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  • Paperback
  • 352 pages
  • Princess of the Silver Woods
  • Jessica Day George
  • English
  • 14 June 2017
  • 9781619631267

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    In the final installment about the Twelve Dancing Princesses of Westfalin, Petunia gets her chance for adventure Editing, April 2012 More editing, June 2012 I have spent the last week in my bedroom, cutting 20,000 words from the manuscript Most of those words were clearly, actually, even, and just Copy edits, August 2012 Galley proofs, August 2012.

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    GUYS, I THINK THAT JUST BY LOOKING A THE COVER, YOU GUYS WILL WANT TO READ THIS.A solid 4.5 I mean, it has a princess in it WHAT S NOT TO LOVE George spins a brilliant and suspenseful story from POV s of the twelve dancing sisters you guys..this is a book to kill for

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    Westfalin s been calm enough for a few years Many of the twelve princesses got married or betrothed thanks to the exchange program Petunia, the youngest girl, is one of the only sisters still at home She s a bit restless she loves her sisters, but feels a desperate need for oxygen and adventure of her own.Adventure finds Petunia while she s off to visit the grandmotherly Grand Duchess Volaskaya, a Russakan royal who married a Westfalian baron and settled in that land and dashing Prince Grigori, the Grand Duchess grandson Adventure, in this case, takes the form of a grey eyed young bandit lord in a wolf mask Believing the princess to be the daughter of a wealthy enough earl, he awkwardly abducts her in hope of some ransom money But this young vagabond is a sheep in wolf s clothing Oliver should be an earl, but when the Westfalian Analousian border was redrawn after the war, his father s earldom was stuck on the Analousian side Without his criminal activities, he, his mother, brother, and vassals would have starved long ago Swamped with guilt, Oliver brings Petunia back to his humble house before seeing her safely to the Grand Duchess manor which is his by rights.All the sisters, wherever they are, are plagued by nightmares about the Kingdom Under Stone, where they were forced to dance every night of their childhood As the nightmares continue, they deduce that these are than dreams the wraithlike Princes Under Stone are determined to claim them, and use them to conquer Ionia.Content Advisory Violence A few gunshots and fisticuffs, and people being dragged places No gore Sex Oliver accidentally glimpses various sisters changing or snuggling with their husbands a few times Language None Substance Abuse None Nightmare Fuel The Princes Under Stone have two forms in their own kingdom they look like unnaturally tall, scrawny, pallid youths aboveground they are shadows that can physically strike people and chill them Their courtiers are like them, but grotesque, some of them with animal features i.e a guy who looks like a fox Politics and Religion Depending on which character is talking, the Church is either useless or immensely powerful in the fight against black magic Bishop Schelker is a formidable, brave, and powerful character, who tips the scales of the book itself in favor of Christianity overall In this universe, the Church coexists comfortably with light folk magic.ConclusionsThis final installment of the Westfalin trilogy delivers the climactic battle with the denizens Under Stone that I ve looked forward to since starting this series I wish that the book had spent time on that confrontation, which seems to cut off suddenly at the end view spoiler I also think the reveal about Queen Ethelia and her knights would have been effective if any of these figures had been mentioned earlier The other characters react as if these persons are highly important, but the reader doesn t feel the same way because we ve never heard of them before That said, it was still pretty awesome to find out what Bishop Schelker and dear old Walter were capable of, and I was impressed that the seemingly random beggar woman from Midnight Ball turned out to be the central figure of this magical kingdom s history hide spoiler

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    THE REVIEWWhy this book I liked the first 2 books in the seriesWhat I thoughtThis wasn t as fun as the other two, but that doesn t mean I didn t like it Because I did, but I had a few problems First off this was like an extension of the first book, its almost like the second book never happened Also there was no Fairytale aspect unlike the others The first book being a retelling of The Twelve Dancing Princess and the second being a retelling of Cinderella As for the romance it happened way to fast The dynamic of between the the sisters was amusing though and I and I just the love the characters Jessica Day George has a way storytelling that is just amazing With that said,this book was entertaining with a few twist and turns that kept me interested Overall an enjoyable read.

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    GASP Look at that pretty cover And it comes out November 13th Can t wait Update April 6 Ooh, a Robin Hood twist as well I adore Robin Hood, so this is bound the be perfect I m so excited, but someone please make the cover picture normal size Book Review December 19th So, I m finally getting around to writing another book review I haven t been reviewing too much because of so much school work, hindering from reading a lot Backstory I m very, very, very happy that this book FINALLY came out Princess of the Midnight Ball was probably the first book I found on Goodreads that I wanted to read when I first joined this site a few years ago, and it has become one of my all time favorite books It s based off my favorite fairy tale The 12 Dancing Princesses and I fell in love with the 12 sisters and of course, Galen and Heinrich The villian was so freakin awesome as well.Then the sequel came out, Princess of Glass, based on Cinderella Princess Poppy is probably my favorite narrater out of the three princesses, mainly because she s so funny and has such an unique personality However, that book is my least favorite of the three The sisters aren t in the book, neither is Galen, or the Under Stone Palace All we get is that whiny brat Ella and that weak boring hero Christian.This book Finally, we have come to the end with Princess of the Silver Wood This book was almost as good as the first It s based off of Little Red Riding Hood, a fairy tale I ve recently gotten hooked onto because of the show Once upon a time The heroine, Petunina is haunted by the Midnight Balls she went to as a child In fact all the princesses are They start having vivid nightmares of thier old dancing partners, who swear they will steal the princesses back to the underground palace Dun, Dun, DDDUUUNNN Petunia, the baby of the family, how I identify with her Being short and the youngest of a large family is a difficult lot in life to deal with No one listens to her, she never gets anything new because they are poor, and she doesn t have a lot of jewelry Plus, she never get s to dance because her family doesn t want her to relive her childhood The poor dear And to top off her misfortune, she s been kidnapped by a hot werewolf Woe is her Okay, not a werewolf Just a hot Earl named Oliver That s a nice name, Oliver drools I am picking at Petunia a bit up there She seems to complain a lot during the duration of the book Poor me, this Poor me, that It was quite annoying She does grow as a person, and somewhat starts to feel sorry for people who actually are poor, but by the time she does we get to the actiony parts of the story and character growth takes a back seat to plot Overall, Petunia is the weakest of the three princesses who star in these books, but that s okay, becasue Rose and Poppy are actually in this book quite a bit In fact, I would say the plot almost revolves around a combination of Rose, Galen, Lily, Heinrich, and Oliver than Petunia Oliver, Oliver, Oliver Hot Protective Galen clone The almost perfect man I don t really mind he s Galen s clone because Galen is plain awesome and I don t mind that there are two of them.My only complaint about this book is the end, where there is the final climatic fight between the new King Under Stone and the Princesses and co during the penultamate chapter The action was fast and I didn t understand what was going on half the time However, it could be because in my mind the whole time I was chanting Bleep can t die Bleep better not be dead BLEEP SOBS That went on for an entire chapter I m not going to say who Bleep is though, I don t want to spoil it So, I think I really just ruined that last chapter by myself.I would say that the book is a great, fast read Not as good as the first one, but in my opinion, it s better than the second It s for fans of the Princess series, because it gives us a great conclusion for the characters and we get to see them get a Happily Ever After.

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    Jessica Day George s middle grade YA Princess series ends with this novel, which has just the slightest nod to Little Red Riding Hood in a very offbeat sort of way , but really is about continuing and wrapping up the story of the twelve dancing princesses from Princess of the Midnight Ball Which was fine with me I actually thought this was the strongest book in this series.This isn t a good stand alone read you need to read at least the first book, and preferably the second as well, Princess of Glass, before opening this one, both for context and spoiler reasons Full review to come.

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    desperately wants to stab something with knitting needles To say this book was disappointing would definitely be an understatement It started off well enough, but I quickly lost interest after the first 50 pages Basically, the only reason I finished it was so I could say I finished the series Of which I actually enjoyed the first two books With that being said, there were a FEW things I liked cracks knuckles and begins review Lovely Things The fairytale aspects I really liked the way Jessica Day George retold Little Red Riding Hood and Robin Hood both Hoods, actually snickers It was definitely a unique take, with the wolf actually being good in this version THUMBS UP FOR THINKING OUTSIDE THE BOX Poppy JustPoppy I loved her in the second book, and every time she popped up laughs at my own pun , I found myself smiling SHE S THE BEST And frankly, one of the only well developed characters in this book Ermnot much else I guess the opening few scenes were fun, though You know, when Petunia was accidentally kidnapped Not So Lovely Things The plot was the SAME THING It was literally the plot from book one rehashed Like I didn t see the point at all of this book honestly I mean, sure, there was a new King Under Stone but he was basically the same character and the plot revolved around trying to defeat him again facepalm The characters were so underdeveloped I liked Galen and loved Poppy from the first two books but honestly Petunia and Oliver were so lame I didn t feel like they had much personality at all, and they had incredibly boring dialogue for the most part XD Plus, they spent hardly any time together the entire book and then we re expected to like them as a couple NO THANKS The content I may or may not have done a double take when I saw language in this book The first two books did just fine without any language, but for some reason, the author decided that this book desperately needed the characters to curse Like whaaaat I counted seven total uses of language And yet, the author still says so and so cursed So what s the point of actually using curse words in addition I DO NOT COMPREHEND THIS bangs head The conflict was resolved in such a lame way The characters were all like let s just do the same thing we did last time That will totally work and not backfire like it did before PEOPLE GET SOME SENSE And it was just such an unbelievable ending anyway that I couldn t help chuckling The dialogue EheheI may or may not have almost fallen asleep a few times These characters are so boring Their conversations were about as interesting as staring at a potato unimpressedI could go on, but I think I ve been harsh enough as it is XD Sorry This book made me want to punch a wall preferably, punch one of the characters into a wall I think I ll just stick with the first two books.1.5 stars

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    I abducted Princess Petunia last week I didn t harm her I delivered her to the Grand Duchess Volenskaya, but now she is in terrible danger Many years have passed since Petunia, youngest of Westfalin s twelve princesses, was forced to dance every night for the King Under Stone But now those powers are stirring again Every night Petunia dreams that the Prince she always danced with comes to take her away To get away, she travels to the estate belonging to the Grand Duchess Volenskaya but on the way there she is abducted by a band of outlaws And soon a line of suspicious events are unravelled.In short the King Under Stone is not coming soon to take Petunia and her sisters away His people are already there.This book is the perfect ending to this trilogy Petunia is the perfect image of a youngest sister beloved and a bit spoiled by her father, and with a tendency to ignore the wise words of those who are older than her The story leans on the Little Red Riding Hood fairy tale as well as the legend of Robin Hood and, of course, the tale of the 12 Dancing Princesses It is an exciting, fun and easy read Which is why I cannot give it a full 5 stars there are several things that could have been developed and made complicated, or explored further, in order to make this an even better story But it is still a very, very good conclusion and I m going to miss these tales Wouldn t mind a spin off at all

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    SQUEAL I AM SO EXCITED I absolutely love the first two books in the series and have been on pins and needles of excitement since finding out a third one was coming MAY 2013 EDIT ROBIN HOOD IS IN THIS COME ON I NEEEEEEEEEDDDDDDDDDDD TO GO HOME AND GET THIS BOOK FROM THE LIBRARY ALREADY July 2013 REVIEW Mixed feelings about this book Cover is as beautiful as I ve come to expect from this series Just because you shouldn t judge a book by it s cover doesn t mean you can t enjoy that cover I like the characters Petunia us really gutsy and awesome and Oliver falls towards being Galen like then Christian like so that s good I liked of Galen and Heinrich, especially because Heinrich hasn t had much of a role to play in previous books despite being an important character I can t remember how old Poppy was in her book, but it rather seems like a long engagement between her and Christian Didn t particularly find Christian that noteworthy in the second book, however I felt like his character and the other husbands outside of Galen and Heinrich sort of get conveniently set aside I was disappointed in the other princesses Even Rose Lily is supposed to be one of the brave sisters, but she bawls and moans and generally seems rather pathetic throughout most of the book Rose, who I totally loved in Twelve Dancing Princesses is composed but nothing Except near the end when she gets shot, that was kind of cool But mostly she sone dimensional All the sisters are Poppy is snappy but because Petunia is supposed to be spunky their characters seem to have little variation except that Poppy likes horses and Petunia doesn t and Petunia is the main character so we get of her It was clever bringing back the villains from the first book, tying that all in, and I enjoyed the banter between Petunia and her would be husband However, it overall felt like a watered down version of Twelve Dancing Princesses Petunia even alludes to that when she s like Galen will save the day and we ll all go home again Seriously, it s almost to obvious to have to explain Oliver is a poor young man who should have no pretension towards a princess like Galen , he meets her once and falls for her after three meetings as pointed out by that former soldier himselfexactly like Galen , because of this sudden passion and love for a girl he barely knows but oh, she s so spunky okay he s willing to risk death, his relationship with Petunia is not appreciated by her Father the King didn t exactly accept Galen with open arms , and Petunia herself is almost a combination of Rose and Poppy I do like that her character was made unique because she wasn t unhappy dancing Portraying her as the 6 year old who knew no other life.that was good However, outside of that and a half hearted crush on a dude you re supposed to get is older than her how old was Gregori supposed to be That was just random and a general sense of gullibility view spoiler EVERYONE was warning her against the grand duchess, her evilness was so obvious I wondered if she was really innocent But noPetunia is just dumb hide spoiler

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    I really enjoyed this series and have been looking forward to this final book for a long time This story follows Petunia, the youngest of the dancing princesses I liked Petunia, she was pretty feisty Her older sisters tend to baby her and she is tired of being babies and overlooked She really comes into her own in this one Our hero in this book, Oliver, was likable I think I liked Galen and Christian a bit , but he still had his own charm I guess he came across a little young to me While I enjoyed the book, I think I liked the first two a bit The plot seemed a little too similar to the first book and it did get a little confusing with so many characters all twelve princesses, some of their husbands, and the remaining evil princes and a handful of other side characters It moved along nicely though and kept me turning the pages There were a few plot points that didn t make sense to me view spoiler First, was the timing of everything Book three takes place about ten years after book one, and I could be wrong about seven years after book two Why is Poppy still engaged to Christian main characters from book two Wouldn t they have been married long ago Seven years seems like a really loooong engagement Again, I could be wrong on the time frames I also was sad Christian wasn t a part of the story I think he should have been included in the fun Second, in the first book I totally got that the King Under Stone was a bad, evil dude I never got that same vibe from his sons though To me they always seemed like they were kind of victims too Especially in this last book, I guess I felt pity for them than anything else All they wanted was to live above ground in the real world True, they had a single minded obsession with marrying the princesses to achieve this goal, but they never came across as truly evil to me They also seemed really weak and kind of spineless when it comes to the princesses as well The ladies were always bossing them around and being short with them They all just took the bad treatment and never did anything bad to the girls, besides wanting to marry them and make them dance all the time And lastly, in all the books the main goal of these evil princes was to marry the princesses So why when they FINALLY have all the princesses back in their kingdom did they not marry them immediately It was never explained why they waited You d think after all the YEARS of waiting to finally get them back they would have married them the instant they returned hide spoiler

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Princess of the Silver Woodscharacters Princess of the Silver Woods, audiobook Princess of the Silver Woods, files book Princess of the Silver Woods, today Princess of the Silver Woods, Princess of the Silver Woods 7e962 When Petunia, The Youngest Of King Gregor S Twelve Dancing Daughters, Is Invited To Visit An Elderly Friend In The Neighboring Country Of Westfalin, She Welcomes The Change Of Scenery But In Order To Reach Westfalin, Petunia Must Pass Through A Forest Where Strange Two Legged Wolves Are Rud To Exist Wolves Intent On Redistributing The Wealth Of The Noble Citizens Who Have Entered Their Territory But The Bandit Wolves Prove Rakishly Handsome Than Truly Dangerous, And It S Not Until Petunia Reaches Her Destination That She Realizes The Kindly Grandmother She Has Been Summoned To Visit May Be An Enemy Bent On Restoring An Age Old CurseThe Stories Of Red Riding Hood And Robin Hood Get A New Twist As Petunia And Her Many Sisters Take On Bandits, Grannies, And The New King Under Stone To End Their Family Curse Once And For All

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