops I refuse to tell you any because that would just ruin the story Just know that they have many adventures waiting for them in the Everglades, and if you want to know what happens to Bryn, Peter, Bodo and Buster, well, you need to read the book Also, if you are curious what Kahayatle means, as I was, go grab the book and give it a chance You will not regret it Once I started this book, I was hard pressed to put it down I kept snickering at the book and my husband kept telling me You are so weird Once again, if I have talked you into reading this book, please leave a review where you bought it Every review helps the author.For reviews of GREAT books, please visit my blog at

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    WARNING SPOILER ALERT Imagine being in a world without adults or young children they were all killed by an unusual virus Bryn, the 17 year old lead character, had spent the last several years training as a survivalist Her father had a vision of the future turning out this way and had prepared his daughter in those skills needed especially the martial arts to survive in such an environment After the apocalypse, surviving teens had to live on their own foraging for food and other supplies to keep their homes cozy However, factories were not making supplies and inventories dwindled, food eventually ran out Gangs were formed and members resort to violence raiding homes and stealing supplies from others When those sources finally dry up, these gangs resort to cannibalism killing those who are weaker and then barbecuing the body parts and sharing in the bounty.Bryn must stay awake all night long to protect her home from these roving gangs She had been lucky so far, but the gangs are getting bolder and she knew it will soon be time to leave She discovers a younger boy, Peter, in the vacant home behind her and together, they rescue a poodle from a home down the street Bryn and Peter start making plans to leave the neighborhood However, everything changes when they find themselves in a life or death battle with gang members who are trying to break into her home Peter shoots one of them dead to end the siege In the morning, they discover the dismembered head of the shot gang member laying on the front porchthe body gone They soon find it, or what is left of it, on the backyard barbecue of the home next door Empty bottles of booze and drunken, unconscious gang members litter the yard It is time to go Now The pair gather supplies and leave on bicycles for the Everglades, soon coming upon an individual traveling alone He is a German transfer student who quickly teams up with trio of travelers and joins them in their quest to reach what Bryn believes will be their sanctuary During their trek, they come upon rogue gangs and other formidable foes The story is unique, funny at times, terrifying in places and keeps the reader on edge to see what will happen next.The ending left me hanging and longing for The trio and dog finally reach the Everglades, and eventually join forces with two nearby Indian tribes However, they soon find their sanctuary threatened upon learning that a nearby gang is warehousing humans to eat in the near future It s a great read and highly recommended I m looking forward to reading books 2 3 to see how this group manages their future.John Podlaski, author

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    Elle Casey has created a most remarkable post epidemic world, where only teenagers are left to inherit the earth and all the good and bad things that come with that Our main character, Bryn, is a heroine the likes of Katniss Everdeen The Hunger Games or Clary Fray City of Bones She is strong in character, she knows who she is, yet she has flaws, she is just trying to survive in her new reality and do so in line with her morals and conscious I love sharing this kind of book with young adult 15 yrs women, they need strong role models in literature I abhor the books that portray women and girls as victims to be saved by big, strong, or smart men while they cower in fear Bryn will have you loving every Girl Power moment, she is fascinating and real.When all the adults and young children are taken by a mysterious illness, we first meet Bryn in her home, almost out of food and water, and trying to figure out what to do next All the training her beloved father gave her never came close to the reality and isolation in the new world There are violent gangs of teens roaming the streets and Bryn knows she is going to have to leave her home soon or else be a sitting duck It is her journey, her encounters, and her amazing inner strength and sense of right and wrong that leads her forward through the fear she must surely feel.I don t want to hand out a heap of spoilers, just trust that this novel is the start of a series that has an amazing range of issues to ponder, discuss, and digest You will not be able to put it down, and you will want to share it with everyone you know so that you can all discuss what you are uncovering in these amazing novels Apocalypsis and it follow up books are all equally thrilling, edge of your seat, shocking, and riveting I anxiously await the fourth book in these series, coming soon Elle Casey has created a series that is relevant, absorbing, and totally new A great novel for school projects and book reports, or even to be read as a class curriculum item I am a 40 year old with a Master s Degree and loved them, my 15 year old niece adores them just as much, and that speaks volumes Snap them up for your Kindle at these amazing prices, or order the hard copies for sharing.

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    Apocalypsis is a page turning book It s based on a very dark apocalyptic scenario where the world is left to teens, with some warning but not enough time for the adults to help secure a livable world for the kids who are left alive The humor in it was very well done and seemed to blend well into the situation.The book is entirely from the point of view of Bryn, a teenage girl whose father took the time to prepare her very well for the horrors she would live through Bryn is joined or recruits some friends and they have to find someplace to live where they won t be used as food by the desperate teenagers that seem to be taking over by brute force.The book has some great twists that played out well with the story Being the first Elle Casey book I have read I am really impressed with her well thought out dialogs and descriptions I never once thought hey that couldn t happen or that was ridiculous to put in As this is a young adult novel YA I am a little taken by surprise by the violent and brutal situations the main characters have to deal with I grew up reading science fiction and fantasy books and I don t recall reading about such graphically brutal situations as rape, vicious fighting and cannibalism This was the second YA book I have read from this generation of YA writers and the other was just as graphic I would recommend being ready to discuss such items with any teenager reading this.Elle Casey has made a great strong female heroine that might even inspire some teenage girls to look closer at the world and not allow themselves to get stereotyped into a dull role in life.At first I thought the book was a bit predictable with simple obstacles to overcome However, each element added to the complexity leading down a spiral that spun ever faster into an ending that was completely unpredictable.I really enjoy Elle s easy story telling style and look forward to finding out what happens next in this series and her other books I have already bought the second book in the series and am looking forward to reading it.Also for the record ARGH cliffhangers are so annoying My mind just screams common not there just one page Of course that won t stop me from hitting her back with my own cliffhanger

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    MyOH MY GOD SUCH A FREAKINGLY AMAZING AWESOME BOOK A MUST READ Once you start its hard to put down I know I had a hard time doing so If there ever was an apocalyptic event like that I could actually see it going down like this This book takes you to that place and it will hold you there until the next book This is a Post apocalyptic series where all the grown ups and really young children die from some virus that no one can figure out It leaves the world left to all the teenagers that are still surviving There are sadistic ones that turn to cannibalism and violence to survive The story s main character, a girl named Bryn is very kickass So far there are 3 books out and the 4th should be out at the end of March

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    What took me so freaking long to read this book Apocalypsis Kahayatle was so very different than what I expected but just that much better because of it Elle Casey creates a world ridden with violence and horror and injects the perfect amount of belly laughing sarcasm, wit, and romance Her characterization is phenomenal and honest through a setting that is disturbingly realistic Now lets dig a bit deeper.SummaryWe begin our journey with Bryn, a 17 year old Krav Maga apprentice who is really freaking tired of eating noodles And shoot, she s been eating them and beans for about a month now, since her dad went to the hospital to die along with the other adults and pre pubescent kids No one knows why kids 11 20 are immune to the wipe out but they are simply the only ones left Before Bryn s dad left, he helped her prep for the end of the world by stocking up on camping equipment and canned food, getting her a gun, and teaching her all he could as a Krav Maga master Now, she s getting restlessand knows that the other kids in the town feel the same There are break ins every day and it s just a matter of time before they ignore the unspoken rule of only ransacking vacant houses So, before she leaves, she hops over her backyard fence to check for any last minute supplies Quickly she finds herself with not just one but two lost boys and a mangey pup to boot, following her on a journey to make a new home in the middle of chaos Remaining unseen while traveling south on the highway with a barking dog and three people is extremely difficult and dangerous because, well, kids are eating other kids Yeah.ReviewI really enjoyed Bryn s personality and POV She s a complex and different character to fall for average, not many friends, freaking hilariously awkward, she s just one of the guys and surprise is than a bit of a loner She adopts Peter, a sweet, smart guy with a love for animals and has some minor OCD tendencies, and Kodo a huge, glass is half full German with an inhuman ability to make anybody laugh Oh, and then there s Buster who s awesome and yappy happy I love my some fur babies Even with the hords of canners grouping together and searching for their next meal, our cast of misfits find reason to live in one of the most uninhabitable places in Florida They meet several people on their journey, both good, evil, and well, just plain unique Great writing, thoughtful editing, heartwarming characters, and a thought provoking storyline come together in Elle Casey s Apocalypsis This is definitely a must buy and one of my favorite summer reads.

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    First off, I must say, this is not really a YA book, nor is it adult Sometimes it reads like a young teen novel and other times it reads like an adult horror novel I enjoy horror and gore as well as many genres, but this book straddled so many that I found myself so uncertain so often The main character is okay to an extent, an overly paranoid and yet overly trusting person who falls into the Jackie Chan stereotype of I do not want to hurt you but I am going to beat the crap out of you anyways Yeah Towards the end the grammar and spelling mistakes really started to grate on my nerves The rush, that apparently this author is known for, was easily apparent The idea was original to me, in my vast readings of dystopian fiction, and for that I was greatful Now for the really bad parts I am noticing a trend in budding authors to attempt accents I really wish this would end I can speak German roughly and this author is a mere country away from them, and yet her German accented dialogue was absolutely horrendous Instead of coming off as German, reading it phonetically, it was a cross between Italian and Russian, depending on the paragraph Sometimes he had no accent The research behind German words and language is lacking Mother is mutter and not mudder I also really hate the in and out use of Bodo speaking of himself in the third person Is he supposed to be a German engineering student or someone with mental handicaps I was sort of waiting for The Stand character to do the M o o n, that spells Chicago at any moment Research skills are not the authors high point Her understanding of Florida s geography is frustrating beyond all belief If you are going to use exact miles in something, know your cardinal directions and actual locations Placing the Everglades exactly 250 miles South of a place South of Orlando is insane Figure it out Her time is off as well One moment it is hours and the next it is days Her days turn into weeks that apparently consist of only two or three days each Very confusing All in all, a major disapointment I contemplated getting the second book to see if their are changes, but from reviews of fellow readers and reviewers, this seems futile And a deadstop ending is not a joyous cliffhanger, but a lowball attempt to keep readers buying something sub par.

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