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    Disclaimer I received this book free of charge from the Goodreads giveaways page.A rape crisis counselor works tirelessly to not only help the victims, but to educate the general public about sexual violence A heart wrenching book that brought me to tears than once and, yet, a book that I would highly recommend that everyone finds the time to read.

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    I guess someone has to be the odd man out in reviews so it might as well be me I did not enjoy this There I said it Now before everyone goes on a You re an asshole and you just don t understand posting spree let me explain why First off, I respect the author and the work he has done He is an amazing person who does what very few people can do or want to do In fact the world could use several hundred people like him Maybe if people were like him we could maybe educate people on sexual violence and have the number of people affected come down That would be awesome.Second..I do understand, in fact probably than some of you would ever really know So don t try getting into a pissing contest with me about this because not only would you lose I could make the hair on the back of your neck stand up and give you nightmares for weeks That is all I m going to say about that.Third I was an RA back in college I was trained in what to do in these types of situations In addition my senior project dealt with violence of all kinds on college campuses Once again, nightmares for weeks and the hair standing up on the back of your neck.So why did I not enjoy this The simple reason is the repetition of the same information over and over again I wouldn t say the writing was atrocious, but honestly after the first 100 pages the author started losing me For the next 168 pages I found myself skipping whole paragraphs This is not the way to gain readers or to get a message out This would have been a much informative read if this was done so much differently Information in the front without repeating the same stuff over and over again and survivor stories afterwards with a much wider audience of participants.

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    To the Survivors One Man s Journey as a Rape Crisis Counselor with True Stories of Sexual Violence by rape crisis counselor Robert Uttaro is a book dedicated to all who have been affected by sexual violence, and a portion of the proceeds of which will be donated to rape crisis centers In it, Robert takes a searing but objective look at sexual violence through the lens of a counselor which he described as painful and fulfilling.Though the journey has been a difficult one, Robert insisted that his work has inspired him in many ways and the first hand knowledge of the suffering of the victims helped him to become a better listener, counselor and public speaker My heart has been broken and uplifted many times, but my spirit and faith have never left me I ve seen a lot of pain and heard a lot of horrible stories I have listened to some of the most disturbing things possible Reading To the Survivors by Robert Uttaro will open your eyes to the cruelty and inhumanity of the perpetrators of these crimes of sexual violence, and change your attitude not only toward the victims but also the criminals It will change your perception and help you realize what you once thought impossible is very much possible Disturbing, painful yet honest and insightful, the stories in the book are mostly tales stranger than fiction.

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    Tis book is eye opening for me I would say this book was also intense to some degree I think I learned a lot and the author seems to have a lot of knowledge on the subject I was taken back in a good way by this book I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review

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    When a woman is sexually harassed, her misery just doesn t end there Most of the times, it is followed by societal stigmatization of that woman She is often asked questions that are inconsiderate about her well being The police, the doctors and the judges are known to aggravate the agony The victims constantly come across remarks that are extremely humiliating and psychologically painful, they are usually the ones who have to hide, to remain anonymous, and the rapist roam freely This is what the book is based on It is basically Robert Uttaro s journey as a rape crisis counselor with true stories of sexual violence shared by survivors in their own words The stories are hard hitting and shows all that the survivors have to go through while seeking justice for themselves Reading these stories made me feel uneasy, angry, sad, and very hopeless at times Sexual violence is a difficult topic to think about and even harder to deal with And the way the survivors shared their story showed how strong they are.The book also talked about the men and boys who have been sexually assaulted Very little attention has been paid to such survivors in the media, and people find it hard to digest, but they may experience the same effects of sexual assault as other survivors They feel shame and self doubt, believing that they should have been strong enough to fight off the perpetrator.The book has some poems which are absolutely moving Robert has written the book with grace, compassion and clear eyed courage The book is poignant, enthralling and absolutely unputdownable.

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    I barely ever give out 5 star ratings to any book so needless to say that this book was one hell of an insightful read It s always encouraging to come across an inspirational book like this In To The Survivors the author discusses his experience as a rape crisis counselor and the real life stories of the survivors in their own words I don t want to give anything away about the author s remarkable journey or survivors experiences and their healing process, which is why I m simply going to recommend this with all of my heart to anyone and everyone I do admit that going through this is not going to be easy but once you do start reading, you will yourself out on an emotional and a spiritual journey As cheesy as that sounds your life will be changed.

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    To The Survivors has left a very profound impact on me To say I was affected deeply while and after reading it is an understatement There were moments when my eyes watered, and there were moments when I was filled with a sense of hope To The Survivors is not a story about a legal body nor does the author mention the real name of the institution he works with, lest it be perceived as a promotional document of some sort he s assigned it the fictional title of The Healing Place It is not a book that in any way preaches or tells you what to do Most importantly, it does not call anyone a victim Anyone who has suffered sexual assault is referred to as a survivor That in itself is an empowering thought Please read the rest of my review here

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    To the Survivors is the kind of book that allows people access to survivors intimate stories of experiencing sexual assault The stories shared in To the Survivors are remarkably earnest it his book illustrates both the damage that sexual abuse can cause and how survivors in this book have dealt with that trauma and worked toward healing The intensity of the book is tempered by positivity as it is far than just a collection of accounts of sexual violence survivors Anyone could benefit from reading this book, it is moving, brave, and captivating to read.

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    LOVE this book Every single person should read To the Survivors It is LIFE CHANGING in the best way Buy it for yourself and for family and friendsyou won t be sorry In a substantially long life of reading, this is one of the most powerful books I ve ever read

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    A book that brings out the darker side of life which often goes unnoticed since no one is willing to discuss about it The book is about the rape survivors and how they came up strong leaving back the untold miseries that their life has brought on unknowingly and unsuspectingly.This is a common phenomenon across the globe with not so severe punishment given to the offenders but on the other hand, the victim is subject to lot of untold hardships This book will be an eye opener and would also serve as an inspiration for the affected who at times are forced to take some extreme steps.Divided into 22 chapters, the author Robert Uttaro Bobby who has worked in THP The Healing Place as a volunteer counsellor for sex rape victims mentions about how this.has evolved and how some of the rapists go scott free including some priests who weren t punished but were transferred to other parish The author is not critical about any religion as he rightfully points that there is a Supreme Force above us which we call believe as GOD.We from India wouldn t have forgotten the famous Nirbhaya case which became a sensation after it got wide coverage in the media but we hardly would have got to know as to how the affected family felt especially after losing their daughter to the brutal rape and the events that followed after that While murder is something which is not in our hands to be prevented, suicide and intention to commit suicide can certainly be prevented It was a real shocking one to me to read that even in a much developed country like US, people are sceptical to talk about rape and there is no much awareness spread among them to get counselling in case they were a victim or been affected in the past.The very famous sex scandal case which has rocked the Hollywood came to limelight very recently and what was even shocking was some of the reputed women artists were also a victim I am glad that at least by now they all came out openly to talk about it which has cornered the once famed producer Sadly, many of the artists even in the Indian film industry has spoken about it since they were influenced by the so called powerful producers and directors who wanted a sexual favour in return for casting them in the film.The list is actually long It happens in a household with domestic maid to corporate where promotions are given based on favours received, While I am not accusing all, it is happening across the country which no one talks about At this juncture, I would also like to mention about our own helpline SNEHA which gives counselling to those who were affected by sexual abuse.It is also to be noted here that child abuse is on the rise since the kids who were unsuspecting were subject to molestation which also needs greater awareness This book is certainly an eye opener and may be used a tool for reference The best part that anyone could do is to deploy the RAPE SURVIVOR It is difficult but can certainly do wonders because it is the affected who can understand things better and can drive the message in the right direction,The book may not be exhaustive since the rape happens in different forms in different places but it gives insight of what exactly is a sexual assault and what the victim can do A must read for all irrespective of country,creed,caste,religion and age.

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To the Survivors download To the Survivors , read online To the Survivors , kindle ebook To the Survivors , To the Survivors 5669e9b32a96 To The Survivors Is About One Man S Journey As A Rape Crisis Counselor With True Stories Of Sexual Violence Shared By Survivors In Their Own Words Gently And Beautifully Constructed, To The Survivors Is Moving, Tender, Sharp, And Piercingly True All At Once Readers Will Encounter Uncensored Written Stories, Poems, And Interviews From Women And Men Who Have Experienced Rape And Sexual Assault, Plus The Advocate Author Voice That Weaves Their Experiences Together The Survivors Are Diverse In Age, Gender, And Ethnicity, Yet Each Gives A Similarity Raw And Heartfelt Account Of His Or Her Victimization And Recovery The Authenticity And Vulnerability With Which Survivors Speak Resonates Profoundly But This Book Is Not Just For Survivors Of Sexual Violence Robert Uttaro Believes Anyone Can Benefit From The Words In These Pages, Rape Survivor Or Not