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Million Dollar Miracle txt Million Dollar Miracle , text ebook Million Dollar Miracle , adobe reader Million Dollar Miracle , chapter 2 Million Dollar Miracle , Million Dollar Miracle 32d28a Available As An EBook And A Trade Paperback Samantha Snyder Enjoys Playing Practical Jokes, But When She Goes Too Far She Is Sentenced To Community Service At The Local Hospital At The Hospital She Befriends Christopher Lowell, A Patient Infamous For His Poor Attitude Toward The Majority Of The Staff As It Turns Out The Attitude Is Just A Front, Because Christopher Is Dying, And Nothing Short Of A Miracle Can Save Him

About the Author: Jennifer Szewczuk

Jennifer Szewczuk received her BA in English from Georgian Court University in 2005 Instead of walking down the aisle to receive her diploma, she sat by her father s bedside in the hospital while he recovered from having emergency surgery on a fast growing malignant tumor The time spent in the hospital that summer was the inspiration for her first Novella, Million Dollar Miracle.She is known for

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    Loved this book It kept me in suspense the whole time I have to admit, I was a bit skeptical of the possibility of a good storyline because of its rather short length, but I read it in less than an hour and loved any minute however I may have a heart attack later in life due to the stress caused by my worrying about the ending I would definitely recommend it There were several typos I found a pet peeve of mine but those can be easily corrected.Thanks for the opportunity to read this amazing book for free, Ms Szewczuk

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    Enjoyed this book very much I was drawn into the story right away and did not stop readng until the book was complete A quick, entertaining read.

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    Very entertaining Would highly recommend to anyone that would like a book that combines drama with humor.

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    I enjoyed this book, but it moved along very, very fast, so there was not as much time for charter development as there is other books After playing several practical jokes in school, Samantha Snyder is required to do volunteer hours as a candy striper at the local hospital Samantha has no choice, though she has disdain for candy stripers and has no desire to spend her weekends at the hospital However, on her first day, she encounters a feisty, almost to the point of being outright rude, patient, whom none of the staff or volunteers can stand Samantha learns a lot about this patient, discovering early on that his rude attitude is really just a front to cover the fact that he is dying and will only survive by some miracle As Samantha continues to perform her service at the hospital, she grows closer to this patient and his family, especially his brother, and begins to understand where the patient is coming from and how his family, and especially he, are coping I enjoyed this story a lot The plot was creative and unusual, but the author made everything work together well Both Samantha and the patient learned to look within for answers and reasons behind their and others words and actions Their growth was evident as they worked their way through many twists and turns to the conclusion This is a great book for anyone looking for something a little bit interesting and different The basic idea of someone dying, though present throughout, never did depress me, nor was it overpowering, as I thought it might because the author handled things so well I highly recommend the book I received this from Library Thing to read and review.

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    I received a copy of this book from Librarything for an honest review Sam is a typical high school girl but has a bit of trouble following rules She finds herself in detention than her parents like As she sat outside the principles office, she had a feeling this visit was not going to be a good one After looking sternly at Sam, the principle decides that he needs to try a new tactic to get her attention He assigns her to a hospital as candy stripper To stay that she was less than thrilled would be an understatement The story moves fairly quickly and has a great theme of forgiveness and building friendships mixed throughout the story The young man named Christopher that Sam encounters in the hospital, is a mix of anger and hope at the same time There is an urgency for Christopher as he faces a life or death situation He has been estranged from his brother for over a year and perhaps the health issues Christopher is facing will bring them back together The author does a good job of showing the dynamics and distance in Christopher s family as they come to terms with the diagnosis Sam and Chris become fast friends and their relationship is a good , clean , healthy distraction for Christopher It is a great story about teens who support each other as they learn to be compassionate The story also shows us how the teens come together in a crisis and stand together to help Christopher as he fights to live.

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    AWWWW Such a cute read I truly enjoyed this little nugget It was a fast read had it done for almost three weeks lol but the story didn t feel rushed or thrown together I couldn t put it down I had to know the ending I laughed and cried in all of the right places I felt attached to the characters as I read this, and could easily picture this story as a real life event This is one of those growing up novellas that has a wonderful way of showing the joys of life even when there is sadness I would highly recommend this book to anyone looking for a pick me up I absolutely adored it 3

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    I received this book in the Goodreads giveaway I really enjoyed reading this book The ending was not what I expected but I must say I was glad it ended the way it did.

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    This was an RR book and was given to me in exchange for a review It was a very short read, a couple hours at most The author followed the formula, girl meets boys, must choose one, events work out so all have a happy ending No surprises in this book On the plus side the characters were mostly believable.____Spoiler follows.______ The scene of Scott setting up his collage buddy , Michael, to spend the night in the hotel room of his 16 year old sister seems a little too trusting The hospital scenes were realistic you can only maintain high emotions for so long, then comes fear, loneliness, boredom and exhaustion Write what you know.Story is a foolish prank costs Sam time served as a candy striper While at the hospital she befriends Chris who is in need of a heart transplant Then she meets his twin The family is beginning to feel hard hit by health care costs intended or not this story all hinges on getting money for experimental treatment or watching Chris die They need a miracle.

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    I wasn t expecting to enjoy this story since it isn t a genre I normally read, but I was pleasantly surprised The short length was perfect for someone with a hectic and busy schedule It also cut out a lot of the filler and got right to the point, which meant there was very little down time so I never found myself bored.

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