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Left Behind summary Left Behind , series Left Behind , book Left Behind , pdf Left Behind , Left Behind 9f6cedafea WARNING This Book Contains Explicit Sexual And Violent Content Menage Situations M F M M Marti Has Spent The Last Years Basically On Her Own Her Brothers Had Been At College And Her Three Best Friends Had Joined The Military As A Requirement To Receive Their Inheritance She Lived Through Her Father Dying, Then When She Finally Decided To Attend A University, She Lived Through A Very Traumatic Experience That Leaves Her Mute And Broken But, Somebody Thinks He Needs To Finish The Job He StartedToby, Tory, And Troy Are Home Now Each Of Them Honorably Discharged After Injuries Sustained In The Line Of Duty They Get Home To Find The Love Of Their Lives, And Best Friend, Had Changed She Is No Longer The Outgoing, Bubbly, Girl They Once KnewWhat Will Happen When They Find Out The Reason Why

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    It takes a lot for me to put a book in my DNF pile If it weren t for my extreme stubbornness and willingness to give all books a shot, I would have put this in there.I didn t continue reading because I could not put it down , it was like I just want to get it over with so I can review the book as a whole.Reasons I did not like this book hard to follow the beginning chapter starts with 10 years ago , however only the first page ish takes place during that time Then it jumps around past present I had to guess which was which jumps around A LOT it jumps from describing a scene, to describing a character mid way through the scene, then back to current scene etc unrealistic character traits I don t know how else to describe it, and apologies in advance for any spoilers here..main character, Marti Kayla is mute due a horrible accident while kidnapped Major trauma major anxiets in certain situations right Yeah, not so much apparently She fears a lot, however the one thing she SHOULD fear, she doesn t Why Beats the hell out of me unrealistic situations SPOILER ALERT dude has been in a coma for months and miraculously wakes up completely normal never asked what happened to put him there, just business as usualWHAT confusing names I seriously despise authors who chose way too similar names for characters, example her brother s names are James and Jordan, who the author mixes up frequently, and the triplets names are Troy Tory and Toby I don t want to have to make a damn spreadsheet to keep track of which character is which grammar Oh madone, I seriously have issues with authors who don t take the time to take a fine tooth comb before they publish ESPECIALLY self published authors You don t have a deadline, you don t have an excuse when it comes to editing Yeah, I know many don t have the ability to hire an editor, but as I ve said before in my reviews good reads is overflowing with people who would willingly read edit for you and offer suggestions stubborn dumb heroines now this is a personal reason for disliking certain books In some cases, the heroine s stubborn nature as far as handling situations is completely justified and fits with the story To me, this book didn t warrant it She is an idiot, and clearly conveniently forgets why she has certain fears phobias Oh, let s run through the woods at night while there s a crazy guy on the loose seriously.Okay, I know this was a long and slightly angry review, but I don t like beating around the bush Whether I love or hate a book, I try and make sure to state the reasons I can t say I hated everything about this book, there were a few things I enjoyed voice well I guess it s a non voice seeing as the main character didn t have the ability to speak It was different I ve only read one other book that has done this I couldn t help but compare this didn t hold a candle to other said book But it was nice to see how she managed to interact. suspense maybe half way through, things started to get somewhat interesting as far as plot development Crazy man on the loose who manages to go unnoticed for quite some time. triplet manage that was different, never read anything like that before so it was a nice surprise I suppose As I wrap this up I just want point out that I mean no offense to the author at all I hope she takes this criticism and runs with it Use this as a learning experience and know what you can do to make your next book better.

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    This could have been a great story, had it been edited There were too many errors to count, making for a very frustrating read I read every word in hopes that it would improve at some point, but it never did Aside from grammar and spelling issues, there are worse faults with this tale The villain is cartoonish rather than truly frightening he s seemingly omnipotent, drawing from resources that are never explained The names of the triplets are far too similar Toby, Tory, Troy causing a great deal of confusion The protagonist s brothers also have similar names James and Jordan , but at least these names aren t sound alikes I found it much easier to keep those two characters straight in my head I admire the bravery it takes for a budding writer to put their work out there, but this particular story should have gone through rigorous revisions before publication.

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    Honestly I don t know how to rate this book I kinda found it disturbing that 3 brothers had no problem sharing the same chick, not to mention I had a problem keeping Toby, Tory and Troy separated in my mind But for some strange reason I couldn t stop reading the book and I found something about their love erotic.

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    Freebie 11 25 2012

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    The synopsis led me to believe that Left behind was gonna be a very serious and an emotional read Marti has lived through a very traumatic event in her life, which resulted in her becoming mute, her body covered in scars, developing a bunch of phobias and unable to have a proper sleep without nightmares To add to all that, it seems like her ordeals are far from over So, you can see why I thought this was gonna be a serious book And it might have been, if not for all the ridiculousness it was filled with First of all, the triples If they love her so much, then why the hell have they left her on her own for so many years, while chasing their own dreams That just doesn t look like a serious commitment to me Then they come back and expect things to be as they left them Then there was the matter of Tory s coma when the first time I typed a sentence for it to speak to the boys, Tory s heart fluttered on the monitor Call me cynical, but I don t believe that hearing someone s voice is enough to wake a person up from a coma And then, when they were discussing the self defense training She can train with me in that , said Tory, who had just woke up from a coma I mean, come on, be realistic He should be barely able to walk on his own, let along train someone in self defense.Marti just annoyed me most of the time One moment she s scared of unfamiliar people, and the next she s serving dinner to a bunch of guys, who came to help deal with her stalker What even Then she and the triples are discussing an important issue of dealing with said stalker and suddenly, out of the blue they re like You are an amazing woman Do you know that We all want to be with you, Tory added We can t live without you any Troy finished Where did that come from Couldn t you choose a better time for that conversation I m not even mentioning all the errors in the text So, overall, I was disappointed.

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    really good book I can t wait to read book 2

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    Marti and her 2 brothers have endured great sorrow at the separate deaths of their parents, the pain of having their 3 best friend leave for military service and a harrowing experience of kidnapping which included sadistic and sexual torture by a man intent on making Marti his slave pet.Marti has so many physical scars to include the permanent damage of her vocal chords which render her unable to ever speak again as well as massive emotional scars that haunt her every moment that she fights tooth and nail to stay awake for as long as she can When she sleeps, her kidnapping and torture come back to life again without fail She misses the triplets They are her best friends and she has been and will always be in love with themall three of them They all eventually return home from their service in the military, but they each have their own battle scars and injuries She never let them know about her kidnapping torture ordeal and when they look at her scarred face and realize she will never speak again, they surround her with love and understanding and want to protect her One of the triplets is missing She learns he was seriously wounded and has been in a coma for 4 months now She insists on him being transferred to their home where she can take care of him and be there when he wakes up If he wakes up.The kidnapper has contacted her to let her know he wants her back She is hanging by a thread of sanity He s coming for her.This book has what some would call unrealistic love between people, but I found it to be wonderfully written and could understand what Marti was thinking I sometimes found myself wishing I was in Marti s place Oh my Mature and INTENSELY graphic situations and sexual content.

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    The names of the brothers The trips was just too cutesy and confusing, Toby, Tory, Troy Add to the confusing names, the h s brothers James Jordan If THAT wasn t enough there s the h s names and nicknames, Pea, Princess, Cupcake, Kayla, Martha, Sissy Marti, to name a few Once you slog through all the names you get to the story, obvious badie, a heroine that knows she s being stalked but thinks nothing of going for walks by herself, or empty camp sites by her home, who doesn t know any self defense, is scared of everything but at the same time nothing, AND a guy that s been in a coma for months and wakes up with no problems There are so many problems with this book but a good editor would have helped to make it a little palatable I do not have even the slightest desire to read the next one.

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    A worthy effort and a unique idea Very different read for me never did a book told in the first person with the narrator having a silent voice It takes some getting used to with the ASL as Marti s voice quite distracting Also you, I think there was too much going on with this book which was exacerbated by the first person distraction The triplets all having alliterative names was a bother as well Just too much I couldn t even see that and wasn t able to tell them apart This book is very graphic and doesn t shy away from the subject of rape and abuse I want to see how this ends, so I will be reading the sequel.

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    I ve read this before, when it was being posted on Wattpad so maybe I m a little Bias towards Young s books because I know how hard she worked on them I do love her writing and this is another to go on my favorites list The random humor from the Trips, like playing Rock Paper Scissors to see who got to legall marry her, was amusing and her brothers are the same a mine overprotective The antagonist is creepy and sadistic which is exactl what one would expect from his actions Young covered all bases, I had no mental questions as the plot ended but plenty as it was building.

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