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    I really loved this book the passion Lucy has for Chance is really beautiful Recommend giving it a read.

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    I enjoyed this YA story Sure, the plot is a little predictable but it still gets the job done If you love horses, it ll be easy to put yourself in Lucy s shoes and you ll want the horse saved The author captured the emotions that come with it the horse s fear of humans and enclosures, the MC s thrill of slowly overriding them, the doubts of the outcome and the worries for the horse s future to name just a few In addition, there s the young cowboy who wants to help both Lucy and Chance and the ones who may get in their way A light and quick read that I would recommend for all family members from middle grade to their grandparents and beyond who share their love of horses.

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    Loved this book Read it all in one sitting as I couldn t put it down From the first few pages I was sixteen again, reliving those wonderful days when my whole world revolved around horses Great pace, great characters, and plenty of fun plot twists to keep the story moving Can t wait for the next book in the series

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    Fun read with a likeable protagonist and supporting cast I appreciated that the antagonist was not all bad as characters in novels so often can be A good page turner and enjoyable read that I have added to my list of recommended horsy books.

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    This is a perfect YA equestrian series which I really enjoyed Well written, with a good pace and likeable main characters This is the exact kind of book I loved to read when I was a teenager The setting was beautiful and vividly described The author built the connection with Lucy and the horse she saves Chance, in a lovely way, making a lively story and a page turner Generally these books have a mean girl which in this case was Taylor There were a few surprises in the book with Taylor which kept it interesting and I am interested to see where that dynamic goes in the future The book is feel good and sweet, and I definitely recommend for teenagers or nostalgic horsey adults.

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    I really enjoyed this book It was a little bit choppy in some places, but it was definitely a really fun summer read.Lucy gets summer job at Red Rock Ranch She meets Casey, a handsome and kind cowboy Unfortunately, Taylor Johnson, rich and talented, has her claws in him When a wild horse comes out of nowhere, Lucy makes it her mission to whip him up into a ranch horse Lucy and Casey were pretty sweet characters Both were hard workers and great people Both are determined to save the black horse Unfortunately I had a bit of a problem with Taylor for most of the book Taylor is a talented rider who is very competitive She s really possessive of Casey and is just cruel to Lucy for no reason I really didn t see the reasoning behind her behaviour in this book I actually grew to like Taylor in the second book, but that s another story I wish that we were given a little insight into Taylor a little earlier in the book We do get to explore her character a little later on in the book, but I would prefer to do this a little earlier on In my experience, usually mean people have a reason for the way that they behave Very rarely do you find someone who is truly cruel to others for no reason and then there are chronically stupid self centred people, but those people are a different story Despite Taylor s bad attitude, I found that I couldn t really hate her Joy does a good job of introducing a little depth in her later on, and her relationship with her horse Star is really lovely.I really enjoyed the horse content in the book There is definitely some jargon used in this book, so it might be a bit challenging for non horsey people to read, but it s definitely not impossible Each horse had their own personality and Lucy s relationship with the black horse was nice There are definitely ups and downs but I think that it was rather realistic.I loved the atmosphere of the ranch, but wish that there was a little description about some of the guests you can meet some very colourful people working with the public I can tell that Joy has spent time on ranches in real life.The climax of the book was really exciting I was glued to the page I think that this part was nicely written and fun to read about.The ending of the book was a little bit abrupt and I did spot a few minor typos I think that those things can be worked out with a little editing All in all, I enjoyed Lucy s Chance quite a lot I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is looking for a good, middle grade horse book.3.5 5 stars haha, I waffled between 3.5 and 4 stars for this but decided on 3.5 in the end, but rounded it up to 4 in Goodreads Hmm, I guess Taylor just frustrated me at times A copy was provided free of charge by the author in exchange for an honest review

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    Find this review and at PopCrunchBoom Final Grade B Read Why below This read was a true summer beach book It s a quick read about a sixteen year old girl finding her confidence and strengths Lucy is a lover of horses and excited to be at the ranch for the summer working as a stable hand In the beginning she s trying to find her place among the people at the ranch feeling a little alone and homesick Until one day while out on a trail ride and a mysterious and dangerous horse appears Casey is able to rope him down the mountain to the ranch where Lucy finds a connection with the black horse After a few days she begins to gain his trust and Lucy finds a kindred soul.I really enjoyed seeing Lucy s struggle to gain the horse s trust and eventually have him riding in a race Lucy s growth as a character came out really well as she worked with the black horse she perfectly named Chance The novel seemed to focus on Lucy and Chance then it really did with Lucy and Casey.With Lucy and Casey s romance it was a little unclear at some parts It really seemed like a one sided affair from Lucy until close to the end I never really saw any hints from Casey that he liked her It was mostly him being nice to her and helping her out with Chance The novel was written in first person so this could be a reason why Casey s interest in Lucy as than a friend didn t come out as clear to the reader.The only real problems I had with the novel were the ending and my overall interest First, with the ending I felt it was cut very abruptly I didn t find that the story actually closed It was like oh wait it ended I had no idea the story was over until when I went to swipe to the next page nothing appeared I was a little confused on why Joy would end the novel right at that moment It seemed like something else needed to be said or shown to the reader.Secondly, my overall interest in the novel was weak Although it was a cute read, it isn t one I d see myself rereading I enjoyed the challenging horse story line with a little romance thrown in, but it just didn t hold my interest in it to leave me wanting to revisit the story It might be that the story just wasn t in my current genre or maybe that I ve outgrown this type of story line Either way it was a nice read that I would recommend to others It just wasn t a comeback read for me.

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    I have not had the chance to read many western themed pony books so I took the opportunity to provide an honest review in exchange for a digital copy of the book.Lucy s Chance features the staples of modern YA equestrian fiction a summer job with horses, a potential romance, an antagonist who is the complete opposite to the protagonist, and a horse in need of a chance.The story follows Lucy and Chance as their relationship evolves While everyone else labels Chance crazy, Lucy is determined to give him a chance and show the ranch owner he can become a ranch horse Unfortunately, there are a few obstacles in Lucy s way in order to achieve her end goal I found the pace of the story flowed easily throughout the events of the book as it takes place over a month, with the climax picking up appropriately towards the resolution.As with most YA equestrian books, the story contains elements of reality mixed with teenage fantasy The author ensures readers are aware of the hard work involved with being a stable hand at a ranch, but does not dwell on it by keeping the story moving and integrating the daily chores with Chance s progress However, the quickness Lucy manages to help Chance overcome his fears and become ready to enter The Three Rivers Cowboy Race definitely belongs in books, not real life The antagonist, Taylor, acts as an additional source of conflict as Lucy endeavours to secure Chance s future The potential romance between Lucy and Casey was lightly touched upon and thankfully did not dominant the story as I preferred to read about Lucy and Chance s relationship.The opening scene had vivid imagery and a laugh out loud situation unless it happens to you, then you probably would react the same way Lucy did I found some of the earlier scenes in the book were a bit heavy with adverbs adjectives, and in particular the speech tags could probably be toned down a bit, but the story is aimed at a younger audience than myself so they probably won t be bothered by the descriptions.Disclaimer I was provided a digital copy of this book by the author in exchange for an honest review.

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    3.5 stars I received this book via Goodread First Reads This in no way affects my opinion.This book was a fun summer kind of read It s happy, a bit predictable, with cute romance and horses I liked Lucy a lot She was a relatable character even thought I couldn t relate to some of her life experiences, her emotions were spot on For example, her boy troubles with Chase I m sure a lot of girls will be able to relate to that.Chance was a very interesting horse I liked him, but at the same time, his storyline was a bit stereotypical I knew what the outcome of the book would be before it came It wasn t anything too new, though it was still enjoyable.Taylor and Chase were okay secondary characters I did like reading about them, but I felt that they were a bit stereotypical Taylor was the mean girl we see so much of in YA stories I thought that later, she got of a personality beyond that, but it did start off that way Chase was less of a cliche, but at times I felt he was a bit of the hot country boy character The author fleshed them out enough that it wasn t a big annoyance as it normally would have been for me, though.In spite of the predictablity, I still was turning page after page, and I think that says something Even though I knew everything would turn out all right, I was still a little bit worried The author managed to make everything very fun and exciting, despite the fact that the plot was a bit recycled I would recommend this Red Rock Ranch Lucy s Choice is a very fun story, and even though I had some problems with it, I still liked it a lot Tween girls would probably like this book the most Pre read Thoughts Not Part of Review I received this book via Goodreads First Reads and I can t wait to read it Thanks very much to everyone who made this giveaway possible

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    This is a wonderful, clean book for anyone crazy about horses and the bond between horse and rider.From the back cover Sixteen year old Lucy Rose is spending her first summer away from home and she has two things on her mind an abandoned, violent horse and a blue eyed cowboy Only neither is hers Lucy has never attracted much attention from boys, but she can t seem to ignore her blue eyed co worker, Casey Parker A true cowboy, Lucy becomes enthralled by his gentle way with the horses at the Red Rock Ranch However, she is very aware that Taylor Johnson, rodeo queen extraordinaire, already has her spurs in him And, there s no crossing Taylor Not until a mysterious horse appears on the ranch and pushes Lucy and Casey together The two are willing to do anything to save the black gelding that doesn t want a thing to do with them or the human race But, every step forward with the broken animal makes Lucy fall harder for him and for Casey.When I started this book, I didn t realize is was appropriate for teenagers, but the cute, courageous, and witty characters kept me turning the pages I enjoyed it, in spite of the fact it was a book I would have read many, many years ago What I loved The characters and the beautiful relationships between horse and rider.What I didn t like The plot was a little simple, and definitely predictable, but I enjoyed the story anyway I would recommend it as an easy and fun read to anyone who loves horses and ranch living.

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Red Rock Ranch summary pdf Red Rock Ranch, summary chapter 2 Red Rock Ranch, sparknotes Red Rock Ranch, Red Rock Ranch c6a43c6 Sixteen Year Old Lucy Rose Is Spending Her First Summer Away From Home And She Has Two Things On Her Mind An Abandoned, Violent Horse And A Blue Eyed Cowboy Only Neither Is Hers Lucy Has Never Attracted Much Attention From Boys, But She Can T Seem To Ignore Her Blue Eyed Co Worker, Casey Parker A True Cowboy, Lucy Becomes Enthralled By His Gentle Way With The Horses At The Red Rock Ranch However, She Is Very Aware That Taylor Johnson, Rodeo Queen Extraordinaire And Blonde Bombshell, Already Has Her Spurs In Him And, There S No Crossing Taylor Not Until A Mysterious Horse Appears On The Ranch And Pushes Lucy And Casey Together The Two Are Willing To Do Anything To Save The Black Gelding That Doesn T Want A Thing To Do With Them Or The Human Race But, Every Step Forward With The Once Broken Animal Makes Lucy Fall Harder For Him And For Casey

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