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Crashing Down to Earth (Part One) pdf Crashing Down to Earth (Part One), ebook Crashing Down to Earth (Part One), epub Crashing Down to Earth (Part One), doc Crashing Down to Earth (Part One), e-pub Crashing Down to Earth (Part One), Crashing Down to Earth (Part One) d2d70f297bc Hayley Foster Is A Woman With A Secret Her Flatmate Is Her Guardian Angel But With The Terrifying Events Of Two Years Ago Firmly Put Behind Them, Hayley Finally Dares Hope For A Quieter Life For Her And Alex To EnjoyBut It Is Not Long Before The Old Angel S Past Comes Back To Haunt Him In The Form Of An Ex Lover As Alex Tries To Protect Hayley Though, It Quickly Becomes Apparent That Far Greater Powers Are At Play, Far Bigger Than Either Of Them Could Ever Have Possibly ImaginedJoin Hayley And Alex In The First Part Of Their Epic Journey As They Try To Save Glasgow, As Well As Each Other, From DoomCrashing Down To Earth Will Be Available From And Smashwords This August

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    Crashing Down to Earth Part One by Terry Reid is a hugely entertaining paranormal story about the relationship between Hayley and her Guardian Angel Alex.Although Alex has a lot of regular angel attributes and behaviour he often appears all too human, which makes him a really great and often unpredictable character He fights demons and protects Hayley but not all of his actions are approved by the Elders , who summon him for help in a much bigger plot.Having insight into both Hayley s and Alex s perspective through the omniscient point of view enables the reader to understand clearly where the two of them are coming from and for me this added to the charm of the novel.The book is written with fresh and realistic dialogue, the plot moves fast and sets us up for the next part in the series There are plenty of surprises and unexpected events as we follow the many likeable characters through the smaller problems and bigger adventure.In a market almost saturated with paranormal and supernatural books to me this is a refreshing and welcome addition to the genre.

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    We ve all heard of having a guardian angel, but Terry Reid takes this notion one step further by creating a world in which some people are actually cut from the souls of their protectors Crashing Down to Earth centers around the age old struggle between angels and demons taking place right here on earth In this world, those who the guardians protect are actually a part of them, taken from their own souls, which creates an interesting paradigm and the central focus of the action The story follows Alex, who is sworn to protect Hayley, but now faces an even greater challenge that threatens mankind Interesting story line with well developed characters, I recommend this book to anyone looking for a quick, fun read

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    I STEPPED OUT OF MY BOX AND I M GLAD I DID I stumbled upon this book in an attempt to broaden my horizons and step out of the routine romance genre I usually read I m so glad I chose this book It s a quick read jam packed full of adventure I loved the relationship of Alex and the feisty, tenacious Hayley The innocent flirty banter between the two made Alex seem so human, albeit he was a guardian angel This is a totally different spin on the phrase soul mate and different meaning to the accustomed term, guardian angel I smiled as I got to know Alex I had this picture of a John Travolta esque character from the film Michael Sexy, with a quirky sense of humor The writer vividly described the battle and action scenes so well that I felt like I was there hiding behind a building watching I love a book that makes me connect with the characters and feel what they are feeling Of course, the nefarious Marli added lots of action to the story The battle was epic If you re looking for a fast paced page turner which centers on good an evil I highly suggest this book I m so glad I stepped out of my box and grabbed it Terry Reid is an author you need to put on your TBR list Thanks Terry for a totally enjoyable read that I won t forget

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    What a wonderful and unique storyline I was intrigued by the description and had to read this book It was a fast paced, full of action, and unique storyline with very interesting, mostly celestial, characters especially the wonderful soul mates Hayley and Alex Quite different than the mystery romance genre I usually enjoy, I was pleasantly surprised by this fascinating, paranormal read which kept me excited and eager until the very end I loved the dialogues and the action scenes and would highly recommend this book to anyone who loves a well written, exciting book.

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    Crashing Down to Earth by Terry Reid is a wonderful book I read the book in one day as I was not able to wait to find out what happens next and get to the final outcome I fell in love with Hayley and the Guardian Angel Alex who was assigned by the elders to protect her I believe in angels so I was totally on board with this story.Thank you Terry Reid for a fascinating Book The relationship between Alex and Hayley was most interesting and heartwarming The author s creative mind is extraordinary I was excited and eager to turn the pages and follow the very interesting lives of these two, as well as the rest of the characters that add important clues to the story The author has a wonderful way of moving through the plot and creating an exciting way for the reader to move though the pages.The streets of Glasgow bring thrilling excitement as Hayley and Alexander battle the evil Marli and I got totally engaged in that battle I love the hint that told me that in fact Gabriel is coming back I really didn t want for the book to end But at least I know there is another book that will follow, so I can hardly wait for that.I recommend the book to anyone who loves excitement, and is thirsty for a very well written novel This is the kind of genre that I love and I loved the book Terry Reid well done

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    Alex, a Guardian Angel watches over a girl called Hayley, but they are than just room mates They are soul mates Their bond is portrayed beautifully as is their love for each other Together they take on demons and fallen angels, until their world is turned up side down in an epic battle Light angels face off with dark angels in a bid to keep Hayley save This book has it all and is so different from any angel vs demon books out there It s well written and the battle scenes are executed perfectly The characters are realistic regardless of their celestial nature Some events in the book however, was not realistic, but in the end this is a work of fiction and should be accepted as that I highly recommend this book Strap in for a gripping read

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    Reid has created a world in which angels and humans exist in tandem In fact, what makes Reid s mythology unique is that some human souls are brought forth from their angel counterparts.Alex and Haley are interesting characters Their relationship is believable and well thought out The only negative I can bring up is that the omniscient POV wasn t very clear to me and I found myself easily confused at different points in the story But, this might just be the way I read it.Fun story.

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    Well written but still a lot of dots that aren t connected I do want to read the second book but I am hoping it helps to explain

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