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    The Mystery of the Blue Train Hercule Poirot 6 , Agatha Christie 1891 1976 The Mystery of the Blue Train is a work of detective fiction by Agatha Christie, first published in the United Kingdom by William Collins Sons on 29 March 1928, and in the United States by Dodd, Mead and Company later in the same year The book features her detective Hercule Poirot Poirot boards Le Train Bleu a luxury French night express train which operated from 1886 to 2003 , bound for the French Riviera So does Katherine Grey, who is having her first winter out of England, after recently receiving a relatively large inheritance On board the train Grey meets Ruth Kettering, an American heiress leaving her unhappy marriage to meet her lover The next morning, though, Ruth is found dead in her compartment, a victim of strangulation The famous ruby, Heart of Fire , which had recently been given to Ruth by her father, is discovered to be missing Ruth s father, the American millionaire Rufus Van Aldin, and his secretary, Major Knighton, persuade Poirot to take on the case Ruth s maid, Ada Mason, says she saw a man in Ruth s compartment but could not see who he was The police suspect that Ruth s lover, killed her and stole the ruby, but Poirot does not think he is guilty He is suspicious of Ruth s husband, Derek Kettering, who was on the same train but claims not to have seen Ruth Katherine says she saw Derek enter Ruth s compartment Further suspicion is thrown on Derek when a cigarette case with the letter K is found there Poirot investigates and finds out that the murder and the jewel theft might not be connected, as the famous jewel thief The Marquis is connected to the crime Eventually, the dancer Mirelle, who was on the train with Derek, tells Poirot she saw Derek leave Ruth s compartment around the time the murder would have taken place Derek is then arrested Everyone is convinced the case is solved, but Poirot is not sure He does investigating and learns information, talking to his friends and to Katherine, eventually coming to the truth He asks Van Aldin and Knighton to come with him on the Blue Train to recreate the murder and 1994 1372 335 20 1389 335 9789649915166 1388 324 9789643635725 .

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    In many ways this is a typical Hercule Poirot type of mystery a wealthy man s daughter is murdered on a train for a set of fabulous rubies, and only a limited number of people could have gotten on or off the train at the right times to make them suspects or so one might think, but who ever knows for sure with Agatha Christie This book was, for me, a cut above the typical Poirot mystery, and I think it s mostly because I liked the main character so much Katherine Grey has beautiful gray eyes, a Madonna like manner, and a quiet sense of humor She has been a crotchety old woman s companion for 10 years and unexpectedly inherited her fortune, and decides to travel The other old ladies in the English village are dubious And so you ve come into a lot of money, I hear Well, well Take care of it And you re going up to London to have a good time Don t think you ll get married, though, my dear, because you won t You re not the kind to attract the men And, besides, you re getting on How old are you now Thirty three, Katherine told her Well, remarked Miss Viner doubtfully, that s not so very bad You ve lost your first freshness, of course I m afraid so, said Katherine, much entertained But you re a very nice girl, said Miss Viner kindly.As it turns out, men are in fact attracted to Katherine, except it s a problem when one of them might be a murderer And Katherine was, during her travels, coincidentally one of the last to see the murdered woman alive Luckily we ve got Poirot there to solve the problem The book shows its 1928 roots a little with the social attitudes and a soup on of 1920s type spiritualism But it s an enjoyable read overall, and yet another time that Dame Agatha had me fooled until the very end.

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    Oh so very close to 5 stars If only we had halves I thoroughly enjoyed this book, the settings , the characters and of course Poirot s masterful investigation into the murder and robbery I must admit towards the end I thought I had worked out who did it, but didn t know why Well I was completely wrong ha ha Oh well It just goes to show how enjoyable these books are.As I said at the start it is certainly a 4.5 star read and one of the most enjoyable Poirot novels so far, and it takes me ahead of the game in this group buddy read.

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    3.5 Life is like a train Trust the train, Mademoiselle, murmured Poirot again And trust Hercule Poirot He knows I don t know if you ve noticed, but I m kind of in a Christie mood right now So sue me.Before I begin, there s one thing I want to be clear about I ve read than 20 of Christie s books, and I enjoyed unreservedly every single one of them I may have complaints about the solution of the mystery or about some other nothing, but every single time, I enjoy them This time is no different So, Christie, I love you Poirot, you re my lifetime hero Thank you both being real Well, you know what I mean The Mystery of the Blue Train plot is fabulous, and not once was I bored I was slightly disappointed in the solution because the reason why I like crime novels, mostly, is that they get their strength from the great deal of strong, violent emotion they usually involve Well, Lady Kettering s murder was not as much of passion as I would have liked and as it seemed at first The solution is intelligent, of course, and the planning of the deed is brilliant, than brilliant But its motive is not about passion and since I am a silly, emotional reader, I felt a little letdown.Otherwise, I m completely satisfied.

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    The book was the first to use a troupe which would become fairly common later in the series Namely it takes a while for Poirot to show up Here he was mentioned the first time in chapter 10 The beginning was romantic and mysterious Russian immigrants that escape the Revolution, priceless jewels from the Russian Royal crown, people shadowing each other, robbers, an American millionaire, and so on.In any way several people introduced in the beginning ended up on a train going through France Upon reaching the destination one of the passengers ended up dead Any reader who can use the brains during the initial chapters can predict the identity of the victim in advance Here is where Poirot finally showed up he happened to be on the same train, but in a different car Even though he retired the circumstances were intriguing enough for him to become interested and offering his help in investigation Lucky thing for everybody involved except for the culprit obviously he did as only he arrived at the solution of a complicated mystery.I do not recall ever reading this book before I am proud to say I figured the identity of the culprit but not the motive before Poirot announced it Yay for me I said it before, but it is worth repeating again any Poirot mystery is worth at least 4 stars The Big Four is the only exception for the sake of my mental balance I consider it to have never been written, or written by an evil twin of Agatha Christie This time is not an exception and 4 star it is the mystery was complicated and fast moving with lots of red herrings and unexpected twists The reader was also given all the clues for solving it before Poirot.

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    This book reminds me that Dennis Diderot said something along the lines of Men will never be free until the last king is strangled with the entrails of the last priest By the time I reached about the 100th page I doubted I could wait until the entrails of the last priest were available, dried and suitably braided for that excellent task, nor was I particularly fussed whether certain people were technically kings or not, fortunately for my blood pressure I avoided Downton Abbey when it was on, so I found a novel about toss pots behaving like toss pots close to unbearable, particularly as there was only the one death view spoiler and that not caused by irritable person with convenient chair in the library hide spoiler

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    You tell your lies and you think nobody knows But there are two people who know Yes two people One is le bon Dieu and the other is Hercule Poirot Poirot graced so many Agatha Christie novels that there s bound to be misses as well as hits This one is in the middle a good book but not one of the best with him in it I liked it but didn t love it I d recommend starting with others starring the detective first.Christie whips out intriguing characters that have a richer background of emotion in this one compared to some of her other works an almost saintly, now rich young woman Katherine Grey who has a quiet humor and little bit of mischief about her Besides her, there is a controlling and wealthy father of the victim who helps Poirot kind of in the investigation These two stand out as well done characters to complement the detective, who I usually adore The issue is here he faded in the background and something about Poirot just felt off I m not sure what it was, but he just wasn t as likable this time.I can t complain much about characterization, and the story itself was complex Christie brought into play jewel theft and having to solve different issues while the reader sorts out whether it will lead to one villain with one crime or several villains with different crimes and a big coincidence It s not easy to guess the mystery as the writer leads the reader astray from original assessments, and there s to this story than a simple layer underneath the ending wraps this up well and in a satisfying matter The issue is that it s just not that interesting following the story I grew bored several times and struggled with so many points of view shifts from characters I cared little about.Overall it was a good story bogged down with too much misdirection Had the author put Poirot into the limelight and had him discover these sideplots rather that keep showing them through other small character s eyes, then maybe it would have been intriguing It showed in this book she was kind of tired of the detective that made her so famous.Unlike some of her other works, the crime doesn t stay in the scene This year I had the joy of reading Murder on the Orient Express, where the crime happened on a train they stayed trapped on My other favorites by her include Death on the Nile where they solve a murder on a boat, and And then there were none , where the group solves murder in a claustrophobic feel while they re trapped on an island Here the train is visited only briefly and people travel all over the place afterward This hurt the tight knit mystery feel some of her better books hold.

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    I am currently reading the Poirot novels in order and this was published in 1928 and written in the Canary Islands in 1927, where Christie had retreated Her beloved mother had died, her marriage lay in ruins and this was a difficult time for her During her famous disappearance, her current novel had been the bold, and innovative, The Murder of Roger Ackroyd Afterwards, she had cobbled together, The Big Four, from some short stories and, now, she again looked to her short stories for inspiration Indeed, this novel is based upon the 1923 short story, The Plymouth Express, which can be found in, Poirot s Early Cases Agatha Christie herself, always hated, this novel However, for Christie fans, it has a lot to offer There is the interesting setting the murder on the luxurious train sadly, not much of the story actually occurs on the train itself , the exotic location of the Riveria and Poirot as ever, doing a little match making alongside his sleuthing This novel also features the first mention of St Mary Mead home, in later work, of Miss Marple and of a character, Mr Goby, who later appears in, After the Funeral, and The Third Girl There is, indeed, a little of the Miss Marple in the elderly ladies that Katherine Grey looks after A companion, she is left a large amount of money by the lady she cares for, and decides to visit relatives on the Riveria On the train there, she meets both Poirot and millionaire s daughter, Ruth Kettering Ruth s marriage is heading for divorce and she is on the way to meet her lover, when she is found dead on the train Is the motive the fabulous rubies that her father, Rufus Van Aldin, had given to her, shortly before her journey Aldin asks Poirot to find Ruth s murderer and he turns his little grey cells to the problem The novel has a good start, but gets a little lost in the twists and turns of the plot Something of a weak ending for Christie, but she was obviously not at her best and still producing great work under immense pressure.

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    2.5 5 stars not rounding up I must be getting very picky, as this is the very first book by Agatha Christie that I did not enjoy Usually, I just generally like them they are all nice and cozy little mysteries, but apparently not this one It started out well enough, but then the writing became choppy and confusing Pages were filled with useless blabbering and unnecessary conversations There was very little actual detective work in it And in the end many, many questions were left unanswered It felt rushed and unfinished I suspected the correct murderer from the very start, but then I started suspecting bunch of other people too But still in the end it was all just very anti climatic.There are many GREAT mysteries by Agatha Christie, I mean she wrote over 80 books.But this is not one of them.My WEBSITEMy INSTAGRAMMy WORDPRESS BLOG

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    Another most enjoyable Hercule Poirot mystery by the Queen of Crime Poirot does not even make his entrance in the book until chapter 10, but for the rest of the book his presence is always felt There are 2 main suspects in the murder and theft of jewels of the daughter of a very rich American traveling on the Blue Train in France But anyone who reads Agatha Christie knows that the killer is never obvious.When one of the suspects is arrested, Hercule Poirot is not satisfied and continues his investigation until with his usual flair, he unmasks the true culprit Another triumph for Hercule Poirot.

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