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Beyond Oria Falls txt Beyond Oria Falls, text ebook Beyond Oria Falls, adobe reader Beyond Oria Falls, chapter 2 Beyond Oria Falls, Beyond Oria Falls d579df Oria Is The Golden Queen Of The Ahwahneechees And A Dweller Of Ahwahnee Together With Her Friends She Travels Back In Time To Find Out Why The Village Of Lost Souls Cannot Find Their Way Home To The West The Ala Is Back In This Second Book Full Of Action Packed Magic And Shapeshifters Will Oria Finally Find Love And Happiness With Grey Wolf Or Will Evil Threaten Her Magical World Beyond Oria Falls

About the Author: Sheryl Seal

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Beyond Oria Falls book, this is one of the most wanted Sheryl Seal author readers around the world.

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    Beyond Oria Falls by Sheryl Seal is the second in a series about the magical land hidden in the Yosemity Mountains The story follows Oria, the Golden Queen of the Ahwahneechees, and their battle with the Ala, who recently have been driven back to their realm by Oria and her helpers Despite the looming threat from the Ala the feel of this book is much peaceful and it has less suspense than its predecessor Much time is spent with wonderful descriptions of the magic of nature, animals and the culture of the Native Indian tribes Who doesn t love an ever blooming flower meadow Full with fantastic creatures, such as shapeshifter and a male woodland spirit, the setting for the novel is beautifully put together.The storyline follows the discovery of runes and drawings which leads to an excursion into the past Heritage and tribe culture are important themes in the book, introduced by the snippets of wisdom coming from Oriah s grandmother and grandfather and by the Great Spirit Oriah also has visions and premonitions that tell her the future.This is a very enjoyable read for young and old Besides the fantasy aspects of the book there is a lot to appreciate the tribal wisdom, the idea of living in unison with nature and the innocence of the main character There is an ongoing love story here but it is only part of the big picture and never takes over the story of the tribe.Oriah s growth is also not so much in terms of her powers as a Queen but as a person and inner growth and wisdom The change of perspectives in the book is one of my favourite aspects as it allows insight into all characters equally Seal keeps the focus always on Oriah to make sure it does not alienate readers from the main character.

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    Great Native American Folklore Author Sheryl Seal has a poetic way of writing which is sincere and unique The second book in the series of The Dwellers of Ahwahnee has many amazingly thoughtful passages The grandmother and grandfather of Oria often give advice to the young queen The wisdom is of the old days and they are both considered wise elders of the tribe Wonderfully written and very creative, this book is a great book for young readers Sheryl Seal has tastefully written a coming of age story that is full of adventure and spiritual learning I was gifted this copy and can t wait for the third book in the series

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    Inspiring Native American Folklore I loved the second book in the series The Dwellers of Ahwahnee The author gives us a chance to know each one of her characters as they take on their own voices and perceptions of the events as they unfold Very well done and kudos for an interesting read Our queen Oria is sure of herself as she leads her tribe into the village of lost souls where new revelations are revealed about her past This is all tied into part two of the book where the evil Ale is back and causing destruction like the world has ever known Oria and Grey Wolf find each other again only to have tragedy strike once .On the edge I was left wanting of this Native American book that is inspiring and full of folklore and action I cannot wait to read book 3 to see what happens next

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    Inspiring Native American Folklore A Wonderful second book in the series of The Dwellers of Ahwahnee There are many spritual passages given by the elders of the tribe in this book The grandmother and grandfather are the elders here in the village and help with the young queen to find her path as she leads her tribe to rid the world of the evil Ale.The author is imaginative as we get to know the characters individually and how they perceive their queen This is a great book for young adult readers A coming of age story that is full of adventure and spiritual learning I was gifted this copy and can t wait for the third book in the series

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    I had to continue with this series after reading book one A Wonderful second book in the series of The Dwellers of Ahwahnee I admire the author dedication for writing an incredible story and has a poetic way of writing which is sincere and unique This story grabs my attention from the very start of the book and couldn t put it aside till I finish it The author gives us a chance to know each one of her characters It was a wonderful read From me, I will definitely rate this book and the author s hard efforts a 5 STAR I highly recommend this book to everyone.

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    Fantastic 5 It encapsulates everything Wonderful, delicate, stimulating and a real page turner Beyond Oria Falls by Sheryl Seal is the second novel and much better than the first which, was a super read.Such a lovely spiritual element to Seal s writing highly recommended to all ages.The writer touches the heart and reaches to the light fantastic 5

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    Beyond Oria falls is the second book of the Dwellers of Ahwahnee series.I left Oria in the first book and now I find her a bit grown up and mature I may say, with a smile on my face, that also Mrs Seal looks mature in her writing, and that enhances even her sensibility and empathy that make her descriptions so vibrant and lively.The very first part of the book left me a bit dizzy because of the POV s changes After getting used to it, however, I found this technique pretty appropriate due to the number of new and important characters I would never get familiar to all of them if it wasn t for this POV change.Kudos to the author also for the great use of the flashbacks she managed to picture them through the time travels trick Brilliant.Plot speaking, the Ala strikes back, and so Oria s troubles Unfortunately, Ala is not the only trouble for Oria, as she has still to deal with her soul mate s chasing.Again, like the first book, the message arrived sound and safe you can be the most rich and almighty person in the world, but you won t be anybody if there s no one on your side wiling to help you out in the time of needs Although Oria is the most powerful Golden Queen ever existed, she still needs the support of all her family and friends to trying to defeat the bad guys No matter how magical a world could be, the real magic are the persons who flank you And if you learn this message while reading a delightful story of fantastic dimension is even better.

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    After Beyond Bridalveil Fall I was ready for the next enchanting installment of Dwellers of Ahwahnee Beyond Oria Falls by Sheryl Seal did not disappoint While this magical story is populated by shape shifters, fairies and spirits set in fantastical realms, the plot is dramatic and full of action as Oria, the Golden Queen of the Ahwahneechee, continues the battle with the Ala The author does a wonderful job of weaving the story and painting realistic and creative scenes that make the reader feel part of the story and that s no easy trick for fantasy Read Beyond Bridalveil Fall first and then enjoy Beyond Oria Falls, you ll have a great time.I received this copy in order to write an honest review and would have gladly paid.

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    Beyond Oria Falls is the second book in this enchanting series.It continues the story of Oria who, in the first tale discovered the truth behind her people s heritage.Again this is a magical tale which develops the characters met in the previous book as well as introducing Oria s parents who she believed were dead to her.Once Oria has to draw on the help of her friends, grandparents and magical powers to battle against the formidable strength of the evil spirit, Ala.The description builds a vivid image of nature which works so closely with the spirit world of these native Americans.It is impossible for the reader not to be swept along by the emotion and magic of this tale.

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    The tense adventure of Oria in Beyond Bridalveil Fall continues in this amazing sequel The enemy has been chased out but Oria and her friends suddenly realized it wasn t over What happens next Follow Oria and her friends into the land of lost souls where surprises are awaiting her A mind blowing story of uncertain love, fear of failure, and the courage of the determined Sheryl Seal has done it again Looking forward to works by this new favourite Highly recommended

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