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The Scribe (Irin Chronicles, #1) explained The Scribe (Irin Chronicles, #1) , review The Scribe (Irin Chronicles, #1) , trailer The Scribe (Irin Chronicles, #1) , box office The Scribe (Irin Chronicles, #1) , analysis The Scribe (Irin Chronicles, #1) , The Scribe (Irin Chronicles, #1) e88c Hidden At The Crossroads Of The World, An Ancient Race Battles To Protect Humanity, Even As It Dies From WithinAva Matheson Came To Istanbul Looking For Answers, But Others Came Looking For Her A Reckless Warrior Guards Her Steps, But Will Malachi S Own Past Blind Him To The Truth Of Who Ava Might Be While Ancient Forces Gather Around Them, Both Ava And Malachi Search For Answers Whispering Voices Deadly Touch Their Passion Should Be Impossible Or It Could Be The Only Thing That Will Keep Them AliveE SCRIBE Is The First Book In The Irin Chronicles, The New Paranormal Romance Series From Elizabeth Hunter, Author Of The Elemental Mysteries

  • ebook
  • 306 pages
  • The Scribe (Irin Chronicles, #1)
  • Elizabeth Hunter
  • English
  • 01 June 2019
  • 9780988520592

About the Author: Elizabeth Hunter

ELIZABETH HUNTER is a USA Today and international bestselling author of romance, contemporary fantasy, and paranormal mystery Based in Central California, she travels extensively to write fantasy fiction exploring world mythologies, history, and the universal bonds of love, friendship, and family She has published over thirty works of fiction and sold over a million books world wide She is the

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    First time in Kindle Unlimited So excited to announce that the entire Irin Chronicles series is in Kindle Unlimited for the next few months I don t put much in KU, so if you re a KU reader, grab it while you can REVIEW SO, back in the day, I didn t really leave reviews for my own books What was that about I don t know So I m going back and updating reviews for my older work Do I love this book Yes, it s one of my favorites.Do I recommend this book Yep.Do I want the hero for myself Uh, yeah It s Malachi He s swoon tastic, and I don t hand that label out lightly I mean he s kind of Oscar Isaac, but with Burak z ivit, but also with tattoos and kind of broody Just go with it it makes sense in my head And it has one of my favorite heroines ever, Ava, who is sarcastic and suspicious and wonderfully funny, but also vulnerable and voraciously curious And also maybe dealing with mental illness, but if you have a problem with that, it s your deal, not hers And it takes place in one of my favorite places in the world, Istanbul So yeah, I hope you read it And I hope you enjoy.

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    4 Stars We re all immortal, as long as our stories are told I found this story sort of difficult to gauge within the confines of a single rating since there were many layers and varying degrees of enjoyment for me But, overall, I was extremely impressed with this one.The world this author has created is solid intriguing, complex, unique, and very well executed without inducing confusion in its reader There s a war between the fallen angels who walk the earth Those who have rebelled through greed vs those redeemed through selflessness One side is a threat to humanity while the other protects it at all costs And somewhere in the midst of it all, a lost, cynical girl who has just about given up all hope will find her purpose Ava has been hearing voices in her head all her life, rendering her an outcast to those around her The voices are constant and spoken in an unfamiliar language but grant Ava the unique ability to read people s intentions Malachi is an Irin Scribe a defender of the human race who draws magic and power through the artistry inscribed upon his skin When he and Ava meet, there is an intense connection, but one that Malachi is determined to ignore if he must keep Ava safe They are both a mystery to one another, and struggle to decipher the other s secrets You can piss me off and twist me around, Ava, but you re not going to get rid of me I loved the slow build of their relationship, as well as Malachi s protective and mysterious demeanor There was a decent amount of steam that was both sexy and executed in good taste Although we re presented with entirely fanciful scenarios, everything made sense and felt natural This story had a haunting, magical tone that was warm and inviting The scenes were well defined and vivid and the fluid, polished writing really allowed for enjoyable reading There were some slow patches that did pull me out of the story a bit, but the plot was always quick to build itself up again What I felt truly thrived was the interesting and natural dialogue that never felt forced or corny, even through the story s intensity The ending was brilliant and added the shock factor I was hoping for, and I look forward to continuing this series Book Stats Genre Category Romance Fantasy Angels Steam Caliber Moderate steam Very sexy Romance Slow build Reluctant but intense Sweet Characters Mysterious, protective, strong hero Broken but powerful heroine Plot A war between fallen angels Focuses on love story Writing Fluid, creative, polished POV 3rd Person Perspective Cliffhanger Yes, but not too extreme Next Installment To be released spring 2014 HEA view spoiler Yes Surprise ending hide spoiler

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    We re all immortal, Ava, as long as our stories are told Exciting story set in modern Instanbul with no insta love The Scribe was really refreshing urban fantasy novel which I enjoyed immensely My Ava and Malachi Ava can hear voices in language she doesn t understand and sense the tone of other poeple s minds Its her curse and her blessing When she comes to Instanbul, hoping to find cure for her situation, couple of strangers start to follow her Soon she will find out that there are forces in this world she never even imagined to exist before and she might be part of it herselfI fell in love with the world author created in this book And especially, I loved Malachi s character Tall, dark and brooding as author described him He was calm and loyal but also extremely passionate and intimidating when fighting for something he believed in I loved how frustrated he became when things were not going his way He was truly adorable man, yet fierce warrior And heroine Ava was feisty, snarky and intelligent Great combination It does not happen very often that we have really mature heroine so I was glad for her character.I really liked how author managed romance in this story It took some time but once hero and heroine developped feelings for each other, it was intense Fortunatelly, even though romance was very important in this book, it never took all spotlight in the story Another positive thing is that author kept me guessing for a while what exact supernatural creaters were present in the story It kept me on my toes and I liked it a lot.The Scribe is a movie material I watched story enfold breathlessly between my eyes and I was mesmerized by beautiful writing style Whole storyline was exciting and finale blew my mind Now I am wreck and I need next book as soon as possible MORE REVIEWS ON MY BLOG Reading Is My Breathing

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    I m a bit confused over this one Everyone else seems to like it so much yet I can only say it was just okay I liked the idea behind it, I liked the author s style and I liked the settings I did not much like the characters, their stereotypical love story or the slow, slow moving story So slow it nearly stopped at times It was probably not helped by the fact that I listened to it on Audio and the narrator was totally flat And sadly monotone equals monotonous The ending was the best bit and I am not being sarcastic It really was because it introduced an amazing cliff hanger So now even I have to go on to the next book However I will be reading print this time and perhaps I will like it all much better

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    WowI meanWOW This was my first story by Elizabeth Hunter and it will definitely not be my last I was engaged from the first minute until the last Listening to the narrator made this story come alive for me I saw these characters, felt their emotions and lived on the edge waiting to see what fight was next.Four star instead of 5 Well, my friends, I DID NOT SEE THAT ENDING COMING AND I CRIED ON THE TRAIN AGAIN Yes, I can hear you all saying Toughen up Buttercup But, seriously, I really was a little bamboozled by the ending IT WASN T SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN THAT WAY Ok, I ve got that off my chest now My tears were at such an awkward time too Mind you, any time you cry on the train is a bad time, but in this case, I was just pulling into my station to get off So, then I had to walk down the road with my head down and sniffling.I survived and then went on to finish the story and I have hope that everything will work out in the end The Scribe has been on my radar for years and when I saw it on Audible, I had to give it a go This story was fast paced, interesting, sexy and thought provoking The characters were unique and very appealing to me The baddies too were unique because they are of the beautiful movie star looks variety Sure, we get a few shallow and vapid villains in our reads but can you imagine an army of beautiful men setting out to kill you in the sackhmmmmaybe not such a bad way to go I m a little hesitant to move onto the second book considering where things left off, so if there are any fellow readers who ve read The Singer and can give me a heads up, I d love it.

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    I am thinking that authors wait to release some of their best books until later in the year just to have reviewers like me sound like idiots repeating ourselves about this is the best thing this year and similar accolades I think I have said that about 3 4 times this year already All that is to prepare you for me to say it again, this may actually be THE best thing I have read this year even though since it is book 1 of a trilogy the story is not complete yet.Malachi is one of the Irin, a race of mostly males that have inscribed magical symbols spells into their skin to allow them to fight off attacks to humanity by the Grigori a race of mixed blood of The Fallen.Ava is a young woman, professional photographer that has been hearing voices all her life and has managed through mainly strength of will to remain sane.Through her meeting and developing relationship with Malachi she has found out some of the answers but not all and this journey and a romance that crosses all barriers will be the crux of this series.This seems to be a romance at the heart of the story since that is what drives much of the action and to paraphrase another reviewer, this is indeed the best mix of romance and action I have read in years, the mix of good, evil, and powerful beings with motives that are completely unknown are all thrown together in a mix of fantasy, romance and action that is addicting to the reader and by the end of the book you will be desperate for the next release The ending while stirring elements of tragedy, hope and frustration is not a cliffhanger but does indeed hook you into the next book shamelessly which is what a good author is supposed to do but it does make us mere mortals wish for time to pass quickly so we can see what happens next.This has all the feel of an epic story as was her earlier Elemental Mysteries series of 4 books but this story seems to be taking it to a much higher level and now I anxiously await the next installment.5 Stars and I can only hope the other books in this series will be as exceptional.

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    I know, I know a band of brothers, that happen to be supernatural, are struggling to combat evil, in a world that leaves them tired and desolate, beaten and bruised with absolutely no hope of finding comfort in a form of a matequeue at least seven gifs, featuring groaning by various celebs, eyerolls by humans and kittens alike, and at least one cartoon character saying duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh.That s precisely how original this content appears to be at the very first glance But what if i told you that the men in question tend to wear clothing not comprised solely of leather What if i told you that the men in question don t pause whatever they are doing every fifteen minutes to break out the ruler and measure their dicks You know, just in case they ve grown in the last minute or so.What if i told you ominous one liners, designed to establish coolness and superiority are non existent What if i told you their tattoos have a meaning What if i told you that the heroine has an IQ higher then five What if i told you that the heroine experiences a wide array of human emotions What if i told you that the sexual attraction the heroine feels doesn t turn her into a blithering idiot What if i told you that this story was gripping What if i told you to read it

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    4.5 stars.Vashama canem, reshon Vashama canem I know I can continue immediately to book 2, if I had to wait for the next one like many other readers when its first published in 2013, I will really mad with the author gave us that ending

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    The ScribeBy Elizabeth HunterNarrated by Zachary WebberThis was a book that really set the atmosphere The Middle East, Fallen Angels, battles between forces, a woman that is than human that has heard a strange language no one else could hear all her life, men are following herShe meets a man that stops the voices with a touch I really liked the fantasy and mystery part of this, it was a bit too heavy on the romance for me but.that s just me The very ending was a bit of a wishy washy ending I liked the book but I don t know if I will follow the series.The narrator was excellent So many voices and emotions and he performed amazingly

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