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Fire Country chapter 1 Fire Country, meaning Fire Country, genre Fire Country, book cover Fire Country, flies Fire Country, Fire Country c081fb15bb61d In A Changed World Where The Sky Bleeds Red, Winter Is Hotter Than Hell And Full Of Sandstorms, And Summer S Even Hotter With Raging Fires That Roam The Desert Like Country, The Heaters Manage To Survive, Barely Due To Toxic Air, Life Expectancies Are So Low The Only Way The Tribe Can Survive Is By Forcing Women To Procreate When They Turn Sixteen And Every Three Years Thereafter It Is Their Duty As BearersFifteen Year Old Siena Is A Youngling, Soon To Be A Bearer, When She Starts Hearing Rumors Of Another Tribe Of All Women, Called The Wild Ones They Are Known To Kidnap Youngling Girls Before The Call, The Ceremony In Which Bearers Are Given A Husband With Whom To Bear Children With As The Desert Sands Run Out On Her Life S Hourglass, Siena Must Uncover The Truth About The Wild Ones While Untangling The Web Of Lies And Deceit Her Father Has Masterfully Spun

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    My new YA dystopian novel a Dwellers sister novel , is now available in ebook and print Personally, it was my favorite book to write of all 11 novels I ve written The main character, Siena, has a very strong voice and is about as normal as anyone I ve ever written She basically wrote herself, and spoke to me night and day for the 4 weeks I was writing the book and still speaks to me now Anyway, I hope you all enjoy Fire Country and I can t wait to see your reviews Kindle Barnes Noble Nook Smashwords Print

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    After finishing David Estes Dweller trilogy, I found out he was working on a sister series called Country Saga I was extremely excited to hear this as I really loved his world building in The Dwellers and knew that I must have Well my friends, Estes did not disappoint Although set in the same world, now we are on top and not deep below The Heaters tribe live in a hard cruel world full of toxic air that gives them each a life expectancy of about 32 years Siena is a 15 year old girl who is a pre bearer and will become a Bearer shortly after her 16th birthday The story follows Siena s journey and at times I laughed out loud at her antics, especially conversations with her friend Perry And, dang you, Estes I cried like a baby at other parts of Siena s hard journey Estes creative descriptive writing talent had me gagging, sweating, laughing and crying right along with his wonderful characters And the slang he s created had me giggling and I ve even found myself using bits and pieces of the Heaters unsavory terms myself You have done it again, David Estes Fire Country was amazing and I think it s the best of your books yet If you haven t read any of The Dwellers trilogy, don t fret You don t need to have read it first But I bet you will rush to read it soon after reading Fire Country Ok, Estes Bring it on Can t wait for Ice Country Well done, sir Very well done

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    Quick review Cover Pretty Rating R Thumbs Up 5Overall David is fast becoming one of my fav authors.Characters Well DonePlot Don t conform, and at the very least save yourself.Page Turner Yes Series Cont Absolutely Recommend AbsolutelyBook Boyfriend CircSUMMARY 50 words or less By the time I was finished with this book, I wasn t sure which series the Dwellers or this one I liked best This dystopian series is going to be awesome because this book just rocked I was engaged from beginning to end David just keeps writing them better and better.For a full review and yummy pic, see my blog post at

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    I discovered this book accidentally one of my groups was voting for a BOTM, and Fire Country was among others on the list I checked it out, and the blurb made this story seem both horrendous and morbidly fascinating And just look at the very first paragraph of the book THE LAW In its original form, as approved by the Greynote Council Article 56 A Bearer shall, upon reaching the appropriate age of sixteen years old, be Called to a man, no younger than eighteen years old, to Bear children, immediately and every three years thereafter.Sounds awful, right I thought so too and decided to investigate I haven t read many YA books written by male authors In fact, I haven t read any at all Since so many female authors fail to portray guys love interests realistically in 1st person narration, I was really curious how a male author was going to tackle a teenage girl s point of view Well, my compliments to David Estes for accomplishing that feat, because to me Siena felt very real.As a main character, she is a welcome reprieve from all the super special snowflakes and mary sues of the YA variety, who are usually drop dead beautiful, have a destiny to save the world and a herd of gorgeous guys panting after them, ready to declare their eternal love.Like I said, Siena is very real She is no one special, just a girl, one of the many in her village who are about to turn 16 and become Bearers, i.e get paired up with some random guy to produce a baby, and she is scared shitless She is scrawny and is often ridiculed for it by her peers She is not really good at anything except running and daydreaming in Learning, and not particularly social to have many friends One of her friends, Veeva, is already a Bearer with a child, and the things she says about the whole business scare poor Siena even Actually, Veeva is a fun character who brought certain lightness and humor to the story.Then there is Circ, Siena s childhood friend, who, as she recently found out, she might also be in love with.Circ is an awesome guy, and the romance is very cute I m usually not a fan of the friends turned lovers thing, but this time it just seemed so right, so natural and perfect And there is no love triangle either As the story unfolds, Siena is gradually coming into her own She doesn t become magically all powerful, but rather slowly develops confidence and strength, both physically and spiritually, as, along with some other girls, she tries to fight the status quo and get freedom She makes mistakes too.It is not easy for her to change I take a deep breath Okay No thoughts about being Runty, or Scrawny, or Skinny By trying not to think them, I start thinking them I pound the heel of my hand against my forehead, trying to dislodge the thoughts, but now they re all I can think Skinny Scrawny Runty Skinny Scrawny Runty.Time s a wasting, but how I can I safely climb back down when my mind s full of all this blaze I gotta replace it with other thoughts, better thoughts But she manages I skirt along the edge of the village, feeling reckess and dangerous and so out of control that I start to feel in control More in control than I ve felt in a long time Siena s POV is fun to read She has a good sense of humor and her inner monologue had me snorting many times The slang and manner of speaking she and other characters use may take a bit of time to get used to, but it all added to the atmosphere of the story I think it very clever on the author s part to replace modern cursing words with some made up substitutes Since in YA books cursing is either forbidden or frowned upon, the author managed to accomplish two things at once he made the context clear of any dirty words, but at the same time some characters would put sailors to shame with their language It didn t take me long to make the parallels Blaze shit, crapBullshit tugblazeScorch hellSearing and burning fuckingIt all made for some funny expressions, like He wants to burnin talk to you, Skye says But I tol im he could shove it up his blaze shooter All in all, a very interesting read.On the downside, the ending felt too rushed and the reasoning behind the spiracies, as Siena called them, required certain suspension of disbelief on my part Some things just didn t add up.And even if life expectancies were low in the Fire Country and women had to start reproducing at 16 which I heartily disagree with to replenish the population, I still don t get why they had to be assigned to random guys and not the ones they chose It doesn t make sense to me.I m certainly going to continue with the Country Saga and read the next book Ice Country soon.

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    FIVE STARS The best moment in reading is when you find that one special, unforgettable story you ve been madly searching forthank you David Estes for delivering it in Fire Country Although I really enjoyed The Dweller Series, Fire Country stands in a league of its own and here is the reasonthe brilliantly flawed heroine Siena For me Siena is to Fire Country what Saba is to Blood Red Road and what Alex is to Ashes, or dare I say what Katniss is to The Hunger Games Siena is the kind of character that you cry and cheer for and feel strangely sad when the story ends because Siena is no longer in your literary world Hats off to David Estes and his talent in writing a character that evokes such deep feeling Circ as Siena s soul mate and best friend is the kind of relationship so many YA dystopian post apocalyptic stories get wrong For once, there is absolutely no love triangle Siena knows who she loves even after she feels like she lost Circ forever Such dedication speaks volumes about Siena I seriously went into the ugly cry when Siena looks up at Circ s star and says Hi Another one of my criteria for a favorite bookI actually get moved to tears.Besides Siena and Circ, Fire Country is full of tribal, unique, troubled, evil, brave, comical supporting characters, all of which make this story a stand out, including the famous Perry the Prickler, a cactus you have to read the story I can t possibly give Fire Country the praise it deserves My only fear is that everything I read from now on will pale in comparison and I will be back to searching for that perfect story and character once againsigh.

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    I m so relieved that I liked this book, the only other book that I have read from this author was The Moon Dwellers, which is a good book don t get me wrong but I m not sure that it was for me When I found out about the country series I was drawn in, although hesitant as it was a sister series to the Dwellers But the good news is I liked this book It took me quite a while to get into however, the first 50% of the book felt pretty slow and the dialect writing took a bit of getting used to, I also felt that there was an overwhelming abundance of similes in this book and I was not a fan of that.Now onto what I liked I enjoyed the setting of Fire Country, I ve read a lot of Dystopians but this world was different than many others that I have visited The imagery was so strong in this book that I needed a glass of water nearby when I read it I felt that the characters were realistic and the plot kept me interested Also the cover is gorgeous.I would recommend this book if you re looking for a fresh read.Note This author often has great sales on the kindle versions of his books,so be sure to keep an eye out if you are interested.

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    That was tremendous David s best book yet You bet your tug blaze it was SHUT UP PERRY I received an eARC copy of this book from the author to read and give an honest review This in no way has influenced my review or opinion of the book.Blurb from Goodreads In a changed world where the sky bleeds red, winter is hotter than hell and full of sandstorms, and summer s even hotter with raging fires that roam the desert like country, the Heaters manage to survive, barely Due to toxic air, life expectancies are so low the only way the tribe can survive is by forcing women to procreate when they turn sixteen and every three years thereafter It is their duty as Bearers.Fifteen year old Siena is a Youngling, soon to be a Bearer, when she starts hearing rumors of another tribe of all women, called the Wild Ones They are known to kidnap Youngling girls before the Call, the ceremony in which Bearers are given a husband with whom to bear children with As the desert sands run out on her life s hourglass, Siena must uncover the truth about the Wild Ones while untangling the web of lies and deceit her father has masterfully spun.I honestly have no idea where to start with this book I love David s writing So, after reading the Dwellers series, there was no way on earth I could not dive into this sister series without knowing I was going to be head over heals for it And I love that this is a sister series to The Dwellers I m interested to see how David ties them together.The cover, well, it s gorgeous I just love Regina Wamba s work I have seen many of her covers and have no been disappointed with any of them So why would this be the exception, right I think my favorite part of this book cover is that it so puts you right in the thick of the world that David builds The colors make me all warm, just as I imagined the characters to be in the warmth of the desert So right away I was sucked into the world before I even started reading.The characters are great I love that Siena is so young You can total see all of her 15 years in the way she talks and acts, how she carries herself, and how she feels around her peers Because, while the landscape is very different from what we know now, the way teens act towards and with each other is so relatable I loved Siena right away Especially the way she spoke in her slang speak throughout the book And she s a bit of a rebel right from the get go, which makes me understand her plight and feelings so much Even intriguing is her willingness to come to terms with her feelings for a boy, a boy who she has no right to have feelings for because she s a bearer and will be placed with someone with whom she ll bear children, rather than having the choice.And what can I say about Circ He s an amazing friend He is loyal and you can totally tell that he would fight tooth and nail to keep Siena safe And yet, Mr Estes wait for a while until he reveals that there may really be any real romantic potential between Circ and Sie We get to watch him stand up for her We get to watch him help her But why else would he do these things if he didn t have a love deep down in his soul for her I just love his strength and his willingness to fight, it certainly makes me see him as someone who will go after what he wants and get it And my favorite character by far PERRY Yup, I won t go into too much because I don t want to spoil his presence in the book So let s just say he is certainly a bristly and sharp fellow who has a flare for the sarcastic And the story, well, it s amazing Really, so different from anything else I have read The different groups of people Icies, Wilds, Marked that keep themselves separated and fight each other for power It s like watching wars between countries, but within such a short span of distance And the scenery is amazing David s ability to describe exactly what you see in your mind blows my MIND I felt the world building up, I saw the tents in fire country, the sand that was the surrounding deserts, the cages where they kept the prisoners the rocks jutting out of the ground where the wilds live, the cactus type pricklers that crept up in large groups I walked with Sie on her journey, felt the pain she endured, felt the fear she had As for the writing, well, pretty much I can say that David has a knack of really just taking things to perfection The words flowed so easily And with each chapter he left you with a bit of a cliffhanger, how could you not want to move on and read the next chapter I definitely stayed up reading way beyond my normal bed time to get to spend time with Siena With a unique world, awesome writing, amazing world building, and a general knack for knowing how to keep readers engrossed in a story, David has created a story that is well above and beyond any other that he has done so far I am very much looking forward to seeing where the journey takes us in the next installment of this series.

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    I got a copy for review in exchange for an honest review.I had high expectations for this book, but the book was even better than I expected It has that dystopia feel to it, even than the dwellers series did The story is awesome, original, fast paced and I just couldn t stop reading it The story is great, it start off as a great dystopia book already, but it so much I love reading Siena s story, she is an awesome main character and even though she isn t perfect she is strong inside I loved reading about the world in which she lived and about everything that happened There were moments where I thought no this can t be happening , I was surprised so often by all the twist and turns that I didn t know what to expect any.Siena is an awesome main character, she has so many flaws, but it is also obvious she is strong inside I loved that she wasn t perfect and had her own flaws and her own strengths She felt like a real person Some of the side characters also were really thought out, I loved getting to know Circ, Lara and the other characters Although I do think that some characters motivations weren t as clear.The world building is awesome, David Estes created an awesome world in this book and even the little details are thought out I would almost believe this world really exist The world is thought out and I loved every piece of information I got about it and wanted to know even about it I really liked the fact the different language and word the people used, the words were chosen well and most of the times I immediately understood what the word meant, although I did had some problems figuring out the meaning of one or two words There is also much about the world we still didn t know and I want to know about it, but I guess that means there is still space to learn about the world in the next books in this series.To conclude the fire country surpassed my expectations, the story was awesome, I love the characters and the world building was done so well I just want to read and can t wait to read the next book in this series.Re Read I love this book even now The characters are just so amazing and the Fire Country slang makes you feel like you really are in Fire Country And Siena is such an awesome narrator And Perry is awesome too Really I love this book

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    Wow Was that good Why is this guy an Indie author I ll try to be cohesive about this, but I m still just sitting here absorbing it all I ll just go over a few bullet points, since there are a lot of reviews for this one already World building holy smokes This must have been hard because it is EXTENSIVE From the setting to the dialect, language, terminology, different groups, etc., I can t even imagine how much work went into this The only thing that confused me about the dialect was that it seemed only Siena spoke this way Why And even though I m happy about the fact that she spoke differently, sometimes she seemed to be of less intelligence because of the way she spoke There was a moment in this book and those of you who read this know what it is I almost had to quit reading I was actually really upset But I kept on becausewell.I couldn t help it, and I was rewarded I wish this book had a glossary, like for real Clever exchanging new terminology for swear words Author gets to convey what could come off as real deal people talking without being vulgar Like I said, clever Characters Loved them This is the big reason I knew it was getting five stars I fell in love with Siena and Circ and had a big distaste for the bad guys, which I am supposed to I read in the foreword that the author might still be in a cubicle if it hadn t been for his wife So, thank you, Adele, the literary world is better for it Overall, I think everyone who likes to say Indie authors don t do their homework or crank out professional work, they should start here on this book Estes gives the Indies a good name I m finding a lot of them lately Another good one, Toxicis also refreshing on the Indie scene.

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    Thank you all for your patience as my publisher worked to produce this audiobook The award winning Dwellers Country Saga continues with Fire Country, narrated by Khristine Hvam Hope you all enjoy the listen Here is the rest of the planned release schedule for The Country Saga audio series Ice Country end October 2016Water Storm Country mid November 2016The Earth Dwellers TBD

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