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    When the New England Patriot s Kinjo Heywood s son goes missing, Spenser is on the case But who took him Is it someone looking to squeeze a star football player out of some of his millions or is it someone with ties to Kinjo s past Can Spenser, Hawk, and Z get Kinjo s son back in one piece I got this book via Goodread s Firstreads program I ve never been one of those guys that thinks Spenser is the best thing since fresh sliced Phillip Marlowe so it wasn t a big deal for me when the Parker estate tapped Ace Atkins to take over Lucky for me and the Parker estate, Atkins has the skills that pay the bills.Cheap Shot reads like a long lost early Spenser There s little talk of Spenser s man code and Spenser and Susan Silverman aren t nauseating everyone with all their relationship garbage This is Spenser, Hawk, and their protege Zebulon Sixkill stirring up shit until the pot boils over.Spenser s cases work best for me when his employer isn t squeaky clean and Kinjo Heywood fits the bill He s a football player with some possible anger management issues and some skeletons in his closet Complicating matters is his first wife, a strong woman who wants nothing but to get their son back.Atkin s writing isn t a carbon copy of Parkers but it doesn t seem out of place either He hits all the Parker hallmarks slick dialog, descriptions of what people are wearing and eating, and Spenser and Hawk eventually getting into a confrontation with the bad guys Spenser and Hawk rang true to form for me and felt pretty fresh.The case had a lot of wrinkles I was in the dark for quite a lot of the book I figured out a couple pieces of how the ending was going to go but some of it still caught me napping There was a plot twist at the 75% mark that surprised the crap out of me The addition of Zebulon Sixkill to the supporting cast makes me want to backtrack and read of the Spensers I ve yet to read.Cheap Shot was a really good read and I, for one, have no problem with Ace Atkins continuing the series as long as he wants Four out of five stars.

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    Considering the image conscious nature of the National Football League and the recent legal problems of a certain former member of the New England Patriots, I was than a little shocked that Ace Atkins was able to use the actual team name as well as reference real people like Tom Brady and Bill Belichick for a story that involves a talented but trouble prone player I would be willing to bet that than a few lawyers from the NFL, the Patriots and the publisher got to bill some hours while they worked out some kind of arrangement.Spenser goes to work for Kinjo Heywood, a star linebacker for the Pats Kinjo has been in the news for all the wrong reasons, but he claims that men have been following and harassing him Spenser thinks this may be linked to a night club shooting that Kinjo was investigated as being part of, but he was eventually cleared by the police Things take a darker turn when Kinjo s young son Akira is kidnapped and no ransom demand is immediately made.I ve said it before, but it s worth repeating that Ace Atkins has turned out to be an excellent choice to carry on with the Spenser series after the death of Robert B Parker Atkins has brought a new energy and edginess to a series that had gotten pretty formulaic and stale, but it s all been done in subtle ways that still respect the elements fans love about the character.Spenser is still the same smart mouthed tough guy with a code who can cook a delicious dinner from scratch while enjoying a couple of beers, but Atkins has modernized him a bit like when Spenser notes that an hour of computer research gets him than running around all day used to He even uses a GPS tracker to tail a suspect at one point although he still thinks of it as cheating There are also some jokes about Star Wars, hobbits and Twitter that make Spenser seem up to date than he had in RBP s later books although he still retains his old school nature.The supporting characters are also feeling lively and engaged these days Hawk is a bit rougher around the edges and a little meaner than he had been in the later books so that he feels like a different person, not just another version of Spenser Z, the prot g Spenser took on in RBP s final book, is fast turning into one of my favorite parts of the series, and even Susan Silverman is a lot likeable now She even gets one of the best Hell, yeah moments of the entire book.Kinjo is also an interesting twist on the old RBP standard of having Spenser s clients usually turn out to be terrible people It would have been really easy to play him as just the kind of stereotypical famous bad boy athlete that is all over ESPN these days However, Atkins A former college player at Auburn who was once on the cover of Sports Illustrated does a great job of making Kinjo a real and sympathetic person, not just a clich He s actually a decent guy who loves his son deeply and brings a level of dedication and talent to the game that Spenser can respect, but he s still got some of the ego and flaws that come to many people who achieve fame and fortune.Another factor I like about how Atkins is a bit different from RBP is that he s leaving some loose ends and subplots unresolved which I assume will come into play later These are still self contained and satisfying stories but leaving a few things simmering on the back burner adds a little tension and anticipation as to what we might get in the future.The idea of a writer being hired to continue the work of someone who passed away can be a touchy one, and in a lot of cases, probably not a good thing However, with three remarkably solid and entertaining books now done by Ace Atkins, I m certain that they couldn t have found anyone better to carry on with the Spenser adventures, and I m already looking forward to the next one.Next Up Spenser gets a free sandwich in Kickback.Also posted on Kemper s Book Blog.

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    This is the third book in Robert B Parker s Spenser series since Ace Atkins took over the franchise, and each of the entries continues to demonstrate the wisdom of the Parker family in turning to Atkins He s definitely breathed new life into a series that needed it, while maintaining an allegiance to the characters and to the world that Parker created.In this outing, Spenser is hired by Kinjo Heywood, a ferocious linebacker for the New England Patriots Someone s been following Heywood he assumes they re not adoring fans, and he wants Spenser to discourage them This certainly wouldn t appear to be a major problem for a guy like Spenser, but the game changes dramatically when Heywood s young son, Akira, is kidnapped.Heywood is devoted to the child and devastated by the fact that someone has taken him The cops and the F.B.I are on the job, but Heywood wants Spenser involved as well Of course Spenser has his own ways of dealing with a situation like this, and he recruits Hawk and Zebulon Sixkill to assist.The result is another tale with just the right balance of dark humor, violence, thrills and chills It s always a lot of fun to watch Spenser dealing with a situation like this, and Atkins has created another solid plot for Spencer and the reader to immerse themselves in much so than some of the ones crafted in the last few books written by Mr Parker himself Clearly Spenser and his legions of fans are in very good hands.

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    The forty first Spenser detective novel, the third from beyond the grave and I ve read them all Hard to believe that Robert B Parker and now, Ace Atkins, would be the authors I ve read the most It seems one would prefer the honor to go to, say, Dostoyevsky or Jane Austen or some modern writer, Evelyn Waugh or Ernest Hemingway Three things occur to me one, there is a certain mental satisfaction in reading the detective novel two, one can read a well rendered example in a single shot three, I realize I ve been reading the Spenser series since the late 1980sCheap Shot is a well constructed story that throws Spenser into the high stakes world of the NFL It gives the Spenser fan plenty of the things that we read the novels for snappy dialogue, witty banter, the backdrop of Boston and environs, criminals, generally stupid, sudden violence when necessary and the cast of characters that populate the Spenser universe I think Atkins is getting comfortable in writing this series and this reminds me that I must sample Atkins s own novels sometime soon.

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    I honestly admit not being a big fan of Robert B Parkers Spenser books, while some of them are really good other ones are to much talk and too little content I came to Parker because of Jessie Stone, and did read some Spenser because of that Spenser was too much involved with his everlasting girlfriend Susan and their banter while amusing often took over the tale instead of enhancing it.Parker died but Spenser did not and his return in this continuation novel was kind of a curiosity for me Like Brandman with Jessie Stone I was kind of curious as continuation novel is a difficult thing to do well.An NFL defender gets threatened and reacts not well which causes him to get into trouble with the officials of his club and NFL Enter Spenser to sort out any trouble The trouble really starts with the abduction of the players son and then Spenser who seems to be unwelcome by all parties except for the NFL player himself still does not back down He looks into a significant event in the players live which does seem to play a bigger role than one would think We also see Spenser and friends enter the underworld of Boston looking for a kid With the brilliantly written Hawk, or the Hawk as he kinda like and former Cree football start Sixkill Z for short at his back this detecting novel becomes a pleasurable read that is finished rather quickly.While Robert B Parker might be dead his literary creations seem to be very alive and kicking And if they can keep up the standard it is well worth the time to keep reading.

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    Every book is better than the last, but Ace Atkins still doesn t have it right The story is good, but not great Spenser exhibits physical and behavioral issues he s never had before Hawk uses the word Babe times in this book than in the collected series the RBP wrote channeling Avery Brooks s interpretation of Hawk, not the literary character Susan too is on than one occasion out of character In fact, of the recurring characters, only Quirk, Belson and Pearl feel anywhere near correct On another forum I said that Atkins interpretation of Spenser and crew was like the DC Earth 2 versions of Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman Close, but not quite right.

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    The worst Ace Atkins Parker novel for sure Reading this was like plodding through War and Peacefor all the negative reasons It makes me think Atkins was using Parker s style of writingwrite the story, not sure where it will go or who dunnit until you get there The only problem is that the logical place where the book would turn towards its conclusionit kept going, and going, and going I think Atkins might have been paid per character as he kept introducing new and returning characters up until the final chapters, where finally he introduced us to one of the criminals As a person who has read all of Robert B Parker s books, and the posthumously written ones, by other authors this one seemed to be about one quarter too long If like me, you are a fan, and just HAVE to keep reading the series, then do, and form your own opinion If you want to be introduced to Spenser, Hawk, Z, and do not start here you probably wont want to pick up another.

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    Close, but not quite Atkins had the tone right for pages, even chapters, at a time I d be reading along quite happily for a time and then a character would say or do something that would remind me that this book was not, in fact, written by the late lamented Parker Susan, for example I ve had my issues with her she often annoyed me But even at her most annoying she was never vulgar As I remarked elsewhere I just didn t find it in character for her to drop the F bomb or threaten to kick someone s ass I m not offended by the language I think it worked well for the FBI agent and even for Kinjo Even so, I ll read the next book if Atkins writes one Even not quite Spenser is better than no Spenser And I think Atkins has done better than the author who took on Jesse Stone Those books aren t even close to the real thing, in my opinion.

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    Never thought I would say this, but Ace Atkins IS the new Robert B Parker And thank goodness, because the very enjoyable Spenser series has survived Parker s sad passing in 2010 In fact, the books are better than ever This latest installment has all the colorful dialog witty and irreverent that characterized Parker s writing It features a clever plot, written against the backdrop of professional football and the fair city of Boston CHEAP SHOT will not be confused with fine literature It is, however, superb entertainment.

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    Got half way through and was too bored to finish it.

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Robert B. Parkers Cheap Shot (Spenser, #42) summary pdf Robert B. Parkers Cheap Shot (Spenser, #42) , summary chapter 2 Robert B. Parkers Cheap Shot (Spenser, #42) , sparknotes Robert B. Parkers Cheap Shot (Spenser, #42) , Robert B. Parkers Cheap Shot (Spenser, #42) 2c1b882 The Iconic, Tough But Tender Boston PI Spenser Returns In An Outstanding New Addition To The New York Times Bestselling Series From Author Ace Atkins Kinjo Heywood Is One Of The New England Patriots Marquee Players A Hard Nosed Linebacker Who S Earned His Reputation As One Of The Toughest Guys In The League When Off Field Violence Repeatedly Lands Heywood In The News, His Slick Agent Hires Spenser To Find The Men Who He Says Have Been Harassing His Client Heywood S Troubles Seem To Be Tied To A Nightclub Shooting From Two Years Earlier But When Heywood S Nine Year Old Son, Akira, Is Kidnapped, Ransom Demands Are Given, And A Winding Trail Through Boston S Underworld Begins, Spenser Puts Together His Own All Star Team Of Toughs It Will Take Both Hawk And Spenser S Prot G , Zebulon Sixkill, To Watch Spenser S Back And Return The Child To The Football Star S Sprawling Chestnut Hill Mansion A Controversial Decision From Heywood Only Ups The Ante As The Clock Winds Down On Akira S Future

  • Hardcover
  • 308 pages
  • Robert B. Parkers Cheap Shot (Spenser, #42)
  • Ace Atkins
  • English
  • 26 August 2019
  • 9780399161582

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