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    4 HOCKEY STARS And they lived happily ever after Do you want to know who I love Ok, I ll tell you I love Toni Aleo, yes she is one of my all time favourite authors and I stalk follow her on Goodreads, Facebook and twitter I just can t get enough and what made me happier than finally getting some sunny weather in June was loading a Toni Aleo novella on my kindle it just about made my summer.So, What s it all about Jordan Ryan is not looking for love, he is looking to improve his career and do what he loves most, play ice hockey, with an old injury and a history of failed relationships this hockey star has no room for added complications in his life Aynslee shaw is a thirty something teacher, with a larger than life family and pressure on the clock to find the man of her dreams, find out what happens when she meets a man who might just be out of her reach What I loved Toni Aleo knows how to dish out the romance, she creates great characters and likeable story lines I love nothing than an entertaining love story and this novella delivers on all accounts, low on the angst and loaded with love The best kind of easy breezy lemon squeezy.Final thoughts If you haven t yet got Toni Aleo s assassins series in your read pile you don t know what your missing Without doubt if your a fan of a sports related romance this is not to be missed The assassins hockey boys are to die for and I for one can not recommend the series enough.Why not five Simply for me, a novella often times doesn t deliver on the depth of story that I like to read, and although I loved this story and the characters I would have loved But dont be questioning my love for this author, no doubt I would read Toni Aleo s shopping lists if she published them.So with that being said, go grab it readers.4 I HEART ALEO STARS.

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    4 Sweet Stars Jordan had an injury in his knee that made him loose his place as the principal goalie in Assassins and now he is as backup He lost is confident, his bitch of ex girlfriend luckily and he doesn t believe that with the mess that is his life, someone will want him Until he meets Aysleee on a plane returning to Nashville and everything changes She makes him want More in his career and in his personal life And with career suffering a major change that could make him leave the state he doesn t want to pursue something that won t work and get back to where he was before But as Aynslee fights for them both Jordan has to decide if it s time to get back on the game and not only on the ice Rating 4 Stars Storyline This was a sweet sports romance with the usual Toni Aleo signature I truly enjoyed it but I wish it had been longer Some aspects felt pretty rushed and this book had everything to have a profound story Writing Style Third person Dual POV Easy and engaging flow Character Development I really liked Aynslee She knew exactly what she wants and had no trouble pursuing it It was a very refreshing thing to see Jordan was too much insecure, yeah, I got where he came from, but still it was a bit too much He was sexy, and sweet but lacked that sexy male confidence Aynslee was the one who had to pursue the relationship Steam Some hot moments HEA view spoiler Yes hide spoiler

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    Love it Hope y all do too

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    4 stars Anyone who knows me knows that I am not into sports At all Besides ogling some of the players, I have no interest Yet for some reason, I love Toni Aleo s Assassins series There is just something about her characters and writing I love This novella was no exception Aynslee is 31, a teacher, and she is single Coming from a large Irish family, there is a lot of pressure for her to marry, have babies etc Jordan Ryan is a goalie for the Nashville Assassins He used to be the best of the best, but two years ago he was injured Now he is just the backup goalie Aynslee and Jordan meet on an airplane There is an instant attraction between the two Jordan was great but I Aynslee won me over right away Thank God for Starbucks Thank God for the sexy hottie it looked like she was going to be sitting next to on the flight Hello sex on legs She won me over right then and there Ever since Jordan was injured, he has become insecure both on and off the ice Aynslee knows that instant connection they felt is something she has to pursue, so even though Jordan is a little shy she goes after him Aynslee is sweet, funny, and supportive of Jordan Although Jordan is shy and insecure at first, he is also very sweet, sexy and just amazing Loved these two together With Jordan s career on the line, he isn t sure where their relationship is going, he s afraid of someone getting hurt, but he has to be with her No matter what, he would be leaving her behind and someone would get hurt, but even knowing that didn t stop him from wanting to see her Be with her, sleep with her, and laugh with her He couldn t walk away This was a fabulous novella It was emotional, sweet, steamy and heartwarming The ending left me with a huge smile on my face All fans of The Assassin s series need to pick this one up right away

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    I cannot say enough about Toni s style of writing She has a way of pulling you into a story with laughter, romance, passion, amazing hockey game scenes where you feel like you are watching from the stands, and some Hockey Players Hott enough to melt the ice Jenee s Book Blog Jordan Ryan tore his meniscus in his left knee two years ago, and was replaced by Tate Odder Empty Net leading man and best goalie in the league as the goalie for the Assassins while going through 18 months of rehab Now he is the Backup Goalie for the Assassins and looking for a team to sign him as a starting goalie This was an incredibly difficult situation for Jordan He loved Nashville and the Assassins and was having a hard time considering anywhere else home You can feel how depressed he is about his injury, subsequent position, and his current love life or lack thereof When he was injured and had undergone surgery, the doctor told Jordan and Leanna Masterson, the girl he thought was perfect for him in every way and was planning on marrying, it was going to be a long road to recovery she left him I think he lost a lot of his confidence when that final blow hit Instead of being a cocky hockey player partying all the time and playing the field, Jordan is quiet and lonely The only thing Jordan knew was that until he figured out his future in hockey it would be unfair to get involved with anyone And he seemed to be doing just that, until he met a beautiful redhead on a plane ride back to Nashville Aynslee Shaw was on her way home to her flooded condo basement in Nashville, having just left the wedding of her young niece in Buffalo Aynslee, a 31 year old 3rd grade teacher, comes from a large Irish family, where she is one of the last two out of eight siblings unmarried the other is her 17 year old sister Needless to say her mother is constantly on her about finding a man and settling down Aynslee had been in a long relationship, but one day they just mutually decided they were no longer in love with each other Aynslee seems to find all the wrong guys, if she finds any at all When she heads toward her seat on the plane she notices Jordan in the next seat and is instantly alert and insanely attracted to her mystery seat partner And wouldn t you know her crappy day started looking up, or so she thinks.When these two meet on the plane sparks fly, or in their case it s actually coffee that goes flying When Jordan starts apologizing for spilling coffee on Aynslee, she starts a conversation that will make you laugh out loud At this point, I knew this was going to be a great book Aynslee s explanation was humorous and crazy and broke the ice for Jordan s shy demeanor The rest of the plane ride was spent laughing and getting to know each other They were both very interested in the other, but Jordan s lack of knowledge about his future was holding him back from taking this further, while Aynslee was so sure Jordan would ask for her number before departing the airport Needless to say, Aynslee was hurt and confused when Jordan walked away with only an Alright, well, see you around Holy fireworks, Batman No, really , it s okay It will be a nice memory and a great story to tell my friends How is having coffee spilled all over you a great story Well you see it only adds to my horrible day Great, I m glad I could contribute to that You should be, it is really a great horrible day, first, I have been in Buffalo for my eighteen year old niece s wedding and was reminded every day for the past week that I am single Then this morning, the day of my niece s wedding, my landlord calls to tell me a water mane broke in my house, flooding the basement Fantastic right But it gets better My klepto aunt Fern grabbed my suitcase instead of hers and now I have lost a weeks worth of clothes and shoes until my mother can get my bag back and send it to me My feet are aching because my niece thought that her thirty one year old aunt should wear stripper shoes and now I m soaked with coffee I m telling you, this is one of those days for the books I m not sure what to say, I feel horrible for being the cherry on top of your horrible day cupcake Thank god for a woman who knows what she wants and goes after it, because that is exactly what Aynslee did when she realized she might be able to find Jordan again and make the first move this time Instead of sitting back and going with the old saying if it s meant to be, we will meet again, Aynslee learns from her missed chance at the airport to go after what she wants and goes to an Assassins game with Sadie in hopes of seeing Jordan And I m going to get that man s number It s thirty Shut up, you know what I mean Aynslee is not the only one who has been regretting not making the first move at the airport Jordan has had Aynslee on his mind ever since he left her in the airport parking lot with a confused look on her face He knows there was something special about her and realizes how bad he fucked up While standing in line at starbucks of all places, they meet again And lets just say this time sparks are the only things flying between the two of them They sit and talk while drinking their coffee and their conversation had them, as well as me, laughing the whole time But once again, Jordan s lack of confidence and his fear of hurting her if he had to move to another state after starting a relationship, had him leaving her once again But don t worry, fate has in store for them They meet again by accident while running This time Jordan apologizes for his reaction at the coffee shop and Aynslee tells him how she feels and takes the initiative to kiss him before he can run again And let me say Holy fireworks, Batman It was mind blowing and the start to one off the charts hot relationship I get that it is nerve wracking when you first meet someone, I m nervous too but the thing is that I don t know the person you were before, and all I care about is getting to know the person you are now I am attracted to you, a lot, she said with a smile, And I m not saying I m the person to clean your life up, but I d sure life to try Just stop walking away from me I don t want to stop I live only a few minutes from here, unless you want to walk away from me again Not a chance, I m done walking OMG When they finally both made it to her condo, he walked through the front door and it was on I swear I had to turn the air up in my house while reading this scene It was incredibly hot From my point of view, Jordan has no reason to lack confidence in his bedroom abilities because that man had it all Toni really knows how to make some hot scenes but when Jordan pushed her up against the wall and started breaking things in his hurry to get to her I was completely and totally in lust with Jordan Ryan Hold on to the wall After they broke the ice so to speak by having smokin hot sex against the wall as well as a couple other places, they went on a date and found out they had even in common than they previously thought I loved watching them fall in love It was sweet and sexy and best of all, there was no love triangle distracting you from their budding relationship Jordan was falling hard for her and was worried if she knew he might get traded she would walk away Being the amazing guy Jordan is, he decides to be honest and tell her there is a possibility he might sign a contract with the Ice Cats I loved how Aynslee accepted this and decided it was worth it to see where their relationship led They tried to put his future on the back burner and spent practically every waking minute together when he wasn t away for games Their relationship was passionate, caring, and loving, and the sex was off the charts They both knew this was it, they had found the one they wanted to start their lives with The only problem was whether or not Jordan would be leaving to go to a team in another state or staying closer to Nashville Jordan had secretly asked his father agent, to try and get him a deal at a team close to Nashville so that he could continue his relationship with Aynslee Aynslee secretly wanted him to ask her to go with him if he ended up getting signed to the South Carolina IceCats.I don t want to say any about this book because then it would give away a great ending I ll leave you wondering whether Jordan will stay an Assassin or become an Ice Cat, or if Aynslee will continue being his girlfriend in Nashville or follow him to South Carolina There are also some laugh out loud scenes that you have got to read I about died when Jordan met Aynslee s family at their bar on a road trip and put her on speaker phone without telling her her parents were listening first.HILARIOUS On top of that, there were so many other great parts to this book that you have to read in order to get the entire story I am a HUGE fan of Toni Aleo and she never disappoints me I give this book 5 Stars, and I cannot wait until Blue Lines The Assassins Series A Loveswept Contemporary Romance is released Let the countdown to August 13th begin Favorite Quotes He wanted her Bad Now On the plane And he didn t care if Grandma from Row C watched Taking a drink of his coffee, Jordan recognized the song that was playing, Hunter Haynes Somebody s Heartbreak It was one of his favorite country songs right now, and as he looked across the table at Aynslee, he couldn t help but want her to be his heartbreak He just didn t want to be hers, and that s why nothing could ever come out of this So I Googled you You Googled me Yup, and before you think I m a complete stalker, I m not yet Yet he said with a chuckle If I didn t see you today I was going to show up at your practice next week You stalker, you, he teased with a grin Not hot Are you crazy Hockey player or not, babe, you are smoking I d give my left nut to be as gorgeous as you You have nuts Aynslee asked, holding back her laughter Of course I do I stole my husband s Brittany declared causing the whole salon to laugh And you look really hot Like a naughty sailor Yes Just the look I was going for, Maybe later if we still like each other, we can rock the boat Jordan tried not to laugh but he couldn t help it She laughed along with him before he leaned over giving her a quick kiss I have no doubt we ll still like each other after this and as much as I want to rock not only your boat but your world after dinner, I might not be able to, I ve got an early practice tomorrow

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    ARC received from NetGalley.Anyslee Shaw, just wants to get back home to Nashville, away from being a bridesmaid in the wedding from hell Upon boarding her flight, still in her bridesmaid getup, as her aunt has mistakenly taken the wrong suitcase, leaving Anyslee with nothing to change into She finds herself sat next to the most hottest guy she has ever seen This being Jordan Ryan, backup goalie for the Assassins Team But being a backup goalie is not want he wants to be After a crippling knee injury, he is at his best and ready to move on to starter goal position and getting his career back on track After he walks away from her twice, the 3rd chance meeting brings them together, producing some sexy hot emotional scenes.This was a great novella, both characters were likeable and easy to connect with Each of her books has their own twist and turns making this series a compelling to read Becoming a fan of these hot hockey team Assassins athletes, Looking forward to Blue Lines, book 4.

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    This was a great addition to this series I loved this story It was a quick and steamy read Perfect to tide me over until the release of Blue Lines next month.If you are a fan of Toni Aleo s and The Assassins Series then I would say you should definitely read this novella It is a sweet and steamy love story without all the extra drama.

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    Sidelined for a knee injury, former starting goalie Jordan Ryan is searching for a new start Well, searching for a team where he can starthe can t stand sitting on the sidelines any longer After another meeting with a prospective team, he boards a plane for home The last thing he needs is a distraction but when the beautiful Aynslee Shaw sits right next to him on the plane she turns him into a bumbling idiot.Aynslee Shaw just left her cousins wedding where her Aunt stole her clothes, leaving her to travel home in hooker shoes and a pink bride maids dress Having the hot guy next to her on the plane spill his coffee all over her dress just might be the highlight to a horrendous day The she talks with Jordan the she wants to get to know him How can she get him to ask for her number, because Jordan is someone she d like to get to know a lot better.When their paths cross again they both decide to pursue this attraction between them But with Jordan s career up in the air and Aynslee just starting her new job can they find a way to make their relationship work I love Toni Aleo s writing style She vividly captures the heart and essence of every scene She makes you feel like your with your friends characters , watching the relationship play out before your eyes Not only does she capture the essence but she doesn t skimp on the steam Melting romantic encounters perfectly favor this wonderfully scripted plot For a novella length story, Falling for the Backup had it allromance, relationship, love, hockey hotness and the characters we ve come to love.I also have to mention that this book rates a Tome Tender Book Blog Deal of the Day Fabulously priced, don t miss out I received this ARC copy of Falling for the Backup from Random House Publishing Group Loveswept in exchange for a honest review This book is set for publication June 24, 2013.Written by Toni AleoSeries Assassins Sequence in Series 3.5Publisher Loveswept Publication Date June 24, 2013Genre Erotic RomanceRating 5Age Recommendation AdultToni Aleo s WebsiteFind this book on Barnes Noble For reviews check out Tome Tender s Book Blog or find us on Facebook.

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    This was the perfect book to sit down and enjoy in one evening It was sweet, hot and heart tugging I am lucky to be a part of the blog tour this week on May 30 over at www.blushingreader.com. check there for my review and extras Star Rating 5 out of 5Heat Rating HOT Falling for the Backup is 3.5 in the Nashville Assassins series, but I have a confession This is my first book by Toni Aleo I haven t read any of the other books in this series and surprisingly for Falling for the Backup you don t have to go back and read the first three books first However, if all the books in this series are as good and hot as Falling for the Backup I am going to into Toni s backlist and start reading from the beginning This novella has everything you want in a story It was funny, charming, sweet, sexy and had incredible pacing No where in this story did I feel like I was being rushed or that I was missing anything Jordan and Aynslee s story is the PERFECT way to end an evening or start your day , the characters are real with flaws but not too much baggage that shared some intense chemistry in the bedroom as well as out of the bedroom It was such a treat to watch these two fall in love I am going to this week and scooping up the other three books in the series so I can have all the Hot Hockey Player goodness on my Kindle including links below if you want to get ready for this book and read the first 3 with me

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    Phew, Toni Aleo does not disappoint with this short Assassins book A bit different this one, where the heroine was the one who had her emotional head together and hero that was the mess I loved it.Aynslee is having an awful day , heading home from her niece s wedding, in her pink bridesmaid dress because her klepto aunt has stolen her suitcase, she is rushing home because of a burst water main in her basement The Cherry on top you ask Wellsitting next to the hottest man she has ever seen only for him to spill her coffee all over her You would think this would just totally top the shittest of all shit days.However the chemistry between her and Jordan Ryan is instantaneous and she feels immediately drawn to the man Jordan also feels the connection but due to certain things going on in his life he doesn t want to take that step, he feels like a disappointment, a failure.So starts the romance between these too and I will tell you it is well worth it The false starts all make for a great tension builder and when these two finally get it on it is explosive.This book is a quick one, but it didn t feel rushed I enjoyed every little bump in the road and Toni s usual humour the crotch less panties scene was hilarious If you haven t started this series yet I beg that you get into it One of the best sporting romance series out there.I received this book from Netgalley for my honest review.

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Falling for the Backup (Assassins, #4) download Falling for the Backup (Assassins, #4) , read online Falling for the Backup (Assassins, #4) , kindle ebook Falling for the Backup (Assassins, #4) , Falling for the Backup (Assassins, #4) 78bdf7d2f3ea After Serving As A Dutiful Bridesmaid In The Wedding From Hell, Aynslee Shaw Just Wants To Slink Home To Nashville And Forget The Whole Trip That Is, Until The Hottest Guy She S Ever Seen Is Seated Next To Her On The Flight And Dazzles Her With His Easy Laugh And Killer Smile But Just When She Thinks Things Are Getting Good, He Vanishes, Leaving Aynslee Wondering, Was That Guy The One And Did She Just Let Him Slip Through Her Fingers Former Superstar Goalie Jordan Ryan Is Back On The Ice Finally After A Crippling Knee Injury That Had Him Wondering If He D Ever Play Pro Hockey Again, He S Got His Full Attention On Rebuilding His Career So A Pretty Okay, Beautiful Girl On A Plane Shouldn T Be A Distraction But Jordan Is Very, Very Distracted And When Aynslee Crosses His Path Again, He S Not Sure Any Job In The World Is Worth Missing His Second Chance With A Woman Like Her Includes A Special Message From The Editor, As Well As An Excerpt From The Loveswept Title Empty Net