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    Rock Star Dream Weaver, 2 by Su Williams is a great follow up to Dream Weaver Manipulation of memories and dreams is a really fascinating concept and Williams knows how to make it interesting In this book Emari Sweet lives the life or dream of a popular rock star on tour, with bouncers, a stalker and with some very odd dreams on top of it.Just as sophisticated and clever as the first instalment of the series the book understands to work the idea and weave what appears various sets of realities and dreams.Emari is a great character with strength and confidence but also some weakness, her life as rock star is quite convincingly portrayed and the dark paranormal aspects of the story unfold nicely throughout the book.Very clever and very enjoyable.

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    4.5 Once again, the story was great, and this one was even a little easier to read than Dream Weaver in terms of both language and subject matter Plot As the description says, at the first of this book, Emari is a rock star courtesy of Sabre s new weave She does quickly does come back to the real world, where she remembers that Nick left her and erased all memories of himself While she is able to forgive that, she realizes that he is still keeping a secret from her and it s a doozy , and his inability to open up creates distance between the two At the same time, Emari remembers some things about Sabre that he accidentally leaked during the weave Understanding why Sabre is the way he is allows the two to grow closer Regardless of how Emari, Nick and Sabre feel about each other, they will all have to join forces to face Thomas who is totally wreaking havoc on Nick s mind and William, Sabre s former best friend Williams has come for revenge because he believes that Sabre killed his sister.Characters Aside from the Nick having left her, Emari s spirits are much higher in Rock Star In addition to seeing her live out one of her fantasies during the weave, we also get to see the progression of Emari s gifts, and we come to realize just how special she really is Emari still has a hard time trusting Nick, and because of his betrayal, she sometimes over reacts to things he says or does Nick love him than ever doesn t do anything to alleviate the tension between Emari and him He s pretty overprotective, which bothers Emari, who is trying to learn about what she can do He s also thinking really evil thoughts We as readers know that Thomas is totally screwing with Nick s mind via his nightmares, and we think that once he tells Emari, everything will be okay Unfortunately, when that happens, we find out that wasn t the only secret he d been keeping Sabre and Ivy return Sabre is admittedly an ass, but I find him hilarious, and once we find out about his past, we understand his assiness even We also find out some major information about Ivy In presenting the information, Williams again shows that she is great at handling difficult subject matters with incredible grace We did get to see Eddyson, who is growing like a weed, but we saw very little of Jesse I kind of liked him, especially after he realized he was relegated to the friend zone.In terms of villains, Thomas returns, and his actions reassure us that he is pure evil and there will be no redemption for him We don t find out too much about Sabre s frenemy Will until the end of the book, but throughout, I was kind of hoping he and Sabre would reach an understanding Writing There were a few grammatical errors in Rock Star than there were in Dream Weaver, but none so blatant that they totally distracted from the story As I mentioned, Rock Star is much easier to read because the language is straightforward Williams really focuses on action over setting in this one The other big difference is the language While Dream Weaver might not have been appropriate for younger readers because of its intense subject matter which is referred to occasionally , there s quite a bit of swearing going on in Rock Star Having rarely met a cuss word I didn t like, it didn t bother me, but some people might find it offensive.The Bottom Line Dream Weaver was good, but Rock Star is excellent It s compelling and entertaining and makes for a really quick read Apparently I overlooked it in the other reviews, so I m going to go ahead and issue a warning This book has a HUGE cliffhanger Alas, we don t get to find out what happens until later this summer Can t wait

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    Rock Star which I won from Goodreads Giveaways is the second novel in the Dream Weaver series and begins with Emari Sweet s life as a member of the rock group Cuimhnigh , a name that means remember But Emi doesn t remember the fine line that separates reality and a memory created by Sabre James Not even the magnetic power of a pair of hypnotic blue eyes can detract her from the glamour of being a rock star But when the two realities clash and her fantasy life dissolves, Emi s swept back to her dog Eddyson, her security system, Pinky her stun gun and the world of the Caphars an ancient race of immortals with the power to control memories and dreams.While struggling with her love for Nick Benedetti, the immortal who left her, and furious with Sabre for immersing her in the reality of a dream to submerge her pain, Emi suddenly finds herself on a journey that will bring death, immortality, confrontation with the Rephaim, and a bitter truth.The well written plot which blends Emari and Sabre s perceptions progresses slowly, heating up near the end and climaxing in a cliff hanger that begs for a third book At times I lost the direction and flow of the narrative as threads of the story seem to swing abruptly But with the ending came a sense of continuity which added to my enjoyment of the novel Beautifully descriptive the narrative evokes sequences in the paranormal dream world that can be dark, emotional, and alluring But it s the characters that lend power and passion to the storyline.With subtle dexterity Su Williams has developed core characters with unique and complex personalities Emari Sweet, haunted by the loss of her parents and plagued by frightening nightmares is anchored to reality by her love for her aegis Nick She s persistent, tough and highly suspicious but as the story progresses radiates courage and self confidence The secretive Nick Benedetti is calm under stress, patient, kind and loving, willing to sacrifice his life for Emi But, if their love is to survive, their relationship must be built on integrity and trust,and the truth Sabre James is compulsive, arrogant and unconscionable in his need to seek truth no matter the cost Considered a cold, hard, pompous stuffed shirt there are incidences when he exposes a caring and empathetic nature Even the minor characters are fascinating like the uncanny and perceptive beagle Eddyson and the energetic and loyal Ivy But it is the heartless cruelty of the vengeful Wraith Thomas that brings a chill to the story All these characters build on the power and intensity of the riveting plot.I thoroughly enjoyed Rock Star and intend to not only read the first novel , but look for the third in this up and coming author s series.

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    Copy received through a Goodreads First Reads Giveaway NOTE Need to get my hands on the first oneAwesome author is awesome.8 25 143.5 STARS I quite enjoyed this book, maybe than the first one I m not quite sure I actually had the same issues with this book that I did with the first one I also enjoyed the same things I did in the first book Su Williams has a very unique way of writing that is both surreal and beautiful at the same time I m really not sure how to continue this review because everything said about Dream Weaver still rings true with Rock Star view spoiler I only have one complaint, I strongly disliked the beginning of the book I understood its purpose though However, the fallout felt too minor and short for such a huge violation of a human s rights The beginning was really slow and kind of annoying, but it really picked up after the um result of drifting I will say though, Halestorm is one of my favorite bands, and I absolutely adore Lizzie hide spoiler

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    Rock Star by Su Williams is the second in the Dream Weaver trilogy, and I really enjoyed reading it Well, devouring is probably a apt description I finished this book in two nights after the kids were asleep It is definitely a page turner.Suddenly our fairly meek and tormented main character, Emari, is on tour as the lead singer of a rock band Despite the name of the book I did not see that plot twist coming Last we read, she had somehow stumbled upon a place she had been reprogrammed to forget But not to worry, the answers are there to be had.Readers of this next installment of the Dream Weaver series are in for a treat I m looking forward to the third and final chapter of Emari s story Just not tonight Well, maybe just a chapter or twohttp www. ROCK STAR Weave

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    Rock Star by Su Williams This is the second installment in the Dream Weaver series In this book Emari continues on her adventures with the Dream Weavers The situations in the book are quite entertaining and well written Emari struggles to understand her new placement in the universe with the help of the Dream Weavers Williams has done a great job of endearing Emari to the readers Since the first book Dream Weavers has come out, Emari has an audience and a bunch of followers There are rumors that there will be a third installment in this series Emari is quite busy with her new life and Williams has done a fabulous job of winding the readers into the story The author asked me to read this book for an honest review I would have to give this book a 5 out of 5 star rating I can t wait until the third book comes out

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    Rock Star Dream Weaver2By Su Williams Reviewed by Jedi Christy I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads We pick up not long after the end of Dram Weaver Em has her own life Never to remember the love of a lifetime in the arms of Dream Weaver Nick or is it This story starts off very intense and while there is moments of the mundane, there are plenty of action scene as well I do like the fact that this brings of the Dream Weaver history into focus as well as why the baddie from book 1 was the baddie There were quite a few surprise in the book as well I will say I want an Eddyson of my own I totally enjoyed the book and look forward to part 3.

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    What I first noticed and thought was interesting was that the chapter title were song titles A really well written book with an intriguing storyline The characterization is really strong The story draws you in and keeps your interest Emari lives out her dream of being a rock star through a memory weave constructed by a dream weaver but she is haunted by dreams of a different life I think it might be fun to live a fantasy life but then reality would eventually come crashing in His voice speaks things he would never say He hurts me He takes me A really good follow up to the first book 4 stars Review by Kami Bryant of www.FaeBooks.co.uk

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    Love the Dream Weaver books this is an unique, well written paranormal series I was so confused at the beginning of this book as you are meant to be and I was starting to get mad when Eddyson wasn t mentioned at all don t worry he s still in the book Anyways read on it will make sense lol

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    thanks to goodreads for the review copyi quite enjoyed this book which is aimed at teen adults it weaves together dreams and realities well, including some darker paranormal aspects for a teen adult book this is some clever and well written stuff, recommended

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Rock Star (Dream Weaver, #2) download Rock Star (Dream Weaver, #2) , read online Rock Star (Dream Weaver, #2) , kindle ebook Rock Star (Dream Weaver, #2) , Rock Star (Dream Weaver, #2) 4466c299ed87 Emari Sweet S Story Continues In This Second Book In The Dream Weaver Novels Series Friendship, Like The Immortality Of The Soul, Is Too Good To Be Believed Ralph Waldo EmersonHave You Ever Dreamed Of Being A Rock Star Emari Sweet Hasand Now She S Living The Dreamthe Life Of A Rock Star In An Elaborate Memory Weave Constructed By Dream Weaver, Sabre James But Her Rock Star World Crashes Around Her And She Returns To Reality And The Memories Of Nick And His Betrayal Now, Nick Seems To Be Hiding Something Dark And Painful That Torments His Soul Thomas, The Nightmare Wraith, Returns To Haunt Their Minds And Twist Their Dreams Even Eddyson, Em S Trusty Teddy Beagle Pup Can Sense The Wraith S Presence But Thomas Is Not Alone He S Brought A Friend With Him This TimeEmari Faces Her Own Mortality At The Hands Of Sabre S Longtime Nemesis Bent On Vengeance For The Death Of His Beloved Sister Immortality And Magic Unearth Treasures And Secrets That Some Would Rather Keep Buried And The Biggest Secret Of All Could Destroy EverythingA Lot Can Happen To A Girl In A Year She Can Survive, And Wonder Why She Can Lose Her Innocence, And Find Her Way She Can Fall In Love, And Be Afraid And On A Cold, Dark Night, At The Hands Of Friend She Can Die