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Crashing Back Down (Crashing, #1) pdf Crashing Back Down (Crashing, #1), ebook Crashing Back Down (Crashing, #1), epub Crashing Back Down (Crashing, #1), doc Crashing Back Down (Crashing, #1), e-pub Crashing Back Down (Crashing, #1), Crashing Back Down (Crashing, #1) 8270ab817d5 Book In A Two Part Series Mags McManus Has Just Become A War Widow In Her Mid Twenties Her Late Husband, Randy, Left For The Army Right After Their Wedding Instead Of Celebrating His Homecoming And Living In Marital Bliss With Her Soulmate, Mags Finds Herself Living In Constant Agony Dealing With The Guilt Of Still Living Without Randy, Are Randy S Best Friends And Parents Rising From The Ashes Of This Tragedy, Mags Starts To Learn How To Love And Trust Again, Finally Being Able To Find Happiness But Sometimes Things Really Are Too Good To Be True And Again Mags Learns How Cruel The World Can Be As She Crashes Back Down For Sexual Situations, Cursing, And Adult Content

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    I am in love with this story and had an amazing time writing it My heart and soul went into those pages and I cannot wait to share that with the world I hope you all enjoy reading it as much I did writing it

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    Book Crashing Back Down Crashing 1 Author Kristen Hope MazzolaPublication Date November 4, 2013Type Part of SeriesGenre RomanceRating 4 out of 5 Stars

    ReviewI am on the fence with my rating for Crashing Back Down In the beginning, I found myself rolling my eyes on how much this story revolved around alcohol and crying I trudged on and continually the characters were either drowning in shots or sobbing uncontrollably Everyone cried continually no one was saved in this book from tears cascading down their cheeks.Another irritating thing I found about this book is how quick a fight started and then ended we didn t experience any angst or build up let down I understand that the whole book revolves around the angst of Mags dealing with her husband s death and the guilt of forming a new relationship, but I think the fight scenes along with the outcome were a bit rushed.Take away the alcohol, crying, lack of depth and this book could have been rated an outstanding 5 in my book I loved the storyline and by the time I got to the last 25% of the book I was hooked and in love with Walker.After reading the synopsis on the book and the first 50% of the book, I swore up and down that the crashing part was going to view spoiler revolve around Walker having to go back to the war hide spoiler

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    3.5 stars Crashing Back Down is the story of Mags McManus, a twenty four year old woman and recently turned war widow Her late husband died a little less than a year ago and she still finds it hard to adjust to life without him by her side Slowly but surely, she s learning how to cope with her loss A huge part of her recovery is the support and company of Walker, her husband s best friend and colleague He too, is still struggling with the loss of his friend and the guilt he feels of not being able to save him.The time they spent together, the closer they become and the they help each other heal and move forward with their lives Still, as their friendship starts to develop into something , Mags is afraid of opening herself up She feels like she s still betraying her former marriage and the guilt she feels makes it had for her to truly be happy.Something that did bother me while reading this story was how often the characters went out drinking and woke up the next day with the worst hangover they ever had It was like all they ever did for fun was go out and drink shots, as though they were newly in college Since they re in their mid twenties I would expect them to be a little over the whole college drinking scene or at least come up with anything else to do besides going to their favorite bar and ending up hammered Other than that, I quite liked the main characters and their development throughout the story.Walker was a typical man whore with a softer side and a tortured past I really felt for him and what he went through towards the end of the story and I was NOT expecting the revelations he made during the final few chapters I completely understood Mags reaction to them but at the same time I often found it a bit hard to connect with her character Perhaps the fact that she often changed her mind and her unpredictability made it harder for me to sympathize with her I do liked the two of them together and the chemistry they had though view spoiler that s why I m still rooting for them to get their HEA in book two hide spoiler

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    Crashing Back Down is the first book in the Crashing series by Kristen Hope Mazzola I knew just by reading the synopsis I had to read this book because it was going to be emotional I couldn t wait to dive in My Casting Crashing Back Down is told in the point of view of Mags a 24 year old widow who just lost her husband nearly a year ago in an accident while he was serving our country The prologue starts with a scene of Mags meeting her future husband, Randy and his best friend Walker at a college party Chapter one begins with Mags trying to cope with being a young widow and losing the love of her life It was heartbreaking to read the scenes of Mags mourning over Randy, it was just so sad I can t even imagine what she must have been going through.Mags has a ton of support systems around her her best friend Cali, her in laws who she is extremely close to, and even her mother who loves her daughter in her own special way Then there is Walker Walker was Randy s best friend, he is there for Mags in every way and watches over his best friend s wife As time moves on Mags and Walker get closer and closer Mags begins to have feelings for him and starts feeling Walker feels the same way toward her There was an attraction between the two since day one but now their friendship is beginning to turn into a lot and the line is finally crossed.There is a long build up for the two Most of the book is about Mag trying to deal with losing Randy and how much her life has changed since then I love their group of friends and the memories they share throughout the book They sound like they had a lot of fun in college I wanted Mags and Walker to get together they would get so close but something would happen sending them two steps back Once they got together it was hot, sweet, and loving Both are struggling with their feelings and having guilt because of Randy.I am warning you now the ending leaves off on a major cliffhanger Like I wanted to throw my kindle against the wall and send a very nasty email to Kristen because the cliffhanger left me wanting Like I need MORE NOW Nothing in their world is perfect but the ending just left me speechless by what is revealed I did not see it coming at all and I cannot wait for the sequel book in the series to be released in 2014 hopefully early 2014 Crashing Back Down is full of hot, sexy, tattoo guys with big muscles Many woman are going to completely swoon over Walker, I just know it He is a very sweet and loving guy with a giant heart He is very mysterious and I hope to learn about Walker in book two My heart broke for him the entire time His character is a lot deeper then what appears I am hoping book two will be in his point of view, at least partly I would like to know what Walker is thinking now that Mags knows things I don t want to say too much and spoil it for you.I really enjoyed Crashing Back Down Kristen Hope Mazzola wrote a fantastic debut novel that tells a beautiful yet sad story of love and loss Readers will love the characters, the emotional story, but also fun times they share together in the book I just wish it didn t end on a major cliff hanger because now I won t be able to stop thinking about Walker Mags I give Crashing Back Down Crashing 1 , 4 Stars ARC provided by the author in return for an honest review.Stay connected with my reviews, book news and Blog Jessica s Book Review Facebook Twitter

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    My review and others are also on my Facebook blog A truly sad emotional, hearbreaking readWe first met Mags reminiscing about her College years and telling us how she met and fell head over heels for her one He was it One look and she was a goner She never realized that until death would come along so soon, one minute Randall was there and two months later he was gone, she knew life as a Military wife would be hard but she never realized she would be a widow so soon..Her whole life stopped when he was taken from her..He was her light now she s left in the dark alone with a broken heart that keeps breaking over and over again..Walker was her only companion, Randal s best friend, the only one who really understood what she was going through, her constant support buddy..Ever Sunday at noon Walker was there beside her going through his own process of grief and loss..Walker was Randy s right hand man, ever since they pledged their fraternity these two were firm friends. Walker was handsome, tall and had an erotic stare that could make any girl wet within seconds..It had been a little over a year since Randy was suddenly taken from her, she was a shell of her former self, the only one she really tolerated was Walker, he d kind of made it his mission to take Mags under his wing and look out for her..So it was only a matter of time when things would start to change between these two..You could feel the turmoil Mags was going through, the guilt she felt because of the feelings coming to the surface for Walker. Say the word, and I will walk out that door and never talk to you again, I ve loved you for a while And I want to be with you If it has to be only as friends, I ll handle it, but that s not what I want Emotions were assaulting me, lust, passion, hate, loneliness, disappointment within myself and shame for what I was feeling for walker..

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    I really dont know where to start with this review This book had many twists and turns and by the end I was sat catching flies because I really did not see that one coming O Mags was great, with everything she went through after what happened to Randy She got her feelings in order and started to rebuild her life I could never understand what she was going through but the author captured it perfectly and it broke my heart.Sweet Cali, brilliant BFF to Mags and nothing got past her, she was loyal and there for Mags throughout everything, good and bad Walker Oh my Good looks, Muscles TATTOOS I can barely form a sentence thinking about him hehe But then theres secrets that was never ment to be revealed, Walker was broken, messed up, guilty Walker I want you, I ve wanted you, just please don t let me screw this up This story was a mixture of romance, grief, happiness, sadness and shocking all at the same time, I didnt know how I was going from crying one minute to sitting there with a goofy grin from ear to ear the next It was brilliant, I fell in love with the story, even though it was a mixture of emotions, it was beautifully wrote I am looking forward to reading future books by Kristen Hope Mazzola, especially the prequel and sequel to the Crashing Series I was sent a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review Making Connections New Adult Edition

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    Omg, what Need the next book STAT Actual Rating 4.5 StarsMargaret Mags McManus is a 24 year old widow Her husband Randy tragically died after an accident during his military service Mags is left as an empty shell without her college sweetheart She finds comfort in her in laws and friends.Mags has a rough time trying to get back to normal and finding a way to really live again She tries to suppress many of her feelings, one in particular that includes Walker, her husband s best friend Kristen did a lovely job at writing these characters and nailing down each moment and emotion perfectly I never failed to feel Mags pain as I read her thoughts There were some moments that she had that absolutely gutted me While the theme is dark and painful, there were beautiful moments of light that showed through in just the right moments There was a shocking twist toward the end that really took me by surprise In that moment, everything truly came crashing down The pain from both Mags and Walker was so evident that it brought me to tears The novel isn t left with a cliffhanger per say, but there is certainly to the story Luckily for us fans, Kristen is hard at work on the sequel as we speak.I commend Kristen on a wonderfully written debut novel I m sure we ll be seeing great things to come from her I sure cannot wait An eARC of this novel was provided by the author for an honest review This has not affected my opinion review in any way Cutest Moment But, Mags his eyes were pleading as he pulled away just enough so I could look at him, still scathing mad You re my true north No compass would point me in any other direction but to you.

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    I have made a point of not reading anyone s reviews at the moment as I wanted to focus on what I felt about this author s book and style of writing.AWESOME.I was given this book to read as a gift from Kristen Mazzola and I am so happy that she allowed me to read it I may have passed it by otherwise and that would have been a loss on my side.Her style of writing is so fluent and easy to follow The people in this book were so real Everyone has lost someone in their lives A husband wife is so very different emotions, as you ve lost not only your spouse, your lover, your friend and someone who you are or going to spend the rest of your life with I don t like giving too much away in reviews as I feel its not doing justice to the author, many times I want to say much much in my reviews, but to show the authors respect I try not to give the game away too much.Kristen Hope Mazzola has either experiences, or talked to someone or is very insightful with the feelings that kept coming to the fore in this book.Whichever way she did it, it worked well I wish these authors would stop writing cliff hangers for me I need to know what happens next now I was still turning the pages thinking..where is itthere must be ..what s happening now I m not exaggerating when I say, I NEED this next book, I need to know where this goes next Beautifully written, beautifully told, beautifully thought out.Lovely piece of work

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    As a beta reader I absolutely loved the story From the synopsis it seems like just another military widow story but this one is different Love the twists and turns and the way it kept me wanting to go on and find out what happens next I definitely didn t expect the book ending but I can t wait for the prequel and sequel So glad I got to be apart of this book s journey so far Mag is such a relatable character I can see myself being friends with someone like her

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    Luckily, I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.When I read an author s debut novel, I dive in with an open mind With so many books on the market, I have learned not to expect perfection BUT I always hope it will be worthy of five stars As an author, I get excited for every single author that releases a book However, I always let them know that they will get nothing but my honest opinion when I submit a review Sometimes I feel bad for criticizing however, most authors welcome it.Crashing Back Down tells the story of Margaret Mags McManus, a girl who marries her college sweetheart, Randy When Randy joins the military, Mags supports him because he is the love of her life Unfortunately, Randy loses his life shortly after leaving Without Randy, she feels lost and numb.Her friends and family give her immense support but even that isn t enough to pull her out of the dark hole she has sunk into We follow Mags journey as she tries to heal her heart and oh, what an emotional journey it is Like any other widow, Mags doesn t think she ll ever truly be happy again Luckily, Randy s best friend, Walker, is there to show her that even without Randy, life can be full of great things.Mags story is like a race track She picks up speed and just as things fall into place, life throws her another turn to slow her down This story grabbed me by my heart strings and tossed me around Every time Mags was happy, I smiled with every road block, I felt her pain The loss of one s spouse is never easy Kristen Mazzola did a wonderful job guiding us through such a deep, emotional story As soon as each character was introduced, I created my own image of them to go along with the story I fell in love with every character and the troubles that they face.When I finished my ARC, the only negative thought I had was that I wish Mags and Randy s back story was a little longer Then I found out that Kristen plans on eventually giving me exactly what I want Yes, I said ME That s right I live in this little bubble where I pretend that every book is written just for me and that when authors give us companion novels or prequels, it s solely because I wanted them to Just kidding sort of I STRONGLY suggest that you click one of the following links and purchase this book Did I mention that it is ON SALE right now As I always say, don t forget to leave a review Your voice can t be heard unless you spread the word US

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