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Season of Second Chances pdf Season of Second Chances, ebook Season of Second Chances, epub Season of Second Chances, doc Season of Second Chances, e-pub Season of Second Chances, Season of Second Chances 35d27b8b9be When A Storm Strands Claire Hanlin In Chicago On Christmas Eve, The Last Person She Expects To Come To Her Rescue Is Logan Dawes, The Man She Almost Married Two Years Ago The Chemistry Between Them Is Dangerously Potent, But With Nowhere Else To Go, Claire Accepts Logan S Offer To Stay With Him For The NightBack In The Home They Shared, Surrounded By Reminders Of Logan And His Young Daughter, Claire Begins To Realize How Much She Misses The Family She Almost Had After A Few Cups Of Christmas Cheer, She Falls Right Back Into Her Ex S Arms Even Though She Knows It Means Setting Herself Up For Heartbreak All Over AgainThe Magic Of The Season Has Thrown Him Together With The Woman He S Never Stopped Loving, And Logan S Not About To Pass Up This Gift He S Not The Workaholic He Was Two Years Ago His Family Comes First Now All He Has To Do Is Prove It To Claire, Before The Snow Stops And She Flies Out Of His Life For Good

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    When Claire is stranded in Chicago by a snowstorm on Christmas Eve, she never expected to meet up with her ex fianc , Logan at the airport With no available accommodation she accepts Logan s offer of a room overnight at his place.Two years ago Claire broke off their engagement, but there s still a connection between them And all it takes is a little too much Christmas cheer for them to realise how much they ve missed each other.This is the second book I ve read by Brighton Walsh and I m beginning to see a pattern here Sweet, steamy, believable Logan has a seven year old daughter from a previous relationship, and Ms Walsh does child speak very well without it sounding overly cutesy or annoyingly mature Kudos also for not writing the ex as bitchy or her new partner as a douche Season of Second Chances is a wonderful contemporary Christmas novella, featuring a likable, relatable heroine and one hot daddy.Steam 3 ARC courtesy of Carina Press via NetGalley

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    A fabulous short story Brighton Walsh has packed an abundance of feel good reading into this second chance romance It s steamy, very well written, with a hero that s sinfully sexy, and a heroine I loved Claire and Logan s relationship fell apart two years earlier Neither has moved on and now Claire finds herself stranded in Chicago A chance meeting with the one man she hopes to avoid brings her face to face with her ex and soon he s whisking her back to their old apartment Their chemistry is off the charts and after a few glasses of wine these two are burning the sheets Surrounded by memories as well as once again being with Logan and his young daughter has Claire tentatively believing they could try again She loves this man, she always will, but he broke her heart and she s worried history could repeat itself Sometimes love just isn t enough Logan has never stopped loving Claire Being together again clarifies how much he s missed her along with the mistakes he made He s determined to prove to Claire he s changed if only she ll give him another chance.A raging snow storm is the setting for this very believable romance I loved it, recommend it and I m looking forward to by this author.

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    Wow this was an excellent novella and did a really good job of doing a lot in a few words This is a second chance at love story, where the h H used to be engaged but haven t seen each other in two years when the heroine fed up of being set aside for the hero s work broke it off When a storm strands her at the airport where she runs into the hero and goes back the house that used to be theirs, a lot comes to the surface There is a mention of heroine casually dating not sure if that meant sex and the hero s date that his daughter sabotages The book showed that the h H didn t have an absence of love but the hero really didn t see what mattered in life It actually takes the heroine s sister to make the hero see what he needed to do to keep the heroine in his life I liked the author s writing style and will definitely read by her.

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    I love the holidays.I want to skip around throwing candy canes at people emphasis on throwing.This was really cute and adorable and gahhhh I just yeah I ll stop.

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    When I sat down to read Season of Second Chances by Brighton Walsh, I expected to enjoy it Mostly because I love the author and her words, but also because we re approaching the holidays, and from the description, it sounded like the perfect book to curl up with.Well, it was.And I loved it.We meet Claire on Christmas Eve She s stranded in the airport in Chicago, trying to make it to her sister s house for Christmas But the snow is pouring, and all flights have been cancelled This sucks for her Under normal circumstances, this would suck for anyone However, we learn that Claire needs to get the hell out of Chicago for other reasons reasons far pressing and personal than wanting to trim a tree with her family.And that reason is Logan.Logan hnnnnggg More on him later We find out that Claire actually used to live in Chicago, that she had a whole life there A life filled with a man whom she loved, his daughter, and the promise of a future with a family she adored Unfortunately for Claire, she always felt like she came in second place to Logan s job And for that reason, two years ago, she made the decision to walk away.But she s never forgotten him.And beyond that she still loves him.Damn, I adore a good love story about reconnection And when Logan happens upon the put out Claire and offers her a place to stay to ride out the storm, it becomes clear that that s where this story is headed.Logan by the way is my actual dream man I know I love to read about various different men with different traits and personalities But what I fantasize about and what I actually want are, in reality, very different He s someone who has his shit together, he has a career, a home, and a daughter who he loves and cares for Oh, and he s hot and swoony and hot Please to be seeing what I will now refer to as the sweater scene because from now on, I will always be turned on by a man who fills out a sweater stretched across his chest and stomach muscles Thank you very much for that visual, Brighton These two definitely have a lot to work through their past, their lingering feelings, and their palpable chemistry that jumps from the page And if you know this author, you know she brings the swoons and the heat And did I mention the Daddy swoons Because that s another thing that just killed me dead in this story Because Logan s daughter, Sophie, made me want a stepchild of my very own And I don t even really like kids This story is like a Peppermint Mocha on a cold night rich and decadent and sweet And steaming hot It s the perfect treat to curl up with And fans of contemporary romance will adore it just like I did So, now I ll be trolling airports looking for hot single dads Thank you for that, Brighton.Wonderful.5 stars.

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    Ya ll, it s no secret if you know me that I m a huge fan of Brighton s I have been for years My fangirl for her is strong I ve loved everything she s written and I can t stress enough how much you re missing out if you haven t picked up one of her lovely stories yet You should give Plus One a shot right now now seriously, right now , and later this week Thursday cough , make sure you pick up this new Christmasy goodness, Season of Second Chances It s the perfect short little sweet story you ll want to curl up with and enjoy while sipping hot chocolate and staying inside to avoid the cold weather Because this one definitely has the ability to warm you up In Season of Second Chances, you ll meet Claire, who s just trying to get to her family in Colorado for the holidays Unfortunately for her, an epic snowstorm has hit Chicago and she s stranded in the place where memories of a lost love are everywhere After discovering she s not going to make it to her family on Christmas Eve, the last person she ever expects to come face to face with is that same man who broke her heart two years before, Logan Dawes The workaholic overahiever with whom she didn t have the best of breakups.Once Claire realizes that finding a hotel will be close to impossible, she decides to accept Logan s offer of a place to stay And it s not long before she begins to realize that the man she lost two years ago has changed What was once their shared condo is different it s lived in Not at all the picture of order it once was She also begins to see that he s changed, too And that maybe she still has a major soft spot for him inside her heart And I mean really, who could blame her Because Logansigh I loved him I loved them both, really The chemistry, their dynamicjust everything Plus, did I mention he s a daddy To an adorable little girl who he s completely whipped by Yep Just the way a man should be Reading them together had my swoonometer going off the charts.So yes, once again, Brighton has done it right If you want something sweet and sexy that will tug at your heartstrings, but leave you with a smile on your face in the end, you absolutely do not want to miss out on this story

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    Second chance romances one of my top five story lines in contemporary romances, I was looking forward to seeing how Claire and Logan dealt with the issues that separated them previously How they would be able to forge a future from the remains of their past.From their first meeting it s clear that the chemistry between the two of them is off the charts high The sparks practically fly off of each other when Claire ends up at Logan s condo in the middle of a snowstorm that strands her in Chicago.I really easily identified with both Claire and Logan their feelings as they navigated through the feelings they re still dealing with It felt so incredibly real, so understandable Claire, hurt and determined not to let herself fall into it again Logan regretting the decisions he d made, wishing he could take them back and not lose the best thing that had ever happened to him And then there were the little things Claire thinking how much she missed the simple touches, when Logan finally apologizes it touched my heart with how sincere it was how utterly unstoppable This was doubly impressive considering this was a novella of only about 70 pages.My only complaint is that the whole time they re falling in love, again, the issue that broke them up in the first place was never even a concern The snowstorm discarded the possibility of it being a problem, and so they were stuck in a fairy tale like situation where real life didn t intrude Thus by the time they did have to deal with the reality of it, the only way to resolve it was through a grand gesture which I m just not a fan of I m never sure that the grand gesture translates into a life long change, so I really, really appreciated the epilogue here It cemented my surety in their happily ever after and simply made me happy for both Claire and Logan that they found a way to make it work no matter how difficult it may have been Season of Second Chances is an incredibly sweet, sexy, real romance that touched my heart and made me sigh with happiness This is the first thing I ve read by Brighton Walsh, but I ve already added some of her other books to my wishlist.

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    This was lovely Sometimes short and sweet are exactly what I need and a healthy dose of sexy doesn t hurt either.Claire and Logan broke off their engagement two years ago after he let her down at a time when she needed him the most He put his work ahead of her again and again Despite the time and distance, when the two reconnect unexpectedly it s obvious the chemistry is still very much alive between them And the love But she didn t know how to give anything less than everything when it came to him. As Logan works to regain Claire s trust and have a second chance with her, Claire slowly lets down her walls, believing Logan is not the workaholic he used to be The ending swoon the ending, when he proves this to be true, is a dor a ble If you re looking for a holiday romance with a swoon worthy hero BIG TIME , a novella that, despite its page length, packs an emotional punch, a couple you grow to love and genuinely root for, look no further Grab a blanket and snuggle up to read Season of Second Chances This review can also be found at Love at First Page.

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    I would have rated this higher for the first halfbut then it was suddenly a bit well. mehI liked the chemistry between the MCs, I even enjoyed the smut I really did SHOCK I absolutely loved how they ended up being thrown together again But I while I got the reasons the broke up I found Claire quite bitchy and unreasonable, when she got upset I mean, dude , I get her I am married to a workaholic and sometimes I wanna choke him But I believe there is a middle path and any successful relationship means to find that middle path In my opinion a good relationship is a give and take, a continual re negotiation of said middle path Logan from being rather bossy and alpha goes to the total opposite, which put me off I don t get why he had to sacrifice everything How about finding a solution together Cause that works trust me And I did like mr alpha way better than mr let me do whatever you want Well, don t like how Logan changed it was too much IMO but the smut makes this definitely read worthy.

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    Okay it s Christmas and this year I really want to read fluffy and romantic stories and then I found a Harlequin Christmas Special bundle and omg it s just perfect.This was a really cute story Seeing as it s a 100 pages long there is not much to tell The characters were okay I liked Claire and Logan, because they respect each other The romance was perfect I love these kind of stories don t judge me And ah The ending.Of course it s not a masterpiece but who cares It s Harlequin It s cute, light and sugar sweet.

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