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    Oliver s Tree by Kit Chase is pure picture book joy As soon as you open the book, three adorable little faces welcome you in And one page turn later, I was captivated This book stole my heart and attention with soft, warm colors and a gentle good hearted spirit Each and every page, color, and sweet face made me feel calm and quiet at peace in storyland.Three friends Lulu, Oliver, and Charlie love to play hide seek But Oliver, the elephant, is heartbroken when he discovers that he can t hide in the trees like his friends So Lulu and Charlie set off to find Oliver a tree just for him A sweet story about friends helping friends feel better and smile again.A beautiful book with a simple, warm hearted message Perfect bed time story.Highly recommended

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    Three friends Lulu the bird, Oliver the elephant, and Charlie the rabbit enjoy playing together, until a game of hide and seek reveals that Oliver has trouble with trees They are either too tall or too small for an elephant, and when the friends finally find one just right, it is too weak to hold the pachyderm Is this the end for these playmates, or can Lulu and Charlie come up with a solution to include their downhearted friend Apparently a debut for author artist Kit Chase, who much like Emily Winfield Martin had a preexisting Etsy following before launching into children s books, Oliver s Tree is a sweet, warmhearted little picture book, pairing an engaging and ultimately satisfying narrative about friendship and play with adorable artwork Oliver himself is so cute, and Chase captures his joy and sadness quite well in her watercolor paintings I appreciated the way in which Oliver s friends work to include him, when difficulties first arise in their games, and think this offers a positive model for young readers listeners I see that there are subsequent titles about this trio of friends Lulu s Party and Charlie s Boat I will have to see about tracking those down.

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    Lulu, a bird, Charlie, a bunny, and Oliver, an elephant are best friends While playing hide and seek, it becomes evident that Oliver s size prevents him from climbing a tree Oliver is sad and his friends find a creative way to solve the problem A touching picture book about friendship overcoming obstacles.

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    I wasn t sure I would like this one, but the charming friends with simple watercolor backgrounds completed with pen and ink won me over Their joy when playing together comes though the pages as well as how elephant feels about not having a tree to play in The completed tree is wonderful

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    The five year old sort of liked the end.

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    I m a sucker for cute animals and friendship

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    4.5 5Adorable children s book Quick read, good message about friendship Did I mention it was adorable The art was spot on Who are these idiots giving this 2s and 3s, I ask you 4.5 5MH

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    Simply adorable This is picture book happiness Oliver s Tree follows three animal friends, Oliver, Charlier and Lulu, who love to play outside together Their favorite game is hide and seek When they realize that Oliver isn t able to hide in the trees like they can, they make him feel special with a wonderful surprise of his very own.A heartwarming story with adorable illustrations that will bring a smile to your face, Kit Chase s debut is a book worth picking up The message about friendship is one that even the youngest of readers will enjoy The sketch like illustrations, and soft color tones have made Chase one of my favorite children s book illustrators.

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    A straight forward story of how a couple of friends try and help their Elephant friend play in a tree like they do Cute, fun and sweet illustrations Not a lot of meat but perfect for the toddler set Other books in the series.

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Olivers Tree download Olivers Tree , read online Olivers Tree , kindle ebook Olivers Tree , Olivers Tree d28fa72ec606 Meet Three Adorable Best Friends From Debut Author Illustrator Talent With A Huge Etsy Following Oliver, Charlie, And Lulu Love To Play Outside Together Their Favorite Game Is Hide And Seek, But It S Not Fun For Oliver When His Friends Hide In The Trees He Can T Reach Them So The Friends Set Off To Find A Tree That Oliver Can Play InBut There S A Reason We Don T See Elephants In Trees, And Just When Oliver Is Ready To Give Up The Search, Charlie And Lulu Surprise Him With The Perfect Tree For Them All To Play In Together