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    I picked this one up because the premise sounded so intriguing, but ultimately I thought it was pretty disappointing The third person present tense narration really got on my nerves after a while, and the story was told so choppily that I found it hard to really get involved Not to mention the ridiculous twist towards the end Spoiler Her formerly goth loser but now suddenly hot classmate with crazy nightmares turns out to be an undercover cop pretending to be a dealer in order to bust a huge drug operation run by another classmate s father Um, what , and the fact that her dreams and why they happen is never really explained, beyond us being told that Janie reads a few dream books from the local library that supposedly solve everything talk about unsatisfying Apparently there s a sequel, and maybe it explains , but I don t think I ll be reading it.

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    3.5 starsA surprisingly good YA book, a perfect mix of romance, paranormal, and mystery The writing style is peculiar and won t be everyone s cup of tea It definitely takes some time to get used to it But once you get over the present tense 3rd person narration and choppiness, you realize this style actually makes the book intense and fast moving The love story is equally powerful and touching and certainly differs from your standard paranormal romance formula Lastly, kudos to Lisa McMann for skillfully weaving dream catching into a very fascinating story A nice departure from the deadbeat vamp were fallen angel theme After the 3rd reading it is, understandably, not as exciting, but still stands out as a fresh and unique work of YA fiction and retains its affecting power.

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    I do not understand this book I do not understand the writing style I do not understand the plot And I sure as hell do not understand the appeal Everything about this book was choppy, weird, and over in a blink of an eye Come to think of it, it was reminiscent of a dream, the foggy kind you forget immediately upon waking The writing was unnecessarily blunt and in the 3rd person, both of which I consider poor writing decisions I felt alienated from the story, and I never understood who was acting or who was speaking Janie and Cabel were both hot messes One minute, they were giving each other longing glances, and the next they would huffily avoid each other Their romance was just too immediate , and I wasn t really invested in either of the characters enough to feel the sparks fly McMann tried to make them deep with backstories that just made me go, huh And the plot I do not even know what to think Props for McMann for being original, I guess, but at least a formulaic plot is comprehensible McMann s plot was thin and rather ridiculous and it didn t even BEGIN to answer any of my questions Seriously, all it did was confuse me, and if the book wasn t so quick to read, I wouldn t have made it through I ll read the sequels because they are right here in front of me But I don t expect to enjoy them.

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    Janie gets sucked into other people s dreams She tries to stop it, but can t resist the overwhelming pull She first noticed it happening when she was eight years old Janie has witnessed everything from the typical falling dream and standing naked in front of a crowd dream to World War II battle dreams Most of the time she is just an observer Even if the dreamers ask for her help, she can t manage to do anything.Janie s life has been hindered by this curse She found out early that sleepovers weren t good for her The close proximity of the other girls caused her to experience their dreams and not get any rest for herself It doesn t have to be nighttime for this to happen though Anytime someone around her is asleep she gets sucked in at school, on the bus, driving down the road, etc When she is in someone else s dream it looks as if she is having a seizure All she knows is that she loses feeling in her limbs and becomes paralized The frightening the dream, the faster the numbness occurs.Janie has an alcoholic mother, an unknown father, and is extremely poor She lives on the wrong side of town and has one loyal friend She lives in isolation in order to avoid being stuck in someone s dream.A new addition to her life is Cabel He lives in her neighborhood and seems to be a loner She has several interactions with him throughout the book, but their lives become intertwined when she has to let him know about her problem while they are on a school trip together and she is stuck on a bus for several hours with her napping classmates being sucked into one dream after another the whole way Cabel must help her through This is a comfort to Janie as well as a new stress She grows to like Cabel very much, but when she begins to get sucked into his gruesome dream and hears some particularly damning rumors about him, she questions her feelings for him.With the help of an unlikely person she meets at the nursing home and some books from the library , Janie begins to gain a little control over her curse The reader will be sucked into the dreams with Janie Your heart will go out to her and cheer as she makes her way through life given the obstacles she must overcome WAKE is a very inventive story and I can t wait for the sequel.

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    This book is short, sweet and simple I think it s the simpleness of the story that gives it the most charm There are no intricate or twisted plots Nor is than any great climatic action to this story.It is a gradual growing of a girl and a boy as they learn to deal with an unusual psychic ability together and face their nightmares.There isn t much to say about this book There isn t much plot or pacing to speak of though it doesn t drag on It s hard for this book to drag on because there simply isn t much of it I read it in three hours The characters are complex, compelling and well crafted Though the character of Cabel has convinced me of one thing that I had already suspected In literature, we like our men obsessive We like them to be doggedly persistent in their chase of our heroines It s not enough that they summon the courage to attempt to speak or interact to them It s not enough that they put themselves or their hearts on the the line They must win us, well and truly They have to be obsessed and consumed with us I think it s a sad reflection on the high expectations that we have on men today, but Cabel is different from the norm.Because you can actually understand why he would risk everything for the female main character He s reasonable, lovable, and flawed.Over all, I love this story though it s not one I d pick up to read over and over again It s a nice story to have read and enjoyed I look forward to reading the sequel.

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    I ve read countless YA novels in this past year, but Wake is by far my favorite To be perfectly honest, it s not the story that I like so much it s very interesting and well thought out, but it was the writing that blew me away In her review, Tatiana called McMann s writing style flawless, and I must admit I was very intrigued by her choice of words at the time I understand now exactly what she meant Wake has a steady rhythm that you can almost feel in your bones while reading It s very hard to describe, but very easy to notice once you start reading I adore its simplicity and unpretentiousness.Lisa McMann s writing is every linguist s dream Linguists are usually very sensitive when it comes to language economy, and we especially dislike redundancy There isn t a single part that is redundant in Wake.In Delirium, the MC leaves the house in the middle of the night to go to an illegal party and warn her best friend about a raid While she is on her way to perform this very important task, Lauren Oliver takes the time to describe the streets, and even trash cannes she walks by That s pretty much where I lost my interest Writers tend to dilute their stories with descriptions and unnecessary facts In literary theory, those parts of a text are called catalysts Wake is only about 200 pages long, but that s because there are no catalysts in it There isn t a single word that dilutes the core The sentences are clean and short, almost bare From my strictly structuralistic point of view, that makes them almost perfect I m in love with this book I can t wait to read the rest of the trilogy.

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    1 StarOverall Oh this was bad I already had low expectations, because it was a random cover buy, but it surpassed them The plot seemed so interesting but the writing was so choppy The characters were underdeveloped and there wasn t even a plot it was just bad Pros Uh it s a really cool plot idea I enjoyed the incorporation of lucid dreaming I liked the first few pages The character of Janie seemed interesting before I realized she was never expanded upon Cons Everything else I m not one to just hate, but this one had so many issues I m not even sure how to keep track The writing style was so absurdly choppy.Like I get stream of consciousness writing I get it But every sentence was a fragmented that restated EVERYTHING Then the fragments were just broken up further with divisions in time Then broken into itty chapters and spliced together paragraphs.None of the characters were ever expanded upon Cabel just doesn t make any sense and I don t understand any of his character s motivation I never learned anything about Janie other than how inconvenienced she was by her circumstances What does she want What does she enjoy What was even the purpose of Carrie s character Or Melinda Or Shay Or anyone There was no plot At all Just Janie walking through random dreams and becoming and upset by them Which, sure, it s distressing But I expected her to have an idea of how to fix it, discover some horrible secret about someone, meet someone else with the same ability anything There was just no plot Random things just kept happening What was that romance even It came out of nowhere They don t even really like or know each other, but she walks in his dream one time and he buys her a snickers and suddenly they re in love There s a whole scene where Janie determines someone is a lesbian because they are dreaming of another female with huge cartoon esque boobs Like just seriously massive tits And then it becomes a joke that continues the rest of the novel In conclusion

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    THE REVIEWWhy this book It seemed interesting What I thoughtWTF did I just read this book is freakin weird It s like a sequence of dreams with a little plot that s it The only reason I finished it was because I was curious to see if it changed It so didn t and i m so not reading the sequel, yeah it s so bad i m not even giving it a chance.

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    First read in February of 2009, Wake is one of those rare gems that I keep coming back to In spite of the later ruin of the series, truly Gone was atrocious, Wake still possesses some element of reading magic for me I suppose it doesn t hurt that it only takes two hours to read either Quick read status or no, Wake can boast of containing not one, but two fantastically imperfect characters, a unique and heart breaking supernatural element, and a mystery that never dulls, even after multiple re reads The writing is sparse, befitting of the story, and is rather lovely in its own cold, lonesome way I would recommend Wake to anyone, just stop the series after Fade.

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    Before I start this one, just know that I LIKED IT I don t love it as much as many of my Goodreads friends but this could be because I started out listening to this and finished the last 30 40 pages in book form I m glad I did so because I can say that I liked this book loads in audio format I m fairly sure the writing style just wasn t doing it for me.You know when you are trying to write a paper for school and you are a couple pages short You start playing around with the margins, change the font around, block quote a few times, and ta da You re suddenly at the length requirement That s what this book felt like a substandard research paper Sure, it was enjoyable but when you hold it up against other YA lit, it falls short because it s missing something 40 pages The central characters were well done but the brevity of the book made me want in terms of plot development and several of the side characters were brought up but they didn t add much nor do we learn much about them Frustrating Also, though I enjoyed the development of Janie and Cabel s relationship, it was lacking the attraction for me The pacing is lightning speed I think someone could read this in an hour and a half, no joke I ll finish this series because the story is interesting and it won t take much time Honestly, though, I m sorry to say I could really take it or leave it.

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Wake summary pdf Wake, summary chapter 2 Wake, sparknotes Wake, Wake 93dcb57 For Seventeen Year Old Janie, Getting Sucked Into Other People S Dreams Is Getting Old Especially The Falling Dreams, The Naked But Nobody Notices Dreams, And The Sex Crazed Dreams Janie S Seen Enough Fantasy Booty To Last Her A LifetimeShe Can T Tell Anybody About What She Does They D Never Believe Her, Or Worse, They D Think She S A Freak So Janie Lives On The Fringe, Cursed With An Ability She Doesn T Want And Can T ControlThen She Falls Into A Gruesome Nightmare, One That Chills Her To The Bone For The First Time, Janie Is Than A Witness To Someone Else S Twisted Psyche She Is A Participant

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