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Full Moon Rising explained Full Moon Rising, review Full Moon Rising, trailer Full Moon Rising, box office Full Moon Rising, analysis Full Moon Rising, Full Moon Rising 6d17 A Rare Hybrid Of Vampire And Werewolf, Riley Jenson And Her Twin Brother, Rhoan, Work For Melbourne S Directorate Of Other Races, An Organization Created To Police The Supernatural Races And Protect Humans From Their Depredations While Rhoan Is An Exalted Guardian, Aka Assassin, Riley Is Merely An Office Worker Until Her Brother Goes Missing On One Of His Missions The Timing Couldn T Be Worse More Werewolf Than Vampire, Riley Is Vulnerable To The Moon Heat, The Weeklong Period Before The Full Moon, When Her Need To Mate Becomes All ConsumingLuckily Riley Has Two Willing Partners To Satisfy Her Every Need But She Will Have To Control Her Urges If She S Going To Find Her BrotherEasier Said Than Done As The City Pulses With Frenzied Desire, And Riley Is Confronted With A Very Powerful And Delectably Naked Vamp Who Raises Her Temperature Like Never BeforeIn Matters Carnal, Riley Has Met Her Match But In Matters Criminal, She Must Follow Her Instincts Not Only To Find Her Brother But To Stop An Unholy Harvest For Someone Is Doing Some Shifty Cloning In An Attempt To Produce The Ultimate Warrior By Tapping Into The Genome Of Nonhumans Like Rhoan Now Riley Knows Just How Dangerous The World Is For Her Kind And Just How Much It Needs Her

  • Paperback
  • 372 pages
  • Full Moon Rising
  • Keri Arthur
  • English
  • 09 July 2017
  • 9780553588453

About the Author: Keri Arthur

Keri Arthur, author of the New York Times bestselling Riley Jenson, Guardian series, has now written than 25 books She s received several nominations in the Best Contemporary Paranormal category of the Romantic Times Reviewer s Choice Awards, and recently won RT s Career Achievement Award for urban fantasy She lives in Melbourne with her daughter and two crazy dogs

10 thoughts on “Full Moon Rising

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    I m sorry, but this book is just terrible I seriously regret buying all nine books in the series, because I couldn t even finish this first one They re going to the second hand bookstore TOMORROW, lol no way in hell am I wasting another minute of my life on Riley Jenson and Co.There s so many things about this book that put me off, but the biggest one would have to be the superficiality there s no depth, whatsoever, to ANYTHING and this makes it very difficult to connect to the characters or the storyline No emotions, no nothing What I ve just been shot That s okay, I ll just do an instant shift into werewolf form, then back to human form, then what do you know instant healing problem solved Love Who needs that In my world, werewolves are overcome with the need to MATE for a quarter of every month Yeah, we just have sex with everyone, all over the place Sex Sex Clubs Sex Sex Clubs Sex Sex Clubs Sex Clubs Sex Sex Sex What You re a nasty scum type clone freak trying to rape me with your barbed penis OMG I m so freaking horny But NO I m going to use my super powers of awesome to make you have sex with your partner in crime, THEN make you sit down and stare blankly at the wall Oh yeah, as for those powers of awesome, I just have them So many of them I m just absolutely freaking amazing.While I have no problem with a lot of sex in books, it just gets on my nerves when characters are sleeping with MULTIPLE people they have absolutely no feelings for, for some stupid contrived reason I MUST HAVE SEX ALL WEEK SEX SEX SEX SEX Meaningless sex is just well MEANINGLESS It serves no purpose in this story, apart from filling the pages with sex It s one thing when it s between two people who have feelings for one another, or are in some sort of situation where it makes sense, but when people are just sleeping with each other for the sake of it, it s just stupid What My twin brother s missing Too bad I must have sex Then I must have sex with another guy Then I m thinking about sex with the random vampire stranger trying to help me find my brother Then I m turned on by the bad guy clones, or whatever the heck they are, then MORE sex with the guy who SO OBVIOUSLY drugged me the other day and sliced out my contraceptive chip because he s obsessed with having my baby, yet I m Too Stupid To Live because all I can think of is SSSSSSEEEEEEXXXXXX I didn t even get half way and she s already had sex about 10 times it s all she thinks about it s all everyone does SEX SEX SEX SEX My god Terrible Terrible Terrible Terrible.As for the plot Please It s so freaking boring and hardly makes any sense at all Clone this Experiment that Genetics blah blah Interesting NO.Also, everyone has so much MONEY Ferrari this, multi billionaire that but hey no big deal, Riley s had sex with rich guys before nods She sure has She only mentions this about FIVE ZILLION TIMES.Anyway, I have a feeling that if you like Adrian Phoenix s series the one with Dante the OMG AMAZING GOD LIKE CREATURE you might just enjoy this one.

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    Reading Full Moon Rising left me confused I m not sure how to rate this book I m torn between a 2 and a 3 star rating.There s one thing I am pretty sure about, though miss Keri Arthur sure loves her heroine Maybe she had a very strict and conservative upbringing or maybe she was an extremely insecure and overweight wallflower during puberty Whatever the reason, it seems like she s been living out her fantasies through her protagonist Riley Jenson is fan ta bu lous, apparently She is the center of attention, loved and lusted after by everyone, because she s pretty, sweet, tough and smart She proves the latter within the first chapter of the book by wearing 6 inch heels on the job in stead of 8 inch heels, because those are easier to run with Atta girl Other than that, quite frankly, she didn t make very well thought out decisions What she did do, however, was run around semi naked or completely naked throughout than half of the book The other half she was having sex And doing stupid things Mostly simultaneously Writers being head over heels with their protagonists are a big no no for me Another thing I don t like is bad and or illogical world building Riley s world seemed really interesting in the beginning There were several supernatural communities and the fresh take well, maybe not so fresh on vampires was nice But as the book progressed and we learned about the world Riley is living in, things stopped making sense My biggest peeve being the whole moon craze thing While it was the perfect means for having Riley prance around naked and horny for most of the time, it did take away the credibility Whatever your beliefs, there s no denying that natural selection ensues that a species traits is based on survival, not the opposite Having werewolves follow their sexual instinct for a week per month in which they lose all morals, control and not to mention common sense is a sure way to get a species extinct within no time Still, in Arthur s world, werewolves have been around for centuries In relative secrecy even, until recently Another thing that seemed illogical was the fact that the different species of the supernatural community didn t know much about each other, even basic stuff like general powers and longevity The secondaries in the book were pretty one dimensional The scary vampire, the asshole boyfriend and of course Quinn Quinn s hotness is pretty much shoved down our throat but by the end of the book, I can t really say I m interested to read about him In spite of all my ranting, I can say that the writing in general was pretty okay But due to my annoyance with Riley and the lack of logic, I couldn t really enjoy the book But since this is a first in the series I ll be mild and round up my rating to three stars.

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    I finished this book a week ago and didn t write a review straight away so now all my feels are gone What I do remember are the reasons why this book stood out from most of the PR pack 1 No goddamn Mary Sue MC2 Excellent world building3 AN ACTUAL FUCKING PLOT4 The message that it s okay to have sex with whoever the fuck you want to and you don t have to feel guilty about it HALLE FUCKING LUJAH.

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    OK, Weird shit is happening people Between reading all 6 books of this series one after another, forgetting to get up in the morning to go to work i don t know does it count as forgetting, if you have 4 alarms and you don t hear any of them because you were awake reading till 5.40 am and had to get up at 8 and then realising it makes sense to stay home and read until all the books are over, i think I ve lost perspective on other important things in life Like making sure there s enough coke, juice, and food in the apartment There s only so many days 10 days you can live on instant noodles and 9 month old dark chocolate.So, coming to the book The book was better than the blurb described it to be.This one is about a bitchy smart mouthed werewolf Riley who works for the Directorate which is an agency that looks at all the non human affairs She a dhampire funky name, Yes which is a cross breed between a Werewolf and a vampire Her brother is kidnapped and she s in heat Enter sexy Vampire and a plot with her sex partners trying to get her pregnant and that s the story.

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    Riley Jenson gets a fairly decent introduction, where she saves a bunch of humans from vampires despite the fact that she is utterly terrified Physically strong, but emotionally normal Identifiable Believable.And then the entire book goes to hell.Instead of focusing on the fact that her twin is missing for the first half of the novel, Riley puts on a brave face and gets on with the day to day Huh Why isn t she curled up in a ball sobbing Why isn t she taking off the heads of people getting in her way to find him Why isn t this taking up her every waking moment Because she is horny that s why The moon is calling to her, so she must have sex right now, and I mean rightnowmusthaveGRR In Arthur s world, all werewolves spend a week a month having non stop sex with anyone until they meet their one true love Uh huh Sure How very practical.But whatever So she is sleeping around while searching for the most important person in her life I can get over that My issue is with the, er, three times Riley was forced to have sex because she was drugged kidnapped on a mission Apparently, this is only slightly unacceptable in Riley s deluded mind Why Because with the insane plot device that is the moon heat she would have been unable to say no anyways So really, it isn t too big a deal.And when it s all over, is she overcome by her desire for revenge Nope When she is betrayed, physically and emotionally, by people she trusted for years does she feel the need to visit a shrink and let all her emotions pour out Of course not that would be completely against her lack of character.Honestly Despite 300 odd pages in her POV, I don t know Riley One minute she is all touchy feel oh gosh, I hate to kill the next she is eagerly dressing up as a prostitute while psychically forcing two guys to rape each other and no I don t care if they deserved it What was going on in that fictional brain of hers, who knows Although I imagine if I had, this review would have been significantly explicit.http deadbookdarling.com 2009 08 re

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    This is not a great book It s a little like porn for the ladies, lots of down there hormones working over time I did like the character enough to pick up all of them, I m in a pretty trashy mood, but not the first Urban Fantasy series I d recommend I do have to say her writing gets better and better as the series goes on, much less clumsy, so I ll be sticking with this series

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    I tried this, the first Riley Jensen novel by Keri Arthur, but couldn t get into it I m realizing I m really not a huge fan of Urban Fantasy I need a Happily Ever After with one hero heroine to root for the bed hopping ala Laurel K Hamilton s Anita Blake series makes me insane and this story was stacking up the same way.I also had a hard time connecting with Riley So passing on this series DNF

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    This review was originally posted on Addicted To Romance In Full Moon Rising, Riley Jenson along with her brother, are what considered half breeds Riley is half vampire and half werewolf But her werewolf side is dominant from her vampire side Riley despises vampires, and it still boggles her mind about what her brother Rhoan does He works for the Melbourne s Directorate of Other Races, this organization is basically the police force for supernatural creatures But when Rhoan goes missing on his latest mission, she knows that something is wrong That Rhoan is alive but has been taken by someone., Riley is shocked when Rhoan s friend and a vampire shows up on her front door What is worse, is that Riley is about to go through the Moon Heat a weeklong affair, where the full moon affects her body in a carnal way Thankfully she has two partners already available, but while on the hunt for her brother But who she really craves is Quinn, the vampire that heats her blood like none other.In Full Moon Rising I was highly impressed with this story This is a author I have heard many things about, but haven t read heruntil now and I can tell you right now that this won t be my last read from her This one was a bit sensual than I was expecting, but the scenes were pretty short but plentiful What I enjoyed the most was Quinn and Riley and seeing the beginning s of their relationship We see how much they are beginning to care for each other, even though a relationship can never happen Quinn was recently betrayed by a wolf that he was in love with And he will never risk himself ever again I really liked Riley as the main feature of the story We see her spunk and her charming personality She isn t afraid to have sex when she has the need for itshe isn t ashamed of who she is But we also see how much she craves a mate as well, someone to share a life with and have children with So even though she is a bit brazen at times.she was refreshing and I am eager to see her in the rest of the series.Overall this was a wonderful book and this one left me excited to try out book 2 especially with a bit of a cliffhanger, not to the story but to the romance, and since I like my HEA.it seemed like a cliffhanger for me But in all honestyI truly felt swept away into this story and I couldn t get enouhg Job well done Keri Arthur.you have me hooked foogallery id 19300

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    Incredibly sexy Action packed suspense Full Moon Rising is a crossbreeding of J.D Robb meets Anita Blake meets Mercy Thompson This book is positively FABULOUS and I m super excited about reading the book that is glances to my right waiting ever so impatiently for my sweetest attention 3This is a new author and duh new series for me All of the characters are fresh in my brain I am being seduced by them as we speak and anxiously await the full sacrificial wave of dreams that will hopefully undoubtedly wake me panting o.O grin Full Moon Rising is the first book in the Riley Jenson Guardian series therefore I will be giving you details about what I have come to know thus far Even though I have noticed that at times I speak my mind I am proven wrong Hey it happens Not often.But it does Riley Jenson, a half breed of werewolf and vampire, the twin to the badass Guardian, Rhoan and an erotic dancer of the moon s pull She is fun and awesome I hate comparing But I really like this book and I m going to try and put her into perspective for possible addicts It s like Anita on valium but Mercy on X and revenge Where does that leave us With a woman who is sexually confident, betrayed by bastards in her life and does what is needed to well the means justify the end, right She s excruciatingly lonely in a crowded room, a sad character who does not make friends easily this leaves her undying loyalty to a fault and somewhat blinds her to the creepy crawly asswipes lurking in the shadows with knives in their hands There are so many wonderful characters Hmm I m not sure how to go there without going there spoilers suck Skipping characters This book takes place in the future without the J.D Robb vroom vrooming There are ancient vampires, although rare There are crossbreds, although highly improbable There is a paranormal section of the law that well the seek out and handle what needs handling without bothering to let the real world know about the bloodshed.Rhoan is kidnapped A friend goes missing A vampire warned and warning Riley to keep her distance, and a handful of potential hot and dripping sexy lovers that quite honestly well I hope I dream about the club dance scene tonight Laurell K Hamilton is one of my favorite authors Keri Arthur has excellent potential to wiggle herself onto a higher shelf the one my toddler should never be able to reach cross your fingers where she will remain safe and sound I have high expectations and I sincerely I truly hope that Kissing Sin, the second book in this series, keeps me smiling I m 26 pages in and I m already sick of this review as it is taking time away from reading This book takes off with a BANG You do not even have to read 5 pages before being seduced into Riley s world She s brilliant and I m looking forward to I recommend this book to mature adults only awesome violence scenes although not entirely too eyeball oozing worthy Fantastic sexual content frequent descriptive but brief enough to allow the actual story to stay at the front row happy reading

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    Ugh.Seriously, ugh.This reads like an Anita Blake novel, very late in the series when things had devolved into constant sex with only a thin approximation of plot This entire novel was about how bad Riley needed sex, who she was going to get it from, and if she didn t get it soon, bad things were going to happen If the sentence I didn t really want him to touch me, but the way I was burning right now, I might have no choice or something similar occurred less than 20 times in this book, I d be shocked Literally everything in this book was about her need for sex In terms of the plot Eh Really transparent, and not at all interesting Window dressing for the sex, basically.Why do people love this series so much Seriously, WTF

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