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    I waited for this one to become available at the library for quite awhile It was always checked out and that, coupled with the rather rave reviews I d read, made me excited to get my hands on it The cover is decidedly hokey, but I ve come to regret bouts of cover snobbery many a time before So I resolved not to let it get to me this time Besides I finished the book and still can t wrap my mind around what the tairen actually look like So the creature on the cover is as good a rendering as any, I m sure Essentially, it is a Cinderella story One in which the prince is actually a king A massively overbearing, centuries old king at that Rain Tairen Soul is well known throughout the world as the man who almost destroyed it all when his beloved was killed His rage was of such a magnitude that it nearly scorched the world Thousands upon thousands died as a result This all took place nigh unto a thousand years ago and Rain has spent the intervening years basically trying to hang onto his sanity and not give into his anger and sorrow Enter Ellie found on the side of the road as a child and taken in by a woodcarver and his wife In a moment of utter terror, her soul cries out and Rain s hears it He comes immediately to her rescue and the two of them attempt to make sense of what has happened to them And what has happened is that they are soul mates That s right Rain has love thrust upon him centuries after he thought he was through with it for good And Ellie has it swoop down upon her for the first time in her life It s all very anguished and touching Except it s not I don t know if it s just that the story s been done before and in compelling ways Or if it s the he s older than Methuselah and she s a spring chicken ick factor But it didn t do it for me It s like the whole time the story was telling me, I am So Epic Bask in my epicness And Rain was storming around yelling at me, I am So Tortured Revel in my anguish Meanwhile, Ellie was tip toeing around in his wake whispering, I am fragile but with a Core Of Steel Underestimate me at your peril But none of it felt real It just felt like the veneer of epicness and torture and steel cores There was also a string of women drugged and manipulated against their will which really rubbed me wrong And did anyone else think Ellie should totally be with Bel Or was that just me Now the story certainly had its sweet moments How could it not At just over 400 pages, it never gets beyond the courtship stage of Rain and Ellie s relationship But even then, I didn t feel like they got to know each other well But I didn t feel like I knew them either so it wasn t that great a loss I do have to say that this book and series is dearly beloved by many so, clearly, your mileage may and probably will vary It may very well fly for you But, for me, it never got its feet off the ground.

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    ReREreading this series specifically to spite my tbr mountain

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    Re read timeI think I liked it better the second time through So time to round up instead of down.3.5 Stars.Is there such a thing as Female Fantasy If there is this is it The story is of a set up of a fantasy world and a courtship between a Fey King and a mortal girl who might be than she seems The centralized story is the courtship between Rain the fey King and last Tairen Soul I ll get to what that is in a minute and Ellie the Wordcarver s daughter But swirling around that are the undercurrents of a Mage uprising, dangerous political maneuverings that could lead to a great war and a jilter suitor who wants back what he thinks belongs to him First there is Rain the Fey King and last Tairen Soul HE IS AWESOME When he lost his love over a thousand years ago he scorched the world and ended the war He also went a little crazy and the Fey have been sequestered ever since But now to save his the Fey he must venture out into the world again What is a Tairen Soul Well it is a big cat with wings and violet eyes.There is a pride of Tairen Soul bound in some way to the Fey but only special Fey are granted the essence of the Tairen Soul and are able to change into the cat and Rain is it He is the last one and if he dies they all die Second there is Ellie, she seems like a nice girl She is a little awkward and doesn t seem to fit in her own skin very well At twenty four she is expected to marry soon or at twenty five she will be considered a spinster But when something bad happens to her Rain hears her soul call to his and for the first time ever a Tairen Soul has a truemate Ver reisa ku chae Kem surah, shei tani Your soul calls out Mine answers, beloved Okay so truemate I m like this is a lock then I mean if their souls call to one another and Ellie is the other half of rain s soul than that is it insta love NOT AT ALL.it is an opportunity and a risk, because if the bond between them doesn t build into place then Rain will die and his people with him It is the biggest risk ever Rain must court Ellie and win her complete trust They must find a way to accept every part of each other to be able to win the bond and there are a lot of obstacles in the way.I loved the courtship and how Rain had to dig deep and get some of those fey instincts under control so that he could court Ellie The little gifts he makes and finds for her and the time he spends with her are fantastic Her fey guards the Quintet are so much fun and I wish truemates for them all although I hope they don t have to die to get them Surely it s just a song I, for one, wouldn t want any of you dying for me It is the greatest of honors to die in the defense of a shei tani, Kiel protested Such a warrior will be born to this world again, to find a truemate of his own Ellie herself got on my nerves a little bit She is so unsure of herself, for good reasons but I was told so many times that she was just a woodcarvers daughter and that she isn t special when it was clear that she was The other thing that bothered me slightly is that Ellie is 24 but I forgot that so many times due to the interference of her family treating her like she was still a teenager The world builds and there seem to be a lot of fantasy creatures around but they haven t popped up yet but I m excited to meet them The beginning was a little clunky as I tried to figure out the Tairen Soul, Fey stuff and some of the new terminology but I got it all right eventually There is a lot of building momentum but mostly this entire book seemed like a set up for the rest of the series But I have to know what happens next and I m excited to see how Ellie changes over the coarse of this series.

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    I mooched this after reading an excellent review over at Smart Bitches Who Love Trashy Books, and I m really glad I did I had a moment of trepidation at the beginning, when I realized that I d gotten myself into a soulmate book I m a bitter old bitch and think that soulmate stuff is crap, and I really don t like romances that hinge on characters falling in love within five minutes of meeting each other because it s their destiny rather than because they meet and grow together and find that they re compatible.This is a soulmate book, but it s the best kind The characters are linked by some crazy, mystical power, but that link does not equal automatic love They work at getting to know each other and fall for each other slowly, and that s NICE The characters are fascinating and yet not without huge flaws half the time I couldn t decide whether I wanted to kiss or punch the hero The world is richly developed, the villains are skin crawlingly creepy, and most of the supporting characters are nicely fleshed out instead of being stereotyped movable furniture.I think I m going to have to go find the second book I m addicted Last night, I actually dreamed about Wilson s world D

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    First of all, I m just gonna say that this must be the read that has given me the greatest surprise in my whole life I have found favorite reads before, but never one that completely took me by surprise as this one I knew I would like the book because everybody has been recommending it to me forever, but never in my wildest dreams could I have imagine it would blow my mind the way it did The truth is that once I started it, I just could t put it down But not only book one ALL OF THEM For me this series was one really long read I finished one book and immediately started the next one, not because I wanted to but because I simply couldn t help it.I JUST HAVE NO WORDS AT ALL TO DESCRIBE HOW COMPLETELY THIS READ TRAPPED ME Since I started this book I could not focus my attention in anything else because I just kept thinking about the series what would happen next, how would the characters resolve such huge and emotional problems in their paths, and all sort of related questions.This is really ONE COMPLEX SERIES, kinda like Lord of the rings, with a whole new reality invented out of nowhere Nothing is as we know it, be ready for new lands, unknown species, unpredictable events and SO MUCH MORE And don t worry ROMANCE lovers, I was one of you, I completely postponed this read for too long because I thought it would be too fantastical and with too much fiction in it and not enough romance well, rest assure because the whole series follows a destined powerful couple, one which has a love so strong that will save everything ever created And not in the cheesy love conquers all way, but in a real and emotional way SIGH, I just know I will never, EVER, find a couple to obsess me as this one did PARANORMAL ROMANCE AND URBAN FANTASY fans If you follow my reviews, you know how much series like Psy Changelling, Fever, Night Huntress, Lord of the underworld, Demonica, Dark Hunters, Guild Hunters, Midnight breed and others like those obsess me Well, this one was so much to me than those this one completely changed the way I felt about those genres I m gonna miss this series SO MUCH now that I m done with it And I know I will be rating very poorly my next reads because of itAs I found myself lacking in words right now, I ll use my favorite quotes to show you all what I m talking about Your soul calls out Mine answers, beloved They stood there by the Velpin for many long, silent chimes, the woodcarver s daughter and the man who had once almost destroyed the world, the man whose face was now drawn in lines of mingled joy and anguish She blinked in surprise Since the moment she had put her hand in his and he had pulled her into his arms, she felt as if he knew everything there was to know about her It was surprising and disconcerting to realize that, in fact, they knew each other not at all The path is different for every truemated couple, and it is never a simple one Both Rain and Ellysetta will be tested, as will the strength of their bond, and they must prove their worthiness before the bond can be complete. This is not a sappy, quick nor cheesy romance It is one which oversteps all limits, it is one that goes beyond all knowledge, a romance that will prove true and survive it all And it might be a pre destined and foreseen love, but it still has to go through many steps and prevail I adored that, while it s clear they adore each other, there is nothing given for sure, not obvious ending.

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    Re reading with Michelle, Ian, Becs, Val, etc because I just love this series so much that I will probably re read Tairen Soul any time someone shows a possible interest in wanting to give it a shot Uh so the review belowI think this was the second attempt at a half assed review of this book that I posted last year I may try again after this re read or I may not So I feel like I m doing Terry a disservice by letting her rep this series on a solo mission here.My original review wasn t very convincing of just how epic this series is.Let s see if I can do better Tairen Soul is the absolute best in both the epic Fantasy and Romance genres You get all of the payout of an epic high fantasy Descriptive world building, alternate races, conflict wars, use of magic, etc You also get the benefit of a timeless love story It s so rare to find a couple as engaging as Rain and Ellie There s even a little bit of the steam factor as the series develops I even relished several scenes that made me chuckle It s hard not to giggle at a scene in which the heroine unwittingly uses her magic to turn a royal dinner party into an aphrodisiac laced hotbed of a mess.One extra little surprise of Tairen Soul is the added PNR factor The main character is not only half fey, but he s also half Tairen a race that turns into a FLYING CAT come on, that is all kinds of win and you know it.Please, please, please ignore the cheesy cover These books are chock full of so much goodness As the story unfolds, you find and characters to love I have never read any book series in which I have fallen in love with just about EVERYONE in the story, even little side characters Wilson did such a fabulous job of drawing me into the world of Celiria and the Fading Lands I could so live there.

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    Final rating 4 5 starsFinal rating for the whole series 5 5 stars Ver reisa ku chae Kem surah, shei tani Your soul calls out Mine answers, beloved After reading The Winter King by C.L Wilson, I decided to finally read this series as well It was recommended to me by one of my close friends, and she said that I would love it She wasn t wrong, because yes, I do love it This is the first book in a series of five, and as expected, it had a very slow beginning The first part mainly focuses on the romance between the two main characters, while in the background, the main plot starts revealing itself I have to say that I enjoyed the book, it made me laugh sometimes Overall, I loved the idea for the story Characters were interesting as well, especially secondary characters there were many of them , because they weren t one dimensional, but rather, nicely developed as well I loved that the author added POVs of the enemies as well, as well as of other secondary characters You might be scared by the number of the characters that appear and their names, but don t worry, you will remember most of them while you read.This is a story of Mages, humans, Fey and Tairen Fey and Tairen races are connected they cannot live without each other Tairen are large winged cats and sometimes a Fey which can shapeshift into Tairen is born They are called Tairen Soul and they are masters of all elements air, fire, earth, water and soul But the problem lies in the fact that Tairen race is dying out, and because of their connection, the Fey race is dying out as well Mages, however, are the natural enemies of Fey, and they want to destroy Fey, once and for all The humans do not believe that they are in any danger from the Elden Mages, because they don t feel the rising power of the their darkness ____________________________________________ CHARACTERS ____________________________________________ Rain Tairen Soul Rainier vel En Daris Feyreisen, the Tairen Soul, King of the Fading Lands, is an ancient Fey, having lived for thousands of years His mission is to save his race and Tairen race from dying out A long time ago, while the Fey had been in war with Elden Mages, his mate Sariel died and Rain almost destroyed the world Now, the evil that had calmed down is raising again, and only he can feel it the Elden Mages are regaining their power but he has no proof of it If they rise, it will be hard battle to win and there will be a lot of fatalities But that is not all Rain, broken and hopeless, as well as the last Tairen Soul hears the call of a woman who turns out to be his truemate literally another half of his soul And she is the only one who can save them or at least, that s what he saw in the visions by The Eye of Truth basically a large magical crystal ball If only it were easy to bond with her.Rain was interesting and loveable character, and considering what he went through, I understand his protectiveness over other people and his truemate Having lost his mate in the War, it almost destroyed him I love that he started out slow and didn t force anything, he was patient, caring and nice Ellysetta Baristani Ellie is just a commoner, living her life like an ordinary human, or so she thinks Sometimes, things happen, that even she cannot explain so she just ignores them and moves on like having very scary nightmares She thinks she is just a human, but what she doesn t know is that she is unconsciously using magic she s adopted Ellie loves the stories of the Fey, read many books and poetry about them and is generally fascinated with their race Her parents, Sol and Lauriana, found her abandoned in the woods but they think of her as their own daughter But now, they are getting worried because she is still not married and she is getting older.Ellie was kind and interesting heroine Her life was turned upside down and she still managed to stay on her feet Other characters Den Brodson is the guy who wants to marry Ellie He is not an idiot, he noticed that Ellie is special, and he wants to possess her, no matter what While Ellie s parents thought it was a good idea, they didn t know that Den is a very violent man But what Den doesn t know is the fact that immortal Tairen Soul claimed her as his truemate or soul mate if you prefer Baristani family consists of Ellie, the adopted daughter of Sol Lauriana and their twin daughters Lillis and Lorelle They are a very nice, functional family, and they all care for eath other They listen, they do what they think it s the best for their family and they are supportive Lauriana though, fears magic Sol is the woodcarver and protective of his children, but he also puts a lot of trust in them The twins were just adorable Selianne Pyerson is Ellie s best friend Her mother, Tuelis, is Eld by origin and both of them are scared of what would happen if Rain and his people found that out Except for that, she really likes Ellie Queen Annoura and King Dorian are the rulers of Celieria, and they have a problem should they indulge the Fey, or should they continue their trade with Eld They are put in a very difficult position, because whatever choice they made, they might go in the war with other country and Eld and Fey do not cooperate Queen Annoura though was one of the queens who loves to use her position to her advantage, ordering around What can I say, except that she was overjealous and irritating queen Dorian, however, listened to reason, made good decisions and was rational king Among the other Fey that appeared, there were Dax and his truemate Lady Marissya , a shei dalin, a powerful Fey healer and Truthspeaker Belliard, Kieran, Kiel, Rowan, and Adrial are the Fey sent to protect Ellie and guard her with their lives Belliard vel Jelani is the oldest Fey warrior, and Rain s friend, as well as master of Spirit Kieran vel Solande is the son of Marissya and Dax and master of earth, as well as the last child born to the Fey people Kiel vel Tomar is a master of Water magic Rowan and Adrial vel Arquinas are brothers Rowan is a master of Fire, and Adrial of Air Kolis Manza and High Mage Vadim Maur are the antagonists of this series Being Mages of Eld, they want to bring down the Fey and destroy them once and for all Preferably make them a very hated race as well Dahl reisen are the lost souls unmated Fey warriors who have been banished from the Fading Lands for breaking Fey taboos or for choosing to walk the Shadowed Path rather than committing sheisan dahlein, the honor death, when the weight of all the lives they have taken in defense of the Fey becomes too great for thier own souls to bear Among them is the brother of Marissya brother, Gaelen vel Serranis who couldn t get over his twin s death And in the end, there are Sian and Torel , Fey that were given the mission to find out Ellie s origins ____________________________________________ OVERALL ____________________________________________ Even though it s one of the Soulmates stories, i really enjoyed it Why Because nothing was rushed, and while they are soul mates, they have yet to understand each other and make a proper bond meaning, they need to slowly fall in love with each other So, nothing is done in rush, and that made me love it even .It was a nice beginning for the series, a bit slow, with a very detailed world building, which sometimes makes it hard to process I was a bit confused at the beginning, but after a while, I understood everything Anyway, a nice start for the series, although very slow, therefore only 4 stars. ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________ MY TAIREN SOUL REVIEWS Lord of the Fading Lands Tairen Soul 1 Lady of Light and Shadows Tairen Soul, 2 King of Sword and Sky Tairen Soul, 3 Queen of Song and Souls Tairen Soul, 4 Crown of Crystal Flame Tairen Soul, 5

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    Ugh This book is so trite and clich d as to be nearly unreadable The nerveless bit of fluff who ranks as the heroine is a horrid mixture of syrupy sweetness and heavy handed examples of sudden and unexpected displays of magical ability the likes of which her world has never before seen The king of the Fey claims her as his soul bonded mate immediately after first seeing her, the beautiful female characters in this book hate her, and her childhood bully is repeatedly thwarted in his attempts to rape her.Oh, no This plot is not contrived at all.After the heroine bored me silly, I did spend a bit of time flipping through the book in search of interesting sex scenes with the faint hope that they might slightly redeem this as a romance novel There were none I advise you all to skip this book entirely.

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    It might be overly ambitious to review five books at once, but considering I binge read this series over the course of one week, I think this will have to do.While I had been looking for a fantasy romance book at the time, I didn t want one that was completely about the lovers or, for lack of better terms, a porno C L Wilson ultimately surpassed my expectations for the Tairen Soul series by giving me exactly what I didn t realize I d wanted ferocious romance, a power struggle, and morally corrupt characters set in a medieval landscape where dragon like creatures roam wild and the Fey aren t akin to anything you ve ever read about before Rainier vel En Daris, a Tairen Soul and King of the Fey, once scorched the world with his Tairen s fire after the death of his mate by the hands of his enemies, the Mages, some thousand years ago Mad beyond reasoning, Rain fled his realm and flew across the seas to try to reclaim his crumbling sanity However, he returns home centuries later to find that his Tairen kin large feline creatures with wings are dying from an unknown ailment With nothing left to loose save for his kingdom, Rain consults the Eye of Truth and demands answers for a cure He sees a young girl with vibrant red hair and green eyes, and he knows what he has to do.Ellysetta Baristani, the adoptive daughter of a woodcarver, is nearing the end of her marriage eligibility At twenty four years, she is the wayward child of a modestly poor household But Ellie s social status isn t what keeps her from being wed off, rather it s the rumors that she has witchery in her blood Young enough to remember her torment, Ellie had been put through various exorcisms, which had thus forced her family to relocate many times, making it hard for her to make any friends But when she is proposed to by the local butcher s son, Den Brodson, her mother immediately agrees, knowing that another proposal is less than likely As to follow tradition, the shei Dalin Marissya, a well respected female healer, campaigns with her true mate into Celieria to uphold a peace agreement Untraditionally, the two are accompanied by the Feyreisen, the King of the Fey, as he scopes out the girl he saw through the Eye of Truth His appearance causes chaos amongst the crowds, for everyone is familiar with the tragic story of the earth scorcher and his lost mate They fear him And they fear him even when he finds Ellie and races to her aid after she had been hurt amongst the forming mob of peasantry Everyone flees from her as Rain transforms back to his Fey form and offers her a hand Thus begins our brutal story of love and war I won t go into a synopsis of every single book, because quite honestly that would be impossible AND Goodreads as a word limit I know this because I reached it while reviewing a Sarah J Maas novel oops But ultimately, the series only grows stronger For starters, the world building is crazy good There are so many different terms and locations, I swear it felt almost like reading Game of Thrones again with surprisingly less death and focus on romance The imagery is beautifull, specifically when it comes to the introduction of the Elves in the third and fourth installment You d think the Fey would aesthetically be written as these ethereal beings who reside in trees and sing tales of death and destruction to the fading moon while harvesting strange fruits and keeping the secret of humankind to themselves Well, C L Wilson DOES incorporate those elements in her books just not with the Fey Rather, those scenes are saved for the Elves, whereas the Fey are described to be medieval warriors wearing garbs of chains and holding sacred battle oaths to the highest authority While I did enjoy that, I would have liked of the original Celtic versions of the Fey I feel as though the word Fey could have been misplaced with warlock at any time and we d really never notice the difference save for the primal, possessive nature of which makes the romance and battles so great In addition to the imagery and world building, Wilson created an original language for her Fey characters that I felt really added to the fantasy aspect of the story It wasn t overdone to the point where I d be wondering what the hell was being said, but it also wasn t lacking Romantically, this book kicked ass Ellie and Rain share a maddening, lustful, all encompassing bond that has nothing to do with the future of the realm Although being true mates, Ellie has yet to complete their bond because she hasn t accepted all of her own nature in order to give herself to Rain Rain, however, has accepted the bond since the moment he found her, meaning that if she rejects him he will die And while this would be incredibly cataclysmic for our story, the realms would go on It is Ellie alone that can stop the Elden Mages from destroying the Fey and Mortal realms, whether she accepts the mating bond or not I find that to be an amazing addition to both her characteristics and the romance between the pair This series is certainly not without it s side characters I say that because there s an overwhelming amount of them not quite as many as Game of Thrones like I ve mentioned before, but you get the gist of it And what makes these characters worth reading is that they can uphold our attention without even needing the main plot They re all unique and lovable, even the morally corrupt ones especially the morally corrupt ones Ha C L Wilson has created an amazing story full of adventure, loyalty, and romance that will leave readers wondering where this series has been all their lives If you enjoy the Throne of Glass series by Sarah J Maas, Game of Thrones by George R.R Martin, or anything remotely reminiscent of gruesome fairy tales, then this story is definitely for you.

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    3.5 stars I m not much of a traditional fantasy person, but I thoroughly enjoyed this book It starts off a little unevenly and even had me giggling a bit here and there, but it gradually became a complex, epic story full of fascinating mythology and dazzling magic All of the characters are extremely well developed, in that all the ones who are good behave with honor and the ones who are evil believe absolutely in the rightness of what they are doing I really like Ellie and Rain, whose relationship builds slowly and believably, and I love how protective both he and his men are of their future queen.I m not really sure how to categorize this book Is it fantasy Is it paranormal romance Somewhere between the two, I think, as there s intricate world building and politicking but also lots of tenderness and emotion I normally have very little patience for fairy court business so much talking and posturing , but everything that goes on here is well thought out and fraught with potentially dangerous consequences It ll be interesting to watch Ellie develop her powers and to see where the story goes next.I ve read through dozens of books that try to do what this one does, but none other that ever fully appealed to me Ignore the cheesy cover and font and try this one if you enjoy this fantasy written for women thing I ll leave you with the words that sold me on the book the king is a gorgeous half fey, half winged flying CAT.

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Lord of the Fading Lands download Lord of the Fading Lands, read online Lord of the Fading Lands, kindle ebook Lord of the Fading Lands, Lord of the Fading Lands 24b53b425d52 Once He Drove Back The Darkness Once He Loved With Such Passion His Name Was LegendOnce, Driven Wild With Grief Over The Murder Of His Beloved, The Majestic Fey King Rain Tairen Soul Had Laid Waste To The World Before Vanishing Into The Fading Lands Now, A Thousand Years Later, A New Threat Draws Him Back Into The World And A New Love Reawakens The Heart He Thought Long DeadEllysetta, A Woodcarver S Daughter, Calls To Rain In A Way No Other Ever Had Mysterious And Magical, Her Soul Beckons Him With A Compelling, Seductive Song And No Matter The Cost, The Wildness In His Blood Will Not Be Denied As An Ancient, Familiar Evil Regains Its Strength, Causing Centuries Old Alliances To Crumble And Threatening Doom For Rain And His People He Must Claim His Truemate To Embrace The Destiny Woven For Them Both In The Mists Of Time