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  • Bound (Mirrors of Bershan #1)
  • J. Elizabeth Hill
  • English
  • 10 September 2018

10 thoughts on “Bound (Mirrors of Bershan #1)

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    I enjoyed reading this book I liked the storyline and the characters The only thing I didn t like about this book that is the reason this will get a 4 star rating from me is that I didn t like how there was a main character that was independent in the story and wasn t going to let anyone tell her what to do and was going to do magic on her own without anyone holding her down only to be made to submit herself to a love interest to end the story I understand now why it happened that way, but it irritated me that she had to second guess herself on what she stood for and what she believed in just for some stupid society norm that you had to have a partner to do anything in their magical world Everyone was trying to make her do something she didn t want to do including her own father which made me really upset as I read the story Other than that, it was a good story and I hope others will check it out.

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    This was a completely unique novel Hill has a take on bound magic that I do not recall every having seen anywhere before She combines history, with modernity and fantasy in such a seamless manner that you cannot help but enjoy yourself with this novel The characters also interact in a way that is so realistic that you couldn t ask for This novel is very well written It never becomes jumpy or disjointed I appreciate the fact that Hill takes the time to explain and describe those things that need an explanation but does not waste time or slow down the progression of the novel by describing those things that do not need an explanation I also greatly enjoyed how well she brought her characters to life In this novel, no one is perfect But they are all perfectly suited to their purpose As a whole, this novel is a brilliant first book in the series It sets up everything for the progression of the storyline I also greatly enjoy the fact that this is an entire story on its own It is so much than just an intro to the series This is definitely a series that I will be following.

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    I ve been pretty much stalking Goodreads to see when I could talk about this book Because I loved it I had the wonderful opportunity to read it before it was released, and potentially not fully edited About halfway through the book I remembered in shock that it wasn t final yet, and technically was still a manuscript In essence I was blown away I will sheepishly admit that my favorite character of Bound isn t even the main character, but a delightfully drawn out hunk that I want to breathe life into so I can date him Or marry him Whichever works I m not saying who he is, due to spoilers, but I will say that it has been a very long time since I ve fallen in love with a male main character that isn t in the YA genre, so I was amazingly impressed My next favorite part about Bound is the growth of the main character She s relatable, which can be a tricky task in fantasy novels She is realistic, driven for real reasons, and intelligent all characteristics that I really need to feel for a MC Sonow I just wait for the next one Quite impatiently, I might add Until then, well I ll just reread Bound.

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    I can t remember the last time I read such a character driven fantasy novel There s definitely a plot, of course, and there is a lot of suspense, especially once you hit the last third of the novel, but it s the characters that really kept me reading The characters make mistakes sometimes in some cases a lot of the time , but they re realistic, and most of them mean well Even the side characters, which are often two dimensional, had developed backstories and traits that made them interesting to read about I really enjoyed getting to know the characters.I also liked how the characters themselves created a lot of the drama and suspense Some novels focus on huge plot devices to keep the readers guessing Hill uses the characters emotions a lot of the time A character will say something that sounds completely innocent normal, but they ll say it with fear or some other emotion they don t normally show, and then I m intrigued in a much interesting way that I would have been if if an event had taken place That s not to say, though, that there aren t suspenseful events, as well, because there are I just think that this novel particularly shines when it s dealing with characters and their reactions to things I was a bit afraid of the dueling love interests in this novel, but this is one of the few novels I ve read where the conflicting emotions make sense There s a lot of magic involved, and many of the things that sort of bothered me as I was reading made sense at the end of the novel, which was nice I still think that Fay and Tavis s relationship progressed a bit quickly than really made sense to me, but I will attribute a good deal of that to the society they live in and all the magic that goes along with that The magic was another thing that I enjoyed reading about There didn t seem to be particular spells, or at least not spells with names and wand waving and things like that The magic is natural, almost It s still something that has to be taught, of course, but it s subtle than the magic I ve seen in a lot of other books, which was definitely interesting The only thing that really bothered me about this novel was the editing Some of the things that bothered me were things that I m sure wouldn t bother most other people after all, I did read through several of the Harry Potter books with a pencil in my hand, fixing all of the misplaced commas and adding semicolons where I felt they should have gone That said, there were a few instances where a word was missing or where the punctuation was clearly wrong, and that took me out of the story a little Overall, though, I really enjoyed this novel I loved getting to know Faylanna and Tavis and all of the other characters, and I couldn t wait to find out what happened to them I eagerly await the next installment in the trilogy.

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    In her debut novel, J Elizabeth Hill tells the story of a student graduating from her academy of magic only to face the culmination of unknown plans laid around her for years Strong in both her abilities and her character, Faylanna must survive trials never anticipated while trying to look beyond the alarming present to choices that will impact her life forever on Though this story is set in a magical world with characters possessing the ability to use spells, the story is one of familiar human decisions and the struggles and consequences of making them Faylanna is a capable, intelligent, and kind heroine confronted with the looming uncertainty of her future, and those human aspects are not lost even as she is swept up into fantastic mystery The characters become dear because of their believable relationships, goals, and troubles not even the antagonists are exempt The natural way that Hill writes magic is another wonderful part of this story, with several fascinating concepts and interactions The magic is pervasive, not something to just be pulled out when needed but a true extension of the characters, an extra sense or a malleable tool The descriptions of the spells are subtle and yet spin out beautiful images in the mind of the reader The world developed with the implications of this magic, which is incorporated into history, laws, and culture There are items, critical partnerships to be made, and crimes through the use of magic, all building into a world the reader will soon become comfortable with and be free to focus on the story.One point of frustration comes from the exclusion of Faylanna from knowledge possessed by other characters It s hard to shake the feeling that a lot of trouble could have been avoided if she had insisted on the opportunities that were not interrupted almost on cue when information was about to be revealed Faylanna is a determined character who pushes for what she believes must be done, and watching her let those moments pass was confusing To be fair, she continually receives to worry about, as Hill is wonderful about piling on the stakes The characters are solid, strong beings that proved impressive in many areas Not only do they help each other in physically dangerous situations, but the lessons the characters learn from one another resonate with the readers and have their part to play in the story Bound is a brilliant story for fantasy fans and beyond, and we may all rejoice that it is the first in a trilogy.

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    Also posted on my blog www.thebookcafeblog.blogspot.comI received a free copy from author J Elizabeth Hill in return for an honest review.This the debut novel from Hill is a great start to what looks like is going to be an addictive series Hill immerses you in a fantasical world of magic, romance and almost medievil like status structure But even with all of the imaginative world building the main character Fay and everything she is dealing with is extremely realistic She is my favorite kind of female MC, strong, smart, very capable, a little bit cocky, with A LOT of heart She know what she wants and what she doesn t want and doesn t care what anyone has to say about it Everything she is going thru completely sucks you in , pretty much from the get go And then she goes and meets Tavis Oh Tavis His character is everything that Fay didn t realize she needed He supports her when she lets him and doesn t resent her when she needs to be independent He isn t afraid to lean on her and rely on her strengths And he loves her unconditionally even through her seriously stupid decisions That main decision is also known as Marcius For being so smart, I ve gotta say in this, Fay was pretty fricken stupid It s her interactions with this guy that actually had my coffee cups drop I can t really say too much on the matter without revealing a lot of the plot, but well she should ve known better.Aside from the MCs, a lot of what made this story so addictive and interesting was the strength of the supporting characters As much as I loved Tavis and Fay, I have to admit my favorite character was actually Ki He was so multi dimensional and amazing you can t help but fall a little bit in love with him But everyone from Ganson to Eliar to even Fay s father was completely fleshed out and consequential to the plot There were some editing issues, but not enough to be distracting, but I know they can be for some people which is why I even bother to mention it The ending wasn t by any means a cliffhanger thank goodness but there were some very intriguing unanswered questions that I can t wait to read the next one My Rating is actually 3 1 2 stars, but I rounded up

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    When I first dove into this book, I had a wee spot of trouble with the writer s style, kind of like run on thoughts, like someone who talks a lot and doesn t think to take a breath but just keeps going and going and you re almost surprised that you haven t lost your train of thought from the beginning of the thought train Slightly out of mental breath.Okay, yes, I jest a little But once I got into the story, I either didn t notice this any longer, or the author got into a rhythm, or maybe it wasn t as bad as I d originally imagined it Whatever The point is, I stopped caring cuz we have us some nice magic here.I liked the characters, I liked the plot, I liked the world the author built, I liked the mystery and trying to figure out what the hell was going on and trying and failing to guess at the motives and foresee plot twists It was a fun read, and I enjoyed myself, especially because I just had to keep reading to find out how it all ended, cuz I had no clue.Did some things annoy me Well, yeah Especially with some of the downright stupid choices Faye makes I mean, I could see who the bad guy was, and I wanted to reach into the page and throttle her sometimes I think some of that was spell work though, and maybe not entirely her fault Plus, she s nineteen and new to the world of adults and betrayals and secrets and magic I liked her independence and strength I liked how she wanted to be her own woman who makes her own choices and her own mistakes Good for you, Faye.Tavis, supposed to be a strong hunk, but I had trouble getting past the country bumpkin image in my head I like him, truly I do, and I get that he s strong both physically and magicallythere was just some magic missing for me.Maybe it s cuz I like me some bad boys I found myself drawn to Marcius Shame on me But hoo boy Was there some heat going on between Marcius and Faye I think I m blushing So if you like magical worlds and twisty plots and a bit of mystery and romance, pick up a copy of Bound.

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    Blurble Bound by J Elizabeth Hill Doesn t she know you can t do real magic alone Freshly graduated from the Voleno Academy, Faylanna Derrion is trying to find her solitary place in a world where she and her fellow Magicia are expected to find their magical partner as soon as possible When her mentor and his partner are taken by a terrible darkness before her eyes, her flight to find help brings Tavis into her life Can she learn to see him as than a simple farmer or will she accede to her father s demands to return to her family s home, following a path others have laid out for her Can she choose her own course, after a lifetime of refusing to bind herself to anyone Review Bound is a book to savor If you re a fan of fantasy, romance, and mystery, you must read this book It s wonderful, with subtle influences from Gaston Leroux s Phantom of the Opera, and enough tingling tension to keep your toes curled.The tension radiates not just from the evil dangers which abound, but within the main character as well Her inner conflicts become the reader s personal crusade as Fay is alternately cheered and jeered by us when she s either headed in the right direction or headed down the wrong path.Romantic tension also threads through the story, and readers will be cheering for the best partner to win.Lastly, the world building that J Elizabeth Hill is creating, within this first book of The Mirrors of Bershan, is on an epic scale without being overwhelming Her characters will get out of the forest and take the reader along for the journey as they get drawn into the world, word by word.I am sitting on the edge of my seat for the rest of The Mirrors of Bershan Series to be complete.Pancake Perfect With a Cup o Java 4.5 Stars

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    3.5 stars.BOUND is a solid fantasy novel with rich characters and a plot that keeps the pages turned.One of the my favorite things about BOUND is the characters I really enjoyed Fay s journey She is feisty and fiery and I could relate to a lot of her emotions A number of the supporting cast also intrigued me, and I like that these characters were 3 dimensional Sometimes minor characters fall by the wayside and come across as flat, but that is definitely not the case here.The hero is also very swoonworthy I admit he s not my particular hunk of choice, but then I unashamedly like my literary crushes a little on the dark and tortured anti hero side i.e Snape and the Darkling But, I definitely rooted for him and think many people will fall to his charms.My biggest criticism is in the editing I found quite a few minor errors within the pages, which for me detracts from the overall experience Without these errors, BOUND would be a solid 4 star read for me.I eagerly await the next in the series so I can find out what happens to Fay and the others

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    I finished Bound in one continuous reading session as it is a fast paced novel that makes one keep turning the pages highly recommended and a full review in a week or two The blurb gives one a good idea of what the book is about at least to start with and I will have later.For now I will note that the novel ends at a good stopping point with promise of a lot to come the big picture in other words just starts coming into focus, while the novel s main storyline is solved or less, though of course this leads to deeper questions.As content I would say that the Collegia Magica series by Carol Berg is a good reference, while as style Paula Brandon s Volsky recent trilogy is a good comparison The next book in the series is of high interest as I want to see where things go

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Bound (Mirrors of Bershan #1) characters Bound (Mirrors of Bershan #1) , audiobook Bound (Mirrors of Bershan #1) , files book Bound (Mirrors of Bershan #1) , today Bound (Mirrors of Bershan #1) , Bound (Mirrors of Bershan #1) 84099 Doesn T She Know You Can T Do Real Magic Alone Faylanna Derrion S Graduation From The Voleno Academy Is Marred By Her Father S Demand That She Return To The Family Estate, Iondis He Refuses To Accept Her Decision Not To Bind Herself To Another Magicia In An Unbreakable Partnership, Insisting She Must Do So With His Help No One Understands Her Need To Prove She Can Succeed On Her OwnThen Her Mentor And His Partner Are Taken Before Her Eyes By A Terrible Darkness, Forcing Her To Flee, Even As Her Father S Soldiers Try To Force Her To Go Home On Her Journey To Find Help, She Meets Tavis, A Farmer In Search Of His Mother, Who She Can T Manage To Refuse The Revelation That He S A Novice Magicia Causes Faylanna To Question Everything She S BelievedAt The Same Time, A Dream That S Haunted Her Since Childhood Begins To Change And The Unknown Man In It Calls To Her His Words Are Sweet But She S Not Quite Willing To Believe He S Anything Than A Dream, Until She Can T Deny ItAs Secrets Are Revealed And Events Unfold, Will Faylanna Hold To Her Solitary Path Or Will She Choose The One That Now Beckons Her With New Possibilities Revised Edition Published April ,

About the Author: J. Elizabeth Hill

Born in Toronto, Ontario, Julie Elizabeth Hill exported herself to Vancouver, British Columbia after many years of staring longingly at the map following every snowfall For as long as she can remember, she s been making up stories, but it wasn t until high school that someone suggested writing them down Since then, she s been hopelessly in love with story crafting, often forgetting about everyth